Who else are you supposed to rely on in your time of need if not on family and friends? Your loved ones should always be there to help you out, no matter what. And there are hardly any events more challenging than moving. Usually, your close friends won’t mind going through this hard time with you, helping you out on the way. But, what are you supposed to do with those who are on the fence, and need a bit of reassurance? How do you convince friends to help you move? As an experienced NJ relocation professional, we sure have all the details! And we have no problems sharing our knowledge with you!

Nothing works better than bribery

Here, we do not mean bribe in the common sense of the word, as we frown-upon any form of bribery. What we do mean is that perhaps you could offer some benefits to your friends, and those will probably be the same benefits you already planned to give them as a thank you for helping you move. The only difference is that you will make sure to mention them beforehand so that your friends know they will be getting a sweet deal! Of course, you don’t have to give them any money if you are short on cash. After all, that’s probably why you took the matters into your own hands and decided not to hire a moving company. Instead, you can do the following things:
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Food is always a great motivation for doing just about anything.

  • Offer to take them out for a nice dinner at a restaurant of their choice.
  • Make personalized gifts, and offer one friend to pay for a massage session, another to take them out to a movie, and so on.
  • Organize a day filled with fun activities after your relocation is over, and make it your treat!
Of course, there are some instances when your friends won’t be able to help. For example, if you are moving your parents, it’s best to call in senior movers for help. Likewise, if relocating a piano, it’s only logical to be smart and employ piano movers. Assess the needs of your relocation wisely, as that is the only way not to make a mistake.

You will best convince friends to help you move by being proactive

Like already said, chances are your friends will be more than happy to help you out! But they won’t be so happy about it if you give them a few days notice. Remember that your friends are just as busy as you – they also have jobs and families they need to take care of. You can see why a timely notice is important if you plan on moving during the week. They will probably have to ask for some time off work, as well as get their family affairs in order before coming to your rescue for the entire day. Those affairs include hiring a babysitter, preparing the food for the entire day, making sure there is someone to pick up the kids from school, etc. Doesn’t sound so simple anymore, does it?
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Convince friends to help you move by being respectful of their time!

Be specific about the tasks you need help with

Usually, moving is associated with strenuous physical activity and a lot of heavy lifting. While that may be true, perhaps you don’t need your friends’ help with that part. Maybe all you need is help packing your NJ home? Perhaps you need someone to help you gather the packing supplies? Or, at last, you do need help with lifting and carrying a certain object. All you have to do is specify it to your friends. Perhaps some of them have a medical problem which prevents them from doing the heavy lifting, but they will be more than happy to help you out with all the other aspects. It’s up to you to be clear what you need, and let them decide whether they can provide you with the help you need!

To convince friends to help you move, entice them

What is the one thing all households do before moving out of their homes? Usually, they all decide that it’s the right time to declutter their homes. The same will happen to you! But, instead of selling your items at a yard sale or donating them, you can tell your friends that they will be able to take whatever they want, no questions asked. Of course, they won’t be enticed if you decide to get rid of junk. But, if you throw in a few usable pieces of furniture and some really high-quality clothes that don’t fit you anymore, rest assured your friends won’t be able to resist. Besides, decluttering will be good for more than just convincing your friends to help you move. The fact is that Paramus moving NJ, as well as a Hackensack (insert any other NJ area) moving is much easier when you are not buried in items.
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If your offer seems appealing, your friends won’t be able to resist!

It’s a great way to bond

Let’s face it – your friends probably mean the world to you! But, just as much you love and appreciate them, they most likely feel the same way about you. All you have to do is point out that this will be a great opportunity for you to bond. And the tasks you will be working on during this period are not so important. Whether you will be preparing your pet for a move or packing up your valuables doesn’t really matter! What matters is that you will be together in one room, working like a well-oiled machine. And that will be enough for you to form even stronger bonds. Bonds that can never be broken. So, just make sure to bring this up when trying to convince friends to help you move. They won’t be able to deny this opportunity for fun and team building. Because that’s what you are – a team!