How to choose a good retirement location

A lot of people like to dream about their retirement, and where they would like to move. Some would like to move to the seaside, others would like to go somewhere colder. The choice is completely up to you, but there are certain criteria that your new retirement home should make. You need to choose a good retirement location so you don’t have to worry in the future about anything. You can fulfill your dreams and enjoy your retirement. All you need to do is to research a little, gather all the information and make sure that your new home fulfills some criteria. Find reliable senior movers and you can start your new adventure!

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Most common senior moving mistakes and solutions

Moving is a complex task. One that is very hard to do on your own. And when you add seniors to that equation it becomes even more complicated. Elderly are not as flexible as younger people. They tire easily and need more rest. And most importantly of all, they need a certain set of conditions to be met in order to have a happy life in their new home. So, if you are helping or moving a senior. Or even if you are a senior who is planning a move, make sure to avoid some of the most common senior moving mistakes. It will lead to faster and cheaper relocation. And a better quality of life for the seniors.

Not planning in advance is a common senior moving mistake

Whenever you are relocating, you should have a plan ready even before you book your movers. It’s important to know where you will be moving and what exactly will it take to relocate your entire home. It’s the same thing when moving with seniors. And it’s one of the common senior moving mistakes that can easily be avoided. So, start talking about possible relocation destinations early on. Discuss whether to move to assisted living or regular home. And then, when you decide, start planning your relocation.

two people talking to avoid common senior moving mistakes
Talk with your family and listen to them in order to avoid confusion

You should have a detailed plan ready. Which moving company you are going to hire? Who will help with the packing? Who is going to go with a senior to help him or her unpack? Which items will be shipped? Some of the most common senior moving mistakes revolve around not having an answer to these questions. And to avoid them make sure you discuss and plan in advance.

Not hiring movers is one of the most common senior moving mistakes

As we already said, moving is quite a complex task. You need to take care of so many things that doing it on your own is very hard. Especially when moving with seniors. So, not hiring senior movers is one of the biggest and most common senior moving mistakes that you can make. Fortunately, the solution to this one is easy. You need to find a reliable moving company that can help you relocate.

How to find a reliable moving company for seniors?

Finding a reliable moving company is not that difficult if you know how and where to look. Moving companies come in many shapes and sizes. Some are big and offer a variety of services, while others specialize in certain areas. So, finding reliable and affordable movers Ramsey NJ is only going to require a little bit of your time. And a little bit of research. And in no time, you will have moves that you can count on to relocate an entire home. You will avoid one of the most common senior moving mistakes and have an easy and stress-free relocation.

Senior typing on lap top
Do research before you decide which moving company you will hire

Shop around to find the best deal for senior moving

You should start by finding a couple of moving companies in your area. You can either start by searching for them online or by asking your friends. In any case, after you find them, request a moving quote. Make sure you get a few quotes as that will give you a good insight into pricing. After you do, separate the few offers that you find interesting.

Assess a moving company to avoid some of the most common senior moving mistakes

Now that you have a few good offers from a few different companies it’s time to move on to finding the best fit for you. Since you are looking to avoid common senior moving mistakes, the last thing you would want is to end up with unreliable movers. Therefore, you should assess the moving company you plan on hiring. To do this first go to their website. Browse through it a little bit and get more familiar with their work. See if there are any red flags or missing pages on the website. Check if they have their US DOT or NJ DOT number listed on the website. It’s usually located at the very bottom of a website. That number means that they have registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That’s usually a good sign that they are reliable and trustworthy.

thumbs up
If a moving company has US DOT or NJ DOT number listed on the website that is usually a good sign!

If everything checks out, you should move on to reading their online reviews. One of the most common senior moving mistakes is not checking the reviews. They are a valuable resource that will help you determine how good the moving company is.

Over-packing or under-packing

Choosing which items should be moved is one of the most important decisions when moving seniors. Not packing enough items can lead to them feeling removed from the home. But, packing too much can not only cost too much but also crowd the new home. So, you need to find the right balance.

Moving boxes labeled
You need to find balance when you are packing your home

To do this you should first make a list of all their possessions. After doing so, you should all sit down and discuss what is needed and what is not. It’s important that all parties involved agree on these things. Otherwise, that can cause a problem and even lead to an argument. And since your loved one will be moving, you will want to avoid that at all cost.

Moving to an expensive place

It doesn’t matter if you are the senior who is moving, or if you are helping a loved one relocate. It’s important to pick the right location. Moving to an expensive town is one of the common senior moving mistakes. In most cases, seniors rely on their pension checks to survive the month. And by living in an expensive place can cause the quality of life to drop dramatically. To avoid this make sure you do your research.

Find a few towns that are suitable and spend some time researching it. If, for example, your loved one wants to move to Atlantic City, weight the pros and cons of it. Look at the average prices of homes first. Since that is the first thing that you need to be able to afford. Then, move to the price of groceries, entertainment, and transportation.

Reasons to relocate your business to NJ

How well has your home state been treating your business? Have you received any incentives when you needed them? Also, how easy or difficult is it for you to find well educated young people to fill the needs of your company? There is one state that can answer these and many more questions. Bear with us and find out the reasons to relocate your business to NJ. By the time you are done reading this article, hopefully, you will start seriously thinking about how and when you could start with your move. After all, the aim of this article is to get you familiar with the business culture in New Jersey. It is our goal to get you involved with our wonderful state. We wish the best for our fellow citizens. Also, we are confident that they and the state of NJ have a lot to offer in return. Continue reading “Reasons to relocate your business to NJ”

Hire Moving Companies To Have Your Pets Moved Safely


Regardless of the fact how you transport your pets, whether it is by car or airplane, you need to make the proper arrangements first, just as you did while considering and selecting a skilled and professional cross country moving company.

Once you have planned the move, the first thing to do is to take your pet to the veterinarian. A signed health certificate is necessary if you are taking your pet via plane due to rules and regulations that most states have. Also, ask your veterinarian to implant an identification chip in your pet because several airlines require this process.

cross country moving companies

If you are moving to another state, check its requirements for the import of animals. Even if your pet is traveling with you by car, it’s best to have them checked by your veterinarian. Due to regional health risks such as heartworm, it is important you educate yourself about the location you are moving to.


Cats are very sensitive and always prefer to be in an acquainted environment. On the other hand, dogs have the habit of adjusting more easily to moving, than cats. For both cats and dogs, sticking to the routine after the move is very important. Maintaining the same schedule for treats, grooming and bedtime will help your pets adjust quickly.

Before The Move: Preparing Your Pets – The first step to take to prepare your cat for moving day is by making her/him adjust to a pet carrier. No matter how near, or far you are moving, a pet carrier will be the safest place for them. If he/she has never been in a carrier, introduce the idea slowly. Start by putting a blanket and cat/dog treats inside, leave the door open, and make the experience a positive one.

Once he/she is comfortable with the carrier, the next step is to familiarize him/her with car travel. Initially, you can take him/her for 5-10-minute rides, and then extend it to longer 20-minute rides.

In the case of dogs, consider taking them to a new neighborhood for walks before you move in. While you’re packing, try not to isolate your dog in a dog crate. Instead, include him/her while you pack and move boxes, allowing them to investigate the activity.

Know The Law – Most states have laws regarding the importation of dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, and some are more onerous than others. Many states inspect the pet at the border or ask to see health certificates. Contact the Animal Control Commission for the city or town you’ll be living in to determine what documents will be needed and for information on getting licenses for your pets.

Get The Check-Up Done – Depending on the mode of your travel, and where you’re planning to move to, you require certain documents relating to your pet’s health. Hence, scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian to get everything in order is very important. The most commonly needed documents are Proof of Rabies Vaccination and Health Certificate.


Airlines generally transport animals in the cargo compartment of a plane. In doing so, the airlines advise the flight crew that animals are onboard the aircraft. Some airlines allow passengers to carry their pets in the cabin of a plane if the animals are capable of fitting under the passenger’s seat.

How to Ensure A Safe Airline Trip For My Pet?

  • Avoid peak travel periods when delays and stopovers are longer.• Avoid peak travel periods when delays and stopovers are longer.
  • While making reservations inform the airline directly.
  • Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare.
  • If you are sending your pet through the cargo system, you’ll need to go to the cargo terminal, usually located in a separate part of the airport.
  • Put a cushion or blanket on the crate floor. Attach a water cup to the crate door.
  • On the day of the flight, take your dog for a long walk before leaving for the airport.
  • At the end of your trip, pick up your pet promptly.


Birds are the most of all creatures and much more sensitive when it comes to change, so moving can be particularly stressful for them. However, if planned properly you can minimize the troubling changes in your bird’s world. A lot depends on how you will transport your birds, by airplane or by car. As with dogs and cats, bus lines and trains do not accept pets. For the safety and comfort of your birds, traveling by car is the best option. This is not always possible. That is why most airlines allow birds to be flown with owners in the cabin or in the cargo hold.

Regardless of how you transport your birds, you should have them checked by a veterinarian and obtain health certificates. This is because some states require health certificates. Even if you are traveling through or to a state that doesn’t, it’s better to have the documents, for no other reason than to show proof of ownership.

Traveling By Car – Birds usually enjoy car travel, especially if they can see out the windows. If you choose to get different carriers for the trip, make sure to get them at least a month before you travel. Have your birds spend time in the new carriers or cages so they become used to them.

Tips To Moving With Your Birds

  • Bring your bird’s regular food and water. Changes can cause intestinal issues.• Bring your bird’s regular food and water. Changes can cause intestinal issues.
  • Have a good quality cooler to keep fruits and vegetables.
  • Birds are very sensitive to temperature, so make sure the car’s air conditioning and heating is operating properly before you leave.
  • Birds should travel in the backseat with their carriers belted in.
  • Try to avoid using water while in the car. Instead, bring fruit such as cucumbers or citrus.

If you are planning a cross country move along with the flurry member of your family, consider using a professional moving company. If you are planning to relocate, see if you can negotiate having your company pay to have your pets moved safely. Moving companies are not allowed to transport pets. When considering professional cross country moving companies, you can ask if they work with or can help you in getting in touch with the airlines and completing all the necessary paperwork. Their skilled team handles everything efficiently from picking up your pet at home to delivering it to your new destination.

Planning A Move This Summer – Tips You Should Abide By

When it comes to moving a house from one country to another, most people lay emphasis over the internal factors such as move related finances, fast approaching deadlines, general organization and finding the best international shipping company. Very few people think about the influential external factor – the perfect season for the residential move and how it will affect their decision-making process and the overall outcome of their moving adventure.

Best International Shipping Company New York

Summer is considered to be the most popular season for people to move, the movers can come across many pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Take a closer look at the top tips for moving in the summer and witness how a single smart summer moving choice of yours can tip the scales in your favor. Learn the best way to prepare for a summer move so that you benefit greatly from your ultimate decision to move during the peak moving season.

WHY SHOULD YOU MOVE IN THE SUMMER? There are an associated number of benefits with moving house in summer which cannot be easily disregarded. If you plan to schedule your move date somewhere during the summer season, or if you have already done that, do not regret your decision because of the:

  • Favorable Climatic Conditions: The weather is actually pleasant in summer for there is the lack of snow and ice. The sub-zero temperatures automatically turn your moving project a few degrees safer and more efficient than the cold months. However, the summer weather too can be rather unpredictable, heavy rain, extreme heat or even storms can occur anytime.
  • More Free Time: Majority of people spend their vacation days and remain away from work in the summer months, so you’ll have more time to organize and possibly even execute a house move. Also, moving in the summer means more friends or relatives willing to give you a hand.
  • School: Summer is considered to be the most opportune moment for families with children to move to a new city with minimum disruption of the academic year.

PLANNING IS EVERYTHING – Irrespective of which season you choose for the move, timely organization is the most important factor to consider. The fact is, if you desire a hassle-free summer move, then you have to plan and execute your steps carefully from Day 1 until the last day.

Make sure that the best international shipping company that you will hire is available during the time you are planning to move. The creation of a moving checklist is more than just a good idea for it plays the vital role in the success of your moving operation. If you have a moving timeline at your disposal, it will help you to:

  • organize each hour of each day you do packing during the peak moving season;
  • avoid the build-up of the notorious moving stress simply by assuring you that you’re right on schedule.
  • distribute your tasks in a way that makes perfect sense for you, and thus aid you in completing them one after the other without wasting any precious time.

WHAT’S YOUR BUDGET? Professional moving companies tend to levy more charges during the summer season. As a result, one should absolutely learn how to manage the finances as it might happen that where you were supposed to spend less, you will end up spending more or vice versa. And the best way to keep a check over it is to set a moving budget.

Have a rough estimation of just how much money you will need for your summer house move as it will not only get you mentally ready for what’s coming but will also alert you that you haven’t saved enough for the challenge ahead. And if that is the case, then you still have good options ahead of you:

  • consider resorting to non-professional assistance as far as packing and unpacking is concerned
  • look for various ways to further bring down the moving price quoted by your moving company
  • explore alternative funding options such as selling some of your items prior to the move.

YOU MUST CALL FOR HELP – In most of the relocation cases, moving a house is a stressful affair, in the summer month, it’s no exception. Moreover, moving during the peak season will present more challenging situations due to the increased expenses, tougher choices of trustworthy professionals, and possible scheduling problems.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire the services of the best international shipping company in New York, for they can make a big difference in the course of the entire move. Trained professionals will handle the difficult details of your summer move with an enviable speed, and most importantly – with an excellent level of safety both for your prized possessions and your property.

To execute a hassle free move, seek professional guidance and assistance from the experienced team of Moving of America – the best international shipping company in New York. Lastly, summer weather is notorious for changing too quickly, so make sure you keep a check.


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