Moving is never a completely safe process. However, you need to take extra security measures especially if you’re moving without the help of a professional moving company. In this case, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of the most important tips for staying safe during relocation. This is because moving includes much more than just packing. Namely, you will have to lift and carry big and heavy objects which are never a joke. Therefore, if you want to stay safe, consider hiring one of the professional moving companies NJ. Their experts will help you stay safe on moving day by doing all the heavy lifting for you!

Since lifting and carrying all of your heavy and robust items, there is a high probability that something will go wrong on moving day. Unless you’re properly prepared for the tough task ahead of you, consider hiring movers Fort Lee NJ. This is very important to ensure a good level of your own safety and the safety of your precious belongings. Staying safe, protected and healthy is the most important part of any relocation process. Therefore, check out the following tips for staying safe during the relocation process.

Follow these tips to stay safe on moving day!

Using a moving dolly and furniture sliders will make things easier

You should always use proper moving equipment whether or not you have professional help. This is one of those crucial moving tips we’ve been reading on different sites for USA Moving Reviews that you’ll be thankful for later on. In this way, you will make your move a lot safer, for yourself and for your belongings. Namely, there are two different types of moving dollies you can rent. Therefore, you can either use:

  1. A 2-wheel appliance dolly, also known as a hand truck, or
  2. A 4-wheel furniture dolly.

Whichever of these two you choose; you won’t regret your decision. This is because both will help reduce the strain on your body. Also, they will also assist you in preventing any risks of injuries or unexpected accidents.

wooden floor

Avoid damaging floors with furniture sliders

Moreover, you can also use furniture sliders. Namely, furniture sliders are pieces of hard plastic and durable rubber. Specifically, these are perfect if you want to stay safe on moving day. This is because they allow you to slide heavy furniture across the room while using basically no effort at all. Also, they will help you keep your floors safe since furniture sliders ensure a zero risk of floor damage.

Learning the safest techniques for lifting your furniture

It goes without a single doubt that hiring professional movers is the safest route you can take when moving house. However, if you want to do it on your own, it’s crucial that you research proper lifting techniques. Since not everyone can manage this challenging task on their own, you should really consider hiring professional help. For example, experienced furniture movers will surely have an easier time when moving heavy items. Also, they know how to avoid most injuries that can occur during a move.

Nevertheless, if you’re confident in doing it on your own, follow the next steps to stay safe on moving day. Firstly, you should get a firm grip on the object you’re moving. Keep in mind that using quality gloves will also be a great help. Then, when you want to lift the heavy item, pay attention to your back. Namely, you should always keep it straight and focus on using your knees to lift up the furniture. Also, make sure to keep the heavy pieces of furniture centered in relation to your body. In other words, you should keep heavy objects close to your waist if you want to keep your stability.

Another important tip is to never twist your back if you need to turn around while carrying heavy furniture. This can lead to serious injuries. However, what you should do in this situation is to move your feet together with the items you’re carrying.

Wearing proper clothing and footwear

One of the factors most people neglect on moving day is suitable for clothing and footwear. This is one of the key things to adjust if you want to stay safe on moving day. Specifically, make sure you wear the proper shoes since those are the most important. Also, make sure you wear clothes which are comfortable. Choosing a breathable and flexible fabric is also a good option. However, baggy clothes may get hooked onto doorknobs or other things. Therefore, it would be best to avoid clothes which are too loose.

sneakers - stay safe on moving day

Wear sturdy shoes

As far as shoes go, it is very important to wear a pair which is closed and which gives you good support. Specifically, avoid wearing flip-flops or any other type of slippers or sandals. Ideally, you should opt for shoes with anti-slip soles. These include sports shoes, sneakers, and boots with good traction.

Making the exit routes as safe as they can be

There is one thing most people don’t consider until it gets too late. This is making sure that hallways, stairs, and any other exit areas are clean and safe for moving furniture. You should especially take care of this is you are apartment moving. This is because there are many more possibilities to get injured in apartment buildings due to many staircases and hallways.

Spiral Staircase

Make sure the stairs are clean

In any case, you should do an inspection of your planned exit route before the actual moving day. Along the way, you should remove any scattered boxes or obstacles. Also, watch out for mud, water, snow, or ice since these could cause a dangerous slipping accident. Along with this, don’t forget about the outdoors. If there are any protruding tree branches or roots outside your home, make sure you cut and remove them. The same goes for any kind of debris which you may find.