Tips for reviewing your moving company

Living in the era of the internet has come with many perks, but some downsides too. Still, we can freely say that we feel the positive change that the internet has brought to mankind. The information is now all around us. It is up for grabs. So, nowadays, we should make sure to make the most of the possibilities that we have on the tables. One such possibility is helping other people relocate. Obviously, we do not mean that you should become one of the local movers NJ at all costs, even though you easily could. We want to point out that it is important to share the information with the rest of the world. How do you do this? By reviewing your moving company after the move. Obviously, there are different information that your review should contain. Therefore, these are the tips for reviewing your moving company. Continue reading “Tips for reviewing your moving company”

The Roadmap to Secure an Outstanding Business Warehouse

Business expansions are always appreciated. They signal growth in your progress, and you can finally reap the fruit of your hard work as a businessman. However, with greater expansion comes one issue – space crunch! You’ll soon encounter the problem of having a lack of area for installing new equipment, or in more extreme cases, you would barely be able to walk through some parts of your office. 

The right way to go about this issue is to look for a good business warehouse. You can clear your office clutter by storing much of the unneeded or less important stuff over there. But, how do go about it? And which commercial storage should you choose for your business requirements? Keep on reading this article to find out.

Continue reading “The Roadmap to Secure an Outstanding Business Warehouse”

Best time of day to move offices

Almost every business owner will, at some point, consider relocating their offices to the new location as a way to expand. This is an important step you’ll have to make in order to help your company grow and become stronger. However, office relocations need to be handled with extra care if you don’t want to put everything you’ve built and worked for at risk. This is why these relocations need to be organized and the moving date needs to be carefully chosen. We wanted to help you move your offices with ease and that’s why we’ve prepared this guide for you. By reading it, you’ll learn how to organize your move and when it’s the best time of day to move offices. Therefore, buckle up and keep reading to learn more! Continue reading “Best time of day to move offices”

How to find the best office space

Finding a suitable office space is one of the most important parts of running a business. Good office space can motivate your employees, increase work productivity, and impact the success of your business in many different ways. So managing to find the best office space is of utmost importance. Sure, it’s best to find the right space in the beginning, when you are starting your business. But even if you made a wrong choice, you can still come out of it. To call up the best commercial movers NJ will be easy – but first, you need to find that one place where your business will flourish. Continue reading “How to find the best office space”

Tips for storing books long-term

Paper is a very interesting piece of material. It allows us to convey even the deepest thoughts that we may have without judging them. Sometimes it feels as if you are talking to a friend, while there is no one there. Only you and ink. Safeguarding your thoughts and going back to them, later on, is something that can be very precious. No matter what place you may be at the moment of writing, reminiscing on them after a while can be a sort of a revelation. It’s thanks to the magic of paper that we can thank all of those writers of the old. Thanks to the books we get an insight into what the world used to be like, but so much more too. Some books can even have special meaning to us as people. So, what should we do for properly storing books long-term? Let’s see.

Make sure to introduce shelves to your storage unit

Storing books long-term: what to pay attention to

In order to make sure that our paper-friends will be around us for years to come, we need to find out what are the best tips for storing books long-term. After all, no matter how magnificent paper may be, it is still one of the most fragile pieces of material out there.

Therefore, in the case that you do not have enough space in your home for them, you should firstly get in touch with professional moving and storage NJ companies. Ask them whether they have space in which your precious books will be safely kept. Once on phone with them, ask them to elaborate in more details on the following subjects:

  • Ask them about the availability of air conditioning in their storage units
  • Find out whether there is enough space for shelves to be placed inside
  • Get to know their history on pests

Lastly, make sure that you invest in the following:

  • Plastic containers or wraps
  • Clean them regularly

Sounds simple? It does because it is, just ask professional college movers!

Availability of air conditioning in storage units

No matter where you may be storing your items, at home or in a storage unit, you should make sure to be storing your books long-term in air-conditioned space.

Paper is a great material for making books since it is very thin but can be easily be printed on. However, it also very easily soaks in every drop of water. Surely you can imagine the result.

Alternatively, should you keep it in a too dry atmosphere, it can become even more fragile. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your professional storage services NJ can actually provide you with an air-conditioned unit for your books. In the end, storing them in an unsafe environment can be regarded as a sort of a crime. After all, it would be better to donate them to a library than let them wither away.

Image of books held on a palm
There is only one correct way to store your books

Is there space for shelves inside the storage units that you are thinking about renting?

The next question should provide you with an answer to the question of whether there are shelves inside storage units. If the answer is negative, you should find out whether you can introduce some. Too small a unit will not allow you to properly store your books. Therefore, you will receive no benefit from it.

You need to know that there is only one proper way of storing books long-term: in an upright position and with the book spine facing toward the reader. Additionally, make sure to keep the jacket on on all of your books. If some come without it, you might as well buy plastic see-through ones. Do whatever you need to do in order to protect your books.

Get to know the pest history of the storage provider

Mice and other pests are a real threat to your books. Therefore, you should make sure to rent a storage unit in which you will not have to deal with this kind of issues.

So, in order to make sure that there are no pests to deal with, firstly, ask the property owner whether they have or may have had some before. Depending on their answer, decide whether you are going to rent that business storage unit or not. Also, feel free to take a glance at the corners. If there are mice traps or poison around, the storage space may be fighting pest infection as you speak.

Invest in plastic containers or wraps

One of the things that you should buy is plastic sealable containers or plastic book jackets. 

Sealable containers are the best protection for the books that you are not going to be needing soon. Feel free to place your company documents inside them. That is, after all, what document storage is for. Plus, they will allow you to use some space on the ground for storage.

Clean your storage regularly when storing books long-term

Fight dust when storing books long-term
Dust is one of the book enemies that you need to fight

Dust is another enemy that you will need to fight. How? Well, there is no other way to do it than by cleaning regularly. Therefore, make sure to have enough time for maintenance of your storage unit. At least once a month you should be making sure that everything inside is clean and in order. 


If you are thinking about storing books long-term, you need to do it the right way. Luckily, it is not a difficult thing to complete. All that you need to do is to follow the pieces of advice that we gave you above. You are all set with them.


Benefits of using storage for archiving

There are a lot of benefits to using storage. People often are not ready to throw away some things, but they want to keep it. Or simply we do not have enough space in our home. But either way, storage can be a great solution. And when you have a business – the number of documents that you need to keep just increase. There are a lot of files that you need to keep for some time or to simply save them for your own security. And that is one of the best reasons for using storage for archiving. You can keep all of the files, but they won’t make your office chaotic. You can actually find great documents storage units NJ that will resolve your problem.

What are the main benefits of using storage for archiving?

Well, as you already know from your own experience it is easy to feel overwhelmed when you see all those documents just pile up. And, as you probably know you need them. Some of the files you need to keep for your security, some of them you need to keep because of the law. Although you might not be using them at the moment – you still need them. There is a certain type of files that you simply need to keep for 5 or 10 years. And that is why using storage for archiving is a great thing.

business finance plan for using storage for archiving
You need to make a plan and store your documents and save money that way

Benefits are numerous – your office will not be chaotic. Documents are safe. So, however, you look at it  – storing your documents can be a great thing. And if you are moving office and you need the files to be safe before you can move them to your new space – storing is the key!

If you are using storage for archiving it will keep you secure

When you decide to use storage and store documents, you are actually keeping your business safe. Files are located in one or couple of storage units and they are under a key. Only authorized personnel with that key can access the files. So, there will be no misuse or anything similar. You, your business and your documents will be secure. Just keep in mind, that there are some things that need to be stored in climate control storage unit. You can ask the company that is storing your files, do they need any additional care. And with them you can determine do you need control climate storage unit.

What is the difference between regular and climate control storage unit?

Well, in a regular storage unit you will be using a normal space. And, depending on the time of the year – the temperature will change. That means that the temperature inside the storage will change as well. And, with the climate control storage units – you avoid those changes. Depending on the type of the things you are storing, you can choose between them. Make sure to use an appropriate storage unit.

Using storage for the archive will save you office space

As we mentioned before, documents can easily pile up. In just a couple of months, you can actually end up with so many files that you will lose office space. And, by storing files  – you will free that space. For example, when you are moving your business you can actually pay more just because you are moving papers. And if you find the right commercial movers NJ, they will advise you to store all the documents that you do not use on a daily basis. And, not only you will save space – you will save money as well.

office space
If you decide to store the documents, you will free up space!

In storage – documents are safe

You probably heard it a lot of times, the story is the same. office paper got destroyed by accident, by fire or water. Or simply, there was a misunderstanding and someone threw them away. And, if you sit down with your employes and decide what should be stored- you are avoiding a potential disaster. All of your documents will be safe, there will be no possibility of them to get damaged. Although, a lot of files today are digitalized and that way they are definitely safe – still there are documents that you need to have on a real paper.

Access to documents in storage is easy

When you decide to store your documents, you need to make sure that you store them properly. Store them and label them correctly so you can retrieve them easily once you need them again. Instead of going through your office and dig through paper – you can easily find them in your storage unit. So using storage for archiving is a great way to retrieve the files at any moment really easy. Even when you relocate your office – they still will be in storage. And by keeping them there, it is just one tip to save money on a corporate relocation.

file that means using storage for archiving
You need to sort out your documents and label them properly

By storing files you will maintain legal compliance

As we mentioned, for some files there is a law that says that you need to have them and keep them for a certain number of years. As a business, you need to be in legal compliance and fulfill all the requests. If you do not save the documents or throw them away – that can cause you a lot of problems. That is just one way that a lot of companies get themselves in legal problems. And by using storage for archiving, you are avoiding that. You are preparing your business for any possible problem!

How to start the process of storing documents?

Well, first of all, you need to check with your team and your co-workers what are the files that you need on a daily basis. And determine what files you simply need to keep, to avoid any legal issues. Then, you can all go through files and label them correctly and put them in a corresponding box. That way – everyone will be able to find any documents at any time in your storage unit!

Eco-friendly moving guidelines

If your relocation is coming closer, this means you’ve probably started planning every part of the process. This also means that by now you’ve come to realize just how complex moving really is. There are just so many tasks to complete and so many different things to think about, including choosing one out of the numerous professional moving companies NJ. But what you certainly shouldn’t disregard, especially in this day and age, is taking care of the environment. Yes, even during your relocation! So if you are eager to be environmentally-friendly even throughout your moving days, here you’ll find some very useful eco-friendly moving guidelines to follow. So let’s see what you can do to prevent your moving from having any sort of detrimental effect on the environment.

a truck on a road, representing eco-friendly moving tips
You need to make sure your movers are efficient and professional.

Before your relocation begins, you want to declutter in an eco-friendly manner

The first step of every moving process is to declutter your space, whether you are relocating your home of you plan to move your office NJ. And what does eco-friendly moving include if not recycling? So, make sure you get rid of all the things you won’t need in your new home. You want to make a fresh start, and creating a mess from day one is certainly not a way to make it happen. So, sort out all your junk and trash – all those things you plan to get rid of. See which items can definitely get recycled. And what happens to those that cannot, you might wonder?

Don’t throw everything away – donate or sell your unwanted items

If there are parts of your household that you don’t want to keep when moving, but cannot be recycled or can still be used – sell or donate them. Make a yard sale! You’d be surprised how much money you make during a simple garage sale. The things you no longer need might be pretty useful to other people. On the other hand, if you lack time to organize a yard sale during your hectic pre-move period, you may want to donate the things you no longer need. As far as eco-friendly moving goes, you’ll get off to a good start!

a small dog in a cardboard box
Make sure you use eco-friendly packing and moving supplies.

Using eco-friendly moving and packing materials

Naturally, moving involves a lot of packing around. And packing services NJ usually include a lot of packing materials. This means that in order for your eco-friendly moving plan to work, you’ll need to find eco-friendly moving supplies. How can you do this? First of all, a good start would be to use moving bins instead of disposable moving boxes. Reusable bins are always a good idea since they can be used numerous times. Regular cardboard boxes can normally be used only once, but if you plan to use those, make sure you recycle them after your moving process has been completed.

Another good suggestion would be to re-use your old boxes and other supplies you have around your home that could be recycled after you’ve used them. Avoid buying new packing supplies. Try to either rent them or use whatever you have around your own home.

An eco-friendly moving company might be an excellent choice

It’s very difficult to have a successful relocation without a good moving company. This means that you will probably need to hire experienced movers in order to move with ease. So make sure you choose an eco-friendly moving company. Also, make sure your movers are as efficient as possible. The more efficient they are, the less damage to the environment your move is going to be. For instance, if you have large and bulky items around your home, such as a piano, hiring expert piano movers NJ will enable you to have it moved efficiently and waste the smallest amount of energy and gas.

a person holding a plastic bottle
Recycle anything that you’ve used during your relocation that can be recycled.

Make sure your eco-friendly moving is just the beginning of your environmentally friendly lifestyle

Yes, eco-friendly moving is an excellent thing to do. But don’t let it be the end of your ecological concerns. Make sure you continue to take good care of the environment event after your relocation has been over. So, what can you do after moving into a new home to make it more eco-friendly and to keep your lifestyle that way, as well?

  • If you’ve bought any packing supplies, keep them and try to put them to good use. Sure, you’ve maybe crossed the eco-friendly line by buying new packing supplies, but there’s no reason not to use all of it in your new home.
  • Give all of your moving supplies to someone who’s getting ready to move. This is actually a win-win situation, as you’ll be decluttering your new home and at the same time helping someone else reuse your moving supplies.
  • Anything that can be recycled – you know what to do.
  • After your local movers NJ help you arrive at your new home, be sure to clean your new premises with eco-friendly cleaning products. If possible, continue to use them after you settle in your home. You might end up preferring them over regular cleaning products!


As you can see, having an eco-friendly moving process is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is make sure your home is properly de-cluttered before you start moving. Recycle, donate and sell anything you don’t really need anymore. Also, hire a moving company that knows how to take care of the environment and remember: efficient relocation means eco-friendly relocation. Be sure to get reusable moving supplies and do your best to give them away after your moving has been completed. If you’ve used cardboard moving boxes, you can recycle them or try to use them around your house or in your storage area. And finally, make sure you continue to care about the environmental issues even after your relocation has been completed.

Corporate storage or warehouse – which works better?

Have you lately found your office to be overstuffed and less functional than before? Then we are sure you have at least given storage a thought. Once a person has too many items at hand that are not quite ready to be thrown away but are unusable at the moment, a storage unit is the only logical option. However, since this is your office/business we are talking about, the situation isn’t as simple as choosing the right storage unit. You first have to decide and estimate whether you should use corporate storage or warehouse for your needs. And that might be difficult for you to do if this is the first time you are faced with such a decision. Luckily, we have all the knowledge about both business storage facilities NJ has to offer, and warehousing options in our lovely state. Continue reading “Corporate storage or warehouse – which works better?”

Tips for moving your home office

If you are planning to move any time soon, then you must be prepared to make some effort. We are all familiar with how difficult moving can be. It takes a lot of time, and also money to successfully move everything you own to another place. And it doesn’t really matter where you are moving to. Whether you hire Bergenfield NJ movers to relocate you locally, or you plan an interstate move – it all comes down to similar tasks. So it’s no surprise that you need to pay some special attention when moving your home office as well. Working from home can be such a blessing sometimes, but when the relocation time comes, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. There’s no reason to worry, though. We’ve prepared a quick guide for you to help you relocate your home office with ease.

people making plans
Working from home can be such a blessing sometimes, but when the relocation time comes, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

Moving your home office – basic things to pay attention to

First of all, it’s wonderful that you have had the chance to work from home. Although it’s become more and more popular by the day, having a home office is still considered to be a privilege by all those people who need to spend long hours commuting from home to work and back every single day. However, once you decide to relocate, things tend to get a bit complicated. Now you are not just moving your home, you also need to think about business relocation services NJ. However, there’s no reason for your relocation to be stressful. You just need to be careful about some basic things about your move:

  • Start planning your relocation in time. Moving your home along with your home office is a lot of work, and it’s pretty time-consuming.
  • If you are moving your home office, but not your household, you are in luck, but you’ll still need some extensive planning to do.
  • Ask around and see if you can find reputable moving companies that could handle your relocation.
  • You’ll need proper moving supplies. Chances are you’ll have plenty of office equipment to be packed and transferred, which would require suitable packing supplies.

You don’t need to be an organizational wizard, but you should do your best

Just to be clear, moving your home office is certainly not as difficult as moving an entire business. First of all, you most likely don’t have any employees but yourself. So, there’ll be no need to notify any of the staff, but you’ll definitely need to notify any clients if working with any kinds of customers is what you do. Also, planning a move is not an overnight job. It takes time, so don’t leave everything for the last moment. Make sure you have daily packing schedule, as well as enough supplies – it takes more than a couple of days to move your home office.

a home office with a computer, a laptop and an iPad
In order to pack your home office equipment safely, the best decision would be to hire professional packers. You don’t want anything getting damaged.

Finding movers you can trust

Moving is something you may be able to do on your own, but probably shouldn’t. The best decision to make when moving your home office would be to hire professionals to take care of this job for you. And movers and packers NJ are not so hard to find, right? It depends how you look on it, actually. If you do your best and ask around for reputable and experienced movers, you shouldn’t have any issues here. But, you need to be careful. There are those fraudulent moving companies that may try to con you, or your possessions might end up getting damaged in some way. So be patient when searching for movers. Choose only the ones that seem trustworthy or at least some company which came recommended from a person you know.

Choosing to hire packing services is a great idea when moving your home office

If you are looking for the easiest way to move, then doing your best to achieve the most efficient packing process of your belongings is what you want to do. This, naturally, calls for suitable packing supplies. Make sure you purchase them in time. You’ll probably need plenty of moving bins or boxes, bubble wrapping material, cushioning material, label maker and so on.

But the best piece of advice anyone can give you about packing is – let professionals handle it. You’ll never be able to pack as well as professionals packers NJ do it. So why waste your time trying? By finding the most skilled packers out there, you’ll get a chance to have all of your home office equipment packed professionally in no time at all. Additionally, your items will be safer, considering that professional packers know just how to pack any part of your home or office so it would remain safe during the relocation.

a to-do list
If you want a successful moving process of your home office, think about making a to-do list and check it daily. It’s simple but can do wonders.

Making a checklist is always a good decision

In order to make sure nothing gets forgotten or left unfinished when moving your home office, a good idea would be to make yourself a moving checklist. You may start making it as soon as you decide that you are going to move. Add new bullets and ideas daily and cross them out once you have them done. This is a great way to keep track of your moving process, and also to make sure you haven’t left anything out.

And there you go. Moving your home office is actually not as difficult and complicated as you thought it would be, right? All you need to do is hire the best help you can find and give yourself enough time to prepare for the relocation.

Why are people moving from New Jersey

So far, you’ve probably encountered numerous articles about the reasons people change their place of living. The most common reasons could be found in the search for a better job, or more quality education, but also in a more favorable style of living and providing a better life for the family. Some of these reasons will also be present in the case of why are people moving from New Jersey. One thing is for sure, no matter the reason, relocations are always stressful for every member involved in the operation. This is why the preparations need to be taken seriously and get ready for moving-related expenses as well as be aware of some of the hidden costs of moving. Continue reading “Why are people moving from New Jersey”


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