Tips for buying a second home

Owning real estate is a relatively safe way to invest your money. It doesn’t see stellar returns, but they are always there. Both when you rent it out, or just keep it as it is. Real estate prices are constantly on the rise in most parts of the country. So, buying a second home can be a good financial move for you. That said, it’s important to know what, when and how to buy. You need to assess your priorities and needs. As well as the real estate market. And make an educated decision based on that. 

Why are you buying a second home?

One of the first things that you need to ask yourself before buying a second home is why you are doing it. What do you plan on doing with your other real estate? That’s an important question to answer. Since it can impact your decision in many different ways. And there are many reasons why:

  • Buying a vacation home
  • Purchasing a place to rent out 
  • Investing in a safe market
  • Buying a home in a different state because of a job you have there
  • Diversifying your assets
why are you buying a second home
Know the reason for buying your second home

Aside from these, there are countless other reasons why you would want to buy a second home. And before you dive into real estate market research, you need to know what is your intention with that second real estate. 

Buying a vacation home

One of the most common reasons people are buying a second home is as a vacation home. That can be a great way to keep your money safe invested. And have a home on a beach as an added perk. But, there are many things to consider when buying a second home to serve as your vacation spot. From the criteria to the way you decorate it. You’ll need to buy a home that’s not too expensive but at a good location. You will also be looking to decorate it accordingly. So you might need antique movers to bring in some of that homey flair to it. And you also need to think about what you will do with it while it sits empty. 

buying a vacation home
Buying a vacation home is a great option

Buying a second home to rent out

One of the most stable ways to generate profit is to buy real-estate. Not only will it’s price growth be a great way to passively earn more money. But you will also be able to rent it out. And generate even more income. It’s as easy as hiring movers Hackensack NJ to bring some of your old furniture to the new home. Paint and decorate a little bit and that’s it. It’s ready to be rented out. But, this requires some involvement on your part. First, you need to choose a good location. Then, you need to decide on how will you be renting it. Being a landlord is not as easy as it might sound. So, you might want to consider giving it to the agency to rent it for you. It’s a little bit less money. But a lot less hassle. 

Evaluate your needs before buying a second home

Before we dive into what to look for when buying a second home, it’s time to talk about your future. You should be able to project your future at least 10 years down the road. And predict what your needs will be. As well as what they are now. If you are looking to buy a larger home than the one you currently own, you might want to move into it one day. If you are buying something to rent out, project how much money will it be generating for you. Think about buying a furnished home. But also consider buying a fixer-upper. Know what you want and need before you jump into it. That is a great way to form a good decision. And not make a big mistake. 

know real estate market before buying a second home
It’s important to get to know the real estate market before investing in a second home

Get to know the real estate market before buying a second home

One of the most important things when buying a second home is not to rush into it. There’s a lot of money involved. And you want to get the most out of it. So, first, you need to understand the real estate market. There are many online resources that will give you a pretty good idea of value trends. And whether the market is warm or cold. That way, you’ll be able to project both your earnings and potential risks. 

Know what to look for in a home

Even though you’ve already bought a home, there are still things that you need to learn to pay attention to. Think back to when you bought your first home. Are there any things you should have done differently? Did you make mistakes? In any case, it’s worth taking a look at how to avoid bad housing. As it will give you a pretty good idea of what to look out for. A single mistake in this area can cost you a great deal. Bad roof or poor construction and cause more expenses down the road than what you paid for the home. 

finance buying a second home
Think about how you will finance buying a second home

Think about how you will finance buying a second home

Lastly, it’s important to know how you will be financing the new home. You may be earning great now. But the economy can rapidly change. And you don’t want to invest in buying a second home only to lose the first one because of it. You might lose your job. Or your property might drop in value. So, take a good look at your long-term finances. And decide how to finance your second home. Will you borrow against your 401K? Or maybe take out a second mortgage. There are many great options. As well as more than a few bad ones. Make sure you know what you are doing. And be sure that you can afford to buy a second home.

How to prepare for moving to Closter NJ

Moving is a process that takes a long time to complete. Starting from day one, you need to be focused on what you are doing in regards to moving. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to see the relocation through in a reasonable time and at the conditions that you have set. So, it is important to prepare well. Now, this is easier said than done. Many people believe that making a decision to relocate is the pivotal point in their moving process. While this may be true, we need to point out that it is not the only one. In order to complete moving to Closter NJ, you need to prepare for it the right way. With the help from professional movers Closter NJ, you can do this. Still, whatever type of move you choose, you should make sure to prepare for moving to Closter NJ well.

USA flag
Moving interstate or within one state, you need to do your part in planning

Preparing for moving to Closter NJ

The key to a successful move lies in planning for success. Fail to plan at all and you will be preparing for failure. Therefore, in order to complete moving to Closter NJ with ease, you need to make sure to carry out the pre-move activities the right way. Today, we are going to share with you some key features that should find their place on your to-do list no matter whether you decide to get help from a professional library moving companies or you decide to carry out your relocation by yourself and with the help from your friends.

So, in order to make sure that you are moving to Closter NJ the easiest possible way, you should make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure to start planning on time
  • Obtain reliable professional moving help
  • Invest in professional packing materials
  • Take on administration head-first as early as possible

These do not sound that difficult, right? Let’s take a more in-depth look at them.

Start planning on time

The first thing that you should make sure to do is to start planning the residential relocation NJ on time.

Planning is one of the crucial aspects of any move. Those people who take planning a move easily usually need last-minute help from full service movers NJ. Obviously, once you realize that you are going to need last-minute help, you should also brace for a large moving bill is coming. Therefore, start planning on time and you will be able to save money while moving.

When is the right time to start planning your move?

The answer to this question is actually very straightforward. The moment you decide to move long distance to New Jersey is the best moment to start planning your moving process. This way, you are going to have enough time on your hands to carry out everything that you think you need to deal with before the moving day comes.

How do you plan well for moving to Closter NJ?

In order to plan well, you need to divide your planning process into segments. Each segment should have a designated implementation period. This is the time that you think you are going to need to complete the tasks you had decided to address at that time. Track your progress. In the case that you realize that you are falling behind schedule, address this issue right away.

Plan moving to Closter NJ well
Planning is one of the crucial points in the moving process

Obtain reliable moving help

The next thing that you will probably want to do is to obtain reliable moving help. Now, the main issue in regards to this part of the move is answering the question of how do you know whether a moving company is reliable or not.

There are different things that you should be keeping in mind when you are making your choice. The following are the most important characteristics that any moving company should meet:

  • Check the reputation of the particular mover with Better Busines Bureau
  • Make sure that you are hiring a moving company that is a member of AMSA
  • Check online reviews of your potential mover. These can reveal so much
  • Make sure to obtain at least three moving quotes. They should come free of any charge

The above-mentioned should be your alfa and omega when it comes to choosing your mover. Still, let’s share a few more words on the moving quotes.

The importance of moving quotes

It is according to the moving quotes that you are going to decide which moving company to hire. This is okay. Still, do not make one of the most common mistakes people make.

Too often people hire movers who offer the lowest price. Price is important. However, it should not be crucial to choosing a mover. Choose the one that is going to provide you with the widest variety of services. It is the most affordable one.

Invest in professional moving materials

Another important thing on your list should be buying professional moving materials. 

Moving materials are easy to come by. Still, some decide to improvise. You should not do this. Your belongings are what you are taking with you. They are the items that are dear to you hear and that you are keeping. Therefore, make sure to have them in one piece after completing interstate moving NJ. The best way to do this is to pack them professionally into professional moving materials.

Take on administration as soon as you can

pressure gauge
Deal with utility companies as soon as you can

The administration is something that you need to take on as early as possible. Utility companies and public administration are very inter systems. Therefore, you are going to want to let them know that you will be moving away. So, better do it early than late.


Easy moving to Closter NJ can be done. Still, you need to invest all of yourself into it. Follow our pieces of advice and you are going to be okay.

Eco-friendly moving guidelines

If your relocation is coming closer, this means you’ve probably started planning every part of the process. This also means that by now you’ve come to realize just how complex moving really is. There are just so many tasks to complete and so many different things to think about, including choosing one out of the numerous professional moving companies NJ. But what you certainly shouldn’t disregard, especially in this day and age, is taking care of the environment. Yes, even during your relocation! So if you are eager to be environmentally-friendly even throughout your moving days, here you’ll find some very useful eco-friendly moving guidelines to follow. So let’s see what you can do to prevent your moving from having any sort of detrimental effect on the environment.

a truck on a road, representing eco-friendly moving tips
You need to make sure your movers are efficient and professional.

Before your relocation begins, you want to declutter in an eco-friendly manner

The first step of every moving process is to declutter your space, whether you are relocating your home of you plan to move your office NJ. And what does eco-friendly moving include if not recycling? So, make sure you get rid of all the things you won’t need in your new home. You want to make a fresh start, and creating a mess from day one is certainly not a way to make it happen. So, sort out all your junk and trash – all those things you plan to get rid of. See which items can definitely get recycled. And what happens to those that cannot, you might wonder?

Don’t throw everything away – donate or sell your unwanted items

If there are parts of your household that you don’t want to keep when moving, but cannot be recycled or can still be used – sell or donate them. Make a yard sale! You’d be surprised how much money you make during a simple garage sale. The things you no longer need might be pretty useful to other people. On the other hand, if you lack time to organize a yard sale during your hectic pre-move period, you may want to donate the things you no longer need. As far as eco-friendly moving goes, you’ll get off to a good start!

a small dog in a cardboard box
Make sure you use eco-friendly packing and moving supplies.

Using eco-friendly moving and packing materials

Naturally, moving involves a lot of packing around. And packing services NJ usually include a lot of packing materials. This means that in order for your eco-friendly moving plan to work, you’ll need to find eco-friendly moving supplies. How can you do this? First of all, a good start would be to use moving bins instead of disposable moving boxes. Reusable bins are always a good idea since they can be used numerous times. Regular cardboard boxes can normally be used only once, but if you plan to use those, make sure you recycle them after your moving process has been completed.

Another good suggestion would be to re-use your old boxes and other supplies you have around your home that could be recycled after you’ve used them. Avoid buying new packing supplies. Try to either rent them or use whatever you have around your own home.

An eco-friendly moving company might be an excellent choice

It’s very difficult to have a successful relocation without a good moving company. This means that you will probably need to hire experienced movers in order to move with ease. So make sure you choose an eco-friendly moving company. Also, make sure your movers are as efficient as possible. The more efficient they are, the less damage to the environment your move is going to be. For instance, if you have large and bulky items around your home, such as a piano, hiring expert piano movers NJ will enable you to have it moved efficiently and waste the smallest amount of energy and gas.

a person holding a plastic bottle
Recycle anything that you’ve used during your relocation that can be recycled.

Make sure your eco-friendly moving is just the beginning of your environmentally friendly lifestyle

Yes, eco-friendly moving is an excellent thing to do. But don’t let it be the end of your ecological concerns. Make sure you continue to take good care of the environment event after your relocation has been over. So, what can you do after moving into a new home to make it more eco-friendly and to keep your lifestyle that way, as well?

  • If you’ve bought any packing supplies, keep them and try to put them to good use. Sure, you’ve maybe crossed the eco-friendly line by buying new packing supplies, but there’s no reason not to use all of it in your new home.
  • Give all of your moving supplies to someone who’s getting ready to move. This is actually a win-win situation, as you’ll be decluttering your new home and at the same time helping someone else reuse your moving supplies.
  • Anything that can be recycled – you know what to do.
  • After your local movers NJ help you arrive at your new home, be sure to clean your new premises with eco-friendly cleaning products. If possible, continue to use them after you settle in your home. You might end up preferring them over regular cleaning products!


As you can see, having an eco-friendly moving process is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is make sure your home is properly de-cluttered before you start moving. Recycle, donate and sell anything you don’t really need anymore. Also, hire a moving company that knows how to take care of the environment and remember: efficient relocation means eco-friendly relocation. Be sure to get reusable moving supplies and do your best to give them away after your moving has been completed. If you’ve used cardboard moving boxes, you can recycle them or try to use them around your house or in your storage area. And finally, make sure you continue to care about the environmental issues even after your relocation has been completed.

How to organize an overnight relocation

Everyone who’s ever had to move will tell you that moving preparations are challenging. It consists of many stages and careful planning is a must. But what if you are not in a situation to spend more time planning and you need to organize overnight relocation? Then things become even more complicated. However, you don’t need to panic if you are in the same situation. You can always look for last minute movers NJ to give you a hand and make it easier for you to organize an overnight relocation. This text will further help you out by giving you some practical pieces of advice on how to prepare better.

Start with moving preparations as soon as possible

When it comes to organizing last minute moving, you should know one thing – There is no time to lose. And that is something you will need to bear in mind all the time. You see, by constantly having this thought on your mind you will most likely make yourself work hard all the time. And time is limited. If you wish to organize an overnight relocation the best way possible, you will need to use every minute in a smart way. On the other hand, you will also need to be careful with packing and moving your items especially if you are planning storing glass and fine china.

a stop watch
Deadline is short, so begin as soon as possible

Try not to panic when preparing for the relocation

We know that you have little time to process the current situation. However, panic is not really the best way to help yourself. So, try to take a deep breath and clear your mind. Don’t let the fear paralyze you because the more time you lose this way, the less will it remain to do things that matter. If you panic, then you will definitely have a hard time determining the next step. It will also be difficult for you to discern important tasks from those that don’t matter much. That is why you will need to remain calm and take control of the situation.

Checklist saves the day

You’ve probably heard many times before that people who are good with time management have a special time and to-do planner. Ever considered having one? Now is the chance. If you have a problem to arrange your tasks maybe this trick will do. Just write down the main tasks. Make a list of priorities and stick to it. As you are getting done with each task, you can cross them off. That shall give you a good clue how well you’re progressing. Simply put, with something like this it will be practically impossible to forget about some of the tasks.

a planner
Enlist the most important tasks and stick to the plan

Begin with sorting your things to organize an overnight relocation

No matter if you’re moving to a nearby Garfield NJ, or long distance, every relocation consists of this task. Sorting items and packing them is never an easy job. It is time-consuming, and since you don’t have that much time, you’ll need to speed up. Movers Garfield NJ can definitely offer you their best services to help you more. With their professional approach, you will do all the tasks twice as fast. With their professional approach and necessary experience, sorting your clothes and other items won’t seem like a great problem.

Pack only what you really need

Old clothes
Give away clothes you don’t need anymore

Again, you will need to think a little bit in advance. This means that as you begin with decluttering the first closet, you will need to think about the content in others as well. Now it’s the time to be smart and pack smartly. And as much as it’s difficult to say goodbye to some of your old garments, you will simply need to. Easy packing is your goal. Just think about it. The fewer clothes and other things you decide to pack the less time will it take you to actually get over with it. Besides, packing clothes for moving is one of the most time-consuming moving-related tasks. Think about the following:

  • Donate your clothes. If you’ve had something for a long time and you haven’t worn it since forever, then perhaps it could serve someone else better. If it is in good condition ask around if there’s a person or a charity where you can donate everything you don’t need anymore.
  • Throw away things that are in poor condition. If something is damaged or broken, then there is no need to still keep them, let alone pack them with you. It is much better to get rid of things that only occupy the spot inside moving boxes.

Once you decide about items to pack, use professional packing services in order to save yourself some time.

Prepare an overnight bag

Since you are moving in a hurry, you will need to fill in the essentials bag quickly. Make sure to have everything you need for a couple of days until you unpack completely. So, this bag should contain toiletries, some clothes, and medicines, as well as the most important documents. This is actually something you will certainly need no matter under which circumstances you’re moving.

However, don’t worry if the bag is not neatly packed. This is less important at this moment. What is important when you organize an overnight relocation is that you remember every item that is essential for the next period. So, just put it inside and worry about sorting later.

a suitcase
Pack the essentials bag

Organize people to clean the house aftermath

Even though you need to organize an overnight relocation, you still need to pay attention to what state will you leave the house. When the last box is being sealed and taken out, there will probably be some mess. Well, we recommend you to hire some cleaners to help you arrange and clean the space before the arrival of the new tenants. This will surely leave a good impression.

And there you go, moving out in a hurry is definitely not the easiest thing to do. But, with some of these tips, you can manage it just right. Just forget about procrastination and focus on what is important.

How to prepare for a relocation to North Carolina

Relocation is a complicated process and consists of many steps. The success of your relocation greatly depends on how well you prepare. So, in order to properly prepare for relocation to North Carolina, you need to start preparing as soon as possible. You need to find a quality moving company, arrange the moving date with them, prepare your belongings and much more. And the sooner you start the more time you will have to complete everything. And in order to help you, here are a few common things that you need to do to properly prepare for your upcoming relocation. Continue reading “How to prepare for a relocation to North Carolina”

Things you shouldn’t bring when moving

When you start thinking about moving out, that is the moment when you should also start thinking about all the details regarding this relocation. When to move, what to pack, or what things you shouldn’t bring when moving? Should you hire movers or not? The list can go on, and it is understandable why so many people get headaches when these and many other issues arise. Besides, you will need both mental and physical preparation for moving. Well, we’d like to help you to solve at least one of these dilemmas, and that’s the one regarding what items you should not pack when moving.

Things that could cause danger

We are sure that we don’t have to explain this too much, as the very headline speaks enough. However, we still feel an obligation to make it clear. Just in case. By dangerous goods, we mean everything that can be easily ignited or that is corrosive. In most cases, it is even illegal to move these types of items. On the other hand, if you still have some of these things, and you need to move them, the best would be to contact a team of people who specialize in the disposal of dangerous good, such as recycling pickup service, or EPA.

Some of the items from this category are car battery, pool chemicals (and any other kind of chemicals), acid, paints, motor oil, etc.

chemicals are one of the things you shouldn't bring when moving
Chemicals are dangerous

Offer them to someone who’ll find them more useful

Another thing you can do is to ask some of your friends, family or neighbors if, by any chance, they need those things. After all, you can always buy new products once you settle in. And for moving regular items, a great option is to contact some of the best moving companies NJ to help you organize your relocation, and go through the process as easy as possible.

Things of great value

When it comes to personal items of great value, you really need to be careful. We do not recommend you to entrust these items to anyone but yourself. You will be their best guardian. Plus, knowing that they are close to you will make you feel less stressed. Imagine that you gave them to someone to transport them for you. We are sure that you wouldn’t have a moment of peace. You would be constantly wondering what is going on with the shipment, and whether you would find them intact once you arrive. Well, save yourself that much trouble and pack them in a bag or a box that will be next to you all the time.

It might not be a bad idea to insure valuables in your home such as jewelry, artwork, different valuable collections or antique furniture. Nothing can compare with feeling calm. Therefore, take care of packing these items yourself, and make sure to always know where you left them.

a diamond
Hold your preciousness close

Perishable items are things you shouldn’t bring when moving

Perishables are very tricky to handle since they can make quite a mess if you don’t pack them in such a way that the shipment is absolutely secured. It doesn’t really matter if you’re moving that close as from Englewood to Clifton, for instance, these can spoil very quickly in very high and low temperatures. On the other hand, if you are moving to or from the Englewood area, we suggest you hire Englewood movers to give you a hand and take care of this moving project in the best way. You can even ask them for advice on how to best pack meat, dairy products, eggs, and everything else that can easily go off.

Don’t pack plants

This may be hard for those who are passionate gardeners, but when you think about it more through, you’ll realize that packing flowers is not really the best option. It is even worse if you’re moving long distance, to some state with a different climate. Most plants are very sensitive to temperature changes. Plus, the road can be bumpy. This can only traumatize and damage your precious plants even more.

Old plants are some of the things you shouldn’t bring when moving
Old plants are some of the things you shouldn’t bring when moving

Now, we don’t say it is impossible to transport them, just like any of the above-mentioned items. We are suggesting that these are in the category of very delicate items. If you do decide to move your plants, ask a florist to advise you what would be the best way to transport them. Ask them about the best way to minimize the risk of damaging the plant. You can always buy new plants. The ones you have, give it to someone as a gift. We are sure they would appreciate it.

Rarely used items

Most people have problems selecting which items to pack and which to leave behind. We get it. Some of them were given to you a long time ago by someone special. Some of them carry a special story. But let’s face it. If you haven’t worn them for a long time, that means that you’ve outgrown them, or that they are out of fashion. Either case, it might be smart to find a way to say goodbye to some of clothes, or things you really haven’t used for a long time.

Now, this doesn’t mean that these items have served their purpose completely. Perhaps, someone else will find a new purpose and breathe life into them. So think about donating your items and they will find their way to the new owners.

Things you shouldn’t bring when moving – items that evoke bad memories

Nothing that reminds of you of bad moments in your life should find their place inside boxes and bags. Why would you make it hard on yourself and carry those things in your new home which can really symbolize a new, fresh beginning? Let go of those and you’ll see how good energy will simply flow through your new house. Trust us, we’ve been there.

Making a good selection of items will make relocation easier. Here we mentioned some of the things you shouldn’t bring when moving which can really slow you down. Therefore, be smart and think in advance.

Short-distance relocation tips & tricks

Most of the advice moving companies give focuses on handling long distance moving across NJ and beyond state borders. However, there are those that choose to relocate down the street or two blocks away from their home. And although each relocation is unique and hard, surely there is a difference in handling a short-distance relocation and a long-distance. So, today we focus on the aspect of short-distance moves and ways to make them easier on yourself and your loved ones. Continue reading “Short-distance relocation tips & tricks”

How to pack your garage with ease?

There are a lot of things that should be considered in preparation for a moving day. If you are moving your garage with you, then the moving checklist might be a bit longer. But let that not upset you. With good organization, everything can be done without additional stress. In the text below you can find smart tips on how to pack your garage with ease. Continue reading “How to pack your garage with ease?”


The process of moving from one city to another with all the belongings and memories is a very personal thing. But when it’s time to pack up and move your house, the moving case shall also be different. It might be confusing to understand how the whole packing of gadgets takes place, and what you as the customer needs to do before the movers come and pack and ship your electronic goods.

However, what packing supplies you will need for your desktop computer, monitor and peripheral devices – keyboard, mouse, sound speakers, etc. will be taken care by the team of experts appointed by Moving of America – a reliable company in New Jersey specializing in residential moving services.

New Jersey Residential Moving Services

Read special packing tips for packing a computer quickly, efficiently, and of course – safely.

How To Prepare Your Desktop Computer For A Move?

Computer or laptop is a highly valuable item in any home – especially if it’s a high-end PC that costs plenty of money.  But information stored inside the computer’s hard drive (work documents, photos, special projects, etc.) is more valuable than the computer itself, so before you learn how to pack a desktop computer for moving, learn how to take the back up of the important data that has been stored inside.

  • STEP 1: BACKUP YOUR DATA: The very first step is to take backup of your important data, preferably twice. You can do the same by once uploading the important info to a cloud storage service and then by transferring those files into an external hard drive if you have one.
  • STEP 2: MEASURE YOUR COMPUTER: Make sure that you take the measurement of your computer tower and the monitor. Once you know their approximate sizes, you will be able to choose packing boxes of the right size.
  • STEP 3: REMOVE THE CABLES: Take a quick photograph of the way all the cables are connected at the back of your PC. And then start removing and keeping the bunch of cables hanging behind the computer mid-tower and monitor safely.
  • STEP 4: DO NOT DISASSEMBLE YOUR COMPUTER: The risk of damaging a computer part by having to disassemble it is higher. Instead, pack the entire computer tower or let the professionals of New Jersey residential moving services company do the same for you.

How To Pack Desktop Computer For Moving?

  • Step 1: Turn off the computer.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the power cord from the mains. Remove all cables going to and from the computer tower and monitor and pack them in zipping pouches
  • Step 3: Place a few layers of bubble wrap on the bottom of the computer shipping box to serve as a large initial cushion.
  • Step 4: Wrap the disconnected computer tower with large sheets of soft packing paper and secure the newly-formed edges with tape. And then cover them again with bubble wrap.
  • Step 5: Cover the strategic spots with tape.
  • Step 6: Place the PC in the cardboard container.
  • Step 7: Fill the gaps with whatever cushion supplies you have.
  • Step 8: Lastly, lift the box and shake it gently to test a little that the PC is not moving, thus avoiding any sort of damage.

Tips To Safely Pack Keyboard, Mouse, and Other Peripheral Devices

  • Tip 1: Soft packing paper should always be your initial protective layer.
  • Tip 2: Use bubble wrap to pack your more fragile peripheral items when packing the computer for the move.
  • Tip 3: If it is possible, use original packages of your PC accessories.
  • Tip 4: Good cushioning is probably the most important step when packing a computer for shipping.
  • Tip 5: Be careful when handling the cables, sort them out and organize them neatly with the help of zipping ties or rubber bands.

Steps To Pack The Computer Monitor

  • Step 1: The most delicate part of the computer is its screen, hence, packing the screen is the trickiest part of your computer packing job.
  • Step 2: Remove the stand and pack it separately in paper first and then in Bubble wrap.
  • Step 3: Wrap the monitor with sheets of packing paper.
  • Step 4: Place one large piece of bubble wrap over the entire screen so that the display is covered completely.
  • Step 5: Again place one large piece of Bubble wrap over the entire screen.
  • Step 6: Place the protected monitor into a cardboard box of the right size in an upright position.
  • Step 7: Fill the remaining gaps if any with cushions.
  • Step 8: Close the lids with tape and shut the box.

The above-mentioned computer packing guide is the best way to pack a computer for moving. Follow these steps and be assured that your favorite piece of electronic equipment will not get damaged during the move, or appoint our expert team experienced in residential moving services in New Jersey, for best and effective results.

How to Protect Your Floors

proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fecx.images SY300  - How to Protect Your Floors

Get yourself some FEL

Most mothers know that to save a floor you need to stop the dirt before it enters the house completely. Moms happen to know all the secrets.  They clip the dogs and cats nails to keep the floor from getting scratched. Moms know how to brighten a dull surface with a light sanding and fresh coats polyurethane.

Slide a chair sock around every leg on the furniture pieces.  Always try and lift your furniture to move it from one side of the room to another. Chair socks aren’t sufficient to protect the floor from dragging  heavy furniture.

Regardless of how careful and cautious you are, you may still find it hard to protect your hardwood floors. Everyone eventually scratches their floor through shifting household furniture all-around. In order to prevent actual wood chippings and floor damages, choose acceptable bottom protectors for your household furniture. Regarding immobile objects for instance large tables as well as sofas, dressers, lower-leg coasters and even large area rugs are usually sufficient to cause floor scratches. Recliners as well as other large goods that a person may move regularly need to be protected.

open kitchen/dining/living area with a well-maintained hardwood floor


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