If you are about to merge two households – you better prepare yourself. If you are getting married – it is a beautiful step forward, but it can be pretty stressful. Usually, we don’t move in homes large enough to simply connect to households without any changes. There needs to be some decluttering, giving up on things, etc. That’s why this process can be difficult and can produce conflicts. However, you need to do everything to avoid the stress and look forward to the new life chapter. And how to combine two households without stress – well, we’ll help you out. Learn how to merge to households and find a way to understand that sharing life with someone requires certain changes.

Create the right mindset to combine two households without stress

In this situation, it doesn’t matter who moves where. Both of the ‘roommates’ need to think the same – you are both moving in with each other. Even though it may be your own home, you need to consider giving up on things and changing certain things around the house. Once you both realize you are equally moving in – there will be less stress in the house. Just imagine that you are buying a new home, and you will definitely feel better about the situation.

couple combine two households without stress

Imagine that both of you are buying a home – and then easily combine two households without stress

Duplicates should go away

When trying to combine two households without stress, you need to find a way to get rid of the duplicates without quarrels. The best advice we can give you is to do one room/area at the time. Decide which items are in better condition/look better so you can keep them. Other items you can sell or recycle, and if you really don’t want to give up on them – take a storage unit to keep them.

Stacking Chairs

To combine households without stress, be sure to get rid of the duplicates – the peaceful way

Review what you are moving with you

Whether you are moving in or welcoming the roommate – both of you should review your belongings and do some decluttering. Moving in together is the perfect situation to get rid of the items that have accumulated over the years and should go away. Decide if you can sell, recycle or donate the items. After you are finished with the decluttering process, you will have fewer boxes to pack, and you can certainly reduce the moving costs.

You are not sure about packing?

If you have a lot of packing to do, and you don’t know if you can handle it – trust the professionals. Experienced movers will provide you with premium packing services NJ and minimize the risks of damaging or losing your items. Sometimes it is better to let the professionals do the work – they certainly know the right packing technique and use the highest quality packing supplies. This way your items will be safe and ready for transport and you will avoid the additional stress when merging households.

Decide the position of the furniture

When moving, you can easily put the boxes anywhere you want and move them later. However, with the bulky furniture – it’s not that easy. That’s why you should take time to decide where the big furniture will go, to make sure you have enough space and bring in the moving boxes with ease. Review the floor plan and the size of the new apartment/house and think about the furniture position beforehand.

Agree on the style

It can easily happen you like different home styles, and that’s okay. That’s why you should compromise and find a style you both like. Combine the furniture pieces you already have to make a logical mix for your new home.

Hire a professional moving company

Moving in together can be stressful, so be sure to let the ‘technical part’ to the professionals. Reliable movers Englewood NJ will make the moving experience smooth and easy, so you can enjoy the relocation process and look forward to the new life chapter. When packing and moving your items, your movers should:

  • pack (and unpack) items by rooms – they will pack items by rooms and after transport put them in appropriate rooms in your new home for easier unpacking.
  • label everything – all the boxes should clearly state what’s inside. It is a huge help while unpacking later on.
  • additionally, protect your valuables and fragile items for extra safety
  • disassemble furniture for extra protection and easier transport

If you don’t know what to do when movers are doing their job, learn about passing the time while movers pack your home.

Be open-minded and understanding

When trying to combine two households without stress, understanding each other is the most important step. It is important to be open-minded about the final result and understand that things could be changed over time. Also, give yourself some time to get used to the situation before you react and start an argument. Furthermore, be sure to respect each other decisions and preferences and do your best to satisfy each other’s wishes. Remember why you are making this step before you let the stress and conflict find its way into the moving days.

combine two households without stress

Love and understanding is the key to trying to combine two households without stress

Involve the kids

If the kids are part of moving in together, help them be involved in the process. They can help you by decluttering their old books, clothes, and toys, as well as packing. Moving can be a lot of fun when you are working together!

Make the new home together

If you are moving in with your loved one, the process shouldn’t just be a try to combine two households without stress. It should be a beautiful process of creating a new life together and making a new home a mutual one. Even though you have your own idea of a perfect home – the perfect home is the one you are together. So forget about the boxes and furniture and remember why you made this decision to move in together. Make new memories and buy new items instead of holding on to some old stuff.