Essential Tips To Ensure A Stress-Free Move With Pets

Are you a pet owner who is looking forward to moving to a new place? In the middle of collaborating with residential movers, packing boxes, and doing a number of other tasks, you realize that your furry buddy needs quite a bit of attention. Your pets are intelligent creatures and can sense changes happening around them. At the same time, they are highly energetic, and no matter how much you train them, they’re ultimately fun-loving animals who can easily cause damage to your boxes in fun and play. 

Even if they don’t, they would still want to grab your attention and spend some time with you as they are loyal and innocent. And if you don’t go to them, they will get anxious and stressed. So, what to do? How to go about a smooth move with your pets around? 

In this blog, we shall dive into the various issues pets face when their surroundings are in the middle of a lot of changes and their owners are often not giving them the attention they want. Some tips will follow up, that would help you embark on this moving journey with your family, your local movers NJ, and your darling furries together in the most comfortable way.

Challenges Pets And Their Parents Face During A Move 

As you pack your movables to relocate with your team of expert residential movers, your little dog would playfully follow you around everywhere. However, being in the middle of work you won’t be able to give him the belly rubs and playtime that you usually do. This could induce a certain distress in the dog, who may start barking excessively and turn more restless than usual.

On the other hand, your cat may show stress in her own way. Instead of being loud, she would rather seclude herself in lonely corners of the home or sometimes act out in aggression. The unfamiliar environment around her could overwhelm her. 

Different animals react differently to this situation, but they certainly make sure their owners know they are not having it. Their disrupted routines and lack of attention from owners make them quite confused and stressed. And since they cannot speak on their own to tell us exactly what they are going through, we have to be responsible pet parents on our own. It’s quite important to acknowledge that our pets have feelings and their well-being is super important throughout the process.

Make Your Move Pet-Friendly With These Things In Mind 

Now that you know what your beloved fur friends go through while a hefty moving process takes place, it is time to find out how can we, as their pet parents, ensure that they remain comfy throughout the phase and keep their tails wagging with happiness. Here are a few tips that could be of great help in this regard.

Maintain Their Consistent Routine 

Pets are creatures of routine. Once they become accustomed to something, they like to live by it, whether it’s their evening walk or their feeding time. So it is essential that their routine remains as unaffected as possible. Spend some time with them amid the chaotic pressure of the move. This would not only keep them jolly and happy but also give you a moment of rejuvenation in the middle of your busy moving schedule. 

Avoid Cluttering Your Pet’s Space 

When you are packing your belongings, there is a big chance that your house is going to end up in a mess for quite some time. With lots of clutter all around, it is essential that you designate a quiet and fairly organized space for your pets to stay in comfortably till the move goes on. Keep all the items they are fond of like their bed, toys, and their bowls nearby. Do not clutter up your pets’ spaces as it can irritate or hurt them. 

Garner Information On Pet Laws Of The Moving Destination 

Prior to your move to your new place, there is one thing you must certainly remember to do as a pet lover. Thoroughly research all the pet laws and regulations at the new location. Different states, cities, and even various zones within the same city would have unique laws for permissible breeds and leash requirements. When you know this information in advance, it would make sure there are no last-moment troubles with taking your beloved pooch to your new home and everything would go smoothly. 

Keep Your Pets Safe And Secure During Transportation 

Whether you are traveling by your own vehicle or taking help from residential movers for it, the security of pets is really important during this time. If they are being taken in a car, a well-ventilated pet carrier would be great to keep them safe throughout the journey. A pet seatbelt would also serve a similar purpose, keeping your furry passengers safe. 

Keep in mind – Never ever, at any point in the journey, should you leave your pets unattended inside a parked car. Their body temperatures could be badly affected by this rapidly and their health could suffer. Always take them with you.

Create A Separate Bag Of Emergency Supplies For Your Pet During The Move 

During any outdoor venture, we carry a set of essentials that are important for emergency cases or are indispensable to us. Similarly, our sweet pets also require certain items that are necessary for them to stay calm and composed through the moving phase. These include the basics – kibble, water, medications along with some items that they really like, for instance, their favorite toys, treats, and blankets. Keep the bag with you all the time so that whenever your furry pal needs something, you hand it over right away.

Pro Tip – Do keep the medical records and identification tags of your pets. These will help in case your pet requires veterinary attention in the journey to the new destination urgently at any point.

How To Set Up Your New Place For Your Pet Friends? 

The journey is over, and you along with your family, which includes your lovely pets, have now reached your new place. A new chapter in your life is about to begin and we get it, the feeling is exciting. However, the work is far from done yet. 

Your residential movers would now start to unpack all the items you have brought and arrange them as you want in your new place. However, your pets are probably tired of being cramped in a car for a while and might feel a bit restless. They might not feel as excited about the new home at the beginning and would rather prefer the comfort of their older space. This is why it’s ideal to start with unpacking their items first and setting up their resting space with familiar belongings like their toys kept in a similar fashion as they used to do earlier. This would help the pets get cozy and comfy faster.

And before you allow your pets to frolic around the new environment at their will, just make a little check on anything that could pose a threat to them like any toxic plants, exposed wiring, or pointed items. Let the pets get introduced to different rooms of the house in a gradual manner, so they can explore everything calmly and get used to everything one at a time.


Tips for Moving with Children

The moving process is equal parts exciting and exhausting, depending on many factors. These may range from choosing the right moving companies to figuring out where your new home would be. Additionally, if your family has a number of little kids, things can get quite hefty as moving is much more impactful on them than you’d think. They are emotionally much more sensitive to any changes around them. The very idea of leaving behind the surroundings they grew accustomed to can lead to many emotions in their innocent little hearts. 

However, as a parent, you don’t need to worry. With a little compassion and some expert tips, you can comfort your tiny tots and make their experience of the move a breeze. 

Let us first take a look at how the process of residential moving in New Jersey truly impacts the mind of children. We’ll also share some expert insights on simplifying the move and making it much easier for both you and your little ones as you all settle into your new home.

The Impact of Residential Moving on Kids

Kids are innocent and imaginative. However, they are also equally sensitive to change and hence, the moving process could be quite an emotionally charged journey for them to take up. For toddlers, the change might simply not even be detectable since they have a limited understanding of what’s going on around them. But school kids would probably feel a lot of excitement, and sadness as well for leaving behind a lot of their loved ones like teachers, friends, and other familiar faces. 

As parents, you might find it doubly burdening to get grappled in the emotional rollercoaster of your child while also taking up the various moving tasks at the same time. It is hence, extremely important to acknowledge, accept, and address the feelings of your tiny tots from each age group and not let them get emotionally isolated during such an important part of their life.

Moving With Toddlers

Toddlers are tiny sailors, always excited to discover what the world around them holds. When you undergo local moving, toddlers may not immediately understand what is going on exactly. But they do have the gift of five senses, and they can certainly detect changes in their environment. They might show some behavioral changes during this period. Perhaps they’d be clingier than usual, or irritable. They might have changes in their eating and sleeping patterns as well. 

Easing their worries is fairly easy. Start with ensuring that their daily routine is maintained as much as possible, be it their story time or playtime. This would help them comfortably adjust to the changes happening around them, and nothing would come off abruptly. 

Keep in mind The best way to keep toddlers calm throughout the moving phase is to keep their attention focused on something fun. Engaging them in simple things like packing their toys while occasionally checking in with them would keep them happy and content, and they’ll be assured that everything is going alright.

Pre-Schoolers and Moving

By the time toddlers learn to speak and articulate, they also develop a rather vivid curiosity about things around them. So, expect a lot of questions coming from them regarding everything. Keep them engaged and in sync with the whole moving process so that they don’t feel alienated. Show them what your new place looks like to generate excitement in their innocent minds. If time permits from the tasks of your residential moving, go ahead and take them on a tour of the new neighborhood to show the interesting places nearby like parks or playgrounds. This way they feel a connection to the newness in their surroundings and also get reassured that their excitement and nervousness are okay.

School-Going Kids and Moving

If your kids are old enough to go to school, things can be moodier and a little more challenging. Unlike younger children, school-going kids would have to leave behind lots of friends and other acquaintances, which could make them very sad. Leaving a familiar environment and getting into a new one could be difficult as forging new friendships takes time. 

Schoolkids require a lot of healthy communication so that their fears and concerns are heard and addressed aptly. Keep them involved in everything by encouraging them to take part in making choices like the colors of the walls in their rooms among other things. Perhaps visit their new school together in the new neighborhood before enrolling, so that the kids can feel a little more familiarized with it.

Valuable tip – A farewell party for your kids to bid their goodbyes to their old friends would be great if time permits. It would ensure your kids meet up with their near and dear buddies one last time before they move. Also, encourage them to keep in touch with their old friends while making new ones in the new neighborhood. It would ensure a seamless transition for them.

How To Help Kids Settle In The New Place After The Move?

Whether you are doing residential moving in New Jersey or any other area, the process doesn’t finish with the mere transportation of your belongings from the old house to the new one. Settling in is an important part of the move as well. For kids, this part is crucial because on their first day at the new home, they are bound to feel a little alien to the surroundings and they may have nostalgic blues about their old home. 

To smoothen the process of moving as much as possible for them, consider these few tips: –

  1. Start by unpacking the items from their room and setting them up first. Set up the room similar to the older one with the books, toys, and their other belongings in similar positions. 
  2. Let your kids chime in with their little contributions in the unpacking process as well, which might make them feel more engaged in their new surroundings.
  3. Once the rooms are set up, take a stroll around the neighborhood and find out where the recreational areas like parks or playpens are. Let the kids soak in the vibe of the new area through the local places of interest like libraries, shops, cinemas, or restaurants among other things. 
  4. Eventually, introduce them to other kids in the neighborhood that could be their playmates so new friendships could blossom.

The key to a successful settling-in process is – patience and understanding. Children are soft at heart with sensitivity towards even the slightest change near them. This could lead to fluctuation in their emotions throughout the local moving process. To keep this under control, it would be great to acknowledge and reassure them from time to time as they go through their new environment.

Throughout the settling-in process, remember to be patient and understanding. Children may take some time to adjust to the changes, and their emotions may fluctuate. Offer them comfort and reassurance, and acknowledge their feelings as they navigate their new environment.


Creative Solutions for Streamlining your Packing Process

Following the hustle and bustle of orchestrating a major relocation to a new home or business, summoning the motivation to pack your possessions before reaching your new abode can indeed pose a formidable challenge. Moreover, if you’re amidst the joyful chaos of children darting about, carving out the time to tackle the packing process becomes an even more intricate task.

To save time, at Moving of America, we empathize with the taxing nature of relocations, and the strain and fatigue they entail. As your reliable partners in this transitional journey, we extend our supportive hand.

This blog aims to provide six practical strategies for packing when moving to a residential or commercial space. When you follow these tips, it will make the entire moving experience smooth, and maybe it will add a little bit of fun.

6. Best Ways to Streamline the Packing Process During a Move

If you throw your stuff into boxes, randomly before moving, unpacking later will be much harder. Being disorganized makes moving more difficult, so before you put everything into a moving truck, we have some tips to share with you so that you can pack up your things in a much better way. 

1.Start by Making a Checklist 

Whether you’re planning to move by yourself or hire the services of professional moving companies, the details can vary. There might be more things to consider, depending on your situation.

Using the checklist of tasks can make your packing process go more smoothly. This checklist will help you remember the important things you need to do, when you should finish certain tasks, and where things should be placed. It can also remind you in case you forget something.

You can decide how detailed you want the checklist to be. Having a checklist can be really helpful to stay motivated and make sure you complete everything on time, especially if you’re moving in a hurry.

Pro tip– If you’re moving with young children, consider preparing a few emergency boxes. Fill them with essentials like clean clothes, diapers, and milk formula, and don’t forget their favorite bedtime teddy! These boxes can be a lifesaver, helping you avoid last-minute panic, especially after a stressful moving day.

2.Decluttering is another way

Avoid the hassle and expense of packing and carrying things that you don’t really need or want into your new home. The better choice is to declutter. This means that you should thoroughly look at all your belongings while packing and decide what you won’t be taking with you. This goes with clothes, furniture, kids’ toys, kitchen stuff, food, and more.

If you are relocating to a different city or area and you are uncertain about what to do with the food you have left, here is a solution: 

This situation often arises during the moving process. If you are interested in donating the remaining food to a charitable cause, you also have the option to donate it to those in need. At Moving of America, we have partnered with charitable organizations such as Move for Hunger. The moving company assists by supplying edible items to food banks while people are in the process of moving.

3.Get all the necessary packing materials and supplies

a.Eco-friendly Packing supplies 

Running out of boxes, tape, or wrapping paper can cause problems. You might need to order them or go out to buy them, which takes time. But if you are unsure about how many boxes and supplies you might need for packing, having too many supplies is also a problem. In such a scenario, you need to find a solution to deal with them. That’s why it’s smart to hire the services of a reliable moving company like Moving of America, which offers packing supplies for moving. 

The moving company can handle all the packing and moving tasks for you and make sure to use sustainable packaging options, such as biodegradable packing materials. We utilize boxes that are specially crafted from 100% recycled materials, playing a part in contributing to and supporting a healthier planet.

b.Using special boxes for packing and crating materials for delicate items 

Certain items, such as delicate or fragile items will need special care and packaging. For example, if you have some fragile items at home, such as wine glasses, bottles, antiques, art work, etc., you will need specially designed packing boxes and crates. This will protect your items from potential damage and keep them safe during transportation. 

Pro tip- Avoid making boxes that are too heavy. It will be difficult to lift it, try spreading those items to other, lighter boxes that will be easier to move. There are specialty boxes for moving and packing specific electronic appliances or heavy items that you can use to move the items safely and securely.

4.Packing room by room 

When you’re finally ready to start packing, it’s important to have a plan. If you just pack things randomly without any order, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time. There are many ways to organize your packing, but the most effective one is to start by packing room by room. Begin by packing the rooms you use the least, like the attic or the basement. This way, you won’t have to search through boxes every time you need something to use every day. 

If you’re finding it hard to organize your move, getting help from a trustworthy moving company in New Jersey is a good idea. The skilled experts will surely make your move much smoother.

A piece of advice- While packing each room, you might be unsure where to start and what to pack first. To simplify this process, use the following prioritized list as a sequencing guide for packing different rooms.

  • Garage
  • Guest room
  • Basement or attic
  • Study
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Main bedroom
  • Kids rooms
  • Bathroom

5.Labeling the boxes 

Once you are done with the packing task, it is important to label the boxes. When you are aware of what each box contains, you will never mix up items while you pack. This simple step will help you stay organized during this moving task. It will be helpful for movers and for you as well to handle the boxes. When you label the boxes with specific item names, you and the movers will be extra cautious about taking care of the boxes. This simple trick will help you keep your heavy and fragile items organized in one piece.

6.Storing items

If you’re not sure about certain items, don’t want to let them go, or are not in a situation to carry them with you to a new place, there’s a solution. In this case, you can utilize the services of storage facilities. Many moving companies in NJ provide storage services, and people often choose to use them. You can also do this by getting in touch with us. Here at Moving of America, we can help you organize your new space and put your items in climate controlled storage units. Plus, you get the benefit of storing the items for free for 30 days at our storage facility. Once you find a place for your things, like furniture or clothes, you can take your time to decide if you want to keep them or not.

Hiring Professional Movers is the Best Way to Streamline the Packing Process!

 Packing tasks are too hard for some people. This is true when you have a little time to finish this moving task. If this is your case, it is better to engage the moving services of  Moving of America in New Jersey. If you get an experienced professional on your side, your whole packing process will become much simpler and easier. 

We provide you with a free moving quote based on our knowledge and expertise. Here you will have the option to pick from our MoveView Packages that will work best for you, leaving you stress free.

Things to Consider for Moving Electronics Safely

Moving is an exciting period for many individuals, whether it’s a solo move, with a roommate or partner, or even involving the whole family. Nonetheless, despite the thrill that comes with relocating, there are certain challenges that need to be acknowledged and tackled in advance for a seamless and well-organized moving day.

One of the most prevalent challenges encountered during the moving process revolves around managing the transition of electronic devices. From laptops to televisions, gaming systems for children, and various other electronics, appliance moving necessitates careful handling from start to finish in order to prevent significant damage or potential loss.

To avoid the unfortunate occurrence of a damaged electronic item, it becomes vital to have an understanding of the factors that require consideration when moving electronics. 

In this blog, our speciality movers have shared some valuable suggestions on safeguarding your electronic possessions while going through the journey of relocation.

4 Factors to Keep in Mind When Moving Electronics Safely

Merely wrapping your TV with a blanket or tucking your laptop in its case on top of a box won’t suffice. Proper safeguarding and security require a more comprehensive approach. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before packing your belongings, to ensure that the packing is executed effectively. Lets see what are they-

1.Gather packing and moving supplies 

The initial step to any successful move is to collect useful materials for packing your belongings. To guarantee the safe transportation of all your possessions to your new home or office, you need to have enough protective packing supplies. Properly securing your electronic items during the move is far more cost-effective than having to replace it.

Essential packing material for electronic devices-

  • Moving Boxes with cushion support- When you place any electronic item in the boxes, the top and bottom of the boxes have cushioning support to stop the devices from shifting around inside the boxes.
  • Bubble wrap- Computer screens are sensitive and delicate and are wrapped in bubble wrap for protection, in case you don’t have the original packaging.
  • Packing paper- If you have the CDs, DVDs, and drives at home, they will be enveloped in packing paper, followed by placing bubble wrap over them, and then carefully sealed using strong duct tape to secure the packaging. 
  • Blankets– For sensitive electronic items, utilize dedicated moving blankets to safeguard your electronics during the home relocation process. Additionally, regular blankets can offer supplementary cushioning for your extremely delicate electronic devices that you’re bringing along.

Helpful Advice- Prior to packing your electronics, always take out the batteries from the devices. Leaving batteries inside can lead to corrosion, potentially causing irreparable damage to your devices. Remember, it’s far simpler to replace batteries than to replace an entire device.

2.Labeling your electronic items

The moment you close a cardboard box and seal it with tape, that’s the exact time you should start labeling the box. So, no matter what you do, take a minute or a little more time to get this task done, because it will benefit you in many ways in the future. By doing so, you can keep things well-organized as you pack and unpack when boxes are clearly labeled.

For instance- If you have several identical devices for various rooms, ensure that the labels on your boxes indicate these distinctions. People usually forget to label the box, but it’s something you shouldn’t forget to do!

Pro-tip- If you have printers, be sure to remove all toner cartridges with care. Once done, let the movers expertly secure the cartridges and label the designated bag for their safekeeping. 

3.Store electronics items in a temporary Climate-Controlled Space

In situations where you are facing limited space and require short-term solutions to store your delicate electronic devices, it is crucial to choose climate-controlled storage units. Otherwise, there’s a risk of potential damage to your electronics due to specific environmental conditions. To safeguard your items from both internal and external harm, utilizing storage facilities becomes the optimal choice until your new location is prepared. 

If your circumstances align with the scenario described above and you are seeking temporary storage services for your electronic belongings, Moving of America is here to assist you. We provide an affordable, spacious, and secure storage facility that includes climate control. Additionally, we offer a complimentary storage period of 30 days, ensuring your possessions remain safeguarded until you’re ready to retrieve them.

4.Unpacking and Home Staging After the Move

Whether you’ve moved a short distance or far away, there’s a bunch of stuff you’ve got to do once you’re at your new place. After the moving day hustle, there’s cleaning, unpacking, and getting your home all nice and staged. But guess what? You might not have the energy or time to properly put your electronics where they belong. That’s where home staging experts come in handy; like we have at Moving of America, our trained professionals can help you out with getting your electronics all sorted in their right spots.

Engaging Experts Proficient in Packing and Moving Electronics

If you are still unsure about packing your electronic devices while moving. It’s a smart move to bring in experts for big moves. 

Moving of America is a reliable and trustworthy moving company in New Jersey. Our comprehensive services will give you access to boxes, packing supplies, and we will assign a dedicated team to ensure the secure transfer of your electronics and all your belongings to your new residence. Our professionals are experienced in the correct methods of packing and unpacking electronics and will shoulder the responsibility if any issues arise. 

Organizing your Small space: 5 ways storage units can help

A storage unit is useful and convenient in many instances, but you may be unsure of the true benefits it holds. Perhaps you live in a smaller space, and while it is cozy, it can sometimes feel cramped. You are renovating your house or moving for personal or professional reasons and need a place to store your thing until you get settled in. 

The benefits of storage can vary, depending on what exactly you need the space for. For instance, business and personal storage, climate controlled self storage, documents storage, to help you meet those needs. In this blog, we will explore the top five ways in which utilizing storage units can significantly simplify your life during the moving process. 

5 Ways Storage Units Can Help To Transform Your Space

Choosing the right storage unit can be a key to managing your precious belongings and freeing up space during your move. Whether you are moving to a smaller place, downsizing, or decluttering. It can help you optimize your storage, no matter what your circumstances are.

Whether you are rolling up your sleeves for your future move or taking on an ambitious endeavor to move to a bigger office, let’s delve into the details and see how storage units can streamline your moving process and manage your small space. 

1.Simplifying Business Logistics with Storage Units

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner, a storage unit serves as a cost-effective solution to help you keep organized. The storage units provide you with a secure space to store supplies, furniture, coffee tables, and many more items to help keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Here are some of the reasons why you should use business storage unit-

a. Less workspace clutter- It doesn’t take much for clutter to accumulate, whether you operate from home or a small workplace. Due to this, you may have difficulty finding the things you need when you need them. By keeping things you don’t use very often in a business storage unit, you can free up much-needed space for the things you use every day.

b. More advanced security- If you run your small business or nonprofit out of your home, you might not have the security measures needed to protect inventory and equipment. There, you need business storage facilities that are also equipped with security measures, such as surveillance, fire protection, and security staff.

c. Keeping records off-site- For legal reasons, your company most likely has to preserve hard copies of records on hand. A storage unit provides you with a secure location for your documents while freeing up space in your home or workplace. To ensure the safety and accessibility of your documents, consider keeping them on-site in case you need them. 

It is advisable to utilize the comprehensive document storage services offered by Moving of America, a trusted provider catering to businesses of all sizes.

At Moving of America some of our customers have used commercial storage units to: 

  • Storing inventory and warehouse items
  • Safeguarding important records, files and documents
  • Securing expensive, delicate or large equipment
  • Storing office furniture and electronic equipment

When you book a storage unit with Moving of America, it grants you the convenience of our prompt delivery services, which allow you to get business packages sent right to your storage unit for the utmost convenience. 

Pro tip: Whenever you plan to move, create an inventory list and take pictures of packed items to build a storage archive. This will facilitate the easy retrieval of stored items. 

2. Downsizing to a Smaller Home with Ease

Storage units are a valuable resource when you need to quickly downsize to a smaller home or renovating. In such situations, it may not be feasible to sort through all your belongings right away. By utilizing a storage unit, you can temporarily store the excess items and take your time to make thoughtful decisions after the move is complete.

This way you don’t need to be left in the dilemma if your belongings, such as antiques, artwork, and dishware, are set to go when moving to a new or smaller space. Instead, you can rent a nearby storage unit to store your valuable belongings and preserve those fun memories you shared with your loved ones. 

When selecting a storage facility, it is essential to choose a reliable provider, such as Moving of America known for implementing various security measures. These may include surveillance systems, CCTV, fire protection systems, and round-the-clock security staff, all working together to keep your items safe. 

3. Makes You Ready for the Unpredictable

No matter how much you plan, unpredictable circumstances can arise on a moving day. If you have access to a convenient storage unit, it can act as a backup plan for your belongings, and give you peace of mind at the end of the day. 

a. For heavy and large items: Imagine you have an oversized couch intended for the basement of a new home. It won’t fit through the narrow stairwell. In such a situation, there is no need to panic, you can securely place the items in storage units until you find a suitable solution. 

A piece of advice: When packing your belongings, always use smaller boxes for heavier items, as they can withstand the weight and are easier to handle. Using larger boxes for lighter items like curtains will help maximize space efficiency.

b. Accommodating extra items: Sometimes you underestimate the number of things you have or how much space you need at home. Don’t worry! In this case, storage units are the ultimate solution to your problem, as they can store your extra items such as furniture, delicate items, seasonal decorations, musical instruments, electronic items, and more.

4. Protecting Artistic Investments

Storage units are the best solution for various art storage requirements. Whether it is storing your fine art collection, paintings, framed poster collection, or art and craft supplies, off-site storage is an ideal tool. Additionally, your valuable collection or essential supplies are kept safe and secure in storage units without disturbing your living space. 

5.Wine Storage made easy

Wine enthusiasts often face a lack of space and a suitable environment to store their expanding wine collections. To address these challenges, wine enthusiasts are opting for storage units, which are eventually gaining popularity nationwide.

When you place wine in storage units, it offers you the following benefits:

a. Prevention of fragile bottles from potential damage: If you have active children and pets in your home, they can cause accidents that may result in broken or damaged wine bottles. When you store your wine away from home in a secure storage unit, it protects your delicate bottles from future mishaps.

b. Maintain a consistent temperature: To store wine properly, you need an environment that maintains a consistent temperature. A climate-controlled storage unit can provide that environment, which helps preserve the quality and flavor profiles of your wines over time.

In case you are planning on storing wine in a storage unit, it is advisable to consult Moving of America as we offer climate-controlled storage specifically designed for wine bottles.

Reserve a Storage Unit with Moving of America

By proactively planning and staying organized with the assistance of Moving of America’s storage unit rentals, you can make your move hassle-free. When you choose us as your storage partner, you gain access to a diverse range of storage options, including residential, business, local, and document storage

With our 30-day free storage facility, you can now enjoy a stress-free and pleasant storage experience. Remember, Moving of America is fully equipped and best in class in moving and storage services, capable of meeting all your storage requirements. Get in touch with us today to av​​ail of our services.


Trends Shaping the Future of Self-Storage Facilities

The self-storage industry has expanded significantly in the twenty-first century, and has grown in popularity as people look for more storage options to help them organize their homes or offices.  

As a result, the self-storage sector is expected to undergo significant change over the coming years for several reasons. The reasons are new developments, technical improvements, the expansion of packing delivery services, the integration of environmental initiatives, evolving customer preferences, and the emergence of specialized niches.

In addition to highlighting trends used in storage facilities, this blog will explore how the self-storage sector has changed over the last few years. It will paint a clear picture of what the self-storage industry’s future may look like.

How has the industry evolved in these years?

Self-storage units have seen substantial evolution since their introduction in 1964. Initially, it was designed as a temporary storage solution for storing personal belongings in lockers or unconditioned units. 

The industry has since grown to offer much more. Today, modern storage facilities have evolved, now equipped with cutting-edge technology and climate-controlled features that promote sustainability. 

4 Popular Trends Incorporated in Self-Storage Facilities 

In 2021, the global self-storage market was estimated to be worth $54 billion, and it is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.53% between 2022 and 2027, reaching a total value of $83.6 billion. North America is projected to contribute the largest portion of this market.

Seeing the above statistics, it has now become more important to be aware of the self-storage trends that will drive growth in the industry. Let’s explore what these trends are and how they will shape the future of self-storage.

1.Advanced Climate Control in Self-Storage

In recent years, Climate-controlled storage has become popular, especially in regions with extreme temperatures. Such storage solutions safeguard delicate items, such as electronics, furniture, and musical instruments, from damage due to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

When you opt for climate-controlled storage units, it helps maintain optimal conditions to protect your items from potential damage, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.

To ensure the utmost security and protection of our customers’ belongings, we, at Moving of America, extend the same climate-controlled storage services, guaranteeing that their items are securely placed within a secured environment.

2. Expanding the horizons of convenient storage and delivery services

In 2021, nearly 7.9 million people moved between states in the United States.

With a growing number of people moving to different cities and states, the demand for convenient and secure packing and delivery services continues to rise. In response to this moving demand, we are providing final mile delivery services, enabling our customers to have packages delivered directly at the facility and then offering the movement of goods to their residents as and when they need them.

Especially, for customers who are not available at their residence to receive deliveries, this service reduces the risk of package theft and damage. This added advantage of hiring a moving company will further enhance the overall experience of moving for customers. 

3. Embracing Eco-Friendly Materials

When it comes to storing and packing services, adopting environmentally-friendly practices plays a vital role in preserving the environment. By opting for biodegradable packaging, companies minimize their ecological footprint and promote the sustainability of operations, ensuring a greener and more environmentally-friendly approach to storage and packing solutions.

Furthermore, Moving of America has opted for sustainability initiatives and energy-efficient practices, helping to create a cleaner, more sustainable future. In our packing services, we have incorporated moving boxes that are exclusively made from 100% recycled materials. Moreover, we encourage our customers to follow this and choose eco-friendly options while moving and storing. 

With the use of recycled materials, our company contributes to the reduction of waste and fosters a culture of sustainability within the moving and storage industry.

Changing Customer Preferences

The evolving preferences of consumers have also influenced the demand for additional amenities and services at self-storage facilities. Climate-controlled rooms, on-site packing materials, truck rental services, and even value-added offerings such as relocation assistance, free storage space are now provided to cater to the changing needs of customers.

4. Niche Self-Storage Facilities

At Moving of America, we offer niche storage facilities to cater to distinct consumer needs and preferences. These facilities go beyond standard self-storage units to provide specialized storage options with 30 days of free storage space. 

Among the noteworthy niche self-storage facilities are:

a. Residential Storage Service 

Residential storage facilities offer secure and convenient storage solutions for individuals and families. Whether it is for decluttering, downsizing, or temporary storage during a move, these facilities provide a reliable space to safeguard belongings and free up living space.

b. Business Storage Service 

Regardless of the size or nature of a business, it often requires commercial storage services from time to time. We provide climate-controlled storage solutions to handle all your warehouse and other items, such as office furniture, medical equipment, medicines, etc. 

Our storage facilities are equipped with strict security protocols that protect your 

Items with effective barriers to potential robbers through the presence of security CCTV cameras or surveillance systems, and monitoring alarms. For added security of the storage facility, 24×7 on-site security staff is allocated to protect the facility from theft. 

c. Document Storage Service

Self-storage offers numerous opportunities for business owners. For many organizations, such as law firms, insurance companies, and hospitals, storing documents poses a challenge as they rely extensively on documentation. In such scenarios, using a secure self-storage facility often serves as an ideal resolution.

d. Local storage Service 

Local storage facility services provide reliable storage space for your belongings and offer convenient storage solutions for individuals and businesses in the long and short term. With secure facilities, you get your belongings insured, which means you’ll be protected if items are damaged. 

e. Specialty Storage Service

Certain self-storage facilities specialize in accommodating items that are delicate and heavy, such as musical instruments, fine art, antiques, electronic items, or heavy equipment. The storage facilities ensure the safety and protection of the items. These facilities also include specialized storage features such as temperature control, humidity control, or additional security measures.


The future of self-storage holds promise for being exceptionally customer-focused and technologically advanced. With the constant emergence of innovations and evolving trends, it is evident that companies are attentively responding to the needs of their customers and striving to provide an unparalleled level of service.

Just in case you are looking for a self-storage solution in New Jersey. Look no further than Moving of America, which offers a safe and secure storage solution. We offer a wide range of storage options, from residential to commercial to interstate moving needs. As a full service agency, we offer services encompassing packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading, covering all aspects related to moving. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our customized self-storage. 


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