Moving to another city after you’ve spent years in the same environment is both nerve-wracking and exciting. Even if you are staying in the same city and only upgrading your house for a bigger one you are still feeling a whole spectrum of emotions. Being a turbulent time as it is, people are more prone to mistakes. And the worst mistake you can make is putting your faith and investing your money in a moving company that will turn your relocation into a nightmare. No one ever believes that stumbling upon a moving company scam will happen to them until it actually does. But by the time you realize your movers are about to take off with all of your possessions, it’s usually too late to do a single thing about it. That’s what you have us for – to give you a timely warning and a valuable lesson. 

How to spot a moving company scam from afar?

As reputable NJ movers, we’ve certainly heard our fair share of horror stories from our clients who have fallen victim to moving scams in the past. What we’ve noticed was that the majority of our clients reported the same signs – signs that they failed to recognize due to their inexperience. That’s why we’ve composed this brief guide that features some common red flags that you should look out for. Noticing even one of these red flags gives you good grounds for suspicion.
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Prevent a disastrous situation by learning how to spot a moving company scam.

Don’t be lured by low-ball moving estimates

It’s completely understandable that you would want to spend as little money as possible on your relocation. Moving is not exactly a cheap process, and movers can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. And that’s exactly the point. No reputable moving company will be much cheaper than the competition. Besides, there are a lot of resources that movers invest in your relocation, so it’s normal that they should receive good compensation for their efforts. While there may be slight oscillations between different NJ moving quotes from different companies, you can rest assured that none of them will be significantly lower. That is, it won’t be if reputable movers are what you are dealing with. In the majority of cases, low-ball moving estimates reek of a moving company scam. Thus, this is a tell-tale sign number one. Stick with us to learn about the rest of them.

Fraudulent movers always request large deposits

For an uninformed person, the idea of a moving company asking for a large deposit in advance seems reasonable. After all, paying a certain sum of money in advance is something we do on a daily basis with a lot of other services we use. But it’s not normal with this one. If a company you are thinking of hiring ends up asking you for an abnormally large deposit before your move, you really shouldn’t give it a second thought. It’s obvious you are about to make one of the worst mistakes of your life. Do bear in mind that the rule applies to large sums only. Whether you are dealing with local movers Fair Lawn NJ or with an international moving company, rest assured that they operate in different ways. And if they ask for a negligible sum of money as a deposit it does not necessarily mean you are about to be scammed.
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Large deposits are not something you should worry about when dealing with reputable movers.

Separate yourself from your PC

Most people that stumbled upon a moving scam did so while searching for movers online. While it’s completely reasonable and rather useful to look for verified moving services NJ online, it’s not a good idea to make a deal without at least meeting someone from the office. Fraudulent moving companies operate in a certain system and at the very core of that system is the avoidance of face to face meetings. If you have trouble scheduling a meet and greet with your movers, know that you should run in the opposite direction. And it’s especially important to note that you should never settle for online moving estimates. Not only can they prove to be inaccurate, but they can also be fraudulent.

Closely monitor their behavior

What is a moving company if not a business? And in the business world, professional conduct is a must for any successful business. For your potential movers, you want to find someone who will be pleasant but at the same time highly professional. Once you get a dispatcher on the phone or get a chance to meet someone from the office, pay close attention to how they speak. No moving professional worth their salt will risk leaving a bad impression by using slang and being disrespectful towards you. After all, reputable movers have a good reputation to uphold. On the other hand, fraudulent movers don’t. Unprofessional behavior is a certain sign that you are about to run into a moving company scam.
professional conduct

You shouldn’t waste your time on unprofessional movers.

Other signs that indicate a moving company scam

  • Positive moving reviews only often point towards fabricated testimonials that were written by a professional.
  • On the other hand, if a moving company scores a low rating on different forums, it’s also a good indicator of what’s about to happen.
  • They don’t want to give you the names of their past clients for reference.
  • The company refuses to let you see their license and insurance.
Beware, as running into a moving company scam is much easier than you think. Whether you are going through commercial relocation or a household one, make sure you carefully choose only what’s best for you. Do your research on time and keep your eyes wide open. That’s about as much we can advise you when it comes to this topic. Good luck!