Tips for reviewing your moving company

Living in the era of the internet has come with many perks, but some downsides too. Still, we can freely say that we feel the positive change that the internet has brought to mankind. The information is now all around us. It is up for grabs. So, nowadays, we should make sure to make the most of the possibilities that we have on the tables. One such possibility is helping other people relocate. Obviously, we do not mean that you should become one of the local movers NJ at all costs, even though you easily could. We want to point out that it is important to share the information with the rest of the world. How do you do this? By reviewing your moving company after the move. Obviously, there are different information that your review should contain. Therefore, these are the tips for reviewing your moving company.

a man looking at his phone
Choosing a moving provider is far easier in the internet era

How helpful have the moving reviews been when you were choosing your moving company?

We are aware of the fact that there are going to be many people who are going to go through their move and not write a moving review. While this is not something that we like seeing, we understand why people do it. The lack of time, different priorities and many more can interfere with one’s wish to leave a moving review. 

Still, let us ask you how helpful did you find moving reviews when you were relocating? Choosing the right piano movers NJ was surely done in an easier fashion thanks to the knowledge of what previous customers thought about a particular moving company. Therefore, we would like to encourage all of you to take fifteen minutes and write the review. 

First of all, people looking for the right moving company are going to value your opinion very much. It would be as helpful to them as the moving reviews had been helpful to you before you chose your moving partner.

Secondly, the movers themselves will be thankful for the publicly stated opinion of their performance. Regardless of whether the review was positive or negative, it is going to help the moving company find out what their peers thought about it.

Reviewing your moving company – what to focus on?

Now, once you do decide to complete reviewing your moving company, are you sure what you should focus on? After all, there are so many things that you could write about in your moving review…

three people discussing
If you need to make a decision on what moving company to hire, make sure to check online reviews of your preferred ones

In order to help you write as useful moving review as possible, we would like to suggest including the following information when reviewing NJ movers:

  • Be honest
  • Include the technical details of the move
  • How was customer service?
  • Were your movers on time?
  • How satisfied were you when it ended?

Pretty straightforward, right?

Be honest when reviewing your moving company

The foundation of your moving review has to be honesty. This is the first thing that we need to point out.

Regardless of how unhappy or how fond you may be about your white glove movers NJ, you should write an honest moving review. If you find yourself in a situation thinking about whether you should make your moving review a bit darker or a bit lighter, make sure that you do not. Facts are facts. And when reviewing your moving company, you need to stick to them.

Include the technical details of your move when reviewing your moving company

Once you get started with reviewing your moving company, you need to let your readers know the details of the move.

The details include the following:

  • Date when the moving took place
  • The location
  • The type of move and
  • The relation (NJ to NYC for example)

According to this information, the people looking to move in the future will be able to decide how relevant the information you are sharing is going to be to them. Obviously, someone looking for help with an office move NJ will not be interested to know how a moving company performs residential moves.

How was customer service?

The next thing that should find a place on your moving review is your thoughts on customer service.

Given the fact that people book movers in New Jersey way in advance, they are going to get in touch with their moving company quite a few times. Therefore, the performance of customer service is one of the things that they will want to know about. So, before you finish with reviewing your moving company, make sure to include this type of information in it as well.

Were your movers on time?

Punctuality in the time of relocation is something that is very valuable. So, people would want to make sure that they are hiring a moving company that is going to be on time.

Reviewing your moving company is easy when you know what you what to write about
Know what information you are going to include in your moving review before you start writing it

When reviewing your moving company, let the readers know how punctual they were. Did they really arrive on time? If not, let us know how late they were and why.

How satisfied were you with your movers once your move ended?

In the end, it is important to include your verdict: were you happy with the performance of your movers or not? Would you hire them again if you were to move all over again?

This is the ultimate question that you should answer when reviewing your moving company. If you would hire a partner again then the reader should seriously consider hiring that moving company. However, in the case that you were not happy with the performance, let us know. In that case, we should probably keep looking elsewhere as well.


Reviewing your moving company is far from difficult. In fact, you should follow your common sense. Make sure to share the information that you would find useful when you were looking for the moving provider.

How to prepare for a relocation to Jersey City

Preparing for relocation to Jersey City is something that you should take very seriously. After all, this is a process that you can go through with the help from movers Elmwood Park NJ or all by yourself. Either way, you should do your part in making sure that you really know what it is that you need to do in order to prepare well for the moving day. Therefore, we are going to share with you some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when the time to move comes. After all, who’s gonna be holding your back if not the professional movers who have been in the business long enough to know every bit of secret that it holds. So, bear with us till the end and get ready for your relocation to Jersey City. Now, let’s get down to business.

a street in fall
Moving to Jersey City is going to make your life much slower than living in NY

Is relocation to Jersey City frowned upon?

There is an urban myth that we would like to bust right at the beginning. The myth says that people from New York and Manhattan, in particular, dislike Jersey and the people who live there. This is something that many of us have witnessed in some popular TV shows as well. movers Elmwood Park NJ is the first one that comes to mind. However, is this true?

Given the fact that living in New York City has become so expensive, it should come as no surprise that people are moving away. Simply, the wave of gentrification that began years ago is still not letting loose. Even today the costs of rent and the general costs of living in NYC are skyrocketing. So, consequently, there are many people leaving NYC and moving to neighboring cities. Jersey City is just one of them.

Therefore, given the fact that there are so many people leaving a place such as the Big Apple, you should not even care what your friends may think about your relocation to Jersey City. After all, this should be about you and your benefit, not their pride.

What you need to know about moving to Jersey City

Moving to Jersey City is similar to any other type of relocation. All that you need to do is to prepare well for the moving day. However, this is where the tricky part begins. You need to know what you need to do in order to prepare well. Therefore, today, we are going to take a look at what to pay attention to when planning a relocation to Jersey City. 

Following are the most important aspects of this process:

  • Plan well ahead of the move
  • Make sure to pack the right way
  • Invest in proficient moving materials
  • Hire one of the best moving companies NJ to help you relocate

Once you have read all of these, start with the first thing on the list.

Plan well ahead of the move

The first thing that all of the people looking to relocate should do is to plan well ahead of the move.

Moving is a lasting process that is going to require quite some time to complete. Therefore, we would suggest starting planning your residential move NJ as early as possible. In fact, you should focus on this task right from the moment when you decide that you are going to relocate. No matter whether the moving is due in one month or in six, you need to have it all planned out. The earlier you do this, the easier will your move be.

Making a plan is the best start of preparations for a relocation to Jersey City
Plan your move up to the tiniest bits

So, do not waste your time. Start planning as soon as you can and you are going to become a member of the group of people who had successful moving experiences. On the other side of the spectrum are the people who do not plan well. Their experience is far different.

Make sure to pack the right way

The next important part of your relocation is packing for moving to Jersey City. In fact, along with the planning, packing represents one of the most important aspects of any move. 

The thing about packing is the fact that you need to find out how to do it the right way. If you do not, you may spend a fortune, but you will not be doing everything that you can to make sure that your items are packed the correct way. Therefore, investigate as much as you can about this process. Spend time on learning the tricks for it is going to be worth it.

Invest in the right moving materials

Some might try and lead you onto the road of improvisation. This is the ground that you should not step upon. Improvisation is okay sometimes, but it is not the road that you would want to take when preparing for a relocation. Simply, relocation is the process in which you will want to make sure that you have done everything in your powers to make sure that your items are ready for using when you move in.

pack well when moving
Packing the right way is one of the most important things that you need to do in order to move successfully

Therefore, instead of improvising, invest in the right moving materials and be safe knowing that your items are going to arrive at their new address safe and sound.

Hire the right moving company to help you change the place of residence

Lastly, we would like to point out that you should consider hiring professional movers to help you with your relocation to Jersey City.

There are a few benefits to hiring professional movers. Some of them are the following:

  • This is the people who do this on a daily basis
  • They have the know-how and the tools needed to perform the move
  • They have the possession of moving materials virtually unlimited amounts of moving materials

Therefore, think about letting the professionals take care of your relocation.


Performing a relocation to Jersey City is something that you can do only if you plan well. Therefore, get down to business now.

Guide to relocating a man cave

Having your safe haven in one part of your home is one of the ultimate desires any man could have. The place of testosterone in which no women should come into unless they are carrying boxes of beer. This is the place where the pool, darts, video games, and musical instruments reside within your home. It is filled with many different amenities and quite often resembles a corner bar. Building a man cave requires time, effort, and funds to complete. However, when you decide to move away, what are you going to do to easily complete relocating a man cave? Some would say that you would need to obtain help from professional movers NJ. Others would suggest getting your friends to help you out. In the end, the ultimate decision on relocating a man cave is going to all yours. We’re here to make sure you do it easily. Continue reading “Guide to relocating a man cave”

How to prepare for moving to Closter NJ

Moving is a process that takes a long time to complete. Starting from day one, you need to be focused on what you are doing in regards to moving. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to see the relocation through in a reasonable time and at the conditions that you have set. So, it is important to prepare well. Now, this is easier said than done. Many people believe that making a decision to relocate is the pivotal point in their moving process. While this may be true, we need to point out that it is not the only one. In order to complete moving to Closter NJ, you need to prepare for it the right way. With the help from professional movers Closter NJ, you can do this. Still, whatever type of move you choose, you should make sure to prepare for moving to Closter NJ well.

USA flag
Moving interstate or within one state, you need to do your part in planning

Preparing for moving to Closter NJ

The key to a successful move lies in planning for success. Fail to plan at all and you will be preparing for failure. Therefore, in order to complete moving to Closter NJ with ease, you need to make sure to carry out the pre-move activities the right way. Today, we are going to share with you some key features that should find their place on your to-do list no matter whether you decide to get help from a professional library moving companies or you decide to carry out your relocation by yourself and with the help from your friends.

So, in order to make sure that you are moving to Closter NJ the easiest possible way, you should make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure to start planning on time
  • Obtain reliable professional moving help
  • Invest in professional packing materials
  • Take on administration head-first as early as possible

These do not sound that difficult, right? Let’s take a more in-depth look at them.

Start planning on time

The first thing that you should make sure to do is to start planning the residential relocation NJ on time.

Planning is one of the crucial aspects of any move. Those people who take planning a move easily usually need last-minute help from full service movers NJ. Obviously, once you realize that you are going to need last-minute help, you should also brace for a large moving bill is coming. Therefore, start planning on time and you will be able to save money while moving.

When is the right time to start planning your move?

The answer to this question is actually very straightforward. The moment you decide to move long distance to New Jersey is the best moment to start planning your moving process. This way, you are going to have enough time on your hands to carry out everything that you think you need to deal with before the moving day comes.

How do you plan well for moving to Closter NJ?

In order to plan well, you need to divide your planning process into segments. Each segment should have a designated implementation period. This is the time that you think you are going to need to complete the tasks you had decided to address at that time. Track your progress. In the case that you realize that you are falling behind schedule, address this issue right away.

Plan moving to Closter NJ well
Planning is one of the crucial points in the moving process

Obtain reliable moving help

The next thing that you will probably want to do is to obtain reliable moving help. Now, the main issue in regards to this part of the move is answering the question of how do you know whether a moving company is reliable or not.

There are different things that you should be keeping in mind when you are making your choice. The following are the most important characteristics that any moving company should meet:

  • Check the reputation of the particular mover with Better Busines Bureau
  • Make sure that you are hiring a moving company that is a member of AMSA
  • Check online reviews of your potential mover. These can reveal so much
  • Make sure to obtain at least three moving quotes. They should come free of any charge

The above-mentioned should be your alfa and omega when it comes to choosing your mover. Still, let’s share a few more words on the moving quotes.

The importance of moving quotes

It is according to the moving quotes that you are going to decide which moving company to hire. This is okay. Still, do not make one of the most common mistakes people make.

Too often people hire movers who offer the lowest price. Price is important. However, it should not be crucial to choosing a mover. Choose the one that is going to provide you with the widest variety of services. It is the most affordable one.

Invest in professional moving materials

Another important thing on your list should be buying professional moving materials. 

Moving materials are easy to come by. Still, some decide to improvise. You should not do this. Your belongings are what you are taking with you. They are the items that are dear to you hear and that you are keeping. Therefore, make sure to have them in one piece after completing interstate moving NJ. The best way to do this is to pack them professionally into professional moving materials.

Take on administration as soon as you can

pressure gauge
Deal with utility companies as soon as you can

The administration is something that you need to take on as early as possible. Utility companies and public administration are very inter systems. Therefore, you are going to want to let them know that you will be moving away. So, better do it early than late.


Easy moving to Closter NJ can be done. Still, you need to invest all of yourself into it. Follow our pieces of advice and you are going to be okay.

Moving from Hackensack to Englewood

Moving from Hackensack to Englewood is a process that can be completed easily only in the case that you make sure to pay attention to all of the details that a journey like this one brings. By journey, we do not mean physical travel. In fact, we are talking about deciding to move and conducting the process. To help you go through this process as easily as possible, we are going to try and help you find out what exactly you should be focusing your attention on when making a plan for moving from Hackensack to Englewood. The details are numerous. And we know that the devil is on the details. Therefore, in the case that you are thinking about embarking on such a journey, make sure to read what we have prepared for you. After all, choosing movers Hackensack NJ is not the only thing to focus on.

Moving is a process that requires you to pay attention to details

Why moving from Hackensack to Englewood is so peculiar

All moves have something peculiar to them. Moving from Hackensack to Englewood is no different.

In order to move easily, you should really take a moment to think about what the peculiarities of your move may be. For example, in the case that you might be moving with a large family, you might need more time to prepare. Alternatively, if you are moving by yourself, the moving preparations are probably going to last a shorter amount of time. Choosing movers Englewood NJ is just one of the things that you are going to have to deal with.

Ultimately, you should not take your move lightly. Every move is peculiar in a certain way. Take your time to think it through. Approach it with an open mind as possible. This way, you will be doing your best to move quickly and efficiently.

What to pay attention to when moving from Hackensack to Englewood

As we have pointed out already, there are no two identical moves. However, all moves have some characteristics in common. The following are the ones that you will be having to deal with in any case:

  • Plan up to the tiniest of details
  • Choose a reliable moving company NJ
  • Invest in moving materials
  • Deal with utility companies and public administration on time

There is quite some ground to cover. Therefore, let’s not waste any more time and cut to the chase right away.

Plan your moving from Hackensack to Englewood up to the tiniest of details

The first thing that you need to understand is that moving is a process that is going to last quite some time.

More often than not, it takes about six months to complete. Even though six months might sound a lot, the truth is that it is not so. In fact, if you do not start planning your trip right away, this period of time is surely not going to be sufficient to plan and execute a quality local move NJ. Therefore, it is necessary to take your move seriously right from the start.

We have not mentioned 6 months period by accident. It has been proven that this is the average amount of time that an average American family needs in order to plan and prepare a move. Therefore, we would always suggest starting planning your move exactly the day when you decide that you will be moving. Even while looking for the right place to move, you can take care of different moving assignments.


Therefore, waste no time. Start planning as soon as possible!

Choose a reliable moving company to help with moving from Hackensack to Englewood

The next thing that you should do is choose the moving company that is going to help you relocate.

This is one of the crucial steps in planning your trip. Make a quality choice and all that you would have to do would be to sit back and relax. Choose incorrectly and your move could turn into a real mess.

Still, the question that you are going to have to answer is how do you decide what moving company is the right one. Following are just some of the guidelines that you can use with this in mind:

  • Are they a member of AMSA?
  • Will they provide you with a free moving estimate? These have become a standard in the moving industry. So make sure to hire a moving company that is going to provide you with one.
  • Check their online reviews
  • Make sure to contact at least three moving companies. This is the minimum amount that is going to give you enough insight into the price that you have been quoted

Invest in moving materials

Moving from Hackensack to Englewood is a process in which you are going to need to protect your items the right way. In order to do this, you should make sure to obtain professional moving materials.

Moving from Hackensack to Englewood requires investment
Invest in moving materials and have all of your items delivered in one piece

You could choose to protect your items with everyday things that you have on hands such as blankets and newspapers. However, it may not turn out to be the best idea. An even better option to do this is by investing in professional moving materials. After all, this is what it all has been built for. There is no better way to make sure that your items survive the move in one piece.

Deal with utility companies and public administration on time

Lastly, you need to take utility companies and public administration seriously. After all, you will need to deal with them. In order to do it in the easiest way possible, do it on time. Pay all of them a visit at least a month ahead of the move. Let them know what you need and give them time to provide you with a solution. This is the only way to do it.


Moving from Hackensack to Englewood should not be complicated. All that you need to do in order to see it through is to pay attention to the above-mentioned details.


Things to do before moving to Oakland NJ

Moving is never an easy process, no matter where you are moving to at the moment. It goes without saying that local moves are somewhat easier than long-distance ones but, in general, they all require similar preparation. So, if you are moving to Oakland NJ, which is a beautiful area in New Jersey, you’ll have to do a number of things before the big day comes. For starters, you’ll have to hire movers Oakland NJ to help you through the process, and then you’ll have to take care of other, equally important tasks. Because when getting ready for relocation, every task is of crucial importance.

When moving to Oakland NJ, your first task should be to hire an appropriate moving company

What do we mean when we say appropriate? Well, depending on the type of your move, an appropriate moving company could mean a lot of things. You might be relocating your business and be in need of commercial movers. You could be moving a pool table in which case you would be looking for pool table movers. Then again, you might be in need of expert piano movers NJ based to help you transport your massive piano.

piano keyboard and sheet music over it
Need some help with your piano? Then you need to hire reputable professionals and spare no money.

To know what type of movers you need, you’ll need to assess your situation in detail. Be realistic about what your relocation entails, even if being realistic will set you back financially. Having a reputable moving company NJ by your side is priceless, and what they will do for you in the days to come will be worth every penny.

Bonus tip: make sure you hire your perfect moving company in time (preferably 2 months before your move). Only then will you be stress-free and will be able to calmly take care of other tasks that await before you relocating to Oakland NJ.

Lighten the load before your relocation to Oakland NJ

Do you have any acquaintances that have moved before? Or have you relocated at least once in your lifetime? Then you know how difficult and lengthy the process of packing can be. And you also know how overwhelmed you were when you realized how many items you owned. That’s the reason why long before the day of your move comes, we think you should take care of decluttering.

a stack of clothes to throw away before moving to Oakland NJ
You most likely have some clothes you could part ways with, right?

Make a decluttering plan and feel free to call in a couple of friends for help. And once you decide which items you can part ways with, why not organize a garage sale and earn a couple of dollars in the process? You sure could use them during a process as expensive as moving. Better yet, why not donate your surplus items? As long as they are in a good working conditions, they will be of great use to others.

Create a good packing plan 

As mentioned, whether you are moving to Oakland NJ from the neighboring city or a location that’s far away, you’ll still have to seal, tape, and pack up all of your belongings. Beware, because packing is no easy job! It actually takes a lot of logistics, planning, and precaution to successfully pack all of your belongings – assuming you haven’t paid for packing services NJ. In that case, you don’t have a thing to worry about!

When creating a packing plan of action, we always advise our customers they tackle one room at a time. You might feel the urge to start packing your items the moment you see them and just wing it like some would say. But that’s not the way to handle packing – at least not if you want it to be successful. Something we know people do is pack up their kitchens first and leave the bathrooms for the end. The former is the most difficult room in the house to pack, and the later one the easiest.

Once you create a plan, it would be good to organize a group that would consist of either your friends or family members. Or both. Packing is too big of a task for one person to handle on their own. Get them acquainted with the plan and distribute duties. This plan will work wonders when moving to Oakland NJ.

Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood

Moving to a new area and leaving the old one behind is never simple. Even if you really craved for a change for a long time, rest assured you are bound to experience some sort of melancholy and anxiety. Those negative feelings will be somewhat lessened if you familiarize yourself with the area. That’s why we suggest you make it your task to visit your new neighborhood a couple of times before your move. Take a walk in the area, get to see where the schools are, find out where the best coffee shops are, etc. It will be much easier to survive that first critical period after the move if you know that you are moving into a nice, lively place.

an aerial view of a neighborhood
A leisurely walk will be both relaxing and beneficial.

Throw a farewell party before relocating to Oakland NJ

Alas, no matter how independent you find yourself to be, we are sure you are bound to miss your friends and family. Especially if you are moving far away from them. But there’s no reason to be sad just yet! You still have enough time for one last hurray (for now, at least). By organizing a farewell party, you would get a chance to say goodbye to your loved ones. And reminisce about all the wonderful times you had together.

In the end, as much as you prepare for your move, some say you will never be truly ready until it happens. Just keep reminding yourself that you are moving to Oakland NJ for a good reason. Be it for a new job or because of a chance to be closer to your loved one, you probably made this decision fully aware that it was for the best. Now you just have to see it through.


Moving day emergencies to plan for

Careful planning of your moving process is the key to success. Obviously, all of us would like to have our moving plan prepared and executed immaculately. However, this is not possible all the time. More often than not, people have to deal with moving day emergencies regardless of whether they have hired professional local movers NJ or not. Simply, the moving process is very complicated. It consists of so many variables that it is almost impossible to carry it out entirely according to plan. Not planning for your moving process is not something that we are suggesting. That is the road to failure, that’s for sure. So, in order to make sure that you succeed in moving easily, you should make sure to prepare for the moving day emergencies that we are going to get you familiar with. Therefore, bear with us and get prepared for the unthinkable.

Emergency way out sign
Prepare for any kind of moving emergency in order to make sure that you know what to do in the case that it happens to you

How common are the moving day emergencies?

Moving day emergencies are probably more common than what you would expect. Obviously, they are not going to be of the same scale all of the time. The catastrophes are pretty rare. Emergencies, on the other hand, take place quite often. In order to make sure that they do not happen to you, you should make sure to plan your residential move NJ up to the tiniest bits. This is the only way to minimize the risk of having the whole moving process implode on you.

In order to prepare you for what may come, we are going to take a look at the following, most common, moving day emergencies:

  • You have not packed your belongings for the move
  • Movers not showing up
  • Jammed traffic
  • Bad weather conditions

Now, let’s take a look at why you should beware each of these.

Make sure to pack all of your belongings for the move in order to avoid one of the most common moving day emergencies

The first thing that we need to address today is the most basic one as well. In order to make sure that you avoid moving day emergencies, you should make sure that all of your items are packaged and ready to go once the moving day comes.

The packing dynamic that you are going to use is entirely up to you. However, we would like to point out that the best practices have shown that packing should be finished at least two days before the move. This is the only way to be certain that you have packed it all. Even if you have not, you will have enough time to finish up packing what’s left.

Now, in the case that you realize that you are not going to be able to finish up packing on time, you should get in touch with professional packers NJ. You should reach out for help as soon as you have understood that you are running out of time. Professional packers are quick about their business. Still, they are not out of this world. Therefore, seek help as soon as you realize that you are going to need it.

Movers not showing up

The next issue that could take you by surprise is movers not showing up. Now, this is something that can really represent a catastrophe. 

Jammed traffic
Jammed traffic is something that can happen. You will have to live with it

Obviously, once the movers have not arrived, you are going to have just a few options on your hand:

  • Postpone the move
  • Get in touch with emergency movers

Neither of these is going to be much fun. You will be pretty out of your mind should it happen for sure, especially in the case that you need piano movers NJ to relocate your favorite instrument. Still, you should not panic. You will always be able to find a moving company that would be able to accommodate your emergency needs. Obviously, the price of their services will be somewhat higher.

In order to make sure that your movers do show up, you need to be certain that you have contracted a reliable moving company. Check their online reviews, ask for referrals and do your due diligence. Only then will you be safe from scamming moving companies.

Jammed traffic

Traffic is something that you cannot influence. It may be good on your moving day or it can be bad. Not much you can do about it.

Still, in order to plan your office move NJ the right way, you should make sure to plan your moving route a few days before. The easiest way to do this is to consult Google Maps. Here, you will be able to see what the situation is like on the streets at the time when you are looking to move. Analyze the situation and choose the route accordingly.

Bad weather can spawn moving day emergencies

The last thing on the menu today is going to be the weather. Given the fact that you will be moving in New Jersey, you will not at least have to deal with possible tornados or hurricanes. Still, rain, snow or ice can influence your move in a very negative way.

Living in NJ, tornadoes are one of the Moving day emergencies that you do not have to worry about

In order not to have to deal with possible issues as such, you should make sure to move when the time is probably going to be fine. Summer and early fall are your best bets. Still, this is the moving season. Therefore, make sure to get in touch with the moving company well ahead of your desired moving date.


Moving day emergencies are something that is going to be a threat to your move. While they do happen, they are usually not catastrophic. Therefore, you should make sure to plan your move in advance. Do your best to prepare for the move. Ultimately, this is the only way to make sure that nothing interferes with your moving plans.

How to prepare for moving to Edgewater NJ

Welcome to Edgewater – a place overlooking the New York City and a place that’s filled with history. For starters, if you have made the decision to move to this beautiful area, know that we wholeheartedly support your decision. Secondly, know that Moving of America – NJ Movers is always here to help! Today, we’d like to help you prepare for moving to Edgewater NJ so you won’t have to lose your sleep over it. We’ll cover everything – from hiring movers Edgewater NJ to throwing a goodbye party, we’ll leave no room for error.

The first step is always the most important one – finding movers

Any relocation, no matter how far away in the future it may seem to be, calls for professional movers. When you sit down at your desk and start searching for moving companies, you will most likely be overwhelmed with choices. From military moving companies to piano movers and everything in between, the moving industry offers just about any specialized team you could ever need. But what do you need when moving to Edgewater?

A woman thinking how to prepare for moving to Edgewater NJ.
Don’t pace up and down thinking how you are supposed to survive this relocation. We got your back.

You need good and capable local movers ready to relocate all of your possessions from point A to point B. Such a company is:

  • Reputable and has many positive moving reviews.
  • Affordable and offers competitive prices.
  • Experienced and has been around for years.

Once you find such a company (or a couple of them,) the only thing you have to do is request a free moving estimate. If the price turns out to be right – great! Feel free to book your moving date as soon as possible. If the price is higher than what you can afford, just keep looking. The perfect moving company for you is just around the corner.

Prepare for moving to Edgewater NJ by purging your home

Any relocation is a good occasion for some good old spring cleaning. But this time, we are not referring to the process of scrubbing every surface in your home until it’s sparkly clean. We are thinking more among the lines of throwing away some items you no longer need. Anything that is ragged, worn-down or shabby doesn’t belong in your new home. And everything that no longer fits doesn’t belong in your closet. That’s why we here at Moving of America – NJ Movers always advise our customers to clean their home before moving in order to get rid of the excess items.

Besides, there’s one more good thing about purging your belongings before moving to Edgewater – the price of your move is more likely to be cheaper. Some movers charge based on the weight of the cargo that is being transported, which means you’ll pay a lower price when transporting fewer items.

A blackboard with the words chaos and order written on it.
Get rid of chaos and bring some order into your life by decluttering before moving.

Get familiar with the area in order to prepare for moving to Edgewater NJ

Any time you are moving to a new location, you are basically changing everything you’ve known up until that point. You are not only switching to a bigger or smaller home – but you are also changing your surroundings. That’s why you should learn as much as you can about Edgewater before moving to it. Our suggestion? Visit your potential new neighborhood on a couple of occasions before signing the lease. Nothing will help you get an idea of what your new life will be like better than visiting the neighborhood.

Make no mistake – loving the neighborhood and the people in it is as important as loving the house itself. You can always spruce up your home and change the things you don’t like, but you won’t be able to do the same with your neighbors. So, before you can actually prepare for moving to Edgewater NJ, you’ll have to make sure the neighborhood is just right.

Start packing your belongings at least a month before your move

Packing seems like simple enough task sometimes. All you have to do is put up your items in boxes, tape them and you are good to go. Right? Wrong! There is a lot of work to be put into packing up just one box – let alone dozens of them. Not only do you have to prepare your items for packing by wrapping them in protective packaging, but you also have to pad the boxes from the inside if they will carry fragile items, and label them. And then you are supposed to repeat the process for every moving box. Do you now understand why it won’t be possible to do it over the weekend? So, unless you decide to pay for packing and unpacking services NJ, you will have to get to work on time.

An open planner.
When is the right time to start packing? As soon as possible!

We can’t tell you what’s the right and wrong way to pack when moving to Edgewater. But we can give you some insight into what our customers usually do. Start by packing items you don’t often use and pack those items you use on a daily basis last. Usually, the kitchen should be the last one to pack and the first one to unpack. It’s a room of the house that every household member will need on a daily basis, so it should be your top priority.

Are you ready to move to Edgewater? Then go out with a bang!

Saying goodbye to your loved ones should be a mandatory part of any relocation. It’s a chance to reminisce about the good old days and get excited about the future. Plus, it will probably give you the strength you need to emotionally survive the upcoming period, so a goodbye party is always the best idea. Besides, we believe that out of all the things you had to do to prepare for moving to Edgewater NJ, this one will give you the most pleasure. And to throw a goodbye party is easy! All you have to do is invite your friends and family, order some good food and provide refreshments. That’s all you need for a good time!

Tips for storing books long-term

Paper is a very interesting piece of material. It allows us to convey even the deepest thoughts that we may have without judging them. Sometimes it feels as if you are talking to a friend, while there is no one there. Only you and ink. Safeguarding your thoughts and going back to them, later on, is something that can be very precious. No matter what place you may be at the moment of writing, reminiscing on them after a while can be a sort of a revelation. It’s thanks to the magic of paper that we can thank all of those writers of the old. Thanks to the books we get an insight into what the world used to be like, but so much more too. Some books can even have special meaning to us as people. So, what should we do for properly storing books long-term? Let’s see.

Make sure to introduce shelves to your storage unit

Storing books long-term: what to pay attention to

In order to make sure that our paper-friends will be around us for years to come, we need to find out what are the best tips for storing books long-term. After all, no matter how magnificent paper may be, it is still one of the most fragile pieces of material out there.

Therefore, in the case that you do not have enough space in your home for them, you should firstly get in touch with professional moving and storage NJ companies. Ask them whether they have space in which your precious books will be safely kept. Once on phone with them, ask them to elaborate in more details on the following subjects:

  • Ask them about the availability of air conditioning in their storage units
  • Find out whether there is enough space for shelves to be placed inside
  • Get to know their history on pests

Lastly, make sure that you invest in the following:

  • Plastic containers or wraps
  • Clean them regularly

Sounds simple? It does because it is, just ask professional college movers!

Availability of air conditioning in storage units

No matter where you may be storing your items, at home or in a storage unit, you should make sure to be storing your books long-term in air-conditioned space.

Paper is a great material for making books since it is very thin but can be easily be printed on. However, it also very easily soaks in every drop of water. Surely you can imagine the result.

Alternatively, should you keep it in a too dry atmosphere, it can become even more fragile. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your professional storage services NJ can actually provide you with an air-conditioned unit for your books. In the end, storing them in an unsafe environment can be regarded as a sort of a crime. After all, it would be better to donate them to a library than let them wither away.

Image of books held on a palm
There is only one correct way to store your books

Is there space for shelves inside the storage units that you are thinking about renting?

The next question should provide you with an answer to the question of whether there are shelves inside storage units. If the answer is negative, you should find out whether you can introduce some. Too small a unit will not allow you to properly store your books. Therefore, you will receive no benefit from it.

You need to know that there is only one proper way of storing books long-term: in an upright position and with the book spine facing toward the reader. Additionally, make sure to keep the jacket on on all of your books. If some come without it, you might as well buy plastic see-through ones. Do whatever you need to do in order to protect your books.

Get to know the pest history of the storage provider

Mice and other pests are a real threat to your books. Therefore, you should make sure to rent a storage unit in which you will not have to deal with this kind of issues.

So, in order to make sure that there are no pests to deal with, firstly, ask the property owner whether they have or may have had some before. Depending on their answer, decide whether you are going to rent that business storage unit or not. Also, feel free to take a glance at the corners. If there are mice traps or poison around, the storage space may be fighting pest infection as you speak.

Invest in plastic containers or wraps

One of the things that you should buy is plastic sealable containers or plastic book jackets. 

Sealable containers are the best protection for the books that you are not going to be needing soon. Feel free to place your company documents inside them. That is, after all, what document storage is for. Plus, they will allow you to use some space on the ground for storage.

Clean your storage regularly when storing books long-term

Fight dust when storing books long-term
Dust is one of the book enemies that you need to fight

Dust is another enemy that you will need to fight. How? Well, there is no other way to do it than by cleaning regularly. Therefore, make sure to have enough time for maintenance of your storage unit. At least once a month you should be making sure that everything inside is clean and in order. 


If you are thinking about storing books long-term, you need to do it the right way. Luckily, it is not a difficult thing to complete. All that you need to do is to follow the pieces of advice that we gave you above. You are all set with them.


Tips to avoid bad housing in NJ

Choosing the right house is a great concern to everyone who’s planning to move. It is not just the budget or location that cause the issue but also the quality of the property. If a person lacks adequate experience and knowledge, he could easily oversee the problems and have a hard time to avoid bad housing in NJ. So, if moving to New Jersey is your next step, we strongly suggest you take everything into consideration before you make a final decision. To make it easier for you, we’ve decided to give you a hand and prepare you better for the upcoming home search.

a couple holding a picture of a house
Choose wisely among properties to find the best house for yourself

Take the problem of bad housing seriously

It seems that the fast pace of living has affected our ability to evaluate the true state of affairs. Nobody pays attention to our environment and the condition in which we and our children live.  However, whether you have your own family or not, it should be your priority to avoid bad housing in NJ. Since you’re planning to move to a new home, make sure to choose a property which will enable you healthy living. Poor housing conditions are not something to ignore, for it can cause serious health issues. At least.

Have a good real estate agent

Half of the job is done with a trustworthy real estate agent. An agent who has a good amount of experience will help you find a property that will suit your needs and meet your expectations. Therefore, in order to avoid the problems with poor housing, make sure you spend a bit time searching for a real estate agent who can truly fulfill your requirements. Ask for a recommendation from your friend or family or simply search online and review the comments left by previous clients.

Consider your budget

Probably one of the biggest mistakes many people make when house hunting is neglecting the limits of their budget. If you go beyond the budget you have determined your risk seriously falling under budget which can lead to a new set of problems. All of us wish we had just a little bit more money to spend. But, if we don’t listen to reason, that might cause so many issues in the future. So, before you contact some of moving companies Bergen County NJ, you must be absolutely sure about the exact range of your budget and swear not to cross it.

a bank note
The budget is important to help you avoid bad housing in NJ

On the other hand, even if something is extremely expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the embodiment of quality. Hence, sometimes you don’t even need to spend a fortune in order to find something that will suit you just right.

Pay a visit to the bank before purchasing a house

One of the ways to protect your financial interests and avoid budget issues is by setting an appointment at the bank. Your banking advisor will present you the conditions as well as a borrowing limit. This is determined according to your being capable of repaying the loan.

Don’t rush with the decision in order to avoid bad housing in NJ

The whole area of New Jersey has an abundance of beautiful and appealing neighborhoods that simply call you to settle it. But that doesn’t mean that you should choose the first house you see. On the other hand, it might turn out that that house is actually the best pick. However, in order to be absolutely sure, you will need to check out more and make a comparison. Set your priorities, and see what each property offers. Shortlist only those that satisfy your criteria. The point is, even if you are time-limited you shouldn’t rush your decision. House hunting is a serious venture and you need to think in the long run before you begin collecting all packing supplies that you’ll need when moving.

Avoid bad housing by reading the contract

The rule of the world of real estate says that unless you read all items of a contract, don’t sign it. You need to be completely aware of each and every detail in that contract. After all, only like that will you protect your interests. Moreover, you will know what are your rights and obligations as well as what to expect. Of course, if you cooperate with honest agents, chances that you will experience something negative are low. On the other hand, better safe than sorry. Therefore, make sure you studied the contract well before you put your signature on it. Once that’s done it means that you can contact residential movers NJ, to begin with moving preparations. All is done much easier when you have every step resolved.

signing a contract
Read each item carefully

Inspect the property thoroughly

Every person with at least little experience will tell you that no arrangements should be made unless a buyer is completely satisfied with the offer. Once again we go back to the fact that it is very important to know what is that exactly what you are looking for. If you are thinking about buying a completely furnished house, or at least partially furnished, you must be aware that you might not always find a house that’s been furnished and decorated by the latest trends. Therefore, don’t have high expectations all at once.

Here’s the list of things to pay attention to in order to avoid bad housing in NJ:

  • Check for any leaks inside the house
  • See if the roof needs any repairing 
  • Broken or damaged window frames 
  • Check the condition of the floors 

While you are in your inspection mission, do not hesitate to ask any question that concerns you. It is your right, as a buyer, to know any particulars about the property. The real estate agent will need to share the requested information with you. Moreover, if you are buying a house, it is very important to inspect its outside area. This includes the lawn, parking lot, outdoor entry, etc.

And as you can see, buying a property is not an easy task. There are so many things to consider and do to avoid bad housing in NJ. But, with proper guidance, not even this task is impossible.


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