Reasons why people move today

Have you ever thought about relocating? If you have, can you remember the reason why you decided to think about it at all? Surely there is more to it than just a change of scenery. When people think about contacting residential movers NJ and start thinking about planning a move, they often need to decide whether the possible move is worth the risk. There are many things that can make us think about relocating. Still, we like knowing that our reasons for moving are similar to other people’s. After all, we really do not like making mistakes. So, once you start daydreaming about moving away, you will be interested to know the reasons why people move. This is what we are going to take a look at today. By the time you have read this article, you will get a better picture of the common reasons to move away. Continue reading “Reasons why people move today”

Guide to finding a home in a different state

Moving to another state is a big change. You’ll need to get used to a whole new culture, find out all the new and specific rules and regulations, learn how to do your taxes again and so much more. But before all that, you’ll first need to find a good moving company NJ and handle the whole process of relocation. And even before that, you’ll have to deal with the challenge of finding a home in a different state. People often forget that this is where the relocation really starts – with real estate. So how do you make sure this part of the process goes right? Well, luckily for you, we’ve put together this handy guide! Follow our tips and you’ll find the right out-of-state home in no time.

The difficulties of finding a home in a different state

If you’re on active duty, you’re probably no stranger to military moving companies helping you relocate to another state. But for most people, moving to another state is not that common. Many of us are, therefore, woefully unprepared for the difficulties that interstate moving comes with. So let’s take a quick look at what you’re facing when finding a home in a different state:

  • real estate prices could be much higher depending on where you’re moving
  • property taxes may not work in your favor either
  • not living in the state means you’ll be less familiar with the best housing options
  • you most likely won’t be able to attend as many open houses as you normally would
  • you’ll have to rely on others to find and inspect properties for you
A woman sitting at a desk helping someone with finding a home in a different state.
You can’t do it alone – rely on professionals to help you find your new home!

Tips for finding a home in a different state

Of course, none of that means you should give up! There’s a reason interstate movers NJ have so much work: despite the obstacles, people still move to other states all the time. So how do you become one of those who overcome those obstacles and buy the perfect home in another state?

Do your research (and a lot of it)

Whenever you are moving to a new place, it’s important to learn as much as you can about it beforehand. With long distance moving, this is even more important because the differences between your old and new homes will be bigger. So start doing your research as soon as you decide to move! And while it’s important to find out as much as you can about everything possible, when it comes to finding a home in a different state there are two things to focus on: the cost of living and different neighborhoods.

Look into the cost of living

The cost of living in your new home state is incredibly important to know. It will inform many of your budgeting decisions during the move. One of those will be how much you spend on a home. Let’s say, for example, that you’re moving for work. Your new job will be paying you much more than the current one. But does that translate to more financial freedom for you? Or do the costs of living cancel out your new raise? You should know this before jumping the gun and buying a home that’s more expensive than you can really afford!

Learn about the different neighborhoods

When you’ve lived somewhere long enough, you know what each neighborhood is good and bad for. But when you’re moving to another state, you need to learn that all over again. So research your new home town online! Which neighborhoods are the cheapest? Which are the best for families or pets or young professionals? And most importantly, which would suit your lifestyle best? That’s where you should be looking for a new home!

Consider mortgage pre-approval

Before you make any offers on homes, you have to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Not only will this give you a pretty good idea of how much you can spend on a house, but it will also make any offers you make more serious!

Bank notes and coins.
Ask your bank for a mortgage pre-approval.

Get professional help with finding a home in a different state

There’s no question about it: when you’re looking to buy a home in a different state, you have to have some help. And who better to rely on than professionals?

Reliable local agents and national coverage agencies

When looking for real estate agents, you should be very picky. After all, this is the person you will trust to find your new home! So what should you look for?

  1. Only use reputable real estate agencies to avoid scammers.
  2. Find local agents who know the area well to make up for your own lack of expertise.
  3. Choose an agency that operates nationally to make interstate home buying easier.
  4. If possible, find an agent who specializes in relocation (CRS or CRP designation).
  5. Make sure the agent you’re working with is someone you click with and someone who understands your vision.
  6. Not sure about a property your agent is suggesting? Ask friends or family in the area to check out the home for you or contact another real estate agent for their input. Don’t be afraid of asking for a second opinion!

Attend all the open houses you can to find your dream home

Suggestions from real estate agents, tips from locals and online ads are great for finding a home in a different state. But they only get you so far. Some things you will only really know if you visit the home in person. So try to attend all the open houses you can. You could take a few days off work and schedule a short holiday in your new home town. Coordinate with your real estate agent so they can also schedule as many visits as possible during the time you’re there.

Aerial view of a neighborhood.
Visit as many potential homes as possible.

Do the closing remotely, but try to make the inspection in person

In a similar vein, you should try to make the inspection in person if at all possible. This is your opportunity to really get the details on your new home and even learn how to care for it best. So you should definitely not miss it. The closing, on the other hand, you can totally do without being physically present if you’re too busy with packing for the move or something else and can’t make it. Signing paperwork remotely is no big deal these days!

Remember your priorities: don’t settle when finding a home in a different state, but be flexible!

An important thing to remember when dealing with finding a home in a different state are priorities. You are looking for a place where you and your family are going to be spending the majority of your time for the foreseeable future. So you definitely should not settle for a place you can’t see yourself in. But it’s just as important not to expect to find a home that’s tailor-made exactly for you unless you’re going to make it yourself. So ask yourself: what can you absolutely not live without? What must your new home have in order for you to consider it? Keep those things in mind when looking and learn to let go of the minor details that aren’t as important. This will go a long way to easing the process of finding your new home.

How to maintain a cross-country relationship

Everyone knows that maintaining a serious relationship requires a lot of effort, giving up and compromise. Unfortunately, even if you give everything that you got, sometimes it is just not enough. However, maintaining a cross-country relationship requires even more effort. And your chances for success are even slimmer. Bergenfield movers NJ have a lot of experience with situations when one of the partners has to move because of a job opportunity, or any other reason. They say that you can’t really tell which relationship will survive separation. And they heard a lot of stories of people not being able to maintain a cross-country relationship. Even with all that effort. In fact, 40% of all long-distance relationships do not make it. Continue reading “How to maintain a cross-country relationship”

Tips for moving with pet birds

Residential moves are the first type of relocations that professional movers got their hands on before the industry started growing. Also, this is one of the most common ways that businesses enter the market. Companies start by taking care of the small relocations. Residential moves can be some of the smallest and the simplest. Relocating a family is far different from conducting a commercial move. While there are more people being affected by the move when corporate relocations take place, family moves are always more personal. The main difference between various family moves represents the sheer fact that families come in various shapes and sizes. Some may consist of parents and three kids. Other times, grandparents are members of the family too. Very often pets need relocating as well. Therefore, today we are going to take a look at the best practices in regards to moving with pet birds.

Image of a bird
Think of the health of your pet bird when planning the move

The most important aspects of moving with pet birds

Birds are wonderful living creatures. They bring joy to our lives on a daily basis. Regardless of whether they are singing birds or they may only be those pesty things that like landing on our heads threatening to leave their leftovers in our hair, they are still difficult not to love. Therefore, given the fact that they are living creatures with their needs, habits and personalities, we should make sure to make our moving with pet birds as easy on them as possible. 

Therefore, today, we are going to take a look at the most important aspects of moving with pet birds. We are going to share with you what all long distance movers NJ know – how to properly carry out moving with pet birds. However, before we share all the pesky details with you, let us take an overview of what you need to keep in mind when you start planning for your moving with feathery friends:

  • Choose the right type of transport for the move
  • Visit a vet before leaving for relocation and find a new one in your destination before arriving there
  • Make sure that the bird is comfortable
  • Keep your bird in a quiet room during packing and unpacking in order to keep its stress level as low as possible

Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Choose the right type of transportation for the move

Given the fact that you will be moving away, you need to decide the means that you are going to use in order to transport your items, pets and reach your new home. This is an important thing to do when moving with pet birds.

First of all, stress can have a very strong influence on birds. Obviously, we are talking about the negative effects. So much so, that some may even lose their lives due to stress-provoked heart attacks. This is a real threat that you need to address when preparing for moving with pet birds with movers Franklin Lakes NJ. One of the important things to do is to choose the right kind of transportation.

Choose the right type of transportation for moving with pet birds
Moving by road could be your best bet for moving with birds

Depending on where you are moving to, you are going to have to choose between transporting your birds by road or by air. Which is the best one to choose? Well, it depends on many factors such as the distance and the bird itself. Still, you should make sure to use the means of transport that is going to have the least effects on the bird. Transport by road is probably going to be your safest bet. 

Visit a vet before embarking on the journey and find a new one in your new neighborhood

Next, it is important to make sure that your bird is healthy enough for travel. How do you do this? You ask your vet.

Before your full service movers arrive, you should take your bird to the vet. Let him know that you are moving away and that the bird is coming with you. He will check on the bird and let you know if you can go ahead with the move. Otherwise, he may suggest leaving it with him or someone else for the duration of the move. Then, after the dust has settled, you could come back for it.

Also, it is important to find a new vet before leaving your old home. This way, should you become concerned for the well-being of the bird, you will be able to have it checked in moment’s notice.

Make sure that the bird is comfortable during the move

As we have pointed out already, birds can feel very stressed during renovations. Therefore, it is important to make sure that it is placed safely inside the moving truck.

You should make sure to keep birdcage leveled. It should not swing or threaten to slide. The more secure you can make it, the better.

Keep your bird in a quiet place while packing and unpacking

In order to keep your bird as calm as possible, you should try to keep it away from the source of the noise. If this means moving it into a different room, so be it.

Make sure to find a secure place for your birdcage in the moving truck

Just like us, birds like their peace. They have spent their lives in a peculiar atmosphere. Should anything disturb it, they can start feeling nervous and anxious. Obviously, this is one more source of stress for them. And stress is exactly what both interstate moving companies and the owners alike look to avoid putting their pets through. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your birds feel as little stress during the move, you are going to make sure to keep them in a quiet place both during packing and unpacking.

Moving with pet birds – the conclusion

Moving with pet birds is a process that requires a great deal of attention to detail. However, with some research and professional help, you will be on top of things. Therefore, prepare well and keep up the good work.

Best NJ areas for NYC workers

Working and living in New York City is the desire of many people. However, that dream is hardly reachable due to very expensive living costs of this city. With high rent prices and even higher home buying costs, it is a big financial burden to live in the Big Apple. It is the main reason why many are living outside the city and commute to work every single day. Living in a quieter town with a little less hustle and bustle and working in the business hub has lots of perks, so take a look at some of the best NJ areas for NYC workers. Continue reading “Best NJ areas for NYC workers”

Why are people moving from New Jersey

So far, you’ve probably encountered numerous articles about the reasons people change their place of living. The most common reasons could be found in the search for a better job, or more quality education, but also in a more favorable style of living and providing a better life for the family. Some of these reasons will also be present in the case of why are people moving from New Jersey. One thing is for sure, no matter the reason, relocations are always stressful for every member involved in the operation. This is why the preparations need to be taken seriously and get ready for moving-related expenses as well as be aware of some of the hidden costs of moving. Continue reading “Why are people moving from New Jersey”

How to prevent losses when moving offices

Moving an entire office, especially a big one, is a huge task. There are so many things to be moved. And so many people who will at best be slightly irritated by the move. Office relocation can last much longer than a residential relocation. And setting everything up again can take even more time. So, as soon as you realize that you will be moving, you need to start to think about how to prevent losses when moving offices. Both physical loses in the form of office equipment as well as productivity and efficiency. Here are a few ways in which you can prevent and minimize the losses during your next office relocation.

The types of losses you need to prevent when moving offices

The more you think about the losses that can occur during your office relocation, the more they become obvious. There are so many potential ways in which you can suffer some sort of loss during relocation. And that makes it very hard to prevent losses when moving offices. But, with a good head-start and enough time, you can plan your move so you minimize them. But first, you need to know what types of losses are.

person on laptop planning to prevent losses when moving offices
If you do everything on time, plan ahead you will be able to prevent losses when moving offices

Prevent losses of office equipment when moving offices

The first and most obvious type is the loss of office equipment. This is especially obvious when moving to large offices with many different tools and equipment. Even with the best moving checklist, you can still end up forgetting or losing some pieces of equipment. And while all equipment is replaceable, it can hinder your productivity. A simply lost stapler can cause one of your employees to drop their work and go search for a new one. And that has a big impact on productivity.

Losses in productivity

Productivity is something that will most likely take the strongest hit when moving offices. First, you will be closed for business until the move is complete. Even with the best office movers NJ that can take at least a full day. And second, setting everything up again can take a long time. During that time, your employees will be much less productive. And much less effective. So, you need to think hard about how to prevent losses when moving offices. Even after you’ve established your new office space, productivity will not return to normal for at least a few days

Losses in customers

While this is heavily dependent on the type of work you do, there’s a chance that you will suffer loss in customers. At least new ones. Since both your old and new office space won’t be fully operational you won’t be able to receive new customers. And the ones that you already have will have a hard time dealing with the fact that there’s a mess in your office. 

Best ways to prevent losses when moving offices

There are many things that you can do to prevent losses when moving offices. First, and most important is to prepare. The sooner you start with the preparation the better it will be for your business. The main goal is to lower the amount of time necessary to relocate an office. And do it in a way that keeps track of all your equipment. So, make sure you hire professional movers NJ. Movers who understand your problems. And who will go to all lengths to help you speed things up? 

laptop with pie chart
You need to think of various ways to track your moving to avoid losses

Work only with professionals

When choosing a moving company that will help you speed things up and prevent losses when moving offices, it’s important to only work with professionals. So, make sure to find only reputable commercial movers NJ. And talk to them about the length of your move. And if there is anything that they can do to speed things up. Sometimes paying a little bit extra for additional services can shave days off your office relocation. And make the whole experience easier both for you and your employees. 

Consider hiring packing services

As we already said, losses of office equipment can hinder productivity and make the whole experience unpleasant. So, in order to minimize the risk of that happening consider hiring packing and unpacking services. When you have professionals dealing only with packing and unpacking your belongings, things go much smoother. They are experienced and are less likely to forget to pack something. And they keep good track of all your office items. 

moving boxes
Think about hiring professional packers to speed up the process of office relocation

Move in stages to prevent losses when moving offices

One of the great ways to prevent losses when moving offices is to move in stages. That way, at least a part of your team will always be ready to serve customers. And complete ongoing projects. Once you move and set up one part of your office you can proceed to the next one. The most important thing here is to keep track of the needs of employees who are being moved. That team might need a copier. Or a network printer. So make sure you move all the equipment necessary for their work. 

Keep track of the relocation using spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets in an office environment has become second nature to most people. You can also use that knowledge and experience to plan your relocation. And prevent losses when moving offices. First, start by making a detailed plan for your relocation. Schedule relocation time for each team. Write down which equipment each team needs. And keep track of it. There are many online tools that you can use for this. And share the entire spreadsheet with the whole office. It will boost productivity since people will know when to expect to be moved. 

spreadsheet to help you prevent losses when moving offices
A spreadsheet can be of great help!

Back everything up to prevent losses when moving offices

Most of our paperwork has moved to digital format. And it mostly resides on our computers. But, they are very fragile, especially when moved. So, to prevent the loss of data during a relocation make sure you back everything up. You can back it up online or simply make another physical copy. That way, if one hard drive fails, you will have everything backed up and ready for restoration. 

Selling your stuff online – guidelines

Selling things online takes certain steps. If you play your cards right, your ad will look more attractive and will easily find its way to the new owners. Selling your stuff online can be an easy thing to if you follow our guideline – tips and tricks on how to make money from getting rid of your second-hand items.

selling your stuff online
Selling your stuff online is a great way to earn some extra cash – but you need to do it right

Reasons for selling your stuff online

There is a couple of situation when people decide to get rid of the items they no longer need. If you are not sure whether you should do it or not, go through the main reasons for selling your stuff online.

  • relocation – moving house or office is a great ‘excuse’ for decluttering. Before you start packing, be sure to go through your items and see what you can sell and what needs to be recycled/thrown away. After you finish the decluttering, you will have fewer items to pack and more space at your new home. Furthermore, you can significantly decrease the moving costs! For a safer relocation, be sure to hire the right professionals, like movers Hasbrouck Heights, for a smooth and easy move.
  • living like a minimalist – minimalism has been a lifestyle trend for a couple of years. And yes, it is being accepted all over the world by the people who don’t want to be suffocated by too many items at their home.
  • spring clean – every spring you clean your home thoroughly. However, you don’t do anything with the items you don’t really need – you just move them around.
  • change of lifestyle – maybe you don’t do that hobby as much, or you’ve lost interest in those clothes. Selling those items online is the perfect opportunity to earn some money and buy items you really like.
  • it’s basically free – selling stuff online is usually completely free. Furthermore, you don’t need to organize a garage sale and go through that hassle of visitors, packing, etc.

How to know if something is ready to sell it?

When you go through your items, divide that items that you don’t need into three piles – donate, sell and recycle. If you are not sure that you need an item, ask yourself “Have I used this item in the past 12 months?” If the answer is “no”, you probably don’t need that item anymore.

Where to sell items online?

There are a couple of websites you sell your items online. However, some of them are quite different in terms of the way they connect buyers and sellers. Here are the most common websites for selling your stuff online.

Local sales

Local websites can be used as specific ‘markets’ for any city you live in. These are websites like Craigslist or Letgo. These websites give you the freedom to put a price on your item, and they don’t take a cut of your sales. However, the arrangement of sales and item delivery is only up to you. You need to meet with the buyer and organize the exchange. Another similar way to sell items is Facebook Marketplace. You can list your items directly within Facebook, without making another account or downloading additional apps.

Online Auctions

There are a couple of websites that use auction sales. They charge their services differently, so be sure to choose the right one. Usually, the more expensive ones are the most popular ones. They offer high traffic which means you can sell items much faster. However, if you focus on earning more, be sure to choose the smaller, less popular websites. The most popular auction websites in the country are eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Ebid (UK competitor of the Ebay).

Specialized market websites

There are different websites that dedicate to only one type of items. For example, if you need to sell electronics, be sure to check the websites like Swappa or Gazelle. These are resellers, so you get a quote from them for your item. If you need to sell clothes, check out Poshmark. They are a specialized social network for selling clothes, with fixed fees. For arts and crafts, Etsy is the most popular choice.

Other tips when selling your stuff online

With the right tips, you will have more successful sales than you expect. When selling your stuff online be sure to:

  • set the right price – research the websites we mentioned before and see what are the prices for similar items. This way you will make sure not to set a way to high/low price for your item.
  • Describe your item in detail – be sure to make a detailed description of the items you are selling. This includes information about how old the item is, its condition, flaws, etc.
  • Upload enough pictures – if you buy an item online, you want to see enough pictures of it. That’s why you need to upload a couple of pictures of the item – from several angles. This includes both close-ups and pics from a decent distance.
  • use natural lightning and put the item on a plain background – buyers want to see the item clearly, especially when the color/material of the item is important. Don’t use flash on your pics and remove any unnecessary things from the background.
  • answer the questions quickly – when selling your stuff online, expect various question from buyers. Be sure to answer them quickly, and provide an image of a serious seller.
selling your stuff online on laptop
When selling your stuff online, make sure to put the detailed description of the items and include good photos

Are you selling your stuff online because of a relocation?

Selling the items you don’t need when you are moving house is a great idea. However, no matter how many items you sell, there are many more of those that need to be packed and moved. It can be an overwhelming process, and time-consuming, too. If you are moving an office, as well, professional commercial movers Bergen County can help you a lot. Let yourself have a safe and easy relocation without worries and stress.

selling your stuff online
Relocation is a great reason for selling your stuff online. You can make some money and reduce the moving costs, too!

Selling your stuff online is quite easy when you take the right approach. Be sure to follow our guideline and make some space and money for your new home or office.

Best NJ cities to start a business

New Jersey recently announced a $50 million fund to help entrepreneurs get started. This is just one aspect that makes moving to New Jersey to start a business a good idea. The state has a vibrant small business, which is emphasized by the investment of the group, which includes The acceleration fund will be based in Newark, at the headquarters of Audible’s successful audiobook. But business success can also be found in smaller cities and towns, as we discovered when looking for the best NJ cities to start a business.

Hoboken city
And the strategy in New Jersey pays off

Key takeaways

Small cities are leading. In eight of the top 10 cities on our list, the population is less than 25,000. In first place on the list, in East Hanover, live less than 12,000 people, which indicates that small places in New Jersey have much to offer when it comes to starting and developing a business.

Good income – the key to success. Solid sales are key to business success in places on our list. For example, 10 of the 20 top cities were also among the places with the highest average annual income for a business.

Our analysis of the best NJ cities to start a business

We have reduced data for 231 locations in New Jersey, each of which has 10,000 or more people. Our analysis is based on data from a survey of business owners of the US Census Bureau, which took into account such factors as the average annual income per enterprise and the number of enterprises with paid employees. Besides that, we also used data from the American Community Survey, which includes information on income, housing costs, and unemployment.

But, where exactly is the best place for your business in New Jersey? Find that out before you hire commercial movers NJ and start packing.

So, here are the best NJ cities to start a business

1. East Hanover

East Hanover, with a population of just 11,200, is one of the smaller settlements in New Jersey. But the city of Morris County is number 1 on our list of the best NJ cities to start a business. East Hanover has 1,500 enterprises and is perhaps best known as the giant of the production of snacks and cookies Nabisco. Businesses here recorded an average of about $ 9 million in annual revenue per business. That sounds like a pretty good reason to move your business to NJ.

2. Red Bank

For many years, due to fierce competition from shopping centers and malls that grew like dandelions, Red Bank hoped to promote a cleaner, more vital city center with better recognition. Now, Red Bank has dozens of restaurants, cafés and the theater of Count Basie, who, as the locality says, “attracts national and regional acts – everything from rock bands to dance ensembles.” Red Bank recorded an impressive average annual revenue of $ 6.75 million per business, which is the second best indicator in the top 10.

Red Bank
Moving there doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

3. Hannover

The town of Hanover in Morris County is known for the Whippany Railway Museum, which opened in 1965 with the Morris County Central Railway and offers a “nostalgic journey through the colorful past of railways”. The population of Hanover is almost 14,000 people, and it has 4.86 million dollars in annual income on average.

4. Secaucus

The city of Secaucus in the Hudson County is known in New Jersey for its retail stores. The official travel site in New Jersey calls this community of 17,000 residents the mecca of shops and stores. Secaucus published an average annual income of 5.54 million dollars for a business, which is the third largest figure in the top 10.

5. Eatontown

Eatontown, with a population of 12,500, in Monmouth County, is home to about 1,600 enterprises, and has an average annual income of $ 3.2 million. This is a place that takes seriously the rest, health and fitness of its inhabitants. The city also encourages visitors to be “fit” on a two-mile walk through the city, which combines exercise and education.

6. Paramus

With a population of about 26,000 people, Paramus is the second largest community among the 10 best NJ cities to start a business. According to the town’s website, Paramus evolved from its past “celery farms and dirt roads” in the 1600s to “a country of huge shopping centers and malls that made it one of the best retailers in the United States”. It is also famous as the venue for the Barclays FedEx Cup, a major golf tournament. Businesses in Bergen County received an average annual income of almost $ 3 million. So, why not hiring Paramus movers and relocating there?

7. Florham Park

Florham Park, with a population of about 12,000, is a district of Morris County, famous as the home of the New York Jets. That city has about 1,800 businesses and has an average annual income of $ 3.1 million.

8. Morristown

Morristown is full of historic sites and the National Trust for Historic Preservation has identified it as one of a dozen distinctive destinations, according to the city’s website. The population of Morristown is about 18,400 people, and it has about 2,750 businesses. The enterprises here on average received about 1.7 million dollars of annual income per business.

Compass career
With all the opportunities it has to offer, no wonder Morristown is one of the best NJ cities to start a business

9. Moorestown

The town of Moorestown, with a population of about 21,000, illustrates the role that city center development has played in turning many cities and towns in New Jersey into great places to start a business. Their main street in the center of the city is on the Moorestown website, which calls it a step back to an earlier era. But relevant enough to ensure that the products, services, and restaurants are competitive for businesses outside of Moorestown. Companies see nearly $ 3.8 million of annual income on average.

10. Hackensack

Hackensack won a brief mention in the 1978 film Superman, as one of the goals of Lex Luthor’s sinister plot. The population of Hackensack is about 43,500 people. This makes this city the largest among the top 10 of the best NJ cities to start a business. A business in the city recorded an average annual income of $2 million per business. And you can easily get such an income if you just hire Hackensack movers who will help you relocate here in no time which will allow you to start doing business in this city soon enough.

Moving tips for military families

Nobody knows moving like military families. Yes, most of us have had the experience one way or the other, but military moving is something much more complex; it even has its own term – PCS  “permanent change of station”. Any living soul from a military family will tell you it’s no easy business. Why? Well, try moving every 2 and a half, 3 years. It surely gets the best of you after a couple of rounds. It takes stamina and nerves of steel to maneuver every moving process while remaining on top of things throughout. We’re here to give a helping hand by providing information and useful moving tips for military families.


We can all easily fall off the wagon and go bat crazy as the moving day approaches. But, it can wait. The new duty station also awaits, yes, but until you actually receive your orders, why would you make unnecessary havoc and turn your life into something unsettling and uneasy? There is time. If you don’t know where you’re going – you’re a bit too early! There are very few things you can actually get done that far ahead. Once the orders arrive, you will get organized, plan everything and act accordingly. Until then – enjoy where you are right now.

hourglass taking time to prepare
Don’t force yourself into pre-planning. Wait for your orders before packing and organizing.

Moving tips for military families 101

Being efficient and keeping your cortisone levels to a minimum is really the goal here. Whether you’re moving within the continental United States (CONUS) or outside of the continental United States (OCONUS), you could really use some help from experienced military moving companies, as to alleviate the situation.

Don’t be Rick Astley

Being Rick Astley could be considered a compliment and, indeed, quite a virtue if we’re talking about love. “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna say goodbye and desert you” – these are all good examples of someone’s love and devotion. This attitude is not something we’re looking for when it comes to packing. This isn’t your first rodeo, so don’t act like it is. Do you by any chance still have unopened boxes lying around from your previous location? Well, if you do, it’s probably time to lose them. 3 years in, and still, you can’t think of anything you actually need from that box? Why move it again and again? Break the sad and sealed box cycle today.


Well, think of it this way. You and your family have a chance for a fresh start every couple of years. When you put it that way, it’s one good reason for rejoicing and being positive. Changes are good. So is downsizing. Prior to your new duty station and the big moving day, organize a garage sale. Chipped coffee mug? Throw it away! All things broken or used up should be headed the other way. Parting time. Get in touch with your local charities, see if they are in need of any items you were to throw away. Get your things on Craigslist. The less you move, the more room you will have for shiny, new things!

old furniture
Organize a garage sale, donate to charities, sell it on Craigslist.


Having friends and family help with packing and organizing could be just the thing you need. It could also save you some money. Then again, is it worth it? Having to obtain everything from moving supplies to renting a truck – let’s not forget about dollies and safety gear – you might regret it, as it will most definitely lead to unnecessary stress. And you already have plenty. Good news though, there are people like expert movers and packers NJ out there that can take care of all of your moving needs for an affordable price. It’s absolutely worth considering. You can’t put a price tag on your peace of mind – one of the most important moving tips for military families out there.

Driving to your new duty station

Whether you opt for moving services or not, there is always a question of your own transportation. So, how do you get your vehicle from A to B? You could get a professional driver to do it for you, or use other services of the sort. But, it comes with quite a price tag, so be prepared. That leaves us with option number 2 – driving your car to your new destination. It goes without saying, you do need to service your vehicle before the moving day, especially if it’s a long-distance move. You wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance and spend the night on that dusty mesa without oil or with flat tires.

One of the best moving tips for military families – binders

If you already don’t have one – please, off you go to an office supply store! Having all your most important, important and so-so important documents when moving frequently should be your no.1 priority. Hence, binders. Dividers, labels, the whole nine yards. You have a lot of paperwork to take care of.

  • Birth certificates
  • Immunizations
  • Passports
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Military ID cards
  • Military PCS orders
  • Pet passports

Cleaning, the smart kind

There are a couple of things you can really do a month or so in advance. Transferring your utilities, for instance. It’s always good to have a head start. Using your spare time to get that washing machine going and preparing you linen, drapes, curtains – heavier items is something you should definitely take care of prior to moving. Carpets? Why not. Get your bulky stuff clean and shiny for your new home. It’s only important to pack them almost airtight afterward, as the whole transportation thing may get them dirty again.

moving tips for military families - cleaning your carpets before moving
Get those carpets and curtains clean for your move-in day!

Get that bag ready

You’ve already been through this. Don’t forget your emergency bag with all the bare necessities. From toothbrushes to toilet paper to PJ’s. People say everything gets easier if it becomes a routine. Is it true for moving, though? Hm. It never gets easier, but we learn how not to get frustrated and scared as much. For our best moving tips for military families – stick together. Share everything. Enjoy each other’s company, even when it’s difficult. That’s what families are built to do. It’s okay to be Rick Astley for your family.


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