Moving & Packing Tips

Moving & Packing Tips
Moving & Packing Tips

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Moving & Packing Tips
Moving & Packing Tips


Be Sure to Pack an Overnight Bag

Ensure your comfort by including essential items such as medication, a change of clothes, toiletries, and electronics in your overnight bag.

Pack Essentials in a Specially Labeled Box

Organize crucial items in a clearly labeled box for easy access upon arrival at your new destination. 

Label Your Boxes

Avoid confusion and streamline unpacking by labeling each box with its contents and designated room. 

Pre-clean the Bathroom and Kitchen Before Moving

Arrive at your new home to a fresh start by pre-cleaning the bathroom and kitchen areas before the move. 

Prevent Cosmetics from Breaking

Safeguard your powder cosmetics by placing an extra cotton pad or ball inside the containers to prevent breakage during transport. 

Protect Toiletries with Saran Wrap

Secure your toiletries during the move by covering their openings with saran wrap before screwing the tops back on. 

Pack Plates Vertically to Minimize Breakage

Minimize the risk of plate breakage by packing them vertically, like records, for added stability. 

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Our excellence emanates from
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Moving & Packing Tips
Moving & Packing Tips

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Keep Drawers Intact with Press'n Seal

Maintain the contents of your draws neatly in place by sealing them with Press’n Seal, preventing items from spilling out during transport. 

Use Press'n Seal for Jewelry Displays

Keep your jewelry displays organized by securing items in place with Press’n Seal. 

Use Sandwich Bags for Small Parts

Store small items like curtain rod hardware or TV mounting components in sandwich bags for easy reassembly. 

Utilize Beer Boxes for Books

Take advantage of the convenient handles on beer boxes when packing books for an efficient move. 

Take Photos of Electronics Connections

Snap photos of your electronics setup to remember how all the wires are connected for easier reassembly at your new home.

Enlist a Color-coding System

Assign a particular color to each room or category to streamline unpacking with a visual organization system.

Moving & Packing Tips
Moving & Packing Tips
Number Your Boxes

Improve organization and track inventory by numbering your boxes, ensuring that no items are overlooked. 

Consider Hiring Movers for Fragile Items

Ensure the safety of fragile valuables by hiring professional movers, potentially saving on replacement costs. 

Review Movers' Policies

Avoid unexpected surprises by comprehensively reviewing the policies and fine print of your moving company. 

Fill Nail Holes with Soap

Quickly and easily disguise nail holes by rubbing a bar of soap over them for a simple solution. 

Plan Your Final Grocery Trip

Aim to schedule your final grocery trip two weeks before moving day to reduce the number of perishable items you’ll need to transport to your new home, streamlining your moving process 

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Moving & Packing tips
Moving & Packing tips