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Eviction Movers
Eviction Movers

New Jersey Eviction Moving Service

Moving of America is one of the most reliable and honest eviction movers, offering all-inclusive packaging services that fit every type of eviction. Our MoveView Packages allow our customers to be in control of how they would like the eviction move to happen. In the face of unforeseen evictions, rest easy knowing we’ve got your back. Each of our moving services includes a complementary first month of eviction storage, ensuring your items remain secure while you navigate your housing accommodations.

Eviction Movers

How Professional Eviction Packers and Movers Can Simplify Your Move?

Our professional residential movers can help you move much faster than you could on your own. And when the situation calls for eviction, time is of the essence. Partnering with an expert moving crew makes certain parts of the moving process simpler, such as: 

  • Getting more belongings packed and secure in fewer boxes 
  • Maximizing space inside the moving truck (which you don’t have to rent and drive yourself) 
  • Maneuvering items in and out of tricky doorways and down staircases, etc. 

All these tasks can be hard for those with no experience moving. However, they come easily to the best moving company NJ has to offer. This is what we do, every day and all day. The experience and value we bring to your move are unmatched. Regardless of when you are moving or where you’re moving to, the moving advisor assigned to you will be there throughout the day. Our eviction movers understand that eviction moves are stress full. We make every effort to stay in contact throughout the entire eviction move, including any eviction storage you might need.

Trust Moving of America for a Smooth and Expedited Process

We offer various kinds of eviction moving services to our customers. Eviction moving is but a small part of the comprehensive package that you can come to expect from Moving of America. When dealing with an eviction, be it as a tenant or landlord, you need a team that’s familiar with every aspect of the process and one that prioritizes urgency.

Eviction Movers

Our excellence emanates from exceeding customer expectations.

Our excellence emanates from exceeding customer expectations.

Eviction Movers
Eviction Movers

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Eviction Packers and Movers

Are You Looking for Speedy and Efficient Professional Eviction Movers?

If the answer is yes, you should contact us so we can help you. Our eviction movers have the necessary skills to complete an eviction in less than 24 hours. If you’re short on time, acting fast is crucial. With our local eviction movers, timely service is guaranteed. Once you contact us, we immediately begin planning and organizing the entire move, ensuring the task at hand is completed within 24 hours. 

We possess all the required licenses and insurances                                                                          We hold the appropriate licenses and insurances to conduct both local and long distance moves to and from New Jersey. As government contractors, we can meet any need you may have, providing a comprehensive service.

How does the Process of Eviction Work?

The beginning of every eviction move is to have the local sheriff’s department supervise as we gain access to the house. Once we have legal access to move the items, we start our job. However, before this happens, there are some preliminary steps to go through: 

  • There are many reasons for a landlord or financial institution to decide to evict someone. However, before they do this, they must draw up a notice with a detailed explanation of the issue at hand, including a date by which the tenant is expected to vacate the premises. 
  • The eviction notice must be officially served in accordance with state law. In some states, this requires personal delivery, while in others, posting the notice on the apartment door suffices. 
  • The landlord has the option to sue if the tenant refuses to leave the residence. 
  • Subsequently, it’s up to a judge in court to decide what happens. 
  • Finally, if the judge rules in favor of the eviction, the tenant must either voluntarily leave, or you can involve the sheriff and eviction movers.
Eviction Packers and Movers
Eviction Packers and Movers
Eviction Packers and Movers

Why Choose Our Eviction Moving Services?

It is the job of any eviction moving company to ensure a quick, efficient, and affordable relocation. So, if you’re faced with a last-minute moving need, we are definitely the company to contact. Moving of America is well-versed with the entire process, and we are experienced eviction packers and movers capable of handling delicate moves, especially those that are time sensitive and may require professional packing services. 

Here are a few of the many benefits you will experience when working with our premier eviction movers: 

  • Expertise 
  • Cost savings 
  • Stress-free moving 
  • Comprehensive Insurance and guarantee for your relocation 
  • Knowledgeable logistics and coordination 
  • Thorough packing and crating services 
  • Maximum efficiency in loading and unloading 
  • Overall, a rapid move

When Should You Get in Touch with Our NJ Eviction Movers?

The middle of the month is typically the slowest time for moving, making it ideal for eviction situations. This lull allows our team the opportunity to be available all day long. Pricing an eviction move is a complex process. We reference the number of bedrooms in the home and consider the property’s square footage. We also utilize local websites, such as Zillow, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the property. 
We offer the first month of storage for free for eviction moves in the tri-state area, so you don’t have to worry about a place to take the items out of the housewe can store them in-house. There is a minimum time requirement for our services, which will be determined based on the arrangements you have made with our dedicated moving advisors. Please contact us for further assistance. We are eagerly waiting!

Streamline the Eviction Process with Professional Movers

Eviction is not the end of the world–it happens often enough across the country. Think of it as just another one of the many challenges in life. So, whether you’re the one having to evict someone or you’re the one being evicted, you might as well do it in style. Hire our professional eviction movers and enjoy the peace of mind of a smooth eviction moving process. Here at Moving of America, we understand the eviction moving process very closely. After all, weve been helping people across the nation move on from bad tenancies for years. We are well acquainted with the moving process, especially when it comes to evictions, and can make it easier for you. 
Give us a call today if you are interested in getting your move over with and moving on with your life. We offer high-quality Eviction Moving Services at competitive prices. Don’t just take our word for it- Get a free moving quote from us and compare it with others. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our services.

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Eviction Packers and Movers
Eviction Packers and Movers