New Jersey is one of the states in the US which has been particularly attractive for newcomers in recent years. Do you think this is the case without a good reason? Of course not! The vicinity of NYC and the diversity in culture, religion and job opportunities are a great advantage that people recognize. Furthermore, countless recreational and leisure-time facilities also add up to the attractiveness of this area. Thus, if you are a young professional who is considering the next life step at the moment, a move to NJ might be a very good choice. We can provide you with the list of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals. Hopefully, you will find what suits your priorities and needs.

The criteria for making the list of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals

When making the list of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals we had the following criteria on our minds:
  • The cost of living – As to everybody else, this factor matters a lot to young professionals too. They want something they can afford and yet enjoy it greatly. Unsurprisingly, this is a bit difficult to achieve. However, one of the ways to solve this problem is to move into a rental home, so most young professionals are tenants.
  • Job opportunities – Young professionals are ambitious and it goes without saying they want to be successful. Accordingly, they need a variety of job opportunities to choose from.
  • SafetyLow crime rates are a must for young professionals to feel safe. Nobody wants to live in an area where they are frequently exposed to various types of crimes.
  • Leisure-time facilities – Doing business can get very stressful at times. To be able to cope with everyday challenges, young professionals need time to relax and enjoy. Those neighborhoods which offer a considerable number of leisure-activities have found their place on our list of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals.
  • Recreational facilitiesKeeping the shape and being fit is what young professionals pay attention to. Also, being active enables them to maintain their urban lifestyle and yet meet all the expectation in the business world full of severe competition.

NJ neighborhoods for young professionals to choose from

Having considered all the key factors young professionals value when choosing a neighborhood to move to, we have made a list of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals. If you are among these young, hard-working and active people, check out the list and start thinking about moving to NJ on a budget. It is yet another convenience at your disposal.


This is an urban neighborhood which offers young professionals all they need. There are various job opportunities and chances for lucrative careers in many different fields. Understandably, the unemployment rate is very low, so it proves that finding a job here is not a bit of a problem. In their free time, young professionals can enjoy numerous cafes, restaurants, bars or beautiful parks if they prefer spending time outdoors.
moving to NJ on a budget

Hoboken is an urban neighborhood which offers young professionals all they need.

Fair Lawn

The vicinity of this neighborhood to NYC makes it particularly appealing to young professionals. They can find satisfying employment not only in Fair Lawn but in NYC as well since commuting time is acceptable. This explains the evident increase in the number of working-age population in recent years. Being ethnically very diverse, it attracts young professionals from all over the world. Also, when you want to relax, have some fun or enjoy partying, you can choose among entertainment facilities in both Fair Lawn and NYC. Reliable public transport makes it possible for you to get wherever you want. Finally, if moving to Fair Lawn is what you want, don’t waste your time. Contact movers Fair Lawn NJ immediately and with their professional help, you will move quickly and easily.


Edgewater is another neighborhood close to NYC. What’s more, it offers a breathtaking view to New York you can enjoy at all times. As is the situation in New Jersey in general, the increase in population is present here too. Young professionals choose Edgewater because of its affordability, easily accessible public transportation that can get them anywhere in the surrounding area, a lot of recreational and job opportunities. Also, this is one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters.


Stamford is on our list of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals due to several reasons. Firstly, it enables these ambitious people to keep their outstanding lifestyle. Secondly, it offers good chances of employment and careers since the headquarters of several major companies are situated here. Then, if you want to keep pace with the important events in the world of art and culture, in Stamford you can do that easily. There are numerous galleries and art events throughout the year. Finally, if you want to live in a neighborhood with exciting nightlife, Stamford might be an excellent choice.
moving to NJ on a budget

Stamford might be an excellent choice for young professionals.


Clifton is a neighborhood that has a lot to young professionals which is why the population has been steadily increasing for some time. Great conditions for a pleasant, stress-free life, chances of earning a high income and very favorable rents qualify Clifton as one of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals. Furthermore, if you decide to move here, you will be able to find employment in the blink of an eye or even start a business. Add to all these countless clubs, restaurants, stores and outdoor facilities and you get a perfect example of a high-quality life in an NJ neighborhood.

Fort Lee

The Hollywood on the Hudson, as people call Fort Lee, is situated just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The neighborhood has been experiencing both commercial and population growth. People living here have lots of opportunities to earn a decent living. Then, they can spend some time on their hobbies or leisure activities.  What’s best, they get all these at affordable prices since the cost of living is favorable. All things considered, Fort Lee deserves a place on our list of the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals.
moving to NJ on a budget

The Hollywood on the Hudson is yet another NJ neighborhood appropriate for young professionals.

Choose the NJ neighborhood for young professionals that work for you

Before you make a decision where to move, consider all the above-given information on the best NJ neighborhoods for young professionals. Also, compare your needs, priorities, and budget with the demand and offer in each of the neighborhoods.  When you finally make a choice, start looking for reliable movers. We have helped a vast number of people with this matter, so hiring Moving of America NJ Movers is definitely a smart thing to do.