How to prepare vehicles for shipping?

When you own a car or any other vehicle, it requires special attention sometimes. One of those times is when you’re moving! It won’t matter much that you’ve spent a lot of time and money maintaining your vehicle if it gets damaged while you’re transporting it to your new home. Of course, with the right movers NJ, the odds of this are minimal. But it’s still vitally important that you prepare vehicles for shipping first. Preparation is always half the work when it comes to moving. So preparing your vehicle can make or break the relocation of it. It’s time, therefore, to learn how to do it right.

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Clear your garage with these simple tips

It is not uncommon for people to move from one place to another in search of their perfect home or for miscellaneous reasons beyond that. While moving, a lot of belongings have to be carried alongside you, which can be quite cumbersome sometimes, especially if the belongings are quite hefty or bulky. In such cases, it is super convenient to have a garage, or a couple of storage units in your possession so that you can store your belongings there which are too tough to take with you to a distant place. However, once your garage itself starts filling up, it is perhaps time to consider clearing the clutter from it to make space for any future storage requirement in it. While a good storage service would be apt for the job, here is how you can personally begin your process of decluttering and freeing up your space.

How to initiate the cleaning process?

To start with, it is quintessential to plan ahead of time to keep many things figured out for future storage or relocation requirements at your storage units. Instead of spending your spare time for leisure this weekend, perhaps devoting a part of it to clearing out your garage could be of great utility for you in the long run. Once you have jotted down the day for the decluttering process to take place, it’s time to actually get inside your storage units and carefully remove all the items kept inside in order to thoroughly clean out your entire garage of all the dust and cobwebs that very likely would have appeared in the corners of the room.

Sort your belongings

So, once you have finished taking everything out – now you need to sort everything. Usually, there should be three piles. One pile of things that you plan to keep. The second pile should be the items that you are going to donate. And the third should be the things you need to throw away. Additionally, there can be one more pile of your belongings that will be all the items you want to keep but you plan to store them in private storage. Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming task, so you can invite your friends and family to help you out.

How To Sort Your Belongings?

Once everything is taken out of your garage, the next step is to completely sort everything out. If you have too many items in place, perhaps asking these questions would be quite useful for speeding up your sorting process: –

  • Is this item nostalgic?
  • How much have I used this item?
  • Is this item usable or irreparable?
  • Is this item replaceable or useful for me in the future?

Divide your items into different piles based on your judgment of each item’s utility on the above-written questions. Based on the number of items, this task could take anywhere from an hour to half a day, so it’s always good to have some extra hands at your help. Ring up your family and friends to give you the additional push to clear your storage units. Alternatively, a trusted storage service could provide you the much-needed assistance you require in this process.

Once the garage is emptied and the various items have been sorted, the next step is to thoroughly clean up every nook and corner and add any additional customizations to it like building more shelves or racks to store items. It’s organization time! Consider the garage, or your storage units an empty canvas at this point, design them in whichever way you feel is best for your requirements.

How To Manage Things Remaining From The Clutter?

Remember the piles you made when you were sorting out the garage? Well; while few of them would be stored back into the garage, a major chunk of the piles would also be rendered unusable and would not be required by you anymore. Hence, you should decide how to get rid of them from your garage premises. If there are certain items that are not required by you but are still utilitarian and still in good condition, you may consider a donation as an option to clear out your storage units. The remaining items can be disposed of using some environmentally friendly options. Clearing out your storage units could be quite a pickle since it is an extremely laborious and time-consuming process but, it will reap great results in the long run like a lot of clear space for you to store your lesser-used household items or just clear up some area for you to work up some customizations or creativity. Our bespoke storage service at Moving of America is always ready to help you out in whichever way you need it.

Preserving The Beauty of Oil Paintings Through Proper Storage

The beauty of art is appreciated by one and all. Lots of people like purchasing it and getting it framed for their homes. However, moving art is no easy task. Oil paintings, in particular, can be quite fragile and prone to damage. For their safe move, it is recommended to get assistance from professional movers. 

With moving also comes the issue of storage. In case your oil painting cannot be taken to the new destination directly, it needs to be kept in a proper storage unit. Oil paintings are quite sensitive and easily prone to damage. Hence, precautions need to be taken while storing them. Worry not! We have come up with a number of storage tips that would ensure your fragile paintings get stored safely.

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A brief guide to creating a packing checklist

Without a doubt, packing is the worst part of moving. There’s just so much to do! You don’t even know where to begin, do you? And that’s before we even start on how physically difficult and time-consuming the process is. Luckily, there’s a way to make things easier. The key to it is organization. And one of the best ways to get organized is through checklists. So let’s take a look at some of NJ moving expertsbest tips for creating a packing checklist! Follow the guide and we promise that the checklist you end up with will help make packing for a move much more manageable.

Why do you need to think about creating a packing checklist?

There’s so much packing to do! Who has the time to sit around writing a checklist for it, right? Wrong! Creating a packing checklist can go a long way towards making your packing and thus moving much easier and saving you a lot of effort, stress and time in the long run. Even if you’re hiring office movers NJ for a commercial relocation and paying them for the packing, there will be things you need to do yourself in preparation. And this preparation (or lack of it) can make or break your move. So it’s important to do it right!

"You got this" written in chalk on concrete.
A checklist will make your packing so much easier!

Here are just some of the ways in which making a checklist for packing will save you lots of trouble:

  • a checklist keeps you organized
  • you will always know exactly what you’ve done and what you still need to do
  • you’ll have a clear timeline to stay on schedule
  • there’s less chance you’ll forget something if you follow a list

What are some of the best tips for creating a packing checklist?

As all movers Fair Lawn NJ will tell you: packing is a huge task. Just writing down “pack” on your general moving checklist is, therefore, not going to be enough. Instead, what you need is a more detailed packing-specific checklist. So how do you create the best possible one?

Take some time for the task

The first thing you want to do is to set aside some time for creating a packing checklist. Sit down at your desk, do some research about packing for a relocation, take notes. Or walk around the home and write down what you need to do. Whatever your process, focus on it without distractions! Otherwise, you’ll just end up forgetting something which kind of defeats the purpose of a checklist.

Organize the packing according to how much you use certain things

One of the best pro tips about packing is to start with the things you are not using. Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes, appliances you don’t need right now – donate them, sell them, give them away. What you plan on bringing with you put at the top of your packing checklist. That way, you can start packing early on without sacrificing the comfort of useful belongings being unavailable.

Coats on a rack.
Start your packing checklist with things you aren’t using – like seasonal clothing.

It is especially easy to start packing away things you don’t really need early on if you rent storage NJ. Just put everything you don’t need at the moment in boxes and take them to your unit so they’re not crowding your home. Your belongings will be safe, your home will be decluttered and there’ll be plenty of space for yourself and your movers to maneuver in while relocating. Perfect solution!

Or prepare to do your packing room-by-room

The other smart way to organize your packing is room-by-room. This is an easy way to keep on track. If that’s how you plan on packing for your upcoming relocation, make sure you put your kitchen and garage high on the priority list. These are two rooms you don’t want to leave for the end – there are too many things that require special packing! But if you pack your kitchen early, how will you eat? Well, that’s why most people opt for combining the two methods when creating a packing checklist. For your first round, pack the things you don’t need in each room one by one. Then move on to the things you only use sometimes, also going room by room. Keep going until you’re done!

Set deadlines when creating a packing checklist

One of the reasons why packing is so difficult is because it takes so much time. Hiring professional packers NJ is one way to solve that problem. Beyond that, the best advice we have is to start early and stay on track. Including deadlines while making a packing checklist will help you do that! Divide your checklist into parts according to what needs to be done by when and try to stick to that schedule.

Calendar with crossed out dates.
Stick to a schedule to ensure you get everything done in time.

Follow this example when creating a packing checklist

The best way to teach you to create a packing checklist is to show you an example of how it’s supposed to look when it’s done. So let’s take a look!

2-3 months before the move

  • start planning your packing and create a checklist
  • while researching moving companies, decide if you want to use the professional services of packing, unpacking, and storage
  • start collecting and buying packing supplies
  • create an inventory of your items and start thinking about what you can get rid of
  • prepare your family (especially children) to help with the task

6-8 weeks before the move

  • declutter your home: throw out the things that cannot be used, sell, gift and donate the rest
  • clean out any storage space you are already using

4 weeks before the move

  • if you’ve decided to rent (more) storage space, now is the time to do it
  • collect the final packing supplies
  • start packing the things you aren’t using much

3 weeks before the move

  • start disassembling and packing furniture (especially that which is not in daily use)
  • pack out-of-season clothes, dishes, and tools

2 weeks before the move

  • start labeling your boxes and thinking about the order in which they need to be moved
  • decide on what you’re putting in your overnight bag or box and set it aside so you don’t accidentally pack it
  • plan out your meals and what you need for them; clear out the rest by eating it or giving it away and packing the non-perishables you’re bringing along

1 week before the move

  • pack the remaining appliances (including the fridge)
  • prepare your overnight bag or box
  • finish any last-minute packing you may have missed

This template is a great place to start when creating a packing checklist – adjust it a bit to fit your move perfectly and voila, you’re done!

How to make your unpacking process fun?

Are you one of those people who come back from a holiday and leave their suitcase lying around for weeks because they don’t feel like unpacking? Well, imagine what it’s going to be like unpacking your whole life’s worth of moving boxes! There’s really no two ways about it: packing and unpacking is boring. Furthermore, without professional movers and packers NJ it takes forever. And you don’t want your first days in your new home to be boring, do you? So let’s talk about the ways to make your unpacking process fun! It might not lessen the amount of things you need to do, but it’ll make the work easier and more pleasant.

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Moving between hospital and home 101

You’ve been staying at a hospital for some time and you’re now well enough to be discharged. Well, that’s great news! However, you are now facing another problem. You need to know how to move back to your home easily and without a hitch. Luckily, you have our helpful guide and professional movers to help you out. No matter if you’re living in Edgewater, New Jersey, in which case you will need some assistance from movers Edgewater NJ, or in Arlington Heights, Los Angeles, or perhaps in Hegewisch, Chicago, the principle is the same – moving between hospital and home will be much easier with some help from the professionals. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here’s everything you need to know about moving between hospital and home. Continue reading “Moving between hospital and home 101”

Things to do before moving to Oakland NJ

Moving is never an easy process, no matter where you are moving to at the moment. It goes without saying that local moves are somewhat easier than long-distance ones but, in general, they all require similar preparation. So, if you are moving to Oakland NJ, which is a beautiful area in New Jersey, you’ll have to do a number of things before the big day comes. For starters, you’ll have to hire movers Oakland NJ to help you through the process, and then you’ll have to take care of other, equally important tasks. Because when getting ready for relocation, every task is of crucial importance. Continue reading “Things to do before moving to Oakland NJ”

How to keep your home clean while moving

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving in or out – you want to keep the old place clean as much as you want to move into a clean home. It’s just common courtesy, isn’t it? But the truth is that it’s not so easy to keep your home clean while moving. Whether you hire movers Garfield NJ or you end up deciding to move with some help from friends, there will be plenty of people coming in and out. Now imagine what your floors might look like if it has been raining outside! Luckily, there are a few ways to prevent all of this and keep some sort of order on your moving day. As always, we don’t mind disclosing them! Continue reading “How to keep your home clean while moving”

Guide to packing fitness equipment for relocation

Moving soon? Then you are probably wondering about how you are going to pack and ship all your belongings. You probably found a good moving company that will take care of the shipping. But packing is a different story. It requires a lot of time and patience. Especially when it comes to packing fitness equipment for relocation. Those are all heavy objects that need to be properly protected. And even more important, properly secured so they don’t damage your other items. 

Is packing fitness equipment for relocation worth the effort?

After calculating how much time and money you will need to pack fitness equipment for relocation, you are probably wondering: is it worth all the effort? With it being so heavy, only the best moving companies NJ can safely transport it. And the transport costs are naturally higher for such heavy equipment. Moreover, you will need a lot of packing materials to pack everything properly. But, when you count how much regular fitness equipment costs, it’s well worth it. The shipping and packing material costs are low compared to the price of new equipment. And that makes packing fitness equipment for relocation very well worth it. You save money and keep the things that you are used to. But, you will need to find the right movers for the job.

packing and moving fitness equipment for relocation
Moving fitness equipment isn’t easy but it’s worth it

Moving fitness equipment isn’t easy though

Even though it’s worth it to invest time and effort into packing fitness equipment and relocating it. You still need to pay attention to many details when moving it. First and foremost is to hire a reputable moving company. Moving fitness equipment using amateur movers can cause a disaster. Your equipment or your other belongings can easily get damaged. So, it’s better to stick with professionals. And make sure to use quality packing materials as you will be packing heavy objects. 

Packing fitness equipment for relocation takes time

Packing fitness equipment for relocation can take quite some time. Some items will need to be disassembled. While others need to be carefully wrapped. Mainly so they don’t damage your other belongings. So, be prepared to spend a couple of hours packing everything properly. As it will be worth it when everything arrives in perfect condition.

Make a list of all the items you plan on packing

The first step in packing fitness equipment for relocation is to make a list. Gather all of your fitness equipment and write it down. It’s best if you write down the approximate measurements of each item. That way you will save money on packing supplies. And it will be much easier to shop for them. Also, note in the list every item that needs to be disassembled. You may need some tools for that. 

boxes for packing fitness equipment for relocation
After you list your items it’s time to buy packing materials for them

Shopping for packing supplies

If you will be packing by yourself then you need to go out and buy all the packing supplies that you will need. From plastic wraps to cardboard boxes. Alternatively, you can hire full-service movers to do the job for you. But, for the time being, we’ll assume that you will be packing on your own.

There are a couple of important things to look out for when shopping for packing materials. It’s very important not to buy a used or cheap packing supplies when packing fitness equipment for relocation. Those items are quite heavy. And you need to ensure that the boxes can handle the weight. So, stick with smaller boxes that are made with quality materials. Or use plastic bins. 

Prepare your fitness equipment for packing

After you’ve got the packing materials that you need, it’s time to start preparing your items for relocation. And the first step in doing so is to clean and sanitize fitness equipment. That way, you will ensure that it’s in good working order when it arrives. And that you can start using it right away. 

The next step is to see which of the larger machines can be disassembled. Consult with the manuals on how to do it properly. Or hire a professional who can do that for you. That way, you will be able to pack and transport everything safely

boxing when packing fitness equipment for relocation
When packing small yet heavy objects use the smallest box possible

Boxing your fitness equipment

When packing heavy-weight equipment like dumbbells, hand weights, and similar items, it’s important to do it properly. First, use sturdy moving boxes. And opt for smaller boxes since they can hold more weight. The last thing that you need is a dumbbell falling through the bottom of the box onto your feet. It’s important to stay safe on moving day. And afterward, fill the box with towels or packing peanuts. You want to prevent your item from moving around in the box. Otherwise, it can easily tear the box or break your other items.

Wrap larger pieces with plastic wrap

As for the larger items that can’t be disassembled, make sure you give them a good plastic wrap. That way you will protect it from scratches and ensure that it doesn’t move too much. It will also be much easier to load them onto a truck. And it makes for an overall safer moving process. Give them two or three wraps each. Just to make sure that the plastic doesn’t snap.

Finding quality movers

After everything is packed, all that is left to do is find a good moving company. This is important since not everyone is capable of transporting such heavy objects. So, after you are done packing your fitness equipment for relocation make sure to find reputable residential movers NJ. While they will be able to give you a decently accurate moving estimate, don’t rely too much on it. Most moving prices are based on weight. And you will know the exact price only after the movers come. 

Enjoy your fitness equipment in your new home

Everything has been packed and moved to your new home. It’s time to slowly start unpacking and assembling your fitness equipment. And after you’ve settled in, it’s time to start enjoying it. You won’t have to go out and buy new machines. And you won’t have to deal with moving them into your home. You will have your time-tested equipment in your new home. 

Moving day emergencies to plan for

Careful planning of your moving process is the key to success. Obviously, all of us would like to have our moving plan prepared and executed immaculately. However, this is not possible all the time. More often than not, people have to deal with moving day emergencies regardless of whether they have hired professional local movers NJ or not. Simply, the moving process is very complicated. It consists of so many variables that it is almost impossible to carry it out entirely according to plan. Not planning for your moving process is not something that we are suggesting. That is the road to failure, that’s for sure. So, in order to make sure that you succeed in moving easily, you should make sure to prepare for the moving day emergencies that we are going to get you familiar with. Therefore, bear with us and get prepared for the unthinkable. Continue reading “Moving day emergencies to plan for”


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