Tips for moving with pet birds

Residential moves are the first type of relocations that professional movers got their hands on before the industry started growing. Also, this is one of the most common ways that businesses enter the market. Companies start by taking care of the small relocations. Residential moves can be some of the smallest and the simplest. Relocating a family is far different from conducting a commercial move. While there are more people being affected by the move when corporate relocations take place, family moves are always more personal. The main difference between various family moves represents the sheer fact that families come in various shapes and sizes. Some may consist of parents and three kids. Other times, grandparents are members of the family too. Very often pets need relocating as well. Therefore, today we are going to take a look at the best practices in regards to moving with pet birds.

Image of a bird
Think of the health of your pet bird when planning the move

The most important aspects of moving with pet birds

Birds are wonderful living creatures. They bring joy to our lives on a daily basis. Regardless of whether they are singing birds or they may only be those pesty things that like landing on our heads threatening to leave their leftovers in our hair, they are still difficult not to love. Therefore, given the fact that they are living creatures with their needs, habits and personalities, we should make sure to make our moving with pet birds as easy on them as possible. 

Therefore, today, we are going to take a look at the most important aspects of moving with pet birds. We are going to share with you what all long distance movers NJ know – how to properly carry out moving with pet birds. However, before we share all the pesky details with you, let us take an overview of what you need to keep in mind when you start planning for your moving with feathery friends:

  • Choose the right type of transport for the move
  • Visit a vet before leaving for relocation and find a new one in your destination before arriving there
  • Make sure that the bird is comfortable
  • Keep your bird in a quiet room during packing and unpacking in order to keep its stress level as low as possible

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Choose the right type of transportation for the move

Given the fact that you will be moving away, you need to decide the means that you are going to use in order to transport your items, pets and reach your new home. This is an important thing to do when moving with pet birds.

First of all, stress can have a very strong influence on birds. Obviously, we are talking about the negative effects. So much so, that some may even lose their lives due to stress-provoked heart attacks. This is a real threat that you need to address when preparing for moving with pet birds with movers Franklin Lakes NJ. One of the important things to do is to choose the right kind of transportation.

Choose the right type of transportation for moving with pet birds
Moving by road could be your best bet for moving with birds

Depending on where you are moving to, you are going to have to choose between transporting your birds by road or by air. Which is the best one to choose? Well, it depends on many factors such as the distance and the bird itself. Still, you should make sure to use the means of transport that is going to have the least effects on the bird. Transport by road is probably going to be your safest bet. 

Visit a vet before embarking on the journey and find a new one in your new neighborhood

Next, it is important to make sure that your bird is healthy enough for travel. How do you do this? You ask your vet.

Before your full service movers arrive, you should take your bird to the vet. Let him know that you are moving away and that the bird is coming with you. He will check on the bird and let you know if you can go ahead with the move. Otherwise, he may suggest leaving it with him or someone else for the duration of the move. Then, after the dust has settled, you could come back for it.

Also, it is important to find a new vet before leaving your old home. This way, should you become concerned for the well-being of the bird, you will be able to have it checked in moment’s notice.

Make sure that the bird is comfortable during the move

As we have pointed out already, birds can feel very stressed during renovations. Therefore, it is important to make sure that it is placed safely inside the moving truck.

You should make sure to keep birdcage leveled. It should not swing or threaten to slide. The more secure you can make it, the better.

Keep your bird in a quiet place while packing and unpacking

In order to keep your bird as calm as possible, you should try to keep it away from the source of the noise. If this means moving it into a different room, so be it.

Make sure to find a secure place for your birdcage in the moving truck

Just like us, birds like their peace. They have spent their lives in a peculiar atmosphere. Should anything disturb it, they can start feeling nervous and anxious. Obviously, this is one more source of stress for them. And stress is exactly what both interstate moving companies and the owners alike look to avoid putting their pets through. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your birds feel as little stress during the move, you are going to make sure to keep them in a quiet place both during packing and unpacking.

Moving with pet birds – the conclusion

Moving with pet birds is a process that requires a great deal of attention to detail. However, with some research and professional help, you will be on top of things. Therefore, prepare well and keep up the good work.

How to organize an overnight relocation

Everyone who’s ever had to move will tell you that moving preparations are challenging. It consists of many stages and careful planning is a must. But what if you are not in a situation to spend more time planning and you need to organize overnight relocation? Then things become even more complicated. However, you don’t need to panic if you are in the same situation. You can always look for last minute movers NJ to give you a hand and make it easier for you to organize an overnight relocation. This text will further help you out by giving you some practical pieces of advice on how to prepare better.

Start with moving preparations as soon as possible

When it comes to organizing last minute moving, you should know one thing – There is no time to lose. And that is something you will need to bear in mind all the time. You see, by constantly having this thought on your mind you will most likely make yourself work hard all the time. And time is limited. If you wish to organize an overnight relocation the best way possible, you will need to use every minute in a smart way. On the other hand, you will also need to be careful with packing and moving your items especially if you are planning storing glass and fine china.

a stop watch
Deadline is short, so begin as soon as possible

Try not to panic when preparing for the relocation

We know that you have little time to process the current situation. However, panic is not really the best way to help yourself. So, try to take a deep breath and clear your mind. Don’t let the fear paralyze you because the more time you lose this way, the less will it remain to do things that matter. If you panic, then you will definitely have a hard time determining the next step. It will also be difficult for you to discern important tasks from those that don’t matter much. That is why you will need to remain calm and take control of the situation.

Checklist saves the day

You’ve probably heard many times before that people who are good with time management have a special time and to-do planner. Ever considered having one? Now is the chance. If you have a problem to arrange your tasks maybe this trick will do. Just write down the main tasks. Make a list of priorities and stick to it. As you are getting done with each task, you can cross them off. That shall give you a good clue how well you’re progressing. Simply put, with something like this it will be practically impossible to forget about some of the tasks.

a planner
Enlist the most important tasks and stick to the plan

Begin with sorting your things to organize an overnight relocation

No matter if you’re moving to a nearby Garfield NJ, or long distance, every relocation consists of this task. Sorting items and packing them is never an easy job. It is time-consuming, and since you don’t have that much time, you’ll need to speed up. Movers Garfield NJ can definitely offer you their best services to help you more. With their professional approach, you will do all the tasks twice as fast. With their professional approach and necessary experience, sorting your clothes and other items won’t seem like a great problem.

Pack only what you really need

Old clothes
Give away clothes you don’t need anymore

Again, you will need to think a little bit in advance. This means that as you begin with decluttering the first closet, you will need to think about the content in others as well. Now it’s the time to be smart and pack smartly. And as much as it’s difficult to say goodbye to some of your old garments, you will simply need to. Easy packing is your goal. Just think about it. The fewer clothes and other things you decide to pack the less time will it take you to actually get over with it. Besides, packing clothes for moving is one of the most time-consuming moving-related tasks. Think about the following:

  • Donate your clothes. If you’ve had something for a long time and you haven’t worn it since forever, then perhaps it could serve someone else better. If it is in good condition ask around if there’s a person or a charity where you can donate everything you don’t need anymore.
  • Throw away things that are in poor condition. If something is damaged or broken, then there is no need to still keep them, let alone pack them with you. It is much better to get rid of things that only occupy the spot inside moving boxes.

Once you decide about items to pack, use professional packing services in order to save yourself some time.

Prepare an overnight bag

Since you are moving in a hurry, you will need to fill in the essentials bag quickly. Make sure to have everything you need for a couple of days until you unpack completely. So, this bag should contain toiletries, some clothes, and medicines, as well as the most important documents. This is actually something you will certainly need no matter under which circumstances you’re moving.

However, don’t worry if the bag is not neatly packed. This is less important at this moment. What is important when you organize an overnight relocation is that you remember every item that is essential for the next period. So, just put it inside and worry about sorting later.

a suitcase
Pack the essentials bag

Organize people to clean the house aftermath

Even though you need to organize an overnight relocation, you still need to pay attention to what state will you leave the house. When the last box is being sealed and taken out, there will probably be some mess. Well, we recommend you to hire some cleaners to help you arrange and clean the space before the arrival of the new tenants. This will surely leave a good impression.

And there you go, moving out in a hurry is definitely not the easiest thing to do. But, with some of these tips, you can manage it just right. Just forget about procrastination and focus on what is important.

Tips for protecting storage against rodents

Renting and using storage units has become very popular nowadays. And for a good reason. The spectrum of their utility is so wide that the increase in demand for available storage units does not surprise. And while the numbers are impressive, those who rent these units need to be extra careful how to maintain them. One of the most important things is protecting storage against rodents. These can really make a lot of damage to everything you’ve stored inside especially if you’re moving some special items, such as antiques. If that’s so, then choosing antique movers to secure the package might not be a bad idea.

Understand the problem rodents can cause inside storage

As soon as you understand how many problems can arise from the appearance of rodents in a storage unit, the sooner you’ll be able to begin with the necessary preparations. Do not be one of those who will neglect this fact. That can cost you stuff you put in storage. And since we are talking about animals such as a mouse, rats, squirrels, etc., you need to know that they are very much able to find their way inside the unit.

a sign which says important
It is important to be aware of possible issues

Along with the previous information, bear in mind that these little rodents multiply very fast. This means more trouble for you unless you take precautionary measures of protecting storage against rodents.

Big health issue

Once rodents are inside the storage, they will start nibbling anything that comes their way. That includes furniture, anything made of plastic or cardboard. Also, your electronics and beddings are in danger. So, once again, if you own some antique pieces, you will need to protect those antiques in storage. Besides the damage they make, they are also a threat to our health. The problem multiplies as the number of rodents in a storage unit rise. They easily spread bacteria through their droppings which results in diseases such as salmonella.

Begin by examining the space

Just like with anything else you would buy, or rent, it is necessary to inspect a storage unit before you sign the contract. During your inspection, you need to make sure that the unit is clean and in good condition. Look for any visible sign of rodents such as droppings, gnaw marks on some leftover packing container. The most obvious sign is finding their nest.

searching thoroughly
Examining storage unit

Therefore, before you hire top-rate local movers NJ, you begin with bringing items in your storage, and you saw some of these signs, you can either decide to leave that storage, and look for another one, or you can do your best and use some of the tricks for protecting storage against rodents.

Clean your storage thoroughly

No matter how good of a condition the previous renter left the premises, it is absolutely necessary to do it before the arrival of your items. You can do this in an agreement with the owner of the unit. He/she can give you access to the unit in advance so that you can get everything ready.

Protecting storage against rodents is possible with smart packing

One of the things that will be of great help is diligent packing. Failing to pack items the right way is actually one of the top storage mistakes. Your items must be protected inside packages. Seal them tightly and the rodents won’t be able to breach through. Therefore, we suggest you invest in some of the following:

  • Heavy plastic containers. While lightweight plastic is a feast to them, heavy plastic is much more difficult to damage.
  • Metal boxes. When it comes to these kinds of boxes, rest assured that all of your delicate items will be absolutely safe inside them. No matter how sharp their teeth are, they are not sharp enough for boxes like this.
  • Peppermint oil, pepper or cayenne pepper and cloves are some of the smells mice and other rodents hate. Take some cotton balls and soak them in oils from any of these and place them in spots rodents could most likely come through.
  • Humane trap. With this trap, you will catch a rodent. However, you will need to let it go otherwise it will die in a day or two.

Avoid packing food

When you decide to start searching for an adequate storage unit, you will probably hear some pieces of advice along the way. For instance, what to pack and how. And, food is most probably on the number one spot of things you should not pack! Food is also on the list of things you shouldn’t bring when moving. Basically, most food is perishable and as such can cause a lot of mess. Decaying food is what attracts rodents the most. So, if you can, do avoid bringing food inside storage. If, on the other hand, you need to, then think about using some of the above-mentioned hard plastic or metal boxes.

mice eating corn
Food attracts rodents

Secure furniture

Protecting storage against rodents also stands with furniture. Wooden furniture is also a ‘’welcome treat’’ to all rodents. It is one of the favorite things for them to bite and chew. Hence, do protect your furniture the best you can. Wrap them in plastic as much as possible.

Keep everything in order

Finally, let us remind you that protecting storage against rodents is easier if your storage unit is tidy. This means that you will make the order within it. That new layout will enable you to spot any unwelcomed guests and deal with them timely. If you leave boxes here and there, you will make a lot of mess, and won’t be able to notice some changes, such as the breaching of the rodents inside.

Tips for storing glass and fine china

If there is something that could be classified as the most difficult kind of items to pack and transport when relocating, or when preparing for storage, that would be fragile items such as glass, fine china, etc. These things are easily breakable if not being handled properly. But there is a way for storing glass and fine china in storage facilities NJ and not put them at risk. If uncertain how then read this article to learn more about it. Hopefully, they will bring the matter closer to you and you will have fewer problems handling this task. Continue reading “Tips for storing glass and fine china”

Advantages of moving to suburban neighborhoods

Ten years ago, cities focused on revitalizing the central regions and increasing their viability. This made a lot of sense, given that the young millennials had few family responsibilities and wanted to be closer to the city center. Construction of apartments in the city center worked for cities during the recession, because the increase in housing options required a small investment in infrastructure. In addition, more people rented than bought because loans were harder to obtain. And this reduced moving to suburban neighborhoods.

But in the last few years, the suburbs have been revived. Even millennials are now moving to suburban neighborhoods – and they affect future development outside of cities. The renewed interest in the suburbs is mainly due to the fact that the millennials are getting older and creating families. But there are many reasons why more and more people hire moving companies Bergen County NJ and move to the suburbs.

Here are nine benefits of moving to suburban neighborhoods that encourage people to return there

1. More space

New Home Source notes that the popularity of the suburbs is growing because they offer more space for distribution. The closer you get to the center of the city, the smaller the size of the dwelling is. This can be doable for individual professionals or couples, but for families, this can be a problem.

Man and woman walking the dog
Dog owners and car enthusiasts also believe that life in the city center has limitations

2. Best price per square foot

As homes become less accessible in urban centers, people are moving to suburban neighborhoods. Although houses are bigger, they are often cheaper in the suburbs. For example, in August 2018, the average price of a single-family home was around $295,000. When you want to get the most out of your house for your money, the suburb is the place to hunt the house.

3. Less crowded area

When moving to New Jersey, it’s hard not to be in the center of the crowd. But when moving to suburban neighborhoods, it is possible. Of course, you may have to travel a little further when you live in the suburbs, but this is the only time that you have to deal with the crowds of the city. A suburb almost always has fewer people per square mile, which means less congestion. For example, in 2017 in Hackensack, the population density was 10,563 people per square mile. That same year, Upper Montclair had 4,561 people per square mile. One of the key areas in which less population density is a big deal is in schools. In the suburbs, as a rule, the ratio of students and teachers is better.

4. A better general school system

One of the main advantages of living in suburbs for families is the school system. Although charter schools are beginning to change the landscape everywhere, suburbs, as a rule, have schools with higher ratings. In New Jersey, this is certainly the case when suburban school districts, such as Millburn and Princeton, are among the highest rated in the state.

 5. More privacy

Due to fewer people and wider, open spaces, suburbs can offer people more privacy than city life. This is especially true when comparing suburban home with a downtown apartment.

House in suburb
After moving to suburban neighborhoods, you will surely have much more privacy

6. Convenience is closer than ever in suburban areas

This is just one of the ways in which millennial migration to the suburbs changes development. As the suburban population grew and changed, so did the choice of amenities. Design movement “New urbanism” brings more diversity and opportunities for suburban residents, from green markets to entertainment.

And all these amenities are closer than ever. Many new communities are designed to be suitable for walking. Today, even in the suburbs, mixed spaces begin to develop. More and more suburbs are starting to feel like small cities without a higher price.

7. More nature to enjoy

Although in some cities, such as Jersey City and Newark, there is a lot of green space, that is not always the case in every big city. However, more greenery and nature exist in the suburbs. For outdoor enthusiasts, the best NJ suburbs offer much more nature, trails, and parks. Many communities even have their own hiking and cycling routes for local residents.

8. Safety

A few years ago many people were moving to suburban neighborhoods mainly due to security concerns. Cities are safer today than decades ago, but in most of them, the crime rate is still higher than in the suburbs. It is also more common to see gated communities in the suburbs.

Police car
For many people, safety is a major concern, especially for those who have children

9. More voice in local government and community development

To be fair, no matter where you live, you can always somehow participate in the local community. However, in a small suburban community, it is much easier to be heard and assume a role in the local government, your children’s schools, etc., because there are fewer people with whom you have to fight.

10. Enjoy the quality of life

When you live in the suburbs, you are close enough to get to the city for work and cultural events, but you can also use shops, restaurants, medical services, and emergency services right in your own society. If you are in the center of the city or are surrounded by farms or rolling hills, which you most want, you may find that the suburbs are too big a compromise. But if you are looking for a taste of both worlds, the suburb is probably for you.

Reasons to relocate your business to NJ

How well has your home state been treating your business? Have you received any incentives when you needed them? Also, how easy or difficult is it for you to find well educated young people to fill the needs of your company? There is one state that can answer these and many more questions. Bear with us and find out the reasons to relocate your business to NJ. By the time you are done reading this article, hopefully, you will start seriously thinking about how and when you could start with your move. After all, the aim of this article is to get you familiar with the business culture in New Jersey. It is our goal to get you involved with our wonderful state. We wish the best for our fellow citizens. Also, we are confident that they and the state of NJ have a lot to offer in return.

New Jersey has what every employer needs – highly educated workforce

This is entirely sure. One of the perks of being the business owner in New Jersey is the pool of well trained young professionals eager to jump-start their careers. This provides you as an employer with a variety of options to choose from.

One of the reasons to relocate your business to NJ should be a large pool of highly educated young professionals looking for work
New Jersey offers a well-educated workforce that is eager to get their career going as quickly as possible

On the other hand, people in New Jersey are very competitive. We are hungry for success and do not take no for an answer. We understand that our future is in our hands. So, we work hard in order to be able to play hard today and in the future. Therefore, we are certain that you will find plenty of reasons to relocate your business to NJ.

Reasons to relocate your business to NJ rather than to New York City

New Jersey has been competitive for a long time. Sometimes people fail to acknowledge the quality of life in New Jersey and the quality of its workforce. After all, being located so close to Manhattan has its perks, but negatives as well.

Trains station
New Jersey is well-connected to the neighboring states and nationally as well

One of the negatives in this context is the fact that people tend to disregard New Jersey as a potential new home due to the simple fact that they expect that educated people look for work in NYC. What they fail to remember is that NYC has become very expensive to live in. Therefore, many citizens of New Jersey have to commute to NYC and Manhattan on a daily basis. Don’t you think that they would much rather stay in Jersey and have more time for themselves and their families? It is up to you to provide this to them.  It is up to them to provide you with a quality worker. This should be a symbiosis. It is up to your workers to get in touch with the best moving companies NJ.

The transportation network is one of the reasons to relocate your business to NJ

One of the most common reasons to relocate your business to NJ has been very good transportation connections the city offers.

Firstly, Newark International Airport offers nonstop flights to 130 countries today. Furthermore, in case that you will need to internationally ship your items by boat, seaports in New Jersey are at your service. For national shipping, it is important to know that New Jersey has very good railroad connections to NYC, Washington D.C., Boston and the rest of the country. Even shipping you items Westwards by train is pretty simple. If you prefer shipping by truck, you should take just one look at the map in order to realize how many highways run through our state.

Save by moving to New Jersey

Another one on our list of reasons to move your business to NJ is to save money. Everyone likes to pay less for the good quality of service. Usually, this is not to be expected, but NJ is different, just like long distance moving is different from local moves.

Image of a container ship
In the case that you might need to ship your products across the sea, New Jersey offers great deals

In case that you are thinking about moving to this region, let us point out the following: New Jersey and NYC may offer the same types of services. The difference between them? Pricing. NYC is much more expensive in every sense. Most notably, the costs of living in NJ are far lower than the same costs in NYC. Furthermore, rents of office space in NJ are consequently far lower as well. This enables you to offer better, or the same conditions, to your new associates as you would in Manhattan. You will end up with well-educated workforce eager to stay in NJ and have time for themselves while you would be saving money on communal services and office space. Everybody knows that a well-compensated and happy worker is the best worker you will ever get. Therefore, invest in people and save on stuff. That is the recipe for success.

Look for help to move your business to New Jersey

Let’s take a look at what kind of help you can expect when you find enough reasons to move your business to NJ:

  • Movers Bergen County NJ are at your disposal to help you move.
  • Partnership for Action will be at your disposal to assist with getting the most of New Jersey but can be also very helpful prior to the move itself.
  • The New Jersey Economic Development Authority is very helpful to mitigate possible financial issues a company moving to New Jersey might have.

Finding enough reasons to relocate your business to NJ is up to you. All that we can tell you is that once you do, you will never look back again.

How to pack liquids for moving?

“How am I supposed to get that bulky couch through the door and into the truck? It sure appeared less colossal back then. And, the kitchen, where does one even start? Are my plants going to make it?” These are all legitimate questions once you realize you’re way behind your packing schedule and the panic starts setting in. To ease your disquiet, here are some good news; as monumental as these tasks may appear (and they truly are), the vast majority of your worldly possessions will make it to your new destination, no matter how clumsily or inadequately you pack them. A few bumps here and there on the road can’t do them much harm. But, here’s the unexpected part  – if you are considering taking liquids with you, it might be the most elaborate and time-consuming thing you’re bound to experience during packing season. To ensure a successful (and SAFE!) transportation, here’s a guide on how to pack liquids for moving purposes.

Knowledge is power

Once you find your trusted moving company and opt for their moving services, you should expect to be provided with a “non-allowables” list. It should make the liquid packing process easier on you, as you’ll know exactly what’s prohibited and what’s not. The sooner you get acquainted with the “hazardous items” list, the sooner you’ll know if it’s worth all the padding and snuggling trouble.

red stoplight
Know your “non-allowables” before packing.

Before you pack liquids for moving

As you go through the list, you will find some items to be rightfully recognized as such, while some may leave you in a state of utmost perplexity. “Nail polish? Fertilizer? Seriously?” Seriously. Fertilizer has been known to cause absolute mayhem, due to ammonium nitrate. If you can make a bomb out of something, don’t pack it. Explosive, flammable, corrosive – if the item you’re holding is any of the three – we advise against packing it. Let’s take a look at some examples from this little, black book:

  • Any kind of paint or paint thinners
  • Lighter fluid
  • Aerosols –deodorant, hairsprays
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Oxygen
  • Automotive chemicals
  • Astringents (also mouthwash)
  • Nail polish/removers
  • Pesticides
  • Fuels (any kind, really)
  • Bleach
  • Poisons (can’t argue with that)
  • Pool chemicals
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Fire extinguishers
  • If you plan on using an airline to get to your new home address, you should be aware of liquid regulations when it comes to packing.

Now, how does one pack liquids for moving? (the benevolent kind)

Whether it’s commercial moving you’re undertaking or a residential one, you’re in for some serious supply preparation.

Cardboard is not your friend

Although cheaper and eco-friendly, cardboard boxes are something you’d want to use for other packing purposes, since the material itself is not liquid-proof. If you don’t pack your liquids right, it’s going to be a pool party on wheels, and your precious furniture is attending.

when you are to pack liquids for moving, do not use cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes are unable to obtain liquid, if spilled.

Plastic bins are your friends

Plastic is sturdy, that’s why we like it. (today, at least) Not only it gets everything to stay in its place (if packed properly), but it’s also transparent, so you don’t have to physically open the box and double check for signs any signs of leakage. You just need to take a glimpse before loading it into the truck. All good!

Tape Tape Tape

It goes without saying, factory sealed containers are a big yes (if not explosive, flammable or corrosive), as it prevents potential leaks. But! If you are sentimentally attached to your body lotion, or you just want to take that expensive, but half full bourbon bottle with you, there is a way. Simply remove the cap of your beloved container and put some aluminum foil (a plastic wrap would also do), and put the cap back on. Now tape all over that top to seal it.

Ziploc it!

After making sure your liquids are staying put, transfer the containers into a Ziploc bag, but be sure to leave them in the upright position. Close the bag.

Snuggle time

To ensure your liquid valuables’ survival, get some towels or any other cloth-like material (paper would work too, but we can’t call it pampering then), and make sure the bags are nicely cocooned in the plastic bin. Put the lid on, press firmly, check, check again, and you’re done.

What to keep in mind when you pack liquids for moving

Why is it important? By securing your liquids properly, you are not only protecting your other belongings from any possible damage. Moving companies often work with multiple clients, meaning –  other people’s belongings could also be on that same truck. Be a good sport, you’d want others to do the same. (If you’re packing yourself a wine crate, it is highly recommended to place buffers between each bottle.)

What to hold on to?

While moving companies can guarantee for moving your antique furniture, fragile belongings – basically anything that could be compensated for, they are somewhat reluctant when it comes to transporting personal, irreplaceable items such as:

  1. Laptops
  2. Videotapes/CDs
  3. Keys
  4. Cash
  5. Medical documentation
  6. Financial documents
  7. Jewelry
  8. Business files
  9. Photographs
  10. anything of sentimental value, really (or work related). You should pack those with you. Also to bear in mind, food is a big no-no when it comes to moving regulations, especially if your relocation is a long-distance one. (as it may attract pests)
All your personal documentation and “sentimental value” items should go with you.

Finally, be rational when you pack liquids for moving

Yes, we all possess decade-old perfume bottles with just a quarter of an inch of that special nostalgia scent, and the mere thought of departing with memories can bring tears to our eyes. But, if you decide on bringing everything that ever reminded you of anything, you’ll be needing two trucks, and ultimately, two houses. So. Declutter. Clean out your attic, donate, throw things away. Use what you can before your moving date, walk with a perfume cloud around you. Don’t buy new things, unless absolutely necessary.

Be rational, pack your liquids safely, and enjoy the ride.

Best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters

Living in NYC definitely, have its advantages. But with the years, it is becoming really hard to live in heart of NYC. It is getting very crowded and besides that, you always get stuck in traffic. It can be subway, or a cab, or your car or even an uber- there is a great chance that you will need a lot of time to get from one point to other. That can be the main reason why people are choosing to live in suburbs. There are a lot of good NJ suburbs for NYC commuters and when you calculate the time, it is almost the same amount that you spend in NYC traveling.

Why are NJ suburbs for NYC commuters better?

Well, there are multiple answers to this question. When you choose to live in a suburb you are getting a much bigger home for the same amount of money. What you paid for one bedroom apartment, here you will get at least a two bedroom apartment. Cost of living is also better, and you always have options. In suburbs, you will find small, unique stores. Restaurants, bars – everything is much cozier. And generally, suburbs are much safer.

big home in suburbs as a result of moving to NJ suburbs for NYC commuters
In Suburbs you can get much bigger home for less money

How to pick a perfect suburb?

Well, it depends on your needs. Do you have kids, are you moving alone or with parents and similar. You should take all of those factors in your decision. Also, one thing you should also think about – should you hire a moving company? Well, it will be much easier. They will finish the whole process really fast, and you will lower your stress level. Moving of America – NJ Movers has a lot to offer, different services and you will be able to find a package that suits your needs. 

One of the positive sides of moving to the suburbs and commuting is that you will have a chance to meet new people. Also, you should think about the simple factor of the size of your new home. You will be able to decorate it, or maybe have that library that you always wanted. So the main factor should be the price and time. How much time are you willing to spend commuting? Think about that very hard!

Port Chester

This is a small city that attracts people under 35. It is considered to be one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters. You can reach Grand Central in under one hour using Metro North. When you think about it- it sounds attractive. You will be living in a huge house, and getting to NYC really fast. Port Chester is a small town, but it has a very diverse restaurant scene. So, if you ever thought about starting your own business maybe here you can actually make your dream come true. While you are on the train, you will have plenty of time and space to think about all your ideas.

Train station at evening with train passing by
While you are on the train, you can get a lot of things done


Well, here you will save even more time and money. If you decide to live here, you will be able to reach Hoboken in 25 minutes via train. There you can connect to PATH trains and get to the Manhattan. Here you will feel like you are in jersey. The community is very diverse and the city will always have your back. It has a lot of old-school dining places, but also sushi. If you travel often, it is good to know that  Newark Liberty International Airport is just 15 minutes away via car.

Long Beach

We are sure that you never thought about Long Beach as one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters. You visited Long Beach and you enjoyed your time there. You had that little thought about living there, but you just forgot about it. More and more people are making this their permanent residence. The reason is simple – you will spend less than an hour commuting. Long Island Rail Road will get you to the Penn station in under an hour. It sounds tempting – you will live near a beach and enjoy all of the benefits and still work in NYC.

beach in sunset with people as one of NJ suburbs for NYC commuters
Besides vacation, Long Beach can be a great place to live!

Also, this could be a great opportunity for you. You could expand your business here since it much cheaper than NYC and you will get a lot of visitors. If you need help, you can always get commercial moving assistance from the reputable moving company. This is just an idea but think about it. But remember, you can reach NYC really easy.


Stamford is the option for those who would like to get some of the best perks of suburbs. But in reality, they are not ready to totally give in to suburb life. So, there are many reasons why this place is considered to be one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters, and main is time. You will get to the Grand central in under an hour via Metro North Train. This suburb is different than the others. For example – it has its own symphony.

Millennials like to live here, they don’t need their car but they still can maintain a certain lifestyle. There are a lot of galleries and special events. But the main thing that attracts young people is a fact that there is over 80 restaurants and bars here. Also, it is worth mentioning that some of the major companies have their headquarters here. So, Stamford is definitely different but it is still a great suburb to commute. It is hard to decide a neighborhood to move to, but it can be great for you.

a girl thinking about moving
It is hard to decide, but living in the suburbs can really benefit you


If you are ready to commute and you love history, Tarrytown is a town for you. You have two options here – you can take Metro North Train and get to the Central Grand in about 40 minutes. The other option, that makes this a great NJ suburban city for commuting is a bus. Tappan Zee Bridge is near Tarrytown and you can catch a bus and get to Manhattan fairly fast. Here, you will be able to enjoy a great view of the Hudson River. Besides that, you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities a lot. There are a lot of trails that you can enjoy.

Short-distance relocation tips & tricks

Most of the advice moving companies give focuses on handling long distance moving across NJ and beyond state borders. However, there are those that choose to relocate down the street or two blocks away from their home. And although each relocation is unique and hard, surely there is a difference in handling a short-distance relocation and a long-distance. So, today we focus on the aspect of short-distance moves and ways to make them easier on yourself and your loved ones. Continue reading “Short-distance relocation tips & tricks”

Moving to Englewood NJ – how to prepare

Are you planning a relocation to Englewood but are not quite sure where to start? No worries, Moving of America is here to help you prepare in the best manner possible. With relocation, whether it’s local or long distance, everything comes down to preparation and good planning. Once you have a well-thought-out plan, moving to Englewood NJ becomes all the much simpler. So, here are some guidelines that you might need to ensure that your Englewood relocation is a smashing success.

Church in Englewood NJ
Moving to Englewood NJ requires patience and organization – learn what you need to do.

Consider hiring professionals to help you settle in Englewood NJ

The challenge that moving presents can be tough on most people, experienced or not. With so many things to do and remember, there is plenty of potentials for mistakes to be made. And when you are moving to Englewood NJ with your family and all your belongings, errors are not something you want. In fact, they are the last thing you might need. So, why not turn to experienced Bergen County movers instead?

After all, with the help of trained moving experts, you need not trouble yourself about every single detail. Instead, you can give yourself a break and take care of other things while others do the heavy lifting. This is just a suggestion to keep in mind. However, if you still plan on moving to Englewood on your own, we will be more than happy to offer you some sound advice.

How to prepare for moving to Englewood NJ trouble-free

When you decide to relocate on your own, there is some research that you should conduct. The best places to start would be tips from professional moving companies NJ. However, to help you shorten that research, here are some basic steps to help prepare you for the move.

Step #1 – prepare a budget for the move to Englewood NJ

Model of a house on a calculator.
Take the time to prepare your moving budget.

Whether you do it by yourself or by hiring others, moving doesn’t come cheap. So, you will need to have a prepared budget for when the moving day arrives. Calculate how much money you might need and consider the best ways to gather money for this endeavor:

  • Consult with friends and co-workers about their potential relocation in the past and how much it cost them.
  • Do an inventory of the belongings you currently possess and estimate their overall value before moving to Englewood NJ.
  • Consider whether or not to insure any of it in case of damages during transport.
  • Also, don’t forget to calculate moving truck rental expenses and travel costs for you and your family.

Once you have all the information, compare the final cost with a quote from expert Englewood movers. Check and see which pays out more and then make the decision on how to proceed. Another useful tip would be to create a custom checklist to help you keep track of the moving process.

Step #1 – declutter your home for extra cash and reduction of expenses

As the years go by, we tend to hoard belonging that we somehow never remember to throw out. So, moving to Englewood NJ gives you the perfect chance to “lighten your load”. Have a look around and check what it that you no longer have any use for. Put it all on one pile and set it aside. Once you have everything that only takes up space at this moment, consider one of the following options:

  • Yard sale
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Gifting

Of course, if there are certain items that you have an emotional attachment to but don’t have room for them in your new Englewood home, consider the option of storage units in NJ. For a slight fee, you can get to keep your prized possessions safe and sound without a mess in your new home.

Another thing to consider here is replacing some old possessions when packing for moving to Englewood. After all, why drag that 10-year old couch with you and pay extra for it when you can buy a new one for the same cost.

Step #2 – acquire packaging supplies and materials

Time to get down to packing what’s left of your valuables. But before you do this, you will need the proper supplies for it all. There are plenty of ways to get ahold of cardboard boxes and protective wrapping.

  1. On the one hand, you can purchase top-quality packing material and be all set. It costs a bit more but it leaves you with less to worry about. This is especially important for the transportation process.
  2. The other hand carries a cheaper solution with a bit more effort. This is the option where you go about town to find and secure free cardboard boxes. You can also improvise with old blankets and towels. With this method, you can save up a lot of money on moving to Englewood and spend more on exploring Englewood.

Self-relocation is a long and demanding process, so make sure that you learn how to properly pack and secure your valuables or hire expert packing services NJ.

Step #3 – equip yourself for moving to Englewood NJ

Now that you have a budget to work with, a lighter load of belongings to transport and the packing supplies you need, time to get to transportation. This is the part where you can do one of two things – either rent a moving truck in New Jersey or rent a self-moving pod/container. Whereas the moving truck might be more practical in terms of time-management and space, the self-moving container offers affordability and guarantee.

Three different-sized moving trucks - pick the right one for moving to Englewood NJ.
You need the right trucks and equipment if your moving to Englewood NJ is going to be a success.

And finally, make sure that you have the tool that you need to load and unload everything. Even if you have a friend to help you out, there is still the matter of potential injury due to heavy lifting. Research where you can rent out furniture dollies, lifting straps, moving pads etc.

Moving to Englewood NJ can be as simple as this

So, there you have it. A short insight into everything you need in order to prepare for your relocation. The only thing left to do is find out more about the city of Englewood NJ and to start planning your post-move activities.


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