Guidelines for clearing out your garage

    People move a lot, all the time. There are certain months when people tend to move more, but the reasons people are moving, are different. But one thing is common for all of us. If you have a garage it is pretty common that you use it to store all of your belongings you do not want to throw away but also you can’t keep them in your home. And if you just finished your relocation, and your garage is already full this is a great opportunity for clearing out your garage. You actually can start over and adjust this space to your needs. And, you will save a lot of space as well.

    How to start clearing out your garage?

    Well, first of all, you should plan your time ahead. Once your local movers NJ have relocated you completely and you actually have free time – choose a weekend when you can commit to cleaning your garage. Do not underestimate the time you will need for this task since it can take a lot of time. The first step you should do once you have decided to clean out your garage should be to remove everything from the garage. Empty your garage to the driveway, and now you can proceed to the next step.

    planner with a date for clearing out your garage
    Make sure to plan the day for clearing out the garage on time

    Sort your belongings

    So, once you have finished taking everything out – now you need to sort everything. Usually, there should be three piles. One pile of things that you plan to keep. The second pile should be the items that you are going to donate. And the third should be the things you need to throw away. Additionally, there can be one more pile of your belongings that will be all the items you want to keep but you plan to store them in private storage. Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming task, so you can invite your friends and family to help you out.

    Clean and organize your garage

    Since your garage is completely empty this is an ideal opportunity for a thorough cleaning. Even if you have just moved into your new home – this can be a great opportunity to clean your garage. And, also this is a great moment to add shelves if you need them. Basically, you can organize the garage in any way you want.  You can add shelves so they go to the ceiling and you can have a free floor that you can use to park your car. You can find different shelves online.

    shelf in a garage
    Shelves can help you with organizing your garage

    The most common thing is that people often just place things on the floor, and pretty fast they can’t park their car or even walk normally around the garage. So, this is your unique opportunity to besides clearing out your garage – to organize your garage in any way you want.

    How to decide about sorted things after clearing out your garage?

    A lot of people end up just moving back all of the things back into the garage. So, to avoid that you need to create those 3 or 4 piles that will help you sort everything. And the first question you should ask yourself – “is this item in a garage for a reason or I simply don’t know what to do with it?“. If the item is in the garage for a reason – then it goes to the pile for keeping. And if you are not sure what to do with it then you have the rest of the piles.

    The next question is “Did I use this item in the last year“. If you did use it, but you do not want it in your garage – you can store it. But if the answer is no, then you should either throw it away or donate it. You can even hire professionals to help you remove the junk after clearing out your garage.

    Make sure to get enough plastic bins

    So, once you have decided what are you going to keep – you need to put it back in your garage. And the best way to do it is by placing your items inside of plastic bins. Plastic bins for storing have many advantages, and one of them that they are clear – so you can easily see what is inside of them. And, second – you are saving the planet since you can use them unlimited. If you get enough plastic bins sorting and clearing out your garage can be a piece of a cake.

    cardboard boxes
    You should avoid using cardboard boxes

    So, now you need to sort your keep pile. Try to sort the items in a way that is easy and logical. Also, try to pack everything so you can access it easily if you need it in the future. Also, although you will probably know – it would be great to label what is inside of every bin. That way – anyone in your household will be able to access it easily.

    What to do with the rest of the things?

    Well, the pile that is marked for throwing away should be removed first. You can call professionals to help you or you can do it by yourself. It is up to you. But when it comes to the pile for donating, you should check items. It would be great to check every item – is there any damage and is it in a good condition for a donation. There are a lot of different places and organizations where you can donate those things, and you can search for one that is near you. 

    When it comes to the storage pile – you should pack those items as well. Keep in mind that not all of the items can be stored by simply placing them in a box and getting them to a storage unit. There are a lot of delicate and sensitive items that require you to protect them properly before storing them. Clearing out the garage is a time-consuming task but you will have a nice, clean and organized garage in the end – and that is the most important thing!


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