Preserving items during summer moves – tips and tricks

    Summer is by far the most popular season for moving. And with good reasons. With such nice weather and long days, it’s perfect for this activity. But, preserving items during summer moves can sometimes be tricky. With the heat come various difficulties in maintaining your items. Wax can melt, and plastic items can warp. Even furniture needs to be properly protected from the heat. Not to mention various home appliances and electronics that can malfunction due to it. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can protect your items. And here are some tips and trick for achieving just that.

    Problems with preserving items during summer moves

    There is a certain set of problems that befalls anyone who is moving during summer. And most of them have to do with heat. In high temperatures, many items can get damaged. To start off, you should never move easily perishable items from your fridge. They will most certainly spoil. But, heat-related problems don’t end with food. Many other household items are vulnerable to high temperature. From collectibles to furniture. And the further away you are moving the greater the challenge of preserving items during summer moves.

    So, in order to lower the risk of something getting damaged, make sure you hire quality movers Fort Lee NJ. It’s a much better option than moving your belongings with your car. They know all about the summer moving problems. And have solutions for most of them. Also, make sure you consult with your moving company on how to properly protect your belongings. And what to watch out for.

    road in the summer when is hard to Preserving items during summer moves
    Expert movers can help you to prevent any damage to your items while they are being transported

    Hire a moving company to help you preserve items during summer moves

    There are many split opinions when it comes to hiring a moving company. But, when it comes to preserving items during summer moves, there’s no substitute for a good moving company. They work fast and know how to properly protect your items. Their trucks are also a much better place for your belongings than the back of your car. So, when moving in extreme temperatures, make sure you browse through best moving companies NJ. And find the one that suits your budget and needs. It will not only help protect your items. But your entire relocation will much much easier. And stress-free.

    Which items are hardest to preserve during summer moves?

    There are many items in your household that can suffer from heat-related problems. Some, like vinyl records, are obvious. While others can get damaged without showing it on the surface. And that can cause problems in the future. So, make sure to do proper research on some of the more expensive items in your home. And make sure that they can survive the trip. Especially if you are moving long-distance. Because the more time your belongings spend in a hot environment, the greater is the chance of them getting damaged. It will make preserving items during summer moves easier. And you won’t have to worry about expensive furniture getting damaged.

    Plastic items

    Plastic is a great material used in a wide variety of household items. But, not all plastic is the same. Some are designed to endure the heat better than the rest. But, most of the more delicate and more expensive items are made of soft plastic. And that makes preserving items during summer moves that much more difficult. Some of those items are collectibles, tapes and vinyl records.

    How to preserve plastic items during summer moves?

    When it comes to protecting vinyl records from the heat you need to be careful. They are thin and made of soft plastic. And they can easily warp or bend. Hiring a local NJ moving company is not always enough. You need to make sure that they are properly protected and prepared for transport. So, make sure to store them in a thick box. And make sure that they are stored upright. You should also make sure that they are not directly exposed to the sunlight.

    cardboard moving boxes
    Make sure to use high-quality moving boxes

    Home appliances

    Most home appliances are made in a way that protects the vulnerable parts from the heat. But, even so, you shouldn’t expose them to direct sunlight. At the very least they will start showing discoloration. At worst the might malfunction. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is using their fridge up until the last moment. And that’s understandable. It’s summer after all. But, that can cause it to break or damage other items.

    Prepare your refrigerator for the summer move

    You should stop using your fridge and freezer up to a week before your relocation. And start melting the accumulated ice. Otherwise, it will start melting during transport. And that can cause all kinds of damage to both the appliance and other items.

    You should empty and stop using your refrigerator a week before the relocation

    Antique furniture and fine art

    Antique furniture might seem tough and able to endure just about anything. But, the main selling-point of antique furniture is that it indeed survived a lot of wear and tear of time and the elements. And so, preserving it should be your top priority. The effects of heat might not show on the surface, but the wood can easily crack due to heat. Same goes for fine art. It’s extremely vulnerable to high temperatures. And can easily get damaged.

    How to safely transport fine art during summer moves?

    Preserving items during summer moves sometimes requires professional help. No matter how hard you work to prepare them, you simply don’t have proper equipment and experience. And so, hiring fine arts and antique movers are the best choice that you can make. They have a lot of experience and expertise in dealing with those kinds of items. And know how to safely transport even the most fragile pieces.

    Preserving items in storage during summer moves

    When moving, people often have the need for some extra space. And there are a lot of great storage solutions. Renting local storage for a couple of weeks can make a big difference when moving. It will allow you to properly sort items and deal with the rest later.

    But, preserving items during summer moves in storage also requires certain preparation. The best possible solutions for this situation is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. It keeps the ambient temperature and humidity at certain levels. Which can help a great deal with fragile items sensitive to heat?


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