Moving in together and getting married is a huge life step. Once you decided to do that, the problem is – where to live. You have the all freedom in the world to choose the location, but you can’t really decide what is the ideal neighborhood for young couples. If you are buying a home, the pressure is even stronger. This exciting, but expensive life event should be done carefully, and you should choose a location you really like. There are a couple of factors you should consider, so we prepared a guide for you. Here is the ultimate guide on choosing the ideal neighborhood for young couples and finding the perfect home!

How to choose an ideal neighborhood for young couples?

A young couple choosing a home and a neighborhood is a tricky situation – basically, you can live wherever you want, but you also need to think about the future. If you have or plan to have children, the responsibility is even greater. You can read about the traits of the perfect neighborhood, but this decision only depends on you. Before you make the decision, these are the things you can do to gather a few choices.
  1. Ask the people you know – as a young couple, you probably have friends that were or still are in a similar situation. Ask them for recommendations and any advice when it comes to choosing an ideal neighborhood for young couples. Also, be sure to ask your friends to help you when moving – it can ease up the moving process a lot!
  2. Browse the internet – there are useful pieces of information online. If you are indecisive about a couple of neighborhoods, look up what other people have to say about them. However, be careful when trusting online information – after all, you don’t know these people personally.
  3. Visit the neighborhoods – once you have the top two or three choices, be sure to dedicate days to visit these neighborhoods. Walk around, see what are the local stores, restaurants – whatever you find relevant, and imagine yourself living there. How does it feel?
  4. ask the moving company representatives – a trustworthy local moving company can be of great help in this situation. Reputable local movers Elmwood Park NJ can give you advice about the neighborhoods, since they know the city very well and can recommend a good location.
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The best way to choose an ideal neighborhood for young couples is to visit it

What are the top criteria in choosing an ideal neighborhood for young couples?

Of course, choosing the right place to live solely depends on your personal needs and lifestyle. People of different ages and financial status choose different neighborhoods. However, when choosing an ideal neighborhood for young couples, there are a couple of factors you should consider. Here are some of them.


As a young couple, you probably have or plan to have kids. That’s why safety should be one of the top priorities when looking for an ideal neighborhood for young couples. Living in a safe neighborhood will make you more peaceful and happier. When considering a neighborhood and checking its safety, be sure to look at :
  • crime rate – of course, it is impossible to find a place with zero crime rate, but it’s good to check crime statistics and see the overall situation. You can check the crime rate online or contact local law enforcement. It’s good to know if any sex offenders live in the neighborhood or there are any other unusual things happening.
  • kids on the street – youth activity is the first sign everything is okay. If there are a lot of kids playing outside and young people sitting in cafes – you are probably at a pretty safe neighborhood.
  • neighbors are friendly – if you are considering a house, try talking to the people living nearby. Introduce yourself and ask them about the neighborhood.
  • Street lights – a safe neighborhood is a well-lit neighborhood. Avoid dark corners and dangerous streets.


If you are young people who are moving with kids, you should look at the educational factor when choosing an ideal neighborhood for young couples. Even if you’ve just had a baby, you should look for a neighborhood with good schools. Consider schools that have good scores, a variety of sports programs and extra activities.


As a young couple, you should choose a neighborhood that offers a variety of places to go out. See what are the most popular cafes, bars, and restaurant in a certain area, and see if that is important for you as an ideal neighborhood for young couples priority.


If you moving with a pet, or small children you should be interested in neighborhoods parks, playgrounds, and walking paths. Check if the neighborhood you like has sidewalks – it means it is pedestrian friendly. Make sure you have a playground or park nearby, so you can enjoy a day off with your kids or a pet.
moving with a pet

Moving with a pet means an ideal neighborhood for young couples should have parks and sidewalks


As young people living a fast-paced life, you should have basic necessities available all the time. In an ideal neighborhood for young couples, there should be a supermarket, grocery store and a pharmacy close to their home. Check how far away is your favorite store from your home, and think if it is convenient for your everyday activities.

Commute time

If you already have a job, you should consider the distance from your office to your future home. If your priority is a short commute, be sure to choose a neighborhood close to your office. Also, check the transportation options, too. If you are driving, check for the parking options of your neighborhood.
moving with a pet

Commute time is one of the key factors in choosing the ideal neighborhood for young couples

Moving to the ideal neighborhood for young couples

After considering the top priorities that make a neighborhood the perfect for you, you should start thinking about finding a home and the moving process. There is a lot to think about and organize, so be sure to let the professionals do the hard part of the work. Hiring reputable residential movers NJ means a safe and easy relocation. That is exactly what you need if you have a busy schedule and a young family to take care of.


There is no perfect neighborhood. You need to find something that suits your needs and lifestyle, and a place you can afford. Don’t bother over small details that could be changed, but find a place that will help you lead a happy life with your family.