Luckily for everyone, New Jersey is a pretty spacious, pretty amazing state. There are plenty of cities to choose from, and each and every one of them offers something unique. What might be most striking about Garfield is its diversity. People usually colloquially refer to it as an immigrant haven, where everyone finds a safe place. But you don’t have to be an immigrant to consider moving to Garfield – far from it. You might ponder hiring movers Garfield NJ if you are looking for a tight-knit and affordable community. Besides, with all the benefits this quaint city has to offer, wishing to call it home kind of seems like the logical choice.

Let’s get our facts straight

As a small and not so prominent town, Garfield is not one of those cities that everyone knows everything about. If you haven’t done any research so far, you most likely have no idea about its affordability and livability. That all changes today, as Moving of America – NJ Movers would love to reveal a few key details. We did all the necessary research so that you don’t have to. Here’s what’s worth mentioning.
  • Garfield has a population of 31,265.
  • The median income in Garfield is $45,469.
  • The median house value is $328,000.
  • An average resident in Garfield is 35 years old.
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Buying a nice home in Garfield won’t be just a dream. Luckily, it will be your reality.

Even though small in size, Garfield is a young and vibrant city. With the majority of residents being in their 30s, it’s safe to say that it’s a millennial paradise. And by comparing the median house value and income you can pretty much get the idea of Garfield’s affordability. If you decide that these facts suit you and what you are needing from life then relocating to Garfield is what’s next for you.

Diversity is one of the main reasons people are moving to Garfield

With a cluster of immigrants from Spain, Portugal, India, Pakistan, and many others, Garfield is a melting pot of nations. In fact, there are so many immigrants from so many different countries that most of them don’t even have to learn English. They can simply live and shop among the people from their country. Being an expat is hard – but in this lovely city, it’s a pleasure. You needn’t worry about hostility when moving to Garfield – you will get nothing but love! It’s one of the main trademarks of the city of Garfield.

Garfield is a safe community

Here’s the thing – the annual index for violent crimes is at least twice lower than the national average. And that tells you a lot. Not only are there a few violent crimes committed, but there are also not a lot of those that are property related. Sure, you’ll have to lock your house at night, but you won’t have to worry about your precious belongings as much. In fact, feel free to call up antique movers when relocating to Garfield and don’t worry about putting them in storage for safekeeping. All of your antiques and valuables will be safe. Well, as safe as they can be. And that’s just one of the main reasons why people choose to live and stay in this city.
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A crime scene sign will certainly not be a frequent sight after moving to Garfield.

By relocating to Garfield with kids, you would be giving them a great start in life

Yes, this is connected to the fact that the city is safe. But, it’s more in connection to Garfield’s amazing public schools. And as you already know, that is an important trait of a good neighborhood. The majority of Garfield’s schools were rated with a B+, with some of them scoring a perfect A. The prime example is the Bergen Arts & Sciences Charter School. With amazing staff, plenty of extracurriculars and motivated students, Garfield is a safe haven for kids. As a parent, we are sure there is nothing more important to you than providing your kid with a good education. Of course, their happiness and safety come first, but in Garfield, both of those aspects will be covered. With a big portion of residents being families with kids, you will be in good company. So, if you are pregnant and thinking about moving, we already found your perfect place.

Garfield is incredibly close to the Big Apple

You can love the small town life all you want. But it doesn’t hurt to change the scenery every once in a while. And be truthful – is there anything more fun and refreshing than a day spent in New York. With all the things there are to see and do, New York will be just what you needed to reload and recharge. Did you know that Garfield is only 17 miles away from New York? That’s only a short bus drive or a train ride. With punctual and reliable public transport, going to NYC every day if you like won’t be an issue. What are you waiting for? Grab your loved ones and head to one of NYC’s many attractions. They are all waiting for you.
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Do you love NYC? Reaching it from Garfield will be a piece of cake.

To sum up…

Your life in Garfield will most likely be grand. Being a young city with affordable prices and amazing safety, this New Jersey city will provide everything you need. Whether you are moving to Garfield with a family or alone, chances are you’ll find your place. Be it among residents of other cultures or not, this city will embrace you and provide a safe shelter. Are you still on the fence as to whether or not to move to Garfield? You know our recommendation.