When it’s time to move your household, making it as carefree and enjoyable as possible is probably the first priority, regardless of whether you are moving long distances across the country or planning to move to another house across the street. One of the most important factors influencing how smoothly and properly your move goes is the time of your move, which includes the time of year when you plan to move. At Moving of America, we help clients navigate through all four seasons of the year, including moving during the holidays. Despite the fact that when planning the move at the end of the year there are some drawbacks, there are also pluses. Follow us talking about the pros and cons of moving during the holidays. And how military moving companies NJ can help you make a smooth and smooth move at any time of year.

Advantages of moving during the holidays

While moving during the holidays may seem like the opposite of moving easily, for many this is truly the best time of year to move. With a little planning and following a few tips to make your move easy, moving on holidays offers many great benefits that you simply cannot find in other seasons.
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Here are some of the benefits of moving during the holidays

Less competition

The same problems that cause disruption to holiday moving usually do not attract people to buy houses at this time. While there may be fewer available homes, there are also fewer home buyers. And this should be equal to less competition for any home that meets your needs.

Lower prices

Housing prices grew rapidly, partly due to a general shortage of houses. However, in December, historically, housing prices are lower than on any other month, in part for the reasons listed above. There are no guarantees that every year will continue the trend, but it is worth checking the prices in your local market.

Best interest rates

Interest ratesa are still close to historic lows. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is less than 4% for most of the months. But, interest rates are slowly falling as you enter the holiday season. Online calculators are available to show you how much you can save over the life of a mortgage with even a small decrease in interest rates. You may be surprised at the savings.

Related seasonal sales

Do you need new furniture or other items for your new home? A lot of seasonal sales will be available to help you apply an individual approach. But be careful not to put yourself in irrevocable debt.

Friends and family

Moving at the end of the year can be especially convenient regarding families and friends. On holidays, more people are on vacation and are ready to help if you need it. For long-distance moves NJ, it may be easier to find friends and family in order to stay with them on holidays, if your move involves one or two nights.
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That can also be a perfect way to spend some time with your family members

Being a guest

Let’s face it. The execution of a moving project of any size when holding a holiday celebration sounds overwhelming. If you are planning a holiday move, let someone else take over and organize. So you can focus your extra time on completing the move before the beginning of the new year.

No mid-year blues

Moving means new changes for you. It also means that if you have children, they will also experience some changes. Doing this step in the middle of the year means that you get extra help from children. And you relax, knowing that their new teacher will give them extra attention, so school work will not suffer.

Flexibility and smooth planning

The most popular season to move is summer. From the May weekend on Memorial Day to the September Labor Day. However, in the winter and on holidays professional relocation and packing services NJ are usually less in demand, which can mean greater savings and flexibility from moving companies.

Consider the cons of moving during the holidays

If for some reason red flags flashed in your head, let us remind you of some problems that you should think about in advance. So you can plan accordingly. Being prepared allows you to accept potential problems and confront them before they even have a chance.

Moving with holiday stress

Despite the fact that this is the “most wonderful time of the year”, the holiday season can be a difficult time for many. If holidays tend to be stressful for you, adding relocation can be too difficult. On the other hand, a moving project may be exactly what you need to distract yourself from the festive blues.
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And start the new year with a new home

Weather factor

No matter where you are in the US, winter offers the coldest and often the cruelest weather of the year. The trick is planning contingencies, preparing for the worst scenarios, such as blizzards and storms. And rely on reliable professional full-service movers NJ to help you plan a successful winter move in any conditions.

Moving of America services for your holiday relocation

We have provided excellent solutions for moving our customers to new homes and commercial sites around the world. Regardless of whether you need local, national or even international relocation services, you can rely on high-quality relocation solutions at competitive prices at any time of the year, guaranteed. Ready to start working with the best local movers in your area? Call us to speak with one of our agents about our professional relocation services. Or fill out our online form to arrange a free quote with one of our experienced relocation coordinators.