Moving in with In-Laws? Here’s How to Make It Work

Moving in with your in-laws might induce a considerable measure of alarm or stress, as it can refashion your lifestyle in significant ways. However, with a little bit of planning, patience, and open communication, co-living with your in-laws can be a gratifying experience that strengthens your family bond. As one of the most promising American moving companies, Moving of America helps numerous families transition into cohabitation situations and has discerned firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

The ultimate guide to co-living with your in-laws

It’s completely normal and valid to feel stressed or skeptical about sharing your living space with your in-laws. This doesn’t imply a souring of your relations with them in any manner. You might be feeling this way since your family planning might get hindered by these sudden changes in your lifestyle. Ultimately, you might fear that your living space would eventually get crowded with little to no privacy. However, as a residential moving company, we are here to help you deeply navigate your way through this situation.

While you might be highly tempted to immediately call up our bespoke residential moving services to assist you with your relocation requirements, there are a handful of aspects related to living with your in-laws that require a discussion and thorough clarification before the actual moving process begins. From personal boundaries to budgets and other finances, the earlier they are discussed, the better for the overall living experience in the long term. Ultimately, healthy communication between the various individuals, where everyone thoroughly understands each other’s situation and readily accommodates and maintains decorum in accordance with the house culture, is quintessential to ensuring that living with in-laws becomes a delight rather than a burden.

Set the record straight on your boundaries

While living in the same apartment, it is inevitable that your privacy could potentially get hampered, and if not dealt with on time, conflicts could arise faster than you’d expect. As one of those moving companies who are dearly concerned by your welfare, we suggest that It’s important to establish clear boundaries and expectations before you move in with your in-laws. This corresponds to the discussion of everything from household tasks to privacy necessities. Hence, it is quintessential to harmoniously live with your in-laws to have a conversation about your boundaries, especially if the living space was originally just meant for you and your partner, along with your kids (if you have them). Ultimately, it can be pretty inconvenient to spend every second of the day as a couple or as a family with your in-laws in the same living space if there isn’t enough privacy. Alone time is often a necessity.

Living with in-laws doesn’t imply that you can’t spend quality time with your partner anymore

If the need arises to store a few of your possessions in a separate area that is not as crowded as your apartment would be, our residential moving service provides storage that could benefit you greatly. It will make more room in the apartment and keep the items safe and sound till you are ready to take them with you.

Etch out a household budget

Finances are some of the most significant aspects of a family’s livelihood. Many couples are quite protective of them and don’t appreciate any sudden changes in them. However, when you hire moving companies and kickstart your journey to live with your in-laws, it is inevitable that your financial planning would require a revamp. This needs to be discussed aptly with your in-laws in order to avoid any conflicts or issues in the future. Clearing out a plan in the form of a household budget, with clear plans of action for figuring out ways to save money and pay bills without burdening the household members, which includes hiring moving companies for any potential moving job.

No matter who is sharing a roof with you, financial discussions are a must for smooth household functioning!

Maintain A Duly Healthy Communication

Ultimately, to prevent the development of cold feelings between you and your in-laws, especially if they are going through a medical ailment, the prime solution is communication. Healthy conversations are the key to ensuring that all the people living under the same roof as also on the same page in matters of quintessentially. If there’s any elephant in the room, healthy debate and discussion on it can ensure it doesn’t cause any tension or rift in the household and also ensures mutual cooperation, respect, and the seamless flow of opinions from all the people involved. We are not one of those moving companies that only deal with businesses, we wish to ensure that once our work is done, your family gets to live happily ever after that you’ve always yearned for.

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How to maintain a cross-country relationship

Everyone knows that maintaining a serious relationship requires a lot of effort, giving up and compromise. Unfortunately, even if you give everything that you got, sometimes it is just not enough. However, maintaining a cross-country relationship requires even more effort. And your chances for success are even slimmer. Bergenfield movers NJ have a lot of experience with situations when one of the partners has to move because of a job opportunity, or any other reason. They say that you can’t really tell which relationship will survive separation. And they heard a lot of stories of people not being able to maintain a cross-country relationship. Even with all that effort. In fact, 40% of all long-distance relationships do not make it.

Mutual plans will help you maintain a cross-country relationship

First of all, it is important to understand why cross-country relationships end.  Of course, there are many reasons for that. But the majority end due to the lack of planning. Some researchers suggest that more than two-thirds of all long-distance relationships end because they didn’t plan some changes in their relationship. That means that the lack of a clear perspective affects badly on these types of relations.

Woman using laptop
Make plans if you want to maintain a cross-country relationship

So, if you feel that your relationship is coming to a stall, try to give it a lift with fresh plans about the future. Of course, the best types of plans are the ones that, in the end, will lead to you two moving to New Jersey, for example. But, even plans about mutual vacation or business plans that will make your life easier could be a good way to maintain a cross-country relationship.

Moving talk is a good aphrodisiac for long-distance relationships

When you are in a cross-country relationship, you know it can’t last forever. Eventually, you will have to start living together. Or there is no actual point in maintaining your long-distance relationship. Of course, everyone is different. But the majority of relationships will end sooner or later if there is no clear perspective of future life together.

Strangely, one of the best ways to maintain a cross-country relationship is to start making moving plans with your partner. It will give your relationship an incredible boost that will be enough to keep it alive for some time. Research housing opportunities; explore different cities, think about moving to an urban area or learn about the advantages of moving to suburban neighborhoods, talk about furniture and decorations.  Moving talks are beneficial for long-distance relationships. So start making your plans as soon as possible.

When you are in a cross-country relationship it is important to stay connected

Of course, with cross-country relationships, it is important to talk regularly. You do not have to force yourself, and you do not have to talk each day. But keeping a regular connection is crucial if you want to maintain your cross-country relationship. Luckily, with the help of the internet, computers, and smartphones, staying in touch has never been easier.

Woman talking on the phone
It is important to talk regularly

However, it is important not to look at this as a substitute for meeting in person. But merely as a way to keep the fire between you two burning. There are many good apps that you could both install on your phones to keep in constant touch. However, make sure that you are not overdoing it. If you are doing it too much, it could start to feel like a burden.

Apps for couples

Here are some popular apps for couples that will help you maintain a cross-country relationship:

  • Raft is the app that will allow you to share a synchronized calendar with your partner. You can add plans about future meetings, events, vacations. Planning is the best way to maintain a cross country relationship.
  • Kindu is an app that will try to improve your sex life.
  • Mysteryvibe allows you to control your partner’s sex toy.
  • Love Nudge is an interesting app that will teach you how to maintain a relationship with the help of five love languages.
  • Venmo is a money transfer app for couples.
  • Lasting will help you if your relationship gets into problems.
  • Between allows you to share memories with your partner.
  • Couple game is another great app that will help you maintain a cross-country relationship fresh.

Maintain intimacy to maintain a cross-country relationship

The other reason for a cross-country relationship end is the concern about a partner’s unfaithfulness. The average length of all ended long-distance relationships is around 4.5 months. That is the average time before the lack of intimacy starts to take its toll. That is why; if you want to maintain a cross-country relationship, it is important to maintain your intimacy.

Camera as a way to maintain a cross-country relationship
There are ways to stay intimate

But how to be intimate with someone who is hundreds of miles away? Well, that would be a legitimate question 30 years ago. But today, with the help of the internet and different electronic devices, there are many ways to retain intimacy. Unfortunately, this is not the type of article where you will find “in-depth” guidelines for making love online.  So, you will have to do some research if you want to find good ideas.

Meet regularly if you want to keep the fire burning

One of the most important things in a relationship is physical contact. Of course, if you are in a cross-country relationship it could be a little hard to achieve.  However, if you are not seeing each other, can you even call it a relationship?  Probably yes, but it is certainly not the type of relationship that anyone wants.

So use every opportunity to meet. If the separations last longer, you should definitely try to organize vacations together. That will certainly help to spice up the things. And to give your relationship enough elan to stay firm.

Planning about moving in together is the best way to maintain a cross-country relationship

So, to maintain a cross-country relationship you will need to talk regularly, get together as much as you can, and make future plans. Primarily about moving in together. Of course, that could be a long term process. You will have to organize differently, locate a nice home, and find work before moving in. But if you care about your partner all can be done.

Pros and cons of installing a storage alarm system

Sometimes you might wonder whether installing a storage alarm system is worth it or not. There are some pros and cons to it, but we think that you should do it nevertheless. Storage places are generally secure, but one can never be too safe nowadays. Fortunately for you, we will talk in more detail about this issue. We hope that it will help you decide whether or not you should make your storage even more secure. Continue reading “Pros and cons of installing a storage alarm system”

Moving with children – how to cope

We have all been here before. Moving with children can add a lot of stress to your already stressful move. The process of moving is not fast and children will get bored easily. Not only do you need to entertain them, but you also need to keep a constant eye out for them. Even if this sounds easy – it most certainly is not! However, we have prepared a short guide to help you with everything you might need! Hope it helps!

Moving with children is hard

You need to understand this before the move so that you can plan accordingly. Moving with children is one of the hardest things when moving is concerned. You can consider this being one of the hidden costs of moving in general. However, in a different way!

  • Prepare well: Before being able to take care of the children during the move, you need to prepare in advance. Plan what you wish to do and stick to it. You have a lot of options, but if you prepare in advance it will make your situation much easier!
  • Understand the situation: Moving with children is not like moving with pet birds or anything else – it is more important than the move itself. You need to understand that your child will most likely not enjoy the move and you need to deal with the situation that might occur.
A guide about how to make a lantern
Keep your children occupied while doing the move. Making something interesting is a good start.
  • Make a deal with professional movers: You should let your professional movers know that there will be children together with you. Residential movers NJ deal with situations like this all the time, if you hired them, they might be able to help you with the situation at hand.
  • Prepare even more: You can never be prepared as much as you would like. For example, you need to know the entire situation by heart and you need to predict everything. This is impossible, so to say, but you can predict some things. For example, you can predict that your children will not like the move, so start from there!

Additional information

There are some things you can do to prevent your children from being dissatisfied with the move. You can get a babysitter or you can spend your time with them while the professional movers work on your move. There are some options you can take, and we will write more about them in the following parts of the guide!

Moving with children is like a game of chess
Moving with children is like a game of chess

How to cope with moving with children?

There are some things you can do to make it easier for both you and the children. For example, you can do the following:

  • Get a babysitter: This might be the best option you can do. A babysitter can take care of your children while you plan and organize with the movers. A walk in the park or to a playground of their choice can keep their minds from the move and you can have all the time for yourself to work. Sometimes we never have time for things when we seemingly need it – it will mean a lot to both you and your kids!
  • Take care of the children: This is the second-best option you can do. You can take care of the kids and leave the entire move to the moving company. The only problem here is that if you didn’t hire a moving company like movers Hackensack NJ, you will have to do the move on your own. But chances are you chose a moving company to help you with the move if you are going for this option.

More methods:

  • Think about their needs: Children are, well, children. They have needs and they won’t be happy when their needs are not fulfilled. So, if you want to avoid more stress over a crying child, you can think about their needs and you can make your moving with children easier. Remember, their needs come first, even before the move.
  • Make it easy: There is nothing worse than moving during a difficult time. Thus, make sure that your children are well-prepared for the move before it happens. Talk to them, explain everything to them and ask them if they agree with the plan you made. This is arguably one of the best options there is. Besides, you will make it much easier for yourself if you did that.

General ideas that can help you

Even if you are moving alone or via a moving company, you need to know about some ideas you can use. For example, you know that children are the most important part of the move. You need to base the move in accordance with their schedules and needs. Remember, chances are slim that you will make it to school to pick up your child during the move. You need to think in advance and to prepare for everything. The children should also know everything they can about it, so:

  • Plan, plan and plan: You can never plan enough when things like this are concerned. Always make sure that your children are happy and include them in your plans.
  • Think outside of the box: You need to think outside of the box all the time. You don’t know what your children will need during the move. We were all children and we know that children think outside of the box as well. Make it interesting to them in ways you never thought possible. For example, make them help you with packing of toys or their things. They might like it, even.
  • Get more help if you need: Hire more professional help or ask your friends and family to help you. Remember, this is not easy but you can do something to make it easier. 
Don't add more burden when you don't need to
Moving with children can be a literal burden

Concluding your moving with children

If everything went according to plan, you will now be sitting in your new home with your children and the entire family will be happy. You have probably done some of the aforementioned things and your move has been much easier for you. We hope that this guide helped you with your move!

Pros and cons of building your home

Are you planning on building your home instead of moving to an already existent one? This can be a thrilling experience! You can do it on your own or you can contact some professionals like movers Elmwood Park NJ to help you out! Of course, no one is expecting you to build a home from scratch all by yourself, nor will this guide teach you how to do it. Instead, we will offer you a short list of pros and cons when building your home is concerned. We hope you like it!

Pros of building your home:

Most of the best moving companies would agree that building your home is better than renting an apartment. We might agree with them, but let us check the list a bit better! Here are some pros, for starters:

  • You can call that place your own: There are not many places we can call our own! However, if you build your own house, you get to call it such! How cool is that? There is no need to call for apartment movers every now and then when you can’t stay at your old place anymore! You have your own place now, that is an amazing feeling!
  • You don’t have to worry about rent: Not paying rent to another person is a blessing to some people. Of course, there will still be taxes for the property, but there won’t be any rent every first day of the month. Instead of paying up to $2000 for your rent, you can save up that money for something else!
You can decide upon something like this before building your home
A luxurious house
  • You don’t depend on anyone: By this, we mean that no one can call you and make you leave your home at the middle of the night. It is your property and you own it. Besides, you probably won’t have to worry about pesky roommates snoring and eating your food all over the place!
  • You can even rent it if needed: If needed, you can rent it and take rent from someone else. Depending on the location and the place, the rent might be as high as to cover your new location expenses. Trust your instincts, you can either use that house as your home or rent it to someone else. Besides, it is much better to have your own property!

Cons of building your home:

Of course, nothing is black and white in this world! There are some cons that go with building your home as well. The list is not long, but it can be significant. Let’s check it out:

  • It is expensive: The amount of money you need to spend for the location plus the building process is extremely large. Unless you are not financially prepared, do not even think of building your own home. Of course, this is the only problem with it – initial costs. It will pay back in the future, of course, but if you enjoy living in the present, think about it twice!
  • You will need help: You will need to call professionals for help. Of course, this is not something that would require the work of furniture movers, but of professional builders! It is not cheap to hire someone to build a house for you. Add this to the list of extended building costs.
  • You will need a building permit: You can’t just build a house whenever and wherever you like. You will need a building permit and it might be hard to acquire. The process might take a lot of time and there will be more financial costs to add up to your already-piling up lists.
People planning the construction of a building
There will be a lot of construction work involved!
  • It will probably be far away from the city center: This is true especially if you are living in a big city like New York. There are no places for private houses in the center of the big cities, thus you will have to settle for suburbs or even further. Moreover, you might even feel like you are not living in the same city after a while. Renting apartments is much better in this regard.

Why it might be a better idea to build your own home?

Despite all the cons, it might be a better idea to build a house after all. This way you will be certain that it is your own property and nothing can take it away from you. You will always have a roof on top of your head whenever you need it and you won’t bother with expensive rents. A house is a long-term investment, so your family can benefit from it as well. You will have a safe place to bring up children or just live with your loved one. It is up to you what you decide to do with your house. There are a lot of possibilities, it is up to you how you use them!

A caricature of builders who will be building your home
Construction workers, caricature

There are also some “hidden” benefits when you own your own place. You won’t have to move every now and then due to certain issues. You own the place and in that place, you will stay. Forget about all your pesky packing and unpacking nightmares, they are far behind you now! You probably won’t have to move for the rest of your life, which is both sad and great! It is sad because you probably won’t see some of the amazing places and it is great because you won’t have to bother with moving and changing the environment. There is a good and a bad side to everything, just find out which ones are more prominent in your case. For example, if you think that it will be better to build a house, then build it. Remember, it is your decision, after all, and you are the boss of everything!


Whether building your home is worth it or not depends solely on you! You are the boss of your decisions and your actions and we are mere helpers trying to help you make your own decision. Of course, we hope that our little guide with the pros and cons of building your home has helped you decide. We hope that you invite us for coffee in your new home relatively soon!



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