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Moving is a complex process and it can get really hectic if you have no experience whatsoever. You need to be organized. Moreover, you need to start planning everything in time. If you decide to move yourself your life can become a living hell. You will need help from reliable and professional movers. Contact your reliable long distance movers NJ and see for yourself that moving can be a breeze. If you want a stress-free, quick and efficient move, we are your best choice. We are going to explain why it is important to get professional moving help. Moreover, we will familiarize you with the services we will provide as your movers.

Moving of America is a full-service moving and Storage Company, with offices in NYC, our headquarters located in Clifton, New Jersey. We have been providing interstate moving services for residential and commercial businesses in New York and New Jersey since 2007. Our company has built a prestigious reputation by taking pride in providing uncompromising relocation services.

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Don’t move by yourself. Let your long distance movers NJ help you.

Why should you choose Moving of America for your next long distance move?

You might think that deciding to relocate by yourself is a great idea. However, when you think about all of the tasks this involves, this doesn’t sound like such a great idea. So when you are moving to a new state or moving abroad, your long distance movers NJ are here for you. We will try to explain why it is a good idea to hire movers to help you with your relocation.

Moving of America rises above other interstate, long distance moving companies. We are a long distance moving company who customize your move to reflect the services you desire, at the cost you can afford. We assign you a personal moving advisor to effectively plan and manage your relocation services from start to finish. We guarantee customer satisfaction, assuring you the highest quality service throughout your move.

We push the boundaries

Moving of America will exceed your expectations as your long distance moving company. From our well-qualified movers to unparalleled customer service and item care, we deliver outstanding quality long distance moving services, providing you the best value in the moving industry. Our office staff is prepared to guide you through the challenges associated with your interstate traveling needs. We take pride in helping you the old-fashioned way. We answer all of your moving-related questions and go above and beyond to ensure you a stress-free moving experience.

If you hire long distance movers NJ you will have your peace of mind

We have already mentioned how stressful and time consuming it can be to organize a move. Well, if you hire your reliable long distance movers NJ you will have your peace of mind. There are so many things to think about when it comes to relocation. It can really get overwhelming. For example, you might worry about packing and loading your delicate belongings. Things can easily get broken or damaged if you don’t know what you are doing. Moreover, it is not easy to navigate the roads in that big and bulky moving truck. For you this is difficult, but your experienced movers will know exactly what they are doing.

Hiring movers is the most reliable option

Even if you decide to conduct the move by yourself, you will still need help. You will probably ask your friends or family for assistance. But, are they really the best option. Lifting heavy items can lead to injury and damage to your belongings. This happens if you don’t know what you are doing. Professional movers are the best and most reliable option. Your reliable long distance movers NJ just know the art of packing and moving.

Professional movers are accountable and safe

Professional movers will have accountability for moving all of your belongings safely. Their experience is a bonus. But, just to make sure everything goes smoothly there is insurance. Your belongings will stay safe and insured. You will not have to worry about everything reaching your new address safely. Moreover, professional movers are fast and efficient. Your movers will do almost anything faster than you because experience and years of practice are on their side. Just imagine how much time you would need to fit a couch through a narrow doorway. Or, how much time you and your friends would need to load a truck. Not to mention the fact that a truck should be loaded properly to save space. Your long distance movers NJ can do all of this more quickly and efficiently.

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Your long distance movers NJ are accountable professionals

You will avoid all of the heavy liftings

You might think lightly of heavy lifting, but this is no light matter. If you don’t know what you are doing you can get injured. Moreover, if you are not skillful enough you can cause others to get injured as well. If you and your friends decide to lift and carry a very heavy item you all need to be extra careful. If you accidentally drop it, all of you could get injured. Your professional movers will help you avoid that back strain or other health issues. There is no need to risk getting injured when a team of skillful mover can lift all of your heavy items. Your movers will know how to properly lift, hold, maneuver and load that bulky item. You don’t need to sweat over it!

Movers can provide a professional inventory process

If you want to make sure that all of your belongings got packed and moved safely you should take inventory. This can be a time consuming and overwhelming process. Well, your movers can do this for you. They will make sure they mark everything on paper. Afterward, you can check if everything got to your new home safely.

We offer the following types of services for long distance, interstate moves

Professional movers will always provide a full service if you desire so. We will familiarize you with the services that your movers will provide. So, first of all, there is taking inventory. You should have a list of items that need to be moved. Your movers can also make one for you and for them. The movers will go through this list together with you and check out what needs to be moved. Your movers should do this before the move itself and before the moving day. Once they check the list they will know the scope of the work and they can start planning everything. This will make the moving process go more smoothly. Your movers will know what they are moving and where everything should go. They will have your pets moved safely, as well as your boxes and belongings. And nothing will get lost during the move. Besides these services, we also offer the following:

  • A weekly travel to popular cities|
    The most economical and popular service
    When moving to Boston, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can share space on one of our trailers and save money. These trailers make several stops en route.
  • Dedicated service in an exclusive truck
    Designed to resolve special requests
    For some moves, or if you are in a hurry or must receive your items on a specific date, or just prefer direct delivery, this type of moving service can fit your needs.

Professional movers will check their truck

A smoothly working moving truck is a very important part of every move. Professional movers will always check their moving truck before the moving day. We are talking about a long distance move here. Those are miles and miles of road that need to be crossed. The worst thing that can happen is that the moving truck suddenly breaks down and stops working. Your long distance movers NJ will examine the moving truck and make sure it is ready for the journey. This is a responsibility of every mover and only scammers or bad mover will neglect the condition of their vehicle. A vehicle in a top-notch condition is another sign that you are working with professionals and not amateurs.

moving truck
We will make sure the moving truck is in top-notch condition.

Your movers will protect your belongings

One of the worst moving nightmares is when something valuable gets damaged. If you hire professional movers this is not likely to happen. Your reliable long distance movers NJ will keep your valuables protected. Before we move your belongings and your furniture, we will make sure they are protected. We will invest our time in protecting everything. We will use

  • moving blankets
  • padding
  • carpet protectors
  • plastic wrap

Moreover, we will use runners. We don’t want to make any dumps and cause damage to your moldings and corridors. Runners will ensure there is no damage. In addition, it will be easier for us to move all of your heavy furniture. Professional movers will make sure your home and your belongings stay intact when it comes to damage. So, if you want to avoid dropping a couch down a staircase and through the window or scratching walls and floors, hire professionals.

Your movers will load everything

When everything is packed and labeled it is time for loading. This is also one of the services your movers will perform for you as well. Loading everything onto the moving truck is not as easy as you might think. The moving truck has a platform. This platform can be elevated up to four feet off the surface. There are also some lower platforms. They have a ramp. However, they also have some tricky hooks and clamps that need to be adjusted. You would probably have problems dealing with all of this. Your reliable long distance movers NJ are experts here. When loading the truck your movers need to be extra careful with

  • extra heavy boxes
  • furniture of odd shapes
  • fragile and easily damaged items

You might find it complicated to lad these items. However, your movers will do it like pros. In addition, they will know exactly how to load the truck to maximize space. They will make a plan and load items in a specific order. These loading tricks are something they mastered through years of experience.

Your movers will secure the items inside of the truck

Once all of the items are inside the truck they need to be additionally secured. This is one of the services your movers will provide as well. The movers will tie down all of the heavy and bulky items. Once they are tied down they will not move during the transportation. Your movers will use special items to secure your belongings inside the truck. They will use things like

  • straps
  • clamps
  • moving mats
  • locks

You could also rent this equipment, but that doesn’t mean you will know how to use it properly. You would probably start jamming items into the back of a truck without a plan. This is not the case with professional movers. Moreover, your movers can also help you with loading items into a storage unit. They can give you storage tips and advice and even help you maximize space inside of a storage unit. Or you can simply hire them to do this service for you. You will pay your storage unit according to size. So, it is crucial to make the best use of space.

storage units
We can even help you maximize space in your storage unit.

If you need help with unloading and organizing of your belongings, we are there for you

Once your movers transport your belongings to your new address it is time for them to unload everything. If you decide to unload the truck yourself you will need a lot of time and help. You and your friends might take forever to unload and organize all of the boxes and furniture. Your professional and experienced long distance movers NJ will maximize the time and do this with max efficiency. Movers will make sure they don’t damage the floors, walls or your furniture. They will unload everything with the utmost care. They will put everything in its place. Real professionals will organize the furniture for you as well. You will have an idea where certain pieces of furniture should go. Your professional movers will ask you for ideas and suggestions. Once they get an idea where you want tour furniture they will place it in the right positions.

We also do the cleanup

Once everything is unloaded and in its place, your new home will still be a mess. Your new home will be full of equipment like dollies, padding, blankets, carpet protectors and other things. Your mover will clear all of this once they are finished using them. Moreover, they will help you unpack the boxes and they will get rid of all of the empty boxes for you. As you can see, the moving process is anything but easy. If you decide to do it yourself you will be in over your head. Let your reliable long distance movers NJ help you have a smooth and stress-free relocation. You will make your life and your move so much easier.

We are Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Moving of America is licensed, insured and bonded. We are licensed by the New York State Department of Transportation for New York “local” intrastate moves (License No. T-38444), licensed by the New Jersey Board of Movers and Warehousemen for New Jersey “local” intrastate moves (License No. 39 PC 000966), and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for “long distance” interstate moves (US DOT license No. 1601312, MC 592337).

As one of the most successful long distance movers in NYC and the tri-state area, our years of experience have enabled us to perform an unparalleled expertise at planning and managing interstate moving services from origin to delivery. This allows us to support a wide range of personalized moving services to our New York and New Jersey clients moving within the United States. We are well-equipped and qualified moving company, able to provide you a quality interstate moving services at an affordable price.
We list all of your wooden furniture, furniture made with glass or marble, glass and marble tops, boxes types and sizes, TV’s & electronics, lamps, pictures, artwork etc.

Give us the details, we’ll do the rest

We need to know if you are moving from a house or an apartment building, if elevator will be used for the move or if stairs, which flight your apartment located, move time restrictions if any, truck loading and offloading areas, parking info etc. Some buildings have specific requirements for insurance and other restrictions, rules, and regulations. Please contact the building management ahead of time, and update us on anything that we need to know.

Your movers can do the packing

Packing is one of the most time-consuming tasks related to every move. You could do it yourself. However, if you want to save time and energy let your reliable long distance movers NJ do it for you. We can pack your boxes at your current location, and, if you would like, unpack them for you at your new place. This includes disposal and recycles of the boxes and all the packing materials we used. Packing service is a part of a full moving experience. Your movers could charge extra for packing and crating service, but it will be worth every penny. Your movers will

  • safely and carefully wrap your belongings
  • securely place them inside the moving boxes
  • label the boxes
  • load the boxes into the moving truck
  • unload them once they transport them to your new home

    Packing your stuff safely for moving abroad
    Packing your stuff safely for moving abroad

Among the services we offer, you can find the straight delivery of boxes to your doorstep, photo inventory of each item in your shipment, box crating for your special items, TV wall removal, and installation, locksmith and security, disposal and cleaning. Upon having all your move information we will give you your moving project document. This detailed form guaranteed your all-inclusive price.

We’ll give you a call prior to your moving day

Our dispatch department will call you prior to your move date to confirm your move details, ensuring all required move information are on our records and that they are accurate.

On your moving day, your designated Forman will call you an hour prior to arriving at your location. And will let you know on his time of arrival as well as make sure there is someone at the location.

You update our operations department when you are ready to receive your items and we dispatch them to your new location. We reassemble your furniture, set them up, and put the boxes in each room you want them to be. We leave when you are completely satisfied. For your full satisfaction we will deal with the following:

• Protecting corners and floors.
• Disassembling furniture such as beds, tables, desks, and other for safe long distance transportation.
• Shrink-wrap and blankets wrap all listed furniture.
• Box packing electronics and artwork.
• Box crating glass furniture and specialty items.
• Prepare detailed inventory tagging for your items.
• Loading the truck.

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Real Reviews from Real Customers

I wanted to personally thank the crew of Moving of America for the amazing job they did to move my company to our new corporate location. We planned to move out of our existing office on short notice and your team made the entire experience easy and pleasant. Your team accommodated multiple loads across several days. The hands off approach by your movers allowed us to focus on many other things that required our immediate attention. The team showed their professionalism by showing up early, helping us pack everything, and staging everything perfectly in the new location. Once again, thank you to your entire team!

- Noah

When choosing a moving company, Moving of America, is by far your best decision. From the beginning they were very informative regarding what services they offer and their different packages and pricing. Being that we moved from NYC to Virginia, my stuff was delivered in the same exact condition as it was before. Not only did these guys come earlier than originally promised, their level of hard work and efficiency was beyond phenomenal. They worked straight through from the time of arrival until they were done, without taking ANY breaks, with smiles on their faces and positive attitudes, nonetheless. The team they sent us was EXCEPTIONAL and they made our stressful transition completely stress free. THANKS, MOVING OF AMERICA !!!!

- Ava

Recently, I had to move from Essex County, New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York and I wasn’t sure about who to choose or where to turn for help. So, I asked my friends if they can recommend any honest moving companies. They suggested me to engage Moving of America. I hired them without hesitation and got to witness first hand their level of professionalism and hard workers. The crew made sure to wrap and pack all my fragile items. They were extremely careful while handling my antique furniture. I am immensely pleased with the service and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great moving experience.

- Emma

We used Moving of America services twice. Once to move out and put some of our office belongings in the storage; the other to move those items back to the office. We had 2 different teams and both were great. The first team had to deal with a 3rd-floor walk-up apt. They were very careful in moving all our boxes and wrapping our furniture with plastic and cardboard. Then they spent a good portion of the afternoon loading everything into the storage unit, which looked like a game of Tetris after they were done. 6 months later, we requested the same team of guys but they were unavailable. A different set of 4 guys came and I was initially skeptical but within the first hour and a half, they unloaded a 10x15 unit that was filled with our stuff. The first, move out the team was more careful and the second, move in the team were very fast. Both teams were great and I highly recommend them.

- Willy & Bros

We moved our office, approximate 160 boxes, 8 computers and lots of furniture. All our stuff was in great condition at destination. They explained everything over the phone, the going rate, the packing service we would have, and a full detailed move plan. They used all type of protective equipment for the furniture. Try them, decent rates too.

- R&PA

The most skilled, experienced and professional movers, I have come across. My move had the chance of playing out in a couple ways. I was definitely moving some stuff and possibly storing some. Not only that they also picked up the unwanted, non-perishable food items to deliver it to their local food banks. Move for Hunger teams up with relocation companies across the country and picks up these items from food banks to distribute it to the poor and needy. I was very much satisfied that I have done a generous act with the help of Moving of America. They are super communicative (called to confirm and called when en route with box delivery and move), prompt, and really friendly.

- Keshahyde