Risks of hiring part-time movers?

    It is no secret that relocations can sometimes be pricey. The cost of your move depends on many factors and that is the prices vary so much. In order to save some money, many people think about hiring part-time movers. However, hiring them comes with many downsides and you need to be aware of them! This is why we, at Moving of America NJ, have decided to create a guide regarding this topic. We wanted to explain to you who are part-time movers and inform you about the risks of hiring them. Therefore, if you want to learn more, make sure to keep reading our guide! It will help you decide whether you should hire part-time movers or not.

    Who are part-time movers?

    So, you have just decided to start your search for residential movers NJ and then you hear your neighbor talking about part-time movers. Who are they and what can they offer you? Should you hire them instead of full-time movers? Well, let’s answer these questions.

    Part-time movers are people who are relocating homes as aside job. In most cases, they already have a job and just want to earn more money. The main reason why people decide to hire these movers is that they think they will save some money by hiring them over a moving company. After all, how hard is it to relocate a couple of moving boxes from point A to point B? Well, this isn’t a simple job and it requires a lot of experience and skills. And these qualities part-time movers just don’t have.

    MAn reasearching the risks of hiring part-time movers
    Make sure to learn about part-time movers before hiring them.

    What are the risks of hiring part-time movers?

    As you can see, only people who have been in the moving industry for many years can provide you with a hassle-free relocation. On the other hand, hiring part-time movers comes with many risks. These movers won’t be able to show you what an enjoyable moving experience looks like. Instead, they could put your entire relocation in danger and below you will find out why and how!

    Lack of experience and skills

    Would you really want to put in charge of your move someone who doesn’t have the same experience and skills as people who have been in charge of thousands of relocations? Just think about it. The person you hire for relocation will be responsible for the safety of all of your precious possessions. If they don’t know how to handle problems or overcome unpredictable situations, you can’t expect them to help you have a successful relocation. Experience means a lot to people who are in the moving industry. And, we are sure that you will want to have someone experienced by your side when moving to another location.


    Without the proper experience and skills, we can’t talk about having a safe relocation. And, that is a fact! If you are thinking about hiring part-time movers, don’t blame them if your favorite vase got broken during the move. You knew what you were getting yourself into! There is a reason why every reliable moving company needs to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This means that the company has a license and that it operates legally. Every moving company that is licensed (or claimes to have a license) is obligated to give you their license number which you can check online in matters of seconds!

    A living room
    Letting part-time movers to handle your expensive belongings is a big risk

    When it comes to part-time movers, you can’t be sure that they will be able to handle your move. You can’t check any license number so basically you are hiring a totally random person and putting them in charge of your relocation. This sounds silly, right?

    Unorganized relocation

    Every moving expert will tell you that the key to a successful relocation is having good organizational and time management skills. Reliable moving companies can organize and plan your entire relocation, especially office movers NJ who are aware of the importance of smooth business relocations. Unfortunately, part-time movers don’t know how to organize one move seamlessly. And this is quite a big problem if you ask us!

    Low cost – low efficiency

    And finally, let’s talk about the moving costs and prices of moving services. We have already told you that people consider hiring part-time movers because of the lower moving costs. But are they really that low? Are you that willing to settle for low efficiency in order to pay less for the move? Cheaper isn’t always better! You should keep in mind that your precious belongings could get damaged during the move if you hire someone who is inexperienced. Therefore, you will have to pay for their service and to buy the replacement for the item that got damaged.

    Man calculating their expenses
    You might spend more money on part-time movers than on a reliable moving company.

    If the moving costs worry you that much, remember that moving prices vary. Even though pricy moving companies exist, there are also those that offer quality services at affordable rates. Make sure to get a free moving estimate before hiring one moving company because this will help you plan your moving budget carefully.

    How to fight the risks of hiring part-time movers?

    So, are you still thinking about hiring part-time movers? We hope that you now understand what are the risks of hiring them instead of reliable Ridgewood movers NJ. Only with the help of a reliable moving company you will be able to relocate everything you own in the safest and fastest possible manner!

    And one more thing! If you are interested in moving within the New Jersey area, let us help you relocate! Forget about the idea of hiring part-time movers and let our experts be in charge of your move. We, at Moving of America, will do everything we can in order to meet all of your moving requirements! All you have to do is to give us a call!


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