Located just 15 miles northwest of Midtown Manhattan, and with slightly over 26, 000 residents, Paramus is one of those places where you get the best of both worlds – a home that is conveniently located to a cultural and business hub and a neighborhood that is quiet and family-friendly. What more could one person want? The question is not whether to hire a Paramus moving NJ company. The real dilemma is how not to break the bank when moving to Paramus, NJ! Luckily, all you need are a few pointers to guide you in the right direction. As a local moving company that serves the Paramus area, we feel more than happy to share some tips with you.

Choose your neighborhood wisely

We can all agree that moving is just the initial step, and if you are trying to save money when moving, we are assuming you’ll want to live on a budget after moving to Paramus. And the best way to live on a budget is to choose the right neighborhood. Like in any other city in the world, Paramus has areas which are considered as high-end and those which are ridden with crimes. The best thing you can do is remain neutral and pick something that’s not on either of these ends of the spectrum. You certainly want to have a sense of safety whilst walking the streets at night, but you also want to have the financial security which won’t exist if you buy a home you can’t afford.
Paramus moving NJ

The key to living on a budget after moving to Paramus, NJ lies in your hands!

Choose a company with affordable rates when moving to Paramus, NJ

It goes without saying that when moving to any location, near or far, you should always do it with the help of professional movers. That being said, you should also know that different movers will come at different prices. There are even section 8 moving services which were specifically designed for low-income households. That just goes to show that the appropriate help for every family moving to Paramus, NJ is out there – you just have to find it! Even though what we are about to tell you might completely defy common sense, know that you should not look for the lowest price. Why? Low-ball moving estimates are usually a sign of fraudulent moving companies. And you really don’t want to become a victim of moving scams – that’s a path that leads to disaster. What you are looking for are affordable prices from a company that’s known as a reliable one. There are many different ways to negotiate the price and move to Paramus, NJ on a budget.
  • Try to get special discounts and promotions all movers have.
  • Choose only those services you really need when moving to Paramus, NJ.
  • Try to move during the off-peak season because that’s when the NJ moving quotes are the lowest.
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Stay away from low-ball moving estimates!

Declutter your home before moving

We can only assume that the reason behind your move to Paramus is a simple one – you are ready to start over. Good for you! It’s certainly a wise decision, one that we wholeheartedly support. But it’s a common fact that you can’t start over with all of your old possessions weighing you down. Not only will they get in the way of your new life, but they will also make moving on a budget to Paramus practically impossible. A month or two before the moving day, you should dedicate your time to decluttering your home. We here at Moving of America – NJ Movers are always a fan of the three boxes system. You take three cardboard boxes and you label them with KEEP, DONATE, THROW AWAY. Keep only those things you use on a daily basis and donate only those that will be useful to others. All of the items that are worn-down, shabby, ragged, or simply ancient should be thrown away.

Earn some money by organizing a garage sale

Why not combine two things into one and declutter while also making some money? Organizing a garage sale is the perfect way of achieving both! Of course, you have to be realistic and not expect to earn a fortune – you are selling used items after all. But if you set a realistic price, put up a few posters, and make a good layout of your items, you are guaranteed to sell a majority of them. Who said moving to Paramus, NJ had to be boring and expensive?
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There are no limits as to what you can sell.

Try to find some free packing supplies

We know it probably sounds like a fairytale but it’s really not. All you have to do is be inquisitive. Ask your family and friends whether they have any supplies leftover from their move. And, of course, if they are in good, working condition. Having sturdy moving boxes is of utmost importance for the success of your move. That’s the reason why a person should never save money on this essential supply. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay loads of money for it when moving to Paramus. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Pay a visit to your local supermarkets and bookstores. We are willing to bet all of them will have loads of cardboard boxes they won’t mind giving away. All you have to do is ask. Of course, sometimes posing a question like that takes some courage and a complete lack of shyness. But if you are moving to Paramus, NJ on a limited budget, there’s no room for this quality. Be feisty and you will be properly rewarded. At least you know our team is always on your side!