Tips for reviewing your moving company

Living in the era of the internet has come with many perks, but some downsides too. Still, we can freely say that we feel the positive change that the internet has brought to mankind. The information is now all around us. It is up for grabs. So, nowadays, we should make sure to make the most of the possibilities that we have on the tables. One such possibility is helping other people relocate. Obviously, we do not mean that you should become one of the local movers NJ at all costs, even though you easily could. We want to point out that it is important to share the information with the rest of the world. How do you do this? By reviewing your moving company after the move. Obviously, there are different information that your review should contain. Therefore, these are the tips for reviewing your moving company. Continue reading “Tips for reviewing your moving company”

Reasons to relocate your business to NJ

How well has your home state been treating your business? Have you received any incentives when you needed them? Also, how easy or difficult is it for you to find well educated young people to fill the needs of your company? There is one state that can answer these and many more questions. Bear with us and find out the reasons to relocate your business to NJ. By the time you are done reading this article, hopefully, you will start seriously thinking about how and when you could start with your move. After all, the aim of this article is to get you familiar with the business culture in New Jersey. It is our goal to get you involved with our wonderful state. We wish the best for our fellow citizens. Also, we are confident that they and the state of NJ have a lot to offer in return. Continue reading “Reasons to relocate your business to NJ”

How to organize a corporate relocation

Has your company generated steady growth over the years? How long have you been expanding? Hiring new people must have influenced the space in the office available per person. Has it become too difficult to fit everyone inside? And what about your IT equipment, such as servers for example. In the case that your company has really grown as much as you believe, now would be the right time to move. In order to get the maximum from your employees, you need to provide them with enough space for their creativity to keep on flourishing. Bad surroundings can drown ideas, surely you know that. Therefore, we believe that you may need to start thinking about moving to a larger office space. If you agree with us, then let us help you organize a corporate relocation. Here’s what you need to know in order to move without affecting your business.

Image of a clock
Make sure to have enough time for the move

Professionals organize a corporate relocation better than anyone else

In order to organize a corporate relocation, you are going to need to meet three basic conditions:

  1. You have to have the manpower in order to see this job through.
  2. In order to move your offices and all that goes along, you will need to know how to do it.
  3. Moving takes time and lots of it. Make sure that you have it.

Moving offices is a large job due to the sheer amount of items that need moving. If you would take a look around you, what would you see? Desks and chairs, I presume. There will be some computers on those desks for sure. Now, all of those computers have a few of the cords that will need to be taken with them. What happens if you lose them? Computers will not work anymore. Now, imagine how many people it would take to move all of your office supplies. Quite a lot for sure. This is just an example of what you need to think about when you wish to organize a corporate relocation on your own.

Secondly, knowledge is indispensable in the moving business, just like in any other industry today. If you are inexperienced in it, you might suffer consequences. If you are not thinking about entering the moving industry any time soon, we would suggest that you left moving to those that will not treat you as a guinea pig. You should get commercial moving assistance to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, moving is a process that takes a lot of time. Should you engage in the process yourself with your employees included, your company’s performance would probably suffer. This is something that you should not let happen. Moving of America – NJ movers are right by your side, ready to help you.

How can you prepare for the move when you organize a corporate relocation

While professional movers are very helpful and can take care of a lot of aspects of the move, there are some things that you can do in order to help them help you.

First of all, you should make a list of priorities that need to move ASAP. Hand this list over to your movers so that they get an idea of what are the most important items for you. Also, make sure to know what items are coming with you right away and which items are the ones that you would require storage space for the duration of the move

Make a thorough plan when you want to organize a corporate relocation
Planning is crucial to a successful move

Packing is the aspect of the move that can be the most tricky to decide on what to do. Movers of America offer packing service. Usually, it is better to let professionals handle packing. They know how to protect your items from any damage that may occur during a move. However, since you probably have a real estate service within your organization, perhaps it is a good idea to have them prepare your items. At least, it would be very helpful if you could separate items according to their nature. Then, movers could take it on from there.

When should you move?

In case that you want to organize a corporate relocation, you will most definitely, want to move over summer. In fact, you should make sure to move when business is the slowest. Depending on your industry, this could be any time. We suggest that you do it in the summer because the weather conditions are going to be the most appropriate. If you can, try to do it at a time when most of your employees are on their vacation. This way, the move will be the smoothest possible.

Blue sky
Move in the summer, that’s when the weather’s the best for the move

Plan ahead

No matter whether you are about to organize a corporate move or a residential one, make sure to plan ahead. Moving process is very delicate. It will take you time to organize everything that you need. Therefore, you should make sure to be ready for whatever your way may come.

Hire a reliable moving company

In business, it is important to work with reliable companies all the time. If you have to organize a corporate relocation, nothing is going to be any different. In order to easily get in touch with a good moving company, you should ask for referrals. Companies in your vicinity have probably moved by the time they obtained the office space close to you. Therefore, ask them and you may get some great information on who to hire.

Also, when you are close to starting to organize a corporate relocation, make sure to read online reviews on the company that you are thinking to hire. In order to make sure that you are dealing with a moving company that has a proven record of good business practices, we suggest that you check Better Business Bureau. Members of this organization are all reliable and will fulfill the requirements that you might have.

Future Thinking

Everyone is always thinking about the future.  Everyone always wants to upgrade and continue to move up the social rankings.  Living in a beautiful home requires some hard work and dedication.  Most people who are on their path to success don’t always start off in a big home.  Majority make their way up and get themselves a small place to live before saving enough to buy themselves a big home or apartment.

When people move guess what they need to get…you guessed it.  A moving company..and not just any moving company…they need to get a professional moving company.  Can you imagine getting your life together, working extremely hard to save up your money in order to move into a beautiful new home or apartment and come to find out that the company that just moved you stole all your furniture? When dealing with dreams…don’t take chances on a nightmare.

Hiring a professional moving company is one of the wises investments you can do for yourself.  Assuring that all your belongings are safe is something that should be priority number one on the list.  Most people think that they can simply hire any moving company and expect quality service…think about it.  You get what you pay for.  Some companies are scamming customers into turning over their belongings and then never seeing them again.  Thousands of dollars are lost and memorable intrinsic items are taken.

Making sure you do the right thing by researching the company you choose should be on your too do list. Make sure that the company is bonded and insured. Look for moving reviews and make sure it’s an american company and not an outsourced company from over seas.

How to Pack a Bowl

This is a legal way of packing a bowl.  Control yourselves now this isn’t Colorado, we are talking about packing your dishes.  Many times customers have the misfortune of getting their valuable dishes broken during their relocation service.  Believe it or not there is a science behind the packing of your items.  We will share some tips on how to pack your bowls.

Items you will need:

  • Tape
  • China Boxes
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Bubble Wrap

Step 1. Securing the box

Making sure that the box is secure is the second most important aspect in packing your bowls (only second to packing the bowls).  Be sure that the tape that you use is strong, also beask your moving company if the tape is free of charge as tape can be very expensive.

China Boxes 

China Boxes are made stronger and of thicker cardboard to absorb travels shocks.  In order to maximize the protection of your bowls make sure that you limit the amount of weight within the box.  The lighter the better.

Wrapping Paper

packing paper - wholesale, free delivery

Wrapping Paper that is used in protecting fragile items in conjunction with china boxes. When using the wrapping paper you want to be aware of the how much you use.  Crumpling the paper works best.  If you have a small child have them help you out. Children love crumpling paper. .

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap should be present when dealing with very fragile items.  In conjunction with utilizing packing paper and the china boxes bubble wrap is a powerful tool to further secure your bowls.  By placing bubble wrap at the bottom and the top of your box will reduce your dishes from getting travel damage in totality.

Step 2

After placing your bubble wrap at the bottom of the china box always start by packing the heaviest and largest bowl at the bottom of the box add crumpled paper to further secure the items.  Pay the bowl on a stack of wrapping paper and begin to wrap it. Fold and tuck the ends around the bowl and repeat.

Step 3 

After wrapping the bowl you want to make sure that your packing is consistent and organized.  Evenly distributing the size of the bowls and making sure to always place your bowls on their side is key.  Never stack the bowls.  Place the bowls on their side and carefully line them up with the right amount of wrapping paper between them.

Remember to always label your boxes so that you and the movers can find an easy way of getting to them.  Always keep in mind that you should write “Fragile” on all china boxes. Be sure to help the environment by recycling the paper and boxes you use on the day of your moving service.

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