How to save space while packing for storage?

You’ve found your perfect new home. And you’ve hired the perfect moving company with great moving and storage New Jersey. Now, all that’s left is to pack up and move. Compared to the hell of planning the move, this will be easy as pie, right? Unfortunately, we’re going to have to correct you on that. You’ll find that packing isn’t easy in the slightest. All the while, you’ll feel the constant pressure to use every inch of space you can while packing. And that’s because saying you’re dealing with limited packing space is an understatement. Don’t worry though – we’ve got some hot tips on packing for storage right here! Continue reading “How to save space while packing for storage?”

How to properly prepare for a nationwide move

Moving is one of those tasks that require a bit more than simply deciding to do it and start packing a day before. In fact, it is one of the more challenging processes and endeavors that people spend weeks and even months planning. As a rule of thumb, the longer the moving distance, the more time you need to invest in the preparation process. Hence, to help you in this process, today we touch on the subject of how best to prepare for a nationwide move. Continue reading “How to properly prepare for a nationwide move”

How much does it take to move locally?

You saw a little house, just across town that might be the one! You are thinking how much money do you need for it, how would you decorate it and suddenly, you realize that although it is close – it is not easy to move. The next logical question is – how much does it take to move locally? Will it be expensive, what should you do, how you should prepare and questions just keep coming. At this moment, it is easier to think a way how will you pay for it then to move there. That is when you should think about Moving of America – NJ Movers, the company that could resolve your issues. They are experienced in local moving and you can advise them about everything you need.  Continue reading “How much does it take to move locally?”

Benefits of moving to Bergen County

For a long time, Bergen County has been considered as the most desirable county in New Jersey. Given the fact that it is also the most populated one, it is easy to see why Bergen County represents such an attraction. Bergen County movers won`t lie to you and tell you that your life here will be perfect. Just like any other thing in life, living in this county also has its disadvantages. However, the advantages are far greater than all the bad things put together, which is why we think moving to Bergen County is always a good choice!  Continue reading “Benefits of moving to Bergen County”

Should you hire movers for a short distance move?

Once and for all, let`s set the record straight! Moving short distance is just as hard as moving to a distant location, if not even more so. People often underestimate short distance moves, simply because they feel like their new location is close, and they do not have to struggle too much to relocate their possessions. However, as experts, all of the movers in New Jersey will tell you the same thing – it is always a good idea to hire movers for a short distance move! Of course, you can attempt to do it by yourself, but no one can guarantee you will have a successful move. Continue reading “Should you hire movers for a short distance move?”

How to pack your garage with ease?

There are a lot of things that should be considered in preparation for a moving day. If you are moving your garage with you, then the moving checklist might be a bit longer. But let that not upset you. With good organization, everything can be done without additional stress. In the text below you can find smart tips on how to pack your garage with ease. Continue reading “How to pack your garage with ease?”

How to pick the right storage unit?

So, you’ve decided to move your home or you’ve just realized that you have too many things and too little space in your home. Now you are wondering what to do with all the stuff that you have. Some of which you would still like to keep and not throw away. There are several options for resolving this important issue. One of the best ways is to store your possessions. If you do not really know how to best do this, this article will help you find out how to pick the right storage unit. Continue reading “How to pick the right storage unit?”

Makings of a decent estate moving company

Estate moving is never easy on anyone that is involved. For your convenience, let`s first clarify the term `estate moving`. Essentially, estate moving is the process of transporting household items to more than one location. Usually, this situation arises in unfortunate situations, when receiving an inheritance, for example. Due to the delicate nature of this process, one should always look for highly suitable estate movers. Thus, there are certain qualities you should make sure an estate moving company has before hiring them. Take a look! Continue reading “Makings of a decent estate moving company”

Benefits of moving your office to New Jersey

Moving to another place is a big change in one’s life. It is hence quite normal to be somewhat worried and ask yourself questions on how things will work out in the new place. You are probably contemplating on whether you will be able to adjust your office and lifestyle to the new environment? Facing the fact that you will need to uproot yourself from your habits, home and family might be a stressful experience. Especially if you are about to move your office, too. Although this might sound scary, relocation arguably represents a great positive thing. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for expanding your business. This article will help you understand what are the benefits of moving your office to New Jersey. Continue reading “Benefits of moving your office to New Jersey”


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