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Moving to Essex County Now Easy with Essex County Movers

Essex County in New Jersey is a popular place with lots of people. It’s attracting more because of new factories and businesses. This is good for families and businesses. Essex County is also close to New York City, which is great for people who work there. It has a long history and is special because it was the first county in the United States to make a big park system for everyone to enjoy. We are one of the excellent Essex County Movers in NJ, serving the region. 

After the Revolutionary War, many people moved here, and now almost 800,000 people live here. Newark is the biggest city in New Jersey, and there are also many people living in places like East Orange, Irvington, Bloomfield, West Orange, and Montclair.

Moving can be hard, with packing, finding a new home, and adjusting to life in a new place. At Moving of America, we want to make moving easier in New Jersey. Our Essex County Movers help lots of clients with local and long-distance moves, making the process smoother for you.

Essex Movers

Choosing Our Highly Rated Essex County Moving and Storage Company

Do you need a trustworthy moving company in Essex County, NJ? Well, you’re in the right place with Moving of America. We’re the Essex County Moving and Storage company that does everything to make our customers happy. We offer lots of benefits, like:

  • Free and exact moving cost estimates
  • Packing by professionals with eco-friendly materials
  • Special crates for delicate or valuable things
  • Affordable prices
  • Great reviews from happy customers
  • Wrapping your furniture
  • Well-trained teams
  • A Moving Advisor just for your move
  • And much more!

Read through our testimonials and customer reviews provided by our previous clients to understand why Moving of America stands out as the premier Essex County Moving Companies in New Jersey that residents and business owners in Essex County, NJ rely on and trust!

What Services Does Essex County Moving and Storage Company Provide To Clients?

While some Essex County Moving Companies New Jersey may provide only basic services, Moving of America goes above and beyond. Whether you’re relocating your residence or your business, our movers are here to handle all the complex details of your move. Our Essex County moving and storage company provides a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Residential Moves: From your grandmother’s delicate china to your cherished baby grand piano, our Essex County Movers NJ handle all your most precious belongings with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Commercial Moves: Experienced commercial movers ensure that your office will be operational again with minimal downtime.
  • Local Moves: Choosing our affordable local Essex County movers is a far superior option to attempting a DIY move.
  • Long Distance Moves: We’ll efficiently handle any long-distance move, whether it spans a few hundred miles or extends over a few thousand.
  • Packing Services: Our MoveView packages make it easy for you to get just the services you need.
  • Storage Services: Moving of America offers short-term storage services free for up to 30 days in our safe, secure and climate controlled storage units.
Essex Movers

Our excellence emanates from
exceeding customer expectations.

Our excellence emanates from
exceeding customer expectations.

Essex Movers
Essex Movers

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Speciality Moving With The Best Essex County Moving and Storage Company

Moving of America is the top Essex County Moving and Storage Company in New Jersey. We help various industries like hotels, labs, and hospitals in New Jersey with their moving needs. If you’re looking for expert relocation services that are affordable and offer great value, you’ve found the right place with our Essex County Movers New Jersey.

Specialized Moving in New Jersey

Moving of America is the top choice among Essex County Moving Companies in New Jersey. We’re the preferred moving and storage partner for professionals in various industries like hotels, labs, and hospitals. You can trust us to handle your valuable belongings with care. Our dedicated Essex County Movers make sure your move is quick and easy every time you choose us.

Services of our Specialty Moving

Some of our services include: –

  • Appliance Moving: No matter the size or complexity of your appliance, we have the capabilities to meet all your requirements.
  • Fine Arts and Antiques Moving: Our top priority is ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your personal and sensitive items!
  • Computer & Electronics Moving: Moving of America can confidently and securely transport the electronics in your home or business to any location around the world!
Essex Movers
Essex Movers

Get to Know Our Superior Essex County Movers

Are you in the process of planning a move to Essex County? Reach out to Moving of America to learn more about our services, secure your moving date, and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. Give us a call today or complete our online form to begin the process.

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