Whenever transportation of a motorcycle is necessary, the issue of proper preparation emerges. Regardless of the distance to the new location, timely preparation is necessary by all means. Understandably, you wouldn’t like your precious two-wheeled loved one to get damaged during the process. Thus, read carefully our tips on the subject. We can help you prepare your motorcycle for transport thoroughly so as to avoid any inconveniences during the process.

How to prepare your motorcycle for transport in a few steps

To prepare your motorcycle for transport you need time. Thus, start the whole process well in advance and you will be able to pay attention to every single detail. The better you organize and conduct the preparation the less possibility of any damages occurring to your motorcycle. Luckily, we can provide you with the crucial steps to follow if you want to prepare your motorcycle for transport well enough. Just keep on reading.

Step 1 – Check the requirements of the transportation company you have chosen

It is inevitable and of key importance to check the requirements of the transportation company you have chosen. For example, some of the reliable car shipping companies NJ have different rules concerning this errand. When transportation of a motorcycle is the case, the situation isn’t any different. Finally, the policy of the company you choose will significantly influence some of the steps of the preparation.

Step 2 – To prepare your motorcycle for transport, clean it thoroughly

This is the step you should perform very diligently and carefully. It will make a complete inspection of your motorbike much easier to conduct. Once the cleaning process is complete, you can notice all the paint chips, dents, and scratches at a glance. Therefore, identify all these prior to transportation.

Step 3 – Inspect your motorcycle thoroughly

A complete inspection of your motorcycle will provide you with an insight into its condition. Hence, you will notice instantly any mechanical or cosmetic issues it might have. Also, taking pictures of it from various angles is a good way to protect yourself should you have any problems with the transportation company. These pictures and the analysis of the inspection in writing should be given to your transportation company. Of course, secure the original documents. In case your motorcycle gets damaged during the transport, you have verifiable proof of its initial condition.
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Inspect your motorcycle thoroughly when you need to prepare it for transport.

Step 4 – Fill or empty the tank in accordance with the transportation company’s policy

Generally, transportation companies consider fluid leaks to be a serious threat to the whole load. Hence, a considerable number of these companies demand that the tanks be empty during the transport. On the other hand, there are those which require you to leave a quarter tank of gas because their staff will need to move your motorcycle on and off the truck. However, if you leave too much gas in your motorcycle, you might increase your transport costs. Why? Simply because they depend on the weight of your motorcycle among other factors.

Step 5 – Secure all the loose parts on your motorcycle

If you want to avoid any potential damages on your motorcycle during the transport, remove and secure all the loose parts. Unsurprisingly, this is the best strategy for safety reasons. Since the transportation company is never responsible for the damage or even loss of these parts, you won’t be entitled to compensation in case of an accident.

Step 6 – Inflate the tires

Make sure you inflate each tire properly. They help cushion the motorcycle during the transport, so this step is necessary. If you move locally or you need to prepare for a nationwide move, add this task to your to-do list by all means.
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Inflate each tire properly.

Step 7 – Remove all your personal items

As is the case with loose parts, the transportation company isn’t responsible for your personal items. Thus, remove all of them and make them safe. Otherwise, you risk losing them for good.

Step 8 – Prepare any special instructions if necessary

As a rule, to prepare a motorcycle for transportation, you need to make sure it works properly. Similarly to the fact that there are different ways to ship your furniture, there are also different ways to transport your motorcycle. However, each of these ways is much less demanding if your motorcycle isn’t dysfunctional. Hence, handle any mechanical faulty issues on time. If after all measures are taken, your motorcycle remains inoperable, inform your transportation company on that ahead of time. Only this way will the staff be able to plan, organize and conduct transportation successfully.

 How to find a respectable transportation company?

Finding a respectable transportation company is similar to searching for and finally hiring some of the best movers in Bergen County NJ, for example. There are several phases of the process and each should be dealt with seriously and responsibly. The phases include:
  • Search the internet for potential transportation companies or ask friends, colleagues or neighbors for recommendations. Choose at least 3 companies you would consider hiring.
  • Request price quotes. This is necessary to find out how much money you need to prepare for this task. As preparing a moving budget for your relocation, preparing an appropriate budget for the transportation of your motorcycle is compulsory. What you can expect is to pay $200 to $500 to transport your motorcycle locally or $300 to $1000 for nationwide transportation. Most often, these types of services include door-to-door delivery. On the other hand, to transport your motorcycle overseas $2,000 to $3,500 is needed with port-to-door delivery.
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Find a reliable transportation company to take your motorcycle to the new location.

  • Compare potential transportation companies and make the final choice. Pay attention to their services, reputation, driving and transport histories, licenses, insurance coverage, and price. In addition, consulting the Better Business Bureau for the company’s ratings is a smart choice. Once you collect the key pieces of information, hire the company which offers high quality and safety. Although finances are important, they shouldn’t and can’t be a crucial factor when making a decision.
Once you have chosen the transportation company you can trust, you can prepare your motorcycle for transport properly. It might be a long process sometimes, but safety and high-quality service are compulsory if you want to reach the end of this errand smoothly and problem-free.