If you are reading this article, congratulations! That means you have finally decided to relocate and take a leap of faith into the unknown. But, while the future is rather promising, there is one thing to do before you can start living it up – you need to inform people of your change of address. Well, of course, you have to hire the best movers and packers NJ and get everything in order with them first. Other than that, making a list of the people and organizations to inform that you’re moving is one of the most important tasks in the approaching period. Making a list and actually following it through, of course!

Your loved ones should be the first ones to inform that you’re moving

It’s quite obvious, and yet plenty of people forget it. It goes without saying that your immediate family will already be aware of your change of residence. But, what about your distant relatives? Or your good friends? Also, your neighbors. We are sure they would all be interested to know about your whereabouts. So, as much as you don’t like to chat all night, make sure you do it and inform all the important people about your approaching relocation. Then you can proceed to other organizations.
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Keep close family ties even after changing your address.

Obviously, you’ll want to notify your employer

If you are still keeping your old job, it means that you will be in the driving distance to your place of work. And that means that your move will be a local one. You would probably feel like there is no reason to inform your boss. It’s not like you two are best friends who visit each other frequently. Plus, you get your payments deposited into your bank account, so there is no reason for him/her to know where your humble abode is. But, you should still inform your employer that you’re moving. Any type of emergency could come up, and they should know where and how to reach you.

Inform the utility companies that you are moving

Pretty much any service provider should be informed about your upcoming relocation. Not only do you have to transfer the utilities to the new address, but you also have to make sure you stop paying them at the old one. The worst case scenario would be to arrive in a dark house with no heat and no Internet. Not only would you be bored and cold, but the experts you hired with professional packing services NJ would also not be able to do their job. To get you started, we will list a few utilities everyone uses. Feel free to expand the list once taking a look into your situation!
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If you want to make phone calls and surf the Internet, get in touch with service providers.

  • Electricity and gas
  • Phone, cable, and Internet
  • Water Department
  • Garbage company
  • Sewer utility company
When to change your address with the utility companies? Do it at least three weeks before your moving date. That should be enough time for them to get everything in order. It’s up to you to be responsible and inform that you’re moving in due time!

Visit the post office

In the era of e-mails and Facebook messages, it’s rather easy to forget about mail. But, what happens if you have to receive an important document but you forgot to change your address? Or your partner decided to be romantic and send you a traditional love letter? Never leave out the post office when making a list of people and places to notify that you’re moving. Besides, you don’t even have to bother and go to your local post office. You can change your address online by taking a simple form. It won’t take you more than a few minutes but it will save you from a lot of trouble down the line.

Inform your healthcare providers

There is nothing more important than having good health. That is a constant whether you are moving to Bergenfield or living in New Jersey. Even if you are entirely healthy and have no diagnosis and, therefore, no treatments, you should still inform your healthcare providers that you are moving. Your dentist and physician should know about your departure, as they will have to transfer your documents. If you have a pet, please don’t forget to include your vet in this process. We are sure that you won’t, but still, doesn’t hurt to be warned!
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Would it occur to you to include your pet’s vet in the list of those to inform that you’re moving?

The same goes when changing schools

If you are moving to a new state, or even to a new city, your child will have to change schools. With it, comes the administrative paperwork. The old school will have to transfer the records and the new school will have to get everything in order for the arrival of your child. It does take time, but it’s time you spend on your kid – it’s always worth it!

Make a trip to the bank

No one really likes dealing with banks and waiting in lines with or without an appointment. The truth is you have no other choice, except trying to call and changing your address online. It’s very important to inform your bank and credit card company that you’re moving. These are the institutions that deal with your livelihood, which is your life, so be very responsible about it.


That one word is enough to make your head spin. As much as you hate doing taxes and the tax season, you should forget about it. The IRS is definitely one of those institutions to inform that you’re moving. Luckily, you can do it online, so there is no excuse to disregard it. When it comes to your state tax agency, visit the state’s government website. They all have different rules and procedures, so we can’t really say anything else with certainty. See, it wasn’t as difficult as you thought!