Without a doubt, packing is the worst part of moving. There’s just so much to do! You don’t even know where to begin, do you? And that’s before we even start on how physically difficult and time-consuming the process is. Luckily, there’s a way to make things easier. The key to it is organization. And one of the best ways to get organized is through checklists. So let’s take a look at some of NJ moving expertsbest tips for creating a packing checklist! Follow the guide and we promise that the checklist you end up with will help make packing for a move much more manageable.

Why do you need to think about creating a packing checklist?

There’s so much packing to do! Who has the time to sit around writing a checklist for it, right? Wrong! Creating a packing checklist can go a long way towards making your packing and thus moving much easier and saving you a lot of effort, stress and time in the long run. Even if you’re hiring office movers NJ for a commercial relocation and paying them for the packing, there will be things you need to do yourself in preparation. And this preparation (or lack of it) can make or break your move. So it’s important to do it right!
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A checklist will make your packing so much easier!

Here are just some of the ways in which making a checklist for packing will save you lots of trouble:
  • a checklist keeps you organized
  • you will always know exactly what you’ve done and what you still need to do
  • you’ll have a clear timeline to stay on schedule
  • there’s less chance you’ll forget something if you follow a list

What are some of the best tips for creating a packing checklist?

As all movers Fair Lawn NJ will tell you: packing is a huge task. Just writing down “pack” on your general moving checklist is, therefore, not going to be enough. Instead, what you need is a more detailed packing-specific checklist. So how do you create the best possible one?

Take some time for the task

The first thing you want to do is to set aside some time for creating a packing checklist. Sit down at your desk, do some research about packing for a relocation, take notes. Or walk around the home and write down what you need to do. Whatever your process, focus on it without distractions! Otherwise, you’ll just end up forgetting something which kind of defeats the purpose of a checklist.

Organize the packing according to how much you use certain things

One of the best pro tips about packing is to start with the things you are not using. Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes, appliances you don’t need right now – donate them, sell them, give them away. What you plan on bringing with you put at the top of your packing checklist. That way, you can start packing early on without sacrificing the comfort of useful belongings being unavailable.
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Start your packing checklist with things you aren’t using – like seasonal clothing.

It is especially easy to start packing away things you don’t really need early on if you rent storage NJ. Just put everything you don’t need at the moment in boxes and take them to your unit so they’re not crowding your home. Your belongings will be safe, your home will be decluttered and there’ll be plenty of space for yourself and your movers to maneuver in while relocating. Perfect solution!

Or prepare to do your packing room-by-room

The other smart way to organize your packing is room-by-room. This is an easy way to keep on track. If that’s how you plan on packing for your upcoming relocation, make sure you put your kitchen and garage high on the priority list. These are two rooms you don’t want to leave for the end – there are too many things that require special packing! But if you pack your kitchen early, how will you eat? Well, that’s why most people opt for combining the two methods when creating a packing checklist. For your first round, pack the things you don’t need in each room one by one. Then move on to the things you only use sometimes, also going room by room. Keep going until you’re done!

Set deadlines when creating a packing checklist

One of the reasons why packing is so difficult is because it takes so much time. Hiring professional packers NJ is one way to solve that problem. Beyond that, the best advice we have is to start early and stay on track. Including deadlines while making a packing checklist will help you do that! Divide your checklist into parts according to what needs to be done by when and try to stick to that schedule.
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Stick to a schedule to ensure you get everything done in time.

Follow this example when creating a packing checklist

The best way to teach you to create a packing checklist is to show you an example of how it’s supposed to look when it’s done. So let’s take a look!

2-3 months before the move

  • start planning your packing and create a checklist
  • while researching moving companies, decide if you want to use the professional services of packing, unpacking, and storage
  • start collecting and buying packing supplies
  • create an inventory of your items and start thinking about what you can get rid of
  • prepare your family (especially children) to help with the task

6-8 weeks before the move

  • declutter your home: throw out the things that cannot be used, sell, gift and donate the rest
  • clean out any storage space you are already using

4 weeks before the move

  • if you’ve decided to rent (more) storage space, now is the time to do it
  • collect the final packing supplies
  • start packing the things you aren’t using much

3 weeks before the move

  • start disassembling and packing furniture (especially that which is not in daily use)
  • pack out-of-season clothes, dishes, and tools

2 weeks before the move

  • start labeling your boxes and thinking about the order in which they need to be moved
  • decide on what you’re putting in your overnight bag or box and set it aside so you don’t accidentally pack it
  • plan out your meals and what you need for them; clear out the rest by eating it or giving it away and packing the non-perishables you’re bringing along

1 week before the move

  • pack the remaining appliances (including the fridge)
  • prepare your overnight bag or box
  • finish any last-minute packing you may have missed
This template is a great place to start when creating a packing checklist – adjust it a bit to fit your move perfectly and voila, you’re done!