Finding storage in Paramus NJ on a budget

To have enough space in your home for all of your belongings is an amazing situation to be in. However, not all of us are lucky to live in a home so spacious that we don’t have to think about how many items we have. So, the presumption is that the vast majority of the world’s population could, at a certain point, reach the maximum if their storage capabilities in their homes. Obviously, not that many will be in this position. However, what should those who are relocating to with the help of Paramus moving NJ companies do? They should consider finding storage in Paramus NJ. The budget that the people will have for their storage units is going to differ. This, however, should not prevent you from renting one. All that you should make sure to do is to commit to finding storage in Paramus NJ on a budget. Continue reading “Finding storage in Paramus NJ on a budget”

How to prepare for a relocation to Jersey City

Preparing for relocation to Jersey City is something that you should take very seriously. After all, this is a process that you can go through with the help from movers Elmwood Park NJ or all by yourself. Either way, you should do your part in making sure that you really know what it is that you need to do in order to prepare well for the moving day. Therefore, we are going to share with you some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when the time to move comes. After all, who’s gonna be holding your back if not the professional movers who have been in the business long enough to know every bit of secret that it holds. So, bear with us till the end and get ready for your relocation to Jersey City. Now, let’s get down to business. Continue reading “How to prepare for a relocation to Jersey City”

The advantages of plastic storage bins

Storing items both for an extended period of time or a shorter one is an activity that you need to make sure you prepare well for. This means that you should write down all of the pros and cons of storing items and to find out the best practices to do it. Given the fact that you are obviously looking for the right storage facilities NJ, you should do your homework. Find out what moving and storage companies offer, their general prices and their reputation. Then, go and start preparing for storing items the right way. One of the things to watch out for is the moving supplies. This is what you are going to be using in order to keep your items stored safely. To make the most of them, make sure to find out what are the advantages of plastic storage bins. We’ll help you with that. Continue reading “The advantages of plastic storage bins”

Guide to relocating a man cave

Having your safe haven in one part of your home is one of the ultimate desires any man could have. The place of testosterone in which no women should come into unless they are carrying boxes of beer. This is the place where the pool, darts, video games, and musical instruments reside within your home. It is filled with many different amenities and quite often resembles a corner bar. Building a man cave requires time, effort, and funds to complete. However, when you decide to move away, what are you going to do to easily complete relocating a man cave? Some would say that you would need to obtain help from professional movers NJ. Others would suggest getting your friends to help you out. In the end, the ultimate decision on relocating a man cave is going to all yours. We’re here to make sure you do it easily. Continue reading “Guide to relocating a man cave”

DIY moving – smart decision or mistake

There are three things you can be certain about when you’re moving: it’s stressful, it’s expensive and it’s not easy. Some of those things are easier to rectify than others. What many people try to do is plan, organize and execute the move themselves to save money, for example. But that will almost certainly make the process both more stressful and even harder than usual. So is DIY moving worth it? Can it be a good solution to some of your problems? Or is it a cardinal mistake that you will most assuredly regret? Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of moving by yourself vs hiring professional movers NJ to handle your relocation. That should help make your mind up on what to do! Continue reading “DIY moving – smart decision or mistake”

Moving from Hackensack to Englewood

Moving from Hackensack to Englewood is a process that can be completed easily only in the case that you make sure to pay attention to all of the details that a journey like this one brings. By journey, we do not mean physical travel. In fact, we are talking about deciding to move and conducting the process. To help you go through this process as easily as possible, we are going to try and help you find out what exactly you should be focusing your attention on when making a plan for moving from Hackensack to Englewood. The details are numerous. And we know that the devil is on the details. Therefore, in the case that you are thinking about embarking on such a journey, make sure to read what we have prepared for you. After all, choosing movers Hackensack NJ is not the only thing to focus on. Continue reading “Moving from Hackensack to Englewood”

Common storage mistakes people tend to make

Storage units are a big industry nowadays. However, you may wonder: why do you need to store things besides professional moving services NJ in the first place? Ideally, you don’t want to be surrounded by piles of stuff you don’t need or use on a daily basis. And for many homeowners like you, keeping your belongings in a secure storage unit as you move can be an ideal investment to streamline the entire process. This is where hiring a moving company that offers a storage service for things during the relocation is a smart investment. But – what are the common storage mistakes people tend to make? Let’s see. Continue reading “Common storage mistakes people tend to make”

Benefits of portable storage containers

Living in a home where you can enjoy your life to the fullest is one of the goals to have. Moving around and changing homes has never been easier than nowadays. However, relocation is not always the right answer to the circumstances. For example, imagine if you were an amateur art collector. Obviously, in this case, you’d have plenty of artwork and collectibles in your possession. At a certain point, the number of items that you have might prove to be too much. In this case, you would need to find a more suitable place to store them. One of your options would be to hire fine art movers NJ to help you move along with your collectibles. Alternatively, you may decide to remain living in your current home. In this case, you should think about the benefits of portable storage containers. They can be the solution to your problems.

One of the Benefits of portable storage containers is that they come to you
Mobile storage containers can be delivered to any address

The main benefits of portable storage containers

As you can imagine, the benefits of portable storage containers can be plentiful. What you may not expect is that both businesses and consumers can benefit from portable moving containers. However, you need to know what to look for. In order to help you realize how great portable storage containers can be, we have decided to share some of the most important information on the subject.

Hopefully, by the time you have read this article, you will be swapping the urge to call movers Tenafly NJ with the desire to find out the right way to make the most of the opportunity to rent a portable moving container. Therefore, bear with us to find out how, perhaps, you could make sure of something like this.

The main benefits of portable storage containers include:

  • Affordability
  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Waterproofing
  • Accessibility

You should know that this is not the end. There are far many of them but simply will not have time to address them all. Therefore, let’s cut to the chase and find out as much as we can about the benefits listed above.

Affordability as one of the most important benefits of portable storage containers

The first thing that we need to talk about is the affordability of storage containers.

Portable storage containers represent one of the cheapest ways to store your items. Given the fact that by renting storage containers, you will not be renting the land on which they reside, but the containers will be delivered to you, the price of the storage units drops. How cheap are they going to be will depend on you and your cargo? Obviously, it is the size of the moving container that you will be paying for.

In order to find out how much you may need to pay in order to experience the benefits of portable storage containers, you should make sure to check out our free moving estimator. All that you need is just one click in order to find out how affordable your storage can be.

So, stop wasting your time. Call your preferred movers and let them know the details. They will then make sure that you receive your detailed cost estimation within the shortest timeframe possible.


The next thing that we need to talk about is the security of portable storage containers.

Many locks on a bridge
You do not need this many locks if you have the right one

Obviously, no matter what you might need to store in your portable storage container, you will want to make sure that they are safe from burglars. The fact that a container may be portable does not mean much. it is the structure that you should make sure is safe.

The good news is that portable storage containers are made from very thick steel. Furthermore, all of the containers owned by Moving of America are equipped with a security lock that is not that easy to open without a key. Take all of this information into account and you will understand that one of the benefits of portable storage containers is that they are almost impenetrable. Therefore, in the case that security might have been your main concern, no need to worry anymore. Instead, make sure to rent one now!


As the name says, portable containers are mobile. This means that you can put them exactly where you would like to have them. In the case that you might have a large parking lot in your possession, a lawn or a back yard, you can allocate them exactly there. 

Also, in the case that your belongings are heavy, you would not have to pack and load them two times. Movers can deliver a storage container to your doorstep. Then, you can load them with help from professional packers and unpackers NJ. Ultimately, a truck can take them anywhere you would like them to go. Easy peasy. 

The real mobile containers are waterproof

Having a makeshift storage unit in New Jersey installed in your backyard is a great way to protect your items from different weather conditions. 

Portable moving containers are waterproof

However, very few producers can guarantee that the unit installed is going to remail waterproof throughout the year regardless of the strength of the storm. On the other hand, we are safe to say that mobile containers are not going to be leaking any water in. Therefore, we have just uncovered another one of the benefits of portable storage containers.

Benefits of portable storage containers – should you invest in one?

The question above is not one that we can answer. Since it is going to be you who is going to be investing money in storage containers, you should be the one to do his or her nest to recognize the benefits of portable storage containers. All that we can say is that you are not going to be sorry if you do decide to invest in one. 

Items you shouldn’t store long-term

Whether you plan to relocate or remodel your home, there is a great chance you’ll need to use storage units. Most people have actually used storage facilities NJ at some point in their lives. This means that you are most likely aware of the fact that you can store your items either short-term or long-term. There are things to be careful about, though. For instance, there are some items that are unsuitable for long-term storage. So if you plan to put some of your belongings away for a longer period of time, you might want to take a look at our list of items you shouldn’t store long-term.

storage facility
Storage units come in handy while moving or remodeling your home.

Why do people use long-term storage?

Before we get into the details of long-term storage dos and don’ts – let’s talk about why people use it in the first place. It’s easy to imagine the great necessity for storage facilities that occurs before, during and after a relocation process. More often than not, right after contacting your local movers NJ, you need to think about a place to safely store your belongings. The reasons are numerous. Your old home might be bigger than your new home. This immediately creates a lack of space for some of your furniture.

Also, you might not be able to find a suitable place for some of your items in your new home. Perhaps you just don’t want to have them around anymore. The list of reasons goes on. The main thing is that people often need a place to store their belongings for an indefinite amount of time. Be careful, though. Not everything you have lying around is suitable for long-term storage.

Reasons there are items you shouldn’t store long-term

There are some items you shouldn’t store long-term that are just common sense. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to store away any perishable food long term. Most of the edible products would simply spoil in a matter of days, even inside climate-controlled storage facilities. So, before you hire packing services NJ to pack your household for relocation, set aside the specific belongings you wish to store long term and then go through our list.

  • Appliances should be avoided when planning to store your belongings long-term. We all know that household appliances can get easily damaged or broken if they aren’t used regularly, so perhaps it’s best to keep an eye on them, rather than leaving them in a storage unit.
  • Toys are some of the items you shouldn’t store long-term. Unless they are perfectly packed and protected, dust or moisture can ruin your stuffed toys. If you need to store them away, make sure it’s only for a short while.
  • Leather products shouldn’t be on your long-term storage list. These get easily ruined by extreme temperatures. You don’t want your favorite leather jacket smelling musty, do you?
a camera and some photographs
Your old photos and photo albums should definitely not be stored long-term.

Try not to store your wooden furniture long-term

If you think about it long and hard, it just makes no sense to store wooden furniture for a long time. Wood is highly susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures, moisture and other detrimental effects of long-term storage. Of course, you could consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. This would prevent some of the adverse factors to cause damage to your wooden furniture. However, it might be best to avoid storing it long-term altogether.

You old albums and photographs

Some of the things that should definitely not be stored long-term are your photographs and photo albums. Precious and priceless memories are something you should generally not store to a place you are unable to have daily access to. Additionally, photographs can get damaged quite easily. And you can never replace them, so be careful. Try to find a safe place for them in your home, as they do not normally take up a lot of space. Try to think of a creative way to keep them away from storage units and storage facilities.

Important documents should be kept away from long-term storage

There are certain parts of our household that can get damaged or deteriorate if you store them for a longer period of time. Others, however, are simply too important to be stored away. We’ve already mentioned priceless memories, but let’s not forget about important documents. It is just common sense, if you think about it closely. Your documents are things that you must always keep at hand. Furthermore, you shouldn’t take any risks. There are, of course, documents storage areas, but unless you find 100% reliable storage services providers, you’d better not take any chances. Keep your documents in a safe or in a drawer at home. Storage units are not a secure place for important papers.

A contract
Unless you know a reliable documents storage provider, keep your important pieces of paper at home or in a safe – not in long-term storage areas.

In the end, there are indeed endless benefits, as well as possibilities when it comes to long-term storage. It is more than useful to be able to keep your belongings in a secure storage unit for an indefinite amount of time. You can use this option to declutter your home or to keep your extra items safely stored after relocating. The options are numerous. However, as you can see, there are things you should be careful about when storing your possessions. There are simply those items you shouldn’t store long-term. Just keep this in mind when preparing to put away pieces of your household (or your office) and you should be fine.

Sharing storage with friends – good or bad?

When you are moving, there is a possibility that you actually might need a storage unit. And it is very common to hear that friends are sharing a storage unit and in that way saving money. But, sharing storage with friends – is it a really good idea? You can easily find local storage and ask for a price. And, since you are moving and you need a storage unit fast you can easily decide to share it with friends. But, that can easily become a nightmare. So, before you decide that – you need to think about all the reasons why is that good idea, but also why is it a bad idea. We will do our best to give you reasons for both, so you can easily decide in the end.

Sharing storage with friends can be tricky

Well, as you probably know – all of us go through different periods in our life. And although in one point it might seem like you will be friends forever, in the next – you can easily get into an argument. And having to share something serious as a storage unit can be very tricky. It can become a big obstacle for your friendship if you don’t create an agreement before you decide to sign the lease for a storage unit. Besides that, you need to be sure that you have the same goal before renting a storage unit.

Rubik cube that represent how hard it can be Sharing storage with friends
It can be pretty tricky and hard to get all the people to agree on the same thing

Someone needs to be in charge

When you decide to share a storage unit with friends – someone needs to be in charge. Although, the best option when you decide to sign the lease is to get everyone to sign it. That way – if anything happens everyone will share the same responsibility. With all those names on the lease you will avoid all possible issues, and all fo you will have the same rights all the time.

person singing a lease
The best thing is to get everyone to sign the lease

As we mentioned, there is always a possibility that you can get into an argument with your friend. And if your name is not on the lease – it can cause you a lot of problems down the road. Sharing storage with friends will save you a lot of money, but if you don’t start it on the right foot it can cause you a lot of problems. For example, certain items need to be in a climate-controlled storage unit, but what if your friends change their mind after some time? You will get stuck with all those belongings. But if you all sign the lease – you will be much safer.

How to determine what type of storage you need?

Well, this is something that you need to clear with your friends. All of you need to sit down and create a list of all the items you plan on storing. If you have some specialty items you will probably need help from movers Fort Lee NJ. They simply have the experience of how to relocate different sorts of belongings, and also they can advise you what is the type of the storage unit you need. You might need a simple storage unit, but you might need a climate-controlled storage unit. Clarify with your friends do you need a storage unit that has video surveillance or not. Those are all small details, but you need to make sure that you are on the same page. 

Paying the bills for a shared unit

When you rent a storage unit by yourself- you are the one in charge when it will be paid. But when you are sharing storage with friends – you need to determine how all of you will be paying for this. Normally, you should agree that everyone is paying the same portion of the total rent for one month. But, also you need to make sure and talk about what happens if someone can’t afford to pay it anymore? Of course, you will pay for a month or two, but what happens if your friends can’t afford it any more? You need to consider this when you are deciding should you share a storage unit with friends. This is a very important aspect and makes sure to talk it through.

calculator and bills
You need to share the bill equally among all of you

What is a good side of sharing storage with friends?

Well, one thing that comes to your mind is that you will save a lot of money this way. You will still get a good storage unit, but you won’t be paying the full price. That simply means that you can get a better storage unit. You can also take all the precaution steps from keeping the storage from getting the mold to getting some quality shelves and boxes for your storage units. And of course, one of the good sides is the fact that you will have the option to keep more belongings than you originally planned when you started the relocation process.

What are the bad sides of sharing a storage unit with friends?

Well, as we mentioned before – and we don’t say this will happen – what happens if you get into an argument with your friends? What happens with your belongings if that happens? You simply need to consider all the options before you decide to rent the storage unit together. The ideal scenario is that you never get into an argument and you use the storage unit together for years. But what happens if that is not the case? You need to take that into consideration.

Also, one of the bad sides is that your friend needs a regular storage unit and you need a climate-controlled one. It changes the price, and your friends might not be okay with it. For example, you hired fine art movers NJ to help you relocate4 your art into storage, and naturally, you need a good and quality storage unit – while on the other hand, your friend needs only a basic one? How you will reach an agreement in this case? Talk about that with your friends

Make the decision in peace

The most important thing when making a decision like this one is to take your time. Talk with your friends, and make sure that you are all on the same page and that you need and want the same type of storage unit. Also, do not forget to place all the names on the lease. Take your time, and choose what is best for you and your friendship.



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