Moving and Packing Tips

1. Be sure to pack an overnight bag.

  • Medication
  • Change of Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Electronics

2. Pack essentials in specially labeled box.

3. Labeling your boxes.

4. If you can, show up to your new home before the move and pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen.

5. Place an extra cotton pad or ball into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking.

6. Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap, then put the tops back on.

7. Pack plates vertically, like records. They’ll be less likely to break.

8. Keep drawers intact by covering them with Press’n Seal.

9. Press’n Seal is also great for keeping jewelry displays intact.

10. Keep sandwich bags handy for holding any small parts of things that might need to be taken apart, like curtain rods or mounted flat-screen TVs.

11. Beer boxes are the best for books because they have handles on the sides.

12. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.

13. Enlist the color-coding system.

14. It doesn’t hurt to number your boxes.

15. If you have a lot of fragile valuables, hiring movers for packing as opposed to asking friends can end up paying for itself.

16. If you do hire movers, be sure to read the fine print and find out if they have any weird rules.

17. Need a quick way to fill up holes from nails? Use a soap bar!

18. Make your last grocery trip two weeks prior to moving.

Moving in with In-Laws? Here’s How to Make It Work

Moving in with your in-laws might induce a considerable measure of alarm or stress, as it can refashion your lifestyle in significant ways. However, with a little bit of planning, patience, and open communication, co-living with your in-laws can be a gratifying experience that strengthens your family bond. As one of the most promising American moving companies, Moving of America helps numerous families transition into cohabitation situations and has discerned firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

The ultimate guide to co-living with your in-laws

It’s completely normal and valid to feel stressed or skeptical about sharing your living space with your in-laws. This doesn’t imply a souring of your relations with them in any manner. You might be feeling this way since your family planning might get hindered by these sudden changes in your lifestyle. Ultimately, you might fear that your living space would eventually get crowded with little to no privacy. However, as a residential moving company, we are here to help you deeply navigate your way through this situation.

While you might be highly tempted to immediately call up our bespoke residential moving services to assist you with your relocation requirements, there are a handful of aspects related to living with your in-laws that require a discussion and thorough clarification before the actual moving process begins. From personal boundaries to budgets and other finances, the earlier they are discussed, the better for the overall living experience in the long term. Ultimately, healthy communication between the various individuals, where everyone thoroughly understands each other’s situation and readily accommodates and maintains decorum in accordance with the house culture, is quintessential to ensuring that living with in-laws becomes a delight rather than a burden.

Set the record straight on your boundaries

While living in the same apartment, it is inevitable that your privacy could potentially get hampered, and if not dealt with on time, conflicts could arise faster than you’d expect. As one of those moving companies who are dearly concerned by your welfare, we suggest that It’s important to establish clear boundaries and expectations before you move in with your in-laws. This corresponds to the discussion of everything from household tasks to privacy necessities. Hence, it is quintessential to harmoniously live with your in-laws to have a conversation about your boundaries, especially if the living space was originally just meant for you and your partner, along with your kids (if you have them). Ultimately, it can be pretty inconvenient to spend every second of the day as a couple or as a family with your in-laws in the same living space if there isn’t enough privacy. Alone time is often a necessity.

Living with in-laws doesn’t imply that you can’t spend quality time with your partner anymore

If the need arises to store a few of your possessions in a separate area that is not as crowded as your apartment would be, our residential moving service provides storage that could benefit you greatly. It will make more room in the apartment and keep the items safe and sound till you are ready to take them with you.

Etch out a household budget

Finances are some of the most significant aspects of a family’s livelihood. Many couples are quite protective of them and don’t appreciate any sudden changes in them. However, when you hire moving companies and kickstart your journey to live with your in-laws, it is inevitable that your financial planning would require a revamp. This needs to be discussed aptly with your in-laws in order to avoid any conflicts or issues in the future. Clearing out a plan in the form of a household budget, with clear plans of action for figuring out ways to save money and pay bills without burdening the household members, which includes hiring moving companies for any potential moving job.

No matter who is sharing a roof with you, financial discussions are a must for smooth household functioning!

Maintain A Duly Healthy Communication

Ultimately, to prevent the development of cold feelings between you and your in-laws, especially if they are going through a medical ailment, the prime solution is communication. Healthy conversations are the key to ensuring that all the people living under the same roof as also on the same page in matters of quintessentially. If there’s any elephant in the room, healthy debate and discussion on it can ensure it doesn’t cause any tension or rift in the household and also ensures mutual cooperation, respect, and the seamless flow of opinions from all the people involved. We are not one of those moving companies that only deal with businesses, we wish to ensure that once our work is done, your family gets to live happily ever after that you’ve always yearned for.

The Roadmap to Secure an Outstanding Business Warehouse

Business expansions are always appreciated. They signal growth in your progress, and you can finally reap the fruit of your hard work as a businessman. However, with greater expansion comes one issue – space crunch! You’ll soon encounter the problem of having a lack of area for installing new equipment, or in more extreme cases, you would barely be able to walk through some parts of your office. 

The right way to go about this issue is to look for a good business warehouse. You can clear your office clutter by storing much of the unneeded or less important stuff over there. But, how do go about it? And which commercial storage should you choose for your business requirements? Keep on reading this article to find out.

Continue reading “The Roadmap to Secure an Outstanding Business Warehouse”

Guide to organizing a summer home relocation

Summer is a popular time for moving. In fact, it is the peak season when the best NJ movers are at their busiest! So if you’re planning a summer home relocation, you’re far from the only one. This could be a good thing. You have clearly chosen the right time to move – school is out, the weather could not be better for a trip to your new home… On the other hand, it could also spell trouble. Busy movers, friends and family on holidays, the tantalizing possibility of lazing by the pool or on the beach, oppressive heat that makes you want to stop what you’re doing and just take a rest… All of these making organizing a home relocation in the summer much harder. And that is exactly why we have prepared this handy guide to making the best of your summer relocation!

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Moving between hospital and home 101

You’ve been staying at a hospital for some time and you’re now well enough to be discharged. Well, that’s great news! However, you are now facing another problem. You need to know how to move back to your home easily and without a hitch. Luckily, you have our helpful guide and professional movers to help you out. No matter if you’re living in Edgewater, New Jersey, in which case you will need some assistance from movers Edgewater NJ, or in Arlington Heights, Los Angeles, or perhaps in Hegewisch, Chicago, the principle is the same – moving between hospital and home will be much easier with some help from the professionals. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here’s everything you need to know about moving between hospital and home. Continue reading “Moving between hospital and home 101”

Moving with children – how to cope

We have all been here before. Moving with children can add a lot of stress to your already stressful move. The process of moving is not fast and children will get bored easily. Not only do you need to entertain them, but you also need to keep a constant eye out for them. Even if this sounds easy – it most certainly is not! However, we have prepared a short guide to help you with everything you might need! Hope it helps! Continue reading “Moving with children – how to cope”

Renting plastic moving bins – good or bad?

Over the past few years, plastic moving bins have reached even higher popularity. People have started using more of these bins instead of regular cardboard boxes for various reasons. Their sturdiness and quality have proven to be very useful. However, some people are still not sure whether renting plastic moving bins is a good choice when relocating to the new location. Will these bins be able to keep everything that’s inside them safe and secure? Will they survive the move? We wanted to inform you more about these plastic bins and help you find an answer on whether you should rent them for your upcoming move or not. So, keep reading if you want to learn more!

Plastic moving bins 101

More than 50 years ago, a famous line was uttered in a movie called The Graduate – “The future is plastics”. Who would have known that this movie has predicted our present in just that one sentence? Nowadays, you can find plastic products all around us and they have many uses! However, it’s necessary to point out one thing before you jump to conclusions!

Modern plastic products are way greener from those from the past, especially plastic moving bins. Even considering this, that doesn’t mean bad plastic doesn’t exist. The problem of plastic pollution still has to be solved. But, when it comes to plastic bins, we can assure you that they’re as green as they can be! So, if you’re wondering whether you should hire movers Clifton NJ and use plastic bins for your upcoming move, we have to say that’ll be a good decision. If you’re wondering why we’re advising you to do this, read our guide carefully and you’ll learn all about the benefits of renting plastic moving bins!

Two hands protecting
Even though we’re still searching for ways to reduce plastic pollution, some plastics are now more eco-friendly.

The many advantages of renting plastic moving bins

There are so many purposes of plastic moving bins! They are made out of quality materials that allow you to use them in various situations. However, some people are still not convinced that “good” plastic exists. This is why they avoid using plastic bins and end up using only cardboard. Well, we’re here to inform all of you (and not just that group of “nonbelievers”) about the many advantages of renting plastic moving bins.

Plastic moving bins are durable and sturdy

One of the main reasons why people have started to choose plastic bins over cardboard boxes is because of their durability. Plastic moving bins can be of use to people who’re moving valuables and are in search of fine art movers NJ, but they’re also a great choice for relocating regular household items. Plastic moving bins are made out of recycled plastic that’s sturdy enough to keep everything you pack inside them safe and secure. Even if you decide to use these bins and place them inside the storage unit, you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

On the other hand, cardboard boxes can tear during the relocations and are unusable even if they’re slightly damaged. Sure, you can reuse cardboard boxes in many creative ways. But, you won’t be able to use them for the move. So, tell us, which of these two options sounds better for your upcoming move?

Going green with the help of plastic moving bins

As we have already told you, all of the plastic moving bins are made out of recycled plastic. And, if we want to keep our planet safe and make a better place, we need to recycle as much as possible! When using cardboard boxes for the move, you’ll be left with tons of cardboard in your new home. So, tell us, how will you get rid of it?

Plastic moving bins are reusable and can survive thousands of relocations! Therefore, you can rent these bins, relocate, and return your bins. This way, someone else will be able to use them for their relocation. Who would have known that something that simple could help our planet? If these eco-friendly relocations sound attempting to you, remember that there’s an option of going green with the help of Moving of America! All you have to do is contact our moving pros and they’ll gladly provide you with the necessary pieces of information about green relocations!

Renting plastic moving bins will help you protect the environment
In case you decide to go with renting plastic moving bins, you’ll have a greener relocation.

Providing safety while moving and storing

If you’re in need of library moving companies and you want to store some of your precious collection, think about using plastic bins. They’re great for storing because they can protect your items from humidity, dirt, mold, and mildew. Therefore, all of your belongings will be safe and secure inside plastic moving bins! Another great thing about them is that they keep everything that’s inside free of contamination! All you have to do is seal them properly! And last but not least is the fact that kids can’t open them so easily. If you want to keep something away from them during the move, you’ll manage to do it by renting plastic moving bins.

A heart shaped pendant
Plastic moving bins are great for storing valuables

As you can see, plastic moving bings are a great option for relocations, but also for storing. By using them, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your precious belongings!

The final verdict on whether you should rent plastic bins or not

There you have it – these are the most important facts and benefits of renting plastic moving bins and using them. So what do you think, should you rent these bins for your upcoming move? Will this be the right decision to make? Well, you’re the only one who can and needs to decide. Remember that you can always get a couple of plastic bins and a couple of cardboard boxes. This way, you can pack your breakables in plastic bins and other items in cardboard boxes. And more importantly, you won’t spend a lot on your packing materials to keep all of your items safe! Easy-peasy!

How to load a moving truck

So, the moving day is here. You got everything packed, and you are ready to load a moving truck. But although it might seem easy, because you simply need to get everything into a truck – the truth is a little different. There are certain tips and tricks that will ensure that everything in your moving truck stays intact. You can always look for help and try to find great moving and storage NJ company that will assist you with this process. But if you decide to do this on your own, we got some tips and tricks for you that will ensure you a safe and fast relocation!

What are the main steps to load a moving truck?

Well, first of all, you need to be sure that you have packed everything correctly. For all of your belongings to endure the relocation, you need to be sure to secure them and pack them safely. You can always find packing services NJ if you are not sure will you do it right. Professional packers can help you and besides packing, can give you a lot of useful tips on how to load a moving truck properly. So the first and most important step to load everything for relocation is to be sure that it is packed safely.

moving box
You need to pack your belongings with the utmost care

The next steps depend on the type of relocation, and also on the items you are transferring with the truck. If you are only moving boxes and not some bigger households appliances – you will follow much easier steps.

Large and heavy items go first

Well, when you start loading a moving truck you need to start with the heavy items. For example washing machine, stove and similar should be the things that go first into the truck. Basically, all the items that need more than 2 people to move them into the truck. Also, it is important to load them in an upright position, to avoid any damage. Also, make sure to place heavy objects on the other side to balance the truck.

sofa in a room
You need to load heavy items first

As far as it goes for packing materials, you should use furniture padding to avoid any damage or scratches. It is important to pack all of these items with great care to avoid any damage. After all, you will be using them in your new home so you need them to be in the same condition once you unload them from moving truck.

Make a plan when you load a moving truck

So, once you have loaded heavy items you should proceed to the next phase. It is good to make a plan and write everything down to be sure what goes next. Also, if you write down how did you load the truck, it will be easier to unload it. You will know exactly where your items are going, and which room will be unpacked first.

The next items that should be loaded into a moving truck are your belongings that are longer. For example, this is the moment when you should load mattresses, long mirrors, sofas. You should place them against the longest walls of the moving truck and that way you will ensure to keep them upright and save space in your moving truck. Loading a moving truck is like solving a puzzle, you need to place your belongings perfectly. That way you will avoid any damage and regardless of all the pros and cons for renting a moving truck, you will be proud of yourself! You accomplished to place all of your belongings by yourself!

Furniture goes next into a moving truck

Well, the next thing you should load into a moving truck is furniture. You should know that there are moving companies that can offer you special services like moving your furniture. Simply, before the relocation, you will need to disassemble all of your furniture. Tables, closets, desks, bed frames- all of this needs to be disassembled and assembled once you move into your new home. And that is why a lot of people decide to hire specialty moving companies, to avoid any possible damage to their furniture.

Be careful with the boxes

When it comes to boxes – there is a great chance that you will have a lot of boxes. We would like to remind you that one of the first boxes to pack should be a box of essentials you will need on a moving day. Also, that should be the last box you are going to load into a moving truck. But, when it comes to boxes you need to deal with heavy boxes first.

moving boxes to load a moving truck
You need to be careful with moving boxes, and pack them in a safe manner

You should place heavy boxes on top of your appliances, furniture. Also, you should place heavy boxes in empty space beneath your desks, chairs and similar. That way, you will avoid any possible damage, and you will save a lot of space. But, also, make sure that heavy boxes do not have any fragile items.

Lighter boxes should go on top of the heavy boxes. Also, a great option is to stack them until you reach the top of the moving truck. That way you will avoid any damage. Since you are loading a moving truck on your own you need to be extra careful. One of the great things, when you hire a moving company, is the fact that you can ensure all of your belongings. Moving insurance can save you a lot of nerves and save you from any possible problems.

Last things to load into a moving truck

Well, as you probably got it by now when you load a moving truck – the last items are bags of clothes and fragile items. Bags with clothes you can use to fill any empty space in the moving truck. Also, you can secure your fragile belongings by surrounding them with your clothes and other fabrics. Make sure to label everything correctly, and to pack your essentials box last. You will need that box once you have reached your new home. And do not be afraid, you are just solving a big puzzle when you load a moving truck on your own!

Step-by-step guide to changing your address

Moving is a process that entails so many things! From packing up your possessions in cardboard boxes and looking up interstate movers NJ to transporting all of your items, relocation can truly leave its toll on you. There are simply too many things for a person to do that not feeling stressed out is impossible. One process that people often forget about until they have already moved is the one of changing your address. The first tip we have to give you is not to wait for the last minute to do it as there are a lot of numbers you’ll have to dial on the phone. It’s best to get an early start and avoid being stressed out as much as possible!

The process of changing your address begins with the USPS

The USPS or the United States Postal Service should be your number one stop. Just like finding the best movers NJ has to offer is the first step when preparing for a move, the postal service is the first one you should turn to when trying to change your address. Luckily, in the age we live in, you don’t have to visit the post office in person. The entire process can be done online with a couple of well-placed clicks!

Changing your address online on the phone.
You can change your address even while sitting on the couch with your phone in hand.

Visit the United States Postal Service website and find the form that deals with the change of address. All you’ll need will be to fill out the required details and have your debit card or credit card at hand. The USPS will charge a one-dollar fee so you’ll need to have your payment information ready. In a matter of minutes, you’ll update your address and can continue to receive mail at your new residence. The first step was easy!

The second step is updating your billing address

An average person pays a huge number of bills every month. As much as we don’t like it, it’s just a necessary part of life. Just because you are moving it doesn’t mean that your duties stop. It just means you’ll have to update your address and transfer the utilities to the new residence. Begin by making a list of all the bills you receive in paper form. Besides the usual ones, like the electricity and gas bills, don’t forget about the phone, cable, or garbage recycling bills. Then proceed to call each company separately and change your billing address. Usually, a lot of these companies also have the option of changing your address online and updating your information this way.

Bonus tip: to make your life easier after the move, make sure you pay all of your bills in due time. You don’t want for anything to ruin your brand new start in your perfect neighborhood!

Proceed by changing your address for magazine and catalog subscriptions

Can you imagine your Sunday morning without that sports journal or fashion magazine? Is your favorite past time looking at the new collection of your favorite store in a catalog and planning your next purchase? To continue doing what you love in your new home, make sure you change the address for your magazine and catalog subscriptions.

A magazine next to a cup of coffee and a flower pot.
If you can’t imagine your weekend without the weekly dose of news, change the address of your subscription.

Visit their websites and use your customer number for an online change-of-address form. Of course, you can always call the publication and change your address this way, but we just believe that it would be easier for anyone to do it online in their free time.

Inform the bank of your change of address

We are sure your bank sends you at least one document every other month and to do so, it needs your address. Otherwise, your bank statements won’t reach you. Besides, the bank also needs to verify your debit card billing address when you shop online so you’ll need to update your address. In case you have online banking, there’s a good chance you will be able to change your address online. And if you don’t, you can either make a call to the bank or visit them in person. Any means you choose will be a good one.

Let your friends and family know that you are changing your address

Now, depending on how you look at it, this can be the hardest part on our list. It’s very easy to call your bank or fill out a form online. But to inform your parents that you will be moving across the country? That’s something that will be very hard emotionally. So what do we suggest?

Three muffins.
Deliver the news over a batch of fresh-baked muffins – everything is easier with some mouth-watering food.

From making personalized cards that inform your loved ones about your new home to organizing a farewell party, there are many ways to give people this notice. However, the only way to do it successfully is by taking into account everyone’s feelings and being careful about how you deliver this news. Some people might take it harder than the others and you need to put a lot of thinking into how you are going to tell them.

Let your employer know about your new address

It really matters not whether you are moving to Garfield which is a thirty-minute drive from your place of work or you are moving to a home that’s a short three-minute walk from it – you should always inform your employer about changing your address. Not only is it common courtesy to let them know, but your employer also might have to send you some important documents from time to time. Once that happens, having the right address is crucial for those papers to land in your hands. Besides, this will only take a few minutes as there is not a lot of paperwork involved. So we are sure everyone can make time for it in their busy schedules.

How to pack a grand piano for relocation

It is never fun to move from one home to another. While it should be an exciting new beginning, at the end that thrill is usually suffocated by many moving tasks that have to be done. Having a grand piano in your household only make things harder, unless you have the help of professional piano movers NJ. However, there are some ways that can help you to pack a grand piano for relocation without losing all your nerves, and this guide will show you just what they are.

Consider professionals to pack a grand piano for relocation

Having interstate movers NJ on your side when you are relocating can make all the difference. The experts who know exactly what they are doing will pack a grand piano for relocation in no time, and move it without causing any harm to it. Which someone without any moving experience can’t do.

Grand pianos are huge instruments, that are at the same time extremely delicate, with many potentially breakable parts. It is very heavy, and you will need assistance. If you don’t hire movers, that burden will fall on the shoulders of your friends and family. And it’s never fun begging loved ones to help you move.

Of course, even if you find eager helpers, there is still the question of safety. You will have to have a maximum concentration in order when avoiding the moving injuries. They are very common, and one wrong step is separating you from the trip to the hospital.

When you hire professional movers, you are eliminating all the risk. The safest way to move and pack a grand piano for relocation is this one. It will increase your moving budget, but it is worth every penny. It is certainly cheaper then repairs to your grand piano in case of the damages.

Grand piano
While it doesn’t seem that way, pianos are very delicate.

Determine the type of your grand piano

If you do decide that you have a lot of free time, nerves of steel, positive you will stay safe during the move, knowledge about piano moving and you are reluctant in your idea to move a piano on your own, the first step is to determine what type of piano you posses.

While you probably do know, it is important to emphasize, because different types of grand pianos require different handling.

  • Small Grand – under 4½’ to 5’
  • Baby Grand – 5’ to 5’5”
  • Medium Grand -5’6” to 5’9”
  • Living Room Grand – 5’10”
  • Professional Grand – 6′
  • Drawing Room Grand – 6’4″
  • Parlour Grand –  6’8″
  • Semi Concert Grand – 7’4″
  • Concert Grand – 8′ 11′ and larger
living room grand piano
The most common types that of grand pianos people are keeping in their homes are the medium and living room grand, so this guide will focus on these categories.

Steps to properly pack a grand piano for relocation

If you are determined to move on your own, it will be wise to consider insuring valuables in your home. That way, if the case of the damages, you will get some compensation.

In order to pack a grand piano for relocation properly, you will need to follow the specific steps.
Disassembling and wrapping the instrument will be the most important ones. If you don’t do them correctly, it will jeopardize your piano during transport. It will also be best to do these actions simultaneously.

Step 1 – Remove the piano lid

By removing the screws and the hinges on its longest side with a screwdriver, you will be able to detach the lid. Put all the screws in a plastic bag for safekeeping. Label the bag so you can re-assemble the piano lid after the relocation.

Step 2- Wrap the lid with pads

Once the lid is loose, take it off and wrap in 2 or 3 moving pads. The pads will prevent scratches or damages on the lid during the move. Wood needs to be fully covered by the pads. Wrap the pads with layers of duck tape to keep it in place.
If you are moving on the budget, use regular blankets instead of the moving pads.

Step 3 to properly pack a grand piano for relocation – Removing the piano’s lyre

Unscrew the lyre from the underside of the body of the piano and set the lyre aside for now. Keep all the screws and other removable small pieces in a plastic bag with a proper label.

Step 4 – Set the piano onto its side

In order to properly pack a grand piano for relocation, you have to purchase the piano board. It is a large, flat wooden surface build to hold the side of a piano.

Place a piano board to the left of the piano body. You and your helper pick up the instrument and tilt it towards its long, flat side. Gently set this side on top of the piano board. Be very careful, since any wrong movement can cause damages to the piano.

Step 5 – Wrap the body of the piano

Place moving pads over and around the body of the grand piano. There’s no need for duck tape since the straps will keep them in place.
Speaking of straps, wrap at least 2 or 3 heavy-duty buckle straps around the body of the piano. The straps will prevent pads from shifting during the move and consequently keep the piano steady.

Step 6 to properly pack a grand piano for relocation – Remove and pack the piano legs

Once the piano is firmly strapped onto the piano board, use a screwdriver or an Allen wrench to remove the screws and free the legs.  Wrap the piano legs in regular or moving blankets. Wrap each and pedal individually and make sure that there isn’t any exposed wood. Secure the blanket in place using a generous amount of packing tape.

Piano pedals - something you should take care about when you pack a grand piano for relocation
Remove legs and pedals carefully.

Once again, consider hiring movers

These basic steps are only the beginning of your struggle to move a grand piano. The hard part is yet to come with loading, transporting and unloading this bulky and heavy item.

Now when you know the steps how to pack a grand piano for relocation, multiple their difficulties by three. That is how much will be harder to relocate this item that professional movers can do in a heartbeat. Without causing any damages to your instrument or causing you any stress.


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