When the decision for relocating comes, that is the moment to start thinking about how to pull it off. Many are already well informed about how tiresome moving can be. The process of moving begins a lot before the actual moving day comes. The moving day is just the culmination of all the preparations you’ve previously made. One of the tasks for which you have to have proper preparations is packing. While for some items, like clothes or shoes you won’t need too much time, for packing glass items, or packing an aquarium, for instance, you will need to invest a little bit more in order to transfer them safely and in one piece. For that, you’ll need proper guidance which we will be happy to provide you with.
packing an aquarium

Glasses are very fragile so make sure to pack them right

Going through the inventory

A packing manual 101 says that the first step of good packing is to know what to pack. So, don’t wait much for starting with this task after you’ve made a decision to move out. This means that, no matter how little items you are planning to bring, you will still need time to sort them and figure what to do with the rest of the items you won’t pack. And if you are an indecisive person, more time is even more necessary. The point is that you should not waste time. Not even a minute. Relocation is a complex venture for which you will probably need extra help in the form of professional movers and packers NJ. They will shorten the process largely, and release you from stress.

Plan the future home

Alright, we understand that the decision what to pack is not quite the easiest one. However, we’ll reveal a trick that might just make it a bit easier. Imagine how your future house looks like. Have a clear vision of the inside of the house and where will you place certain pieces of furniture. Now, how much space will your items take? Will there be enough available space for everything? If yes, great! If not, back to a drawing board. Now, how much glassware do you think would be reasonable to bring? And will it fit the interior of this new house? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you begin with any serious undertaking.
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Find the perfect spot for your glassware

Sorting is important when packing glass items

But what does that actually mean? This means that if you have glasses or bowls from the same set, you should sort them together. That way you will maintain some order inside cardboard boxes. Plus, that will shorten your time for unpacking once you reach your new destination. If you wish to pack glasses, bottles, and other ornaments made of glass in different shapes and sizes together, that will only make everything a lot more complicated and will take a lot more room inside those boxes. One of your aims should be to pack as economically as possible. And you’ll achieve this if you know how to pack properly and save space. Having fewer boxes and bags will take less space inside a moving vehicle which influences your budget. Very much!

Wrap your glassware

When transporting fragile items, to make them less susceptible to fracture you need to wrap them good. Therefore, if your glasses have handles which stick out much, take some bubble wrap to cover them. Then, take some paper, the newspaper is just fine, and wrap completely all the glasses and mugs. This goes for plates and bowls as well. Everything that is highly fragile and easily breakable, need extra attention. Some of the very useful materials for packing glassware are:
  • Bubble wrap. Make sure to have these as much as possible as it represents a great way to make a buff between other glassware items.
  • Packing paper, as well as plain tissues, also come in handy since these can be used to provide a little bit more cushioning to these fragile items.
  • We already mentioned that the newspaper is very useful for packing this type of items. However, if you are afraid that the ink from the newspaper will smudge your glassware and make a double job for you cleaning it later, then you can just use it to fill the space between the glasses. Also, you can cover the boxes with the newspaper from the inside. That way you provide even more protection.
  • Cell boxes are a great way to organize items inside the box. You can get them from your local grocery store. You can also find them in specialty packing supply store. But you can also make them yourself, too. Just buy cardboard dividers and place them inside the box. Or make those dividers from old, worn out boxes.
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Label all boxes with a proper sign

In case you have some problems to obtain enough packing materials or you are afraid that you are not skilled enough, then think about hiring professional packing services NJ. With the help of skilled people, packing glass items will be handled in no time. Moreover, you can be sure that your glassware will be properly packed and gently transported to your new address. And also something very important, but that people tend to forget, is labeling boxes. Just put a sign ‘fragile’ over the box so that the movers, or whoever is helping you to relocate would know that he should pay more attention.

For packing glass items, secure boxes well

Once you are done with packing glass items, do not forget about the final step – securing the boxes. So before closing them, put a layer or two (if there is enough space) of bubble wrap. As we said, bubble wrap is an amazing buffer and will prevent excessive movement of the items inside boxes. After that, gently close the top of boxes and tape them. Tape them all around and in every direction. That will prevent the box from opening during transportation. Securing them additionally is definitely very useful, especially if you are moving long distance. The packed glass objects need to endure transportation so that you use them like always.