Let’s be honest, moving an office can be pretty hard, and it can get pretty expensive. The whole process is very involved – you will need resources from every part of your office. People will need to clean up their desks, you will need a team of workers to coordinate the move, then there are professional movers to find and finally a lot of packing and moving. In order to alleviate some of the pressure, and focus on other things, a lot of people decide to hire movers to help with at least one of these chores. However, based on how big your company is, this can get pretty expensive. In this article, find out how to lower commercial moving expenses for your company when working with reliable movers.

Is there a way to lower commercial moving expenses?

You might ask if lowering your expenses is even possible, and the answer is – yes! However, you need to realize that this cannot happen overnight and that it might not be easy. One of the most important things we can give you is to plan properly. Only thorough, long-term planning will result in you saving some money on the moving process.
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There are many ways to save money.

This involved deciding who will work on different aspects of the move. Once you know whether commercial movers Bergen County or you will be doing each chore (and how much both will cost), you will be able to make a moving budget. However, there are still things that you can do to lower your expenses. These include:
  • figuring out the ways to reduce packing expenses,
  • knowing how to deal with your movers to lower commercial moving expenses,
  • figuring out the transportation and
  • dealing with the utilities.

Save money on packing

Packing your office might be the hardest job you will have during this move. This is because the office furniture differs greatly from the stuff you will find in everyone’s house. There are often some sensitive electronics or numbers of the very same item. So, what can you do to lower commercial moving expenses when packing? Well, first, the simplest thing would be to have your employees pack their own items. You should not be transporting them because, in big companies, these can get heavy pretty fast. The heavier the load you have – the more costly the move will be.
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Decide what to pack and what to leave.

The next thing you can do is figure out where to get some extra packing materials. There are many ways in which you can get these – either to buy or for free. You can search online for them, but make sure you mention you are moving your office. A lot of people will offer just a couple of boxes for your home, so if your office is big these won’t be enough. You can also talk to your moving company and see if they have material they can offer you.

Pick the right moving company

The next way to lower commercial moving expenses is by finding the right moving company. This, however, does not mean that you go for the company with the lowest bid. Remember, if a company gives you an extremely low moving estimate (when compared to other companies), that probably means that they have some extra costs they are not telling you about. Instead, look at the various moving services a company offers. You want to pick a moving company you can trust and rely on. This way, you can focus on one part of the process while they take care of the other. Thus, you will be saving time on your move, and in the business world, this means you are also saving money. Keep this in mind when looking through the moving and car shipping companies NJ has to offer for you.

Figure out the transportation

While we are on the topic of movers, you will need to think about how to deal with transportation. First, you will need to decide on the size of your vehicle for your office move. There are many online calculators that can help you with this, so make sure you take a look at these. Then, you will want to decide whether you or the moving company will be carrying your stuff. Again, you should talk to the movers about what they have to offer and decide what suits your budget the best.
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Moving trucks can sometimes be slow.

Another thing you might need to think about is whether you will need to use storage. If you are moving your office long-distance, then stopping at a storage unit mid-way might be a smart idea. Moving trucks aren’t usually very fast, so stopping for the night might be useful to both you and the truck itself. However, it might be a smart (and safe) idea to put your things in a storage unit while you rest. This is why you should consider storage options when planning your moving budget.

You can save money on utilities

The final way in which you can lower commercial moving expenses is by figuring out your new utilities. Now, moving gives you a fresh start – you already know that. What you might not have considered are all the opportunities you will gain. You won’t only get new clients nearby! You might be able to score lower rent or cheaper utilities. One of the easiest examples are the various internet service providers. After your move, you have a chance to look at various packages and decide for yourself if you will keep using the same provider, or if you can save money by switching to the new one. Things like these aren’t so obviously connected to your move, but keep them in mind!