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    Moving of America offers elite local moving and storage services to all residents and businesses in New Jersey. Our moving team will professionally perform residential moves for individuals and families, commercial moves for businesses, and special moves for things that don’t fall under the standard category. Do you need temporary storage services? We offer spacious and safe storage units for your items for as long as it takes. You might be moving to a new office/home, and your furniture is too big to fit, or the new place is not fully ready to host all your items. You need a company that can store your belongings securely if the need arises.

    While looking for a moving company, it’s always wise to peruse in the list of moving companies with storage. You don’t want to hire any moving company randomly, and when the need for storage arises, you realize you must hire another moving company to store your items. Take your time to go through the moving company and see if they offer storage services. Moreover, if they provide storage, make sure there are storage units for me. Key things to look for are security, safe handling, prices, and space. In Moving of America, we offer affordable, secure, and climate controlled storage facilities for you. We’re top NJ Moving and Storage Company.


    The Moving and Storage Company NJ

    There are a few full-service moving and storage companies in NJ. Moving of America presides them having over 10 years in the industry. We’ve employed only the best professional movers; hence all our moves include the most fundamental parts during a local move in New Jersey. Give us a call, and our team will give you a free quote, supply you with packing materials, and pack for you, load and offload and deliver at your convenient time.

    Moreover, our storage facilities are climate controlled, safe, spacious, and affordable to all people. We pride as the best NJ Moving and Storage Company under the cloak of countless satisfied customers, transparency, and trustworthiness.

    Moving of America is well experienced to offer you with professional local moving and storage services that will exceed your expectations. We assess your things for free and give you a favourable quote, update you while your goods are in transit and deliver on time. Also, we store your items if the need arises. Having over 10 years in the relocation industry, we are experienced, trustworthy, and transparent. You need a local mover in New Jersey to move from your home to your dream neighbourhood. Also, for your business relocation from one part of town to another and Moving of America is knowledgeable and have enough resources for a smooth sailing moving and storage experience.


    Local Moving and Storage Near Me

    As a reputed moving and storage company near me in New Jersey, we offer fully inclusive residential moving and storage services. Whether you’re a family or individual moving from a one-bedroom to a mansion in your dream neighborhood, or you’re a senior with special needs, we will make your moving experience quick and stress-free. If you want to move your vehicle, our auto transport service has got your back.

    We have the right tools to handle, box, and safely store your belongings as you make your new place ready or plan on how to dispose of them. With over 10 years’ experience trusted with people’s property, we stand out as the best among other moving & storage companies near you.

    Your business equipment needs a safe transit and detailed catalog when moving from one location to another in New Jersey. We assign you a reliable Project Manager for all your commercial moves who will be the custodian of your assets from your old location to the new business premises. They will be there to survey your items for free, provide you a quote, update you during transit and ensure that everything is in boxes, loaded, and safely offloaded to your new place.

    We will also store your items in our climate controlled storage units, which are safe and spacious for as long as it takes. For all the fragile and specialized equipment like medicine, glass, and artifacts, our team will safely handle, move, and store them. We’re on top of all moving and storage companies near me.


    Moving and Storage Services NJ

    Allow us to help you with the tiring preparation of your items before moving. As the best Movers and Storage Company in New Jersey, we present to you our exclusive Elite Package.

    With our Elite Package, our local movers will sort your items, box them carefully, and label the boxes for easy unpacking. If you want, we will unpack your belongings after delivery. Let’s say your new place is not ready. Don’t freak out for we’ve got you. We temporarily store your commodities in our climate controlled warehouse. We include up to one month of free storage with all our moves. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering the best Moving and Storage services in NJ.

    Are you looking for a full-scale summer home moving service in New Jersey? Look no further because Moving of America is the hassle-free Moving and Storage services near me.

    Choose to be our next satisfied customer if you crave a harmonious blend of professional moving and packing services with a positive minded crew. With over 10 years’ experience, we offer experienced, trusted, and reliable moving and packing services. We don’t hike our charges during summer; we uphold our core value of putting our customers’ needs first, especially when it comes to affordable prices. Moving of America is your all-time one-stop-shop packing, moving, and storage partner


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    Personal Storage

    Moving of America provides safe and secure, climate controlled residential storage units on either a short or a long-term basis. We have the most flexible storage spaces at the price you can afford.

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    Business Storage

    Changes in your business activity can create situations where you need a reliable commercial warehouse for your business items in New York or New Jersey to store your goods.

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    Record & Document Storage

    Local, Commercial or Long Distance we handle it all.

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    Disposal & Recycling

    Local, Commercial or Long Distance we handle it all.

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    Insurance in Storage

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    Tips & Advices

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    Real Reviews from Real Customers

    I wanted to personally thank the crew of Moving of America for the amazing job they did to move my company to our new corporate location. We planned to move out of our existing office on short notice and your team made the entire experience easy and pleasant. Your team accommodated multiple loads across several days. The hands off approach by your movers allowed us to focus on many other things that required our immediate attention. The team showed their professionalism by showing up early, helping us pack everything, and staging everything perfectly in the new location. Once again, thank you to your entire team!

    - Noah

    When choosing a moving company, Moving of America, is by far your best decision. From the beginning they were very informative regarding what services they offer and their different packages and pricing. Being that we moved from NYC to Virginia, my stuff was delivered in the same exact condition as it was before. Not only did these guys come earlier than originally promised, their level of hard work and efficiency was beyond phenomenal. They worked straight through from the time of arrival until they were done, without taking ANY breaks, with smiles on their faces and positive attitudes, nonetheless. The team they sent us was EXCEPTIONAL and they made our stressful transition completely stress free. THANKS, MOVING OF AMERICA !!!!

    - Ava

    Recently, I had to move from Essex County, New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York and I wasn’t sure about who to choose or where to turn for help. So, I asked my friends if they can recommend any honest moving companies. They suggested me to engage Moving of America. I hired them without hesitation and got to witness first hand their level of professionalism and hard workers. The crew made sure to wrap and pack all my fragile items. They were extremely careful while handling my antique furniture. I am immensely pleased with the service and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great moving experience.

    - Emma

    We used Moving of America services twice. Once to move out and put some of our office belongings in the storage; the other to move those items back to the office. We had 2 different teams and both were great. The first team had to deal with a 3rd-floor walk-up apt. They were very careful in moving all our boxes and wrapping our furniture with plastic and cardboard. Then they spent a good portion of the afternoon loading everything into the storage unit, which looked like a game of Tetris after they were done. 6 months later, we requested the same team of guys but they were unavailable. A different set of 4 guys came and I was initially skeptical but within the first hour and a half, they unloaded a 10x15 unit that was filled with our stuff. The first, move out the team was more careful and the second, move in the team were very fast. Both teams were great and I highly recommend them.

    - Willy & Bros

    We moved our office, approximate 160 boxes, 8 computers and lots of furniture. All our stuff was in great condition at destination. They explained everything over the phone, the going rate, the packing service we would have, and a full detailed move plan. They used all type of protective equipment for the furniture. Try them, decent rates too.

    - R&PA

    The most skilled, experienced and professional movers, I have come across. My move had the chance of playing out in a couple ways. I was definitely moving some stuff and possibly storing some. Not only that they also picked up the unwanted, non-perishable food items to deliver it to their local food banks. Move for Hunger teams up with relocation companies across the country and picks up these items from food banks to distribute it to the poor and needy. I was very much satisfied that I have done a generous act with the help of Moving of America. They are super communicative (called to confirm and called when en route with box delivery and move), prompt, and really friendly.

    - Keshahyde