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Commercial Moving

Relocating to another place can be challenging, especially if you are moving your business. We understand that moving a business is a large investment for any company. We also understand that a business’ moving needs are substantially different from those of a homeowner. There are more things that you should include in organizing the move of your business. Nevertheless, our commercial movers NJ are here to make this big thing in your life easier and less stressful.

Why opt for our Bergen County commercial moving company?

It’s the logical step towards a successful relocation of your business, with minimal work disruption. Moving of America is a company that has been in business for well over a decade now – we have been handling corporate moves across Bergen County and New Jersey since 2007. During this time frame, we have accumulated extensive knowledge, manpower and equipment to ensure a smooth moving process from beginning to end. Once you contact us, we make sure to plan out every step and detail of your relocation – we leave nothing to chance!

Moving of America trucks - in line and waiting for commercial moving projects.
Our Bergen County commercial moving company leaves nothing to chance, and neither should you.

Our Bergen County commercial movers offer you the full extent of our services and resources

Ensuring a smooth corporate relocation can be quite a demanding and challenging order. Moving of America understands this better than anyone else, given the number of businesses and offices we’ve moved over the years. This is why we make sure to cover any relocation project you come to us with from start to finish. There is no part of the job too small or insignificant for us.

This Bergen Country commercial moving company offers on-site estimates and plans to ensure minimal business disruption and maximal productivity and efficiency towards meeting the deadlines you provide us with. Once hired, we are at your disposal 24/7 and we are able to accommodate al your business moving needs and limitations. And with the trained manpower and modern moving equipment and tools that we have at our disposal, customer satisfaction is a guarantee!

From in-house and small offices to professional medical office movers, our extensive services cover it all. So, here are the advantages and amenities that you can come to expect from the experts at MoA:

  • Our Bergen County commercial moving company offers free quotes and on-site estimates
  • Certified services with professional coverage and insurance policies
  • Expert crating & packing services NJ with top-quality packaging materials for maximum protection
  • Disassembly and reassembly of office furniture and other belongings
  • Decluttering, cleaning and garbage removal services
  • All distances and sizes of moves covered – local and long distance
  • Corporate storage solutions for shorter and longer periods of time
  • Relocation organization and management

Worldly commercial movers NJ that you can rely on and put your trust in

No matter the distance or size of your business, this is a Bergen County commercial moving company that you can always count on. We can handle any relocation quickly and efficiently, with no effort or resources wasted. Our moving crews do it all – from planning and full-service packing & moving to cleaning and storage solutions. Nothing gets by our experts and we can handle everything:

Business relocation is what we excel at

Moving of America deals in 100% tailored business moving services. Whether you are looking at an interstate corporate relocation project or a small office move across town, we are equipped to handle your needs. As far as Bergen County commercial moving companies are concerned, you will hardly find one more qualified than ours. We guarantee that you will receive the highest-quality professional service at a cost that will fit inside your corporate relocation financial plan.

Bergen County office moving comes as second nature to us

With the accumulated expertise and detailed planning, our experienced team of commercial movers NJ will keep your relocation on track. It is our commitment to customers and quality of service that makes us stand out from the rest of our competition. With out team by your side, your office move will exceed all expectations, be it local, long distance or across state lines & borders.

We handle home deliveries throughout the Tri-State Area

Our home delivery services are founded on years of experience and training. This is the extra mile we choose to go through for our clients, and we do so with a smile and positive attitude. So, if you want to secure the best possible home delivery services, look no further than this Bergen County commercial moving company. Always on time and with expenses to spare!

We can take care of any number of employee relocations

Here at Moving of America, we understand what makes companies great. Not the investments you make, nor the equipment you purchase. It always comes down to people – they are the power behind it all, the glue that keeps everything afloat. And so, our experienced movers Bergen County are always there to help ensure a trouble-free employee relocation for your workers! Leave everything in the capable hands of our moving crews and let your employees experienced the extent of your companies’ sacrifice for their benefit.

Preparation for your commercial moving

We have noticed, as a company with an experience, that preparation is the most important part of commercial moving. Our success as a commercial moving company in New Jersey is due to our thorough, comprehensive commercial moving planning method. One of the largest losses a business incurs during a move is the loss of productivity within the company. However, with our commercial relocation strategy, we work with you to ensure that minimal time and resources are spent on the move itself. Setting priorities and good organization is a key to a successful moving of your business to another location. In the text below you will be able to learn what things should be taken into consideration when organizing your business relocation.

Moving your business is something that our commercial movers NJ are doing
      Preparation for a business move

Making a moving plan and setting a timetable

An inevitable part of moving is making a moving checklist. Writing down all the tasks you should do in the process will make your move much easier.  Setting appropriate time intervals in advance for your move can significantly decrease the stress levels involved. You will not have to worry about completing things on time or forgetting any of the steps. Preparation time depends on the size of your business. It is good to be aware of the fact that for bigger offices moving preparation process might take up to 6 months. For smaller business, preparation time is usually around 3 months. Make a decision about the moving date according to the size of your business and try to stick to it. This will allow you to easily make a moving checklist. And to know how much time you will have for all the necessary steps in the process.

Setting time intervals can decrease the level of stress
      Setting the timetable is a crucial part in                               commercial moving

Selling or donating office equipment

Selling or donating your old office equipment can save you space for packing and perhaps enable you to earn some extra funds for the move. Your old office phones, copiers, printers, and PCs are some of the things you should take into consideration. Donating some of the items that you do not need any more to charity is also an option. Also, do not forget about recycling. It is time to de-clutter your office so that you can properly pack all your important equipment for moving.

For those who are not into donating or selling things, storing is a great option. A storage unit is something that our commercial movers NJ can provide you with. You can store your office equipment in specialized containerized storages. Your possessions will be safe and protected.

Gathering with your employees

Change is difficult and moving office is an activity which is best done with the involvement of all your colleagues. Notifying your employees on time about your commercial moving is the first thing that you should do. Changing the environment and moving can be difficult for employees. Informing them about new working space and every step of the moving process is a good way to go. Gather your team or have an online conversation about how they can contribute and what are their responsibilities. Having communication with your co-workers will help in their adjusting to the changes.

Advice of our commercail movers NJ- meeting with your co-workers is very important
             Meeting with co-workers

Hiring professional moving company- Commercial movers NJ

One of the most important parts of commercial moving is finding a reliable moving company. Which is not always an easy thing to do. If you are looking for professional movers in New Jersey, our company is here to help. Moving of America is an experienced company that provides high-quality services. We are able to handle any size local, long distance, residential and/or commercial moves to any location.

A successful commercial relocation is in the details of the move itself. Our company avoids common moving problems and costs by planning each move thoroughly. And working alongside you to meet your needs. We begin the process by providing you with a relocation manager who will handle the finer details of the move, then list each item that will be moved to ensure that all property is accounted for. Our team of experts works closely with you in reviewing the best options for your move. We also provide you with our unique MoveView document. In which we detailing all of the services you will receive and our guaranteed price point. With such a dedicated approach to our customers’ needs, our commercial movers NJ are ready to help you anytime.

Packing your office for commercial moving

As is the case with any relocation, packing can be the most stressful and time-consuming part of the process. Special attention should be given to the office equipment. If you do not feel confident about packing and crating your office inventory by yourself, our commercial movers NJ can provide these services for you. Moving of America also offers a number of premium services with each move. Some of them are inventory tagging and floor plans, workstation assembly and disassembly, and disposal of surplus office furniture. We work tirelessly to ensure that you are satisfied. No matter the size of your business or what your moving requirements might be.

Informing your business partners about your move

In order to ensure the business continuity, do not forget to inform all your business partners and customers about moving activities. Start advertising your move at least a month before your moving day. This way you will avoid possible misunderstandings. And will keep your business in operation during the transition. It is important that your clients are aware of your new contact information. Update your website, address and local listings.

Don’t waste time thinking about it – just reach out and let us do what we do best!

So, in retrospect, there is no finer place to seek out and secure commercial relocation expertise than in this Bergen County commercial moving company. Instead of wasting precious time and resources on planning and handling your office move, simply turn to our commercial movers NJ and put your mind at ease.

In case you need the services of our commercial movers NJ, we are at your disposal. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help your business.

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Real Reviews from Real Customers

I wanted to personally thank the crew of Moving of America for the amazing job they did to move my company to our new corporate location. We planned to move out of our existing office on short notice and your team made the entire experience easy and pleasant. Your team accommodated multiple loads across several days. The hands off approach by your movers allowed us to focus on many other things that required our immediate attention. The team showed their professionalism by showing up early, helping us pack everything, and staging everything perfectly in the new location. Once again, thank you to your entire team!

- Noah

When choosing a moving company, Moving of America, is by far your best decision. From the beginning they were very informative regarding what services they offer and their different packages and pricing. Being that we moved from NYC to Virginia, my stuff was delivered in the same exact condition as it was before. Not only did these guys come earlier than originally promised, their level of hard work and efficiency was beyond phenomenal. They worked straight through from the time of arrival until they were done, without taking ANY breaks, with smiles on their faces and positive attitudes, nonetheless. The team they sent us was EXCEPTIONAL and they made our stressful transition completely stress free. THANKS, MOVING OF AMERICA !!!!

- Ava

Recently, I had to move from Essex County, New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York and I wasn’t sure about who to choose or where to turn for help. So, I asked my friends if they can recommend any honest moving companies. They suggested me to engage Moving of America. I hired them without hesitation and got to witness first hand their level of professionalism and hard workers. The crew made sure to wrap and pack all my fragile items. They were extremely careful while handling my antique furniture. I am immensely pleased with the service and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great moving experience.

- Emma

We used Moving of America services twice. Once to move out and put some of our office belongings in the storage; the other to move those items back to the office. We had 2 different teams and both were great. The first team had to deal with a 3rd-floor walk-up apt. They were very careful in moving all our boxes and wrapping our furniture with plastic and cardboard. Then they spent a good portion of the afternoon loading everything into the storage unit, which looked like a game of Tetris after they were done. 6 months later, we requested the same team of guys but they were unavailable. A different set of 4 guys came and I was initially skeptical but within the first hour and a half, they unloaded a 10x15 unit that was filled with our stuff. The first, move out the team was more careful and the second, move in the team were very fast. Both teams were great and I highly recommend them.

- Willy & Bros

We moved our office, approximate 160 boxes, 8 computers and lots of furniture. All our stuff was in great condition at destination. They explained everything over the phone, the going rate, the packing service we would have, and a full detailed move plan. They used all type of protective equipment for the furniture. Try them, decent rates too.

- R&PA

The most skilled, experienced and professional movers, I have come across. My move had the chance of playing out in a couple ways. I was definitely moving some stuff and possibly storing some. Not only that they also picked up the unwanted, non-perishable food items to deliver it to their local food banks. Move for Hunger teams up with relocation companies across the country and picks up these items from food banks to distribute it to the poor and needy. I was very much satisfied that I have done a generous act with the help of Moving of America. They are super communicative (called to confirm and called when en route with box delivery and move), prompt, and really friendly.

- Keshahyde