Retiring should be the time when all the hard work that you have put in throughout your life pays off. This is the time when you will have no daily obligations to hold you from doing the things that you love to do. Furthermore, seniors often feel rejuvenated when they realize that they are now able to fulfill the dreams of the youth. With no obstacles in sight, they embrace their lives and take advantage of the freedom they have not had throughout their employment. Still, in order to fully enjoy the time on their hands, our fellow senior citizens need to be able to provide for a life like that one. If you are living or looking forward to moving to New Jersey, you need to know what are the best places in New Jersey to retire to. So, here they are.

How to determine the best places in New Jersey to retire to?

In order to put together a valid list of the best places to retire in New Jersey, we needed to pay attention to several key criteria:
  • Median rent cost
  • Crime rate
  • Things to do in the city
  • Weather and climate
  • Airport proximity
  • Other retirees in the city, town or area
So, here are the 3 best places in New Jersey to retire to:

#1: Ringwood is perfect for retirement

Ringwood is a city of about 12,000 inhabitants. It is located about an hour eastwards from Jersey City by car. By train, however, you would need about two hours to get to Ringwood from Jersey City and vice-versa. While this may sound a lot, you should not worry about it. After all, it is not like you are going to travel to Jersey City on a daily basis. And why would you? After all, Ringwood has all the necessities for a good life, no matter whether you are a senior or not.
moving to New Jersey

The suburbs of Ringwood, NJ – definitely one of the best places in New Jersey to retire to.

According to, a median home value in Ringwood, NJ sits about $350,000. In the case that you will be renting, you are looking at the price of $1,216. Median household income is $110,000. Depending on your pension, rents may seem a bit steep. Still, bear in mind that crime rate and things to do in Ringwood are worth it. The good news is that the vast majority, up to 94% of the people who live here, own their homes. This means that, if you have been living here throughout your life, you will probably have bought a house for you before retirement. If you are looking to move here now with your wife or your husband, bear the costs in mind and make decisions accordingly. One of the most beautiful places in Ringwood is its famous lake, Wanaque Reservoir. It was made by man in the late 1920s. At that time, the goal was to create a source of the potable water for the local population. Today it represents a great relaxation area together with Ringwood State Park. Given its natural attractions available and proximity of large cities, who would not want to retire in Ringwood? And there is no finer way to achieve this than with the help of experienced interstate movers NJ.

#2: Consider retiring in Bayonne, NJ

The second place on our list belongs to the city of Bayonne. Unlike Ringwood, Bayonne is located on the Atlantic shore. It has a much more urban vibe than Ringwood. This should come as no surprise given the fact that Bayonne is very close to Jersey City. As a matter of a fact, in about 20 minutes by car or slightly less than 45 minutes by public transit, you can find yourself in the biggest city of New Jersey.
experienced interstate movers NJ

Bayonne offers plenty of coffee shops for you to enjoy when you retire.

Bayonne is a great place to retire since it allows you to keep the feeling of living in the city and not in a suburb. Also, if you are planning on traveling abroad, nationally or just to other metro areas close by, you will be covered. Bayonne has great connections to both Jersey City and New York. Also, in case that you are going to spend some of your time on traveling the world, you can bet that great airline connections will be within your grasp. After all, both Jersey and New York are known for some of the most frequent airports of the world. Therefore, it is up to you only to decide where you are going to go and with whom. If you are thinking about moving to Bayonne, do your heart a favor and contact our senior movers NJ. They’ll take care of the move for you. After all, we should all be looking after our senior citizens.

#3: Hoboken – the heart of New Jersey

The last stop on our trip through the best places in New Jersey to retire to is most certainly going to be Hoboken. Situated right across the Hudson River from Manhattan, Hoboken offers incredible views of this part of New York. The best thing about it? The view is offered at a portion of the price. This incredible piece of New Jersey has about 55,000 residents. Plenty of them are the NYC commuters who find Hoboken to fit their needs perfectly. Few would think that such a place would be attractive to senior citizens as well. However, Hoboken has so much to offer to all generations, not only to the two we mentioned. Just like Bayonne, it is more affordable to live here than in Jersey City or Manhattan.
NYC commuters

Get on the train in Hoboken and you will quickly find yourself in NJ or NYC.

Still, do not be fooled. Hoboken, just like the rest of the area is going through the gentrification process. What used to be cheap is not going to remain cheap. Therefore, if you own a house or a flat here, you’ll be just fine. Otherwise, some other place in New Jersey could prove to be more suitable. Nevertheless, crime rate, family friendliness and diversity make is one of the best places in New Jersey to retire to. Therefore, should you need help to move here, expert moving companies NJ are at your disposal.