No matter if you’re moving long or close-distance, moving is always stressful. In addition to that, it can be quite consuming. One of the things that makes moving so complex is the fact that not many people are experts in moving, nor they have proper knowledge that can help them deal with such a stressful task. And that’s when moving a professional step in. If you manage to find the right ones, you can be sure that they will do a great job. But what when they actually finish the job? Is tipping your movers something you’ve been seriously thinking about? If you are not certain whether to do it and how then this article might give you some answers. So, stick around for a bit more.
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If you’re happy with your movers’ performance, then think about tipping them

Keep an eye on their working methods

In most cases when people invest enough time looking for the best moving company, moving goes pretty smooth. Nevertheless, we still recommend you to pay attention to their performance especially if you hired last minute movers NJ. Since the time for maneuvering is limited, there are more chances for making mistakes or overlooking some important details. We certainly don’t wish that to happen, since moving is already stressful enough, but we think it is fair to inform you about the possible outcomes. If you notice that your movers are not actually up to the challenge, then tipping your movers is not something you should worry about. Simply, you hired them for a reason. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with their performance, then it would be nice to award them with a tip.

Estimate how hard was the job before tipping your movers

Although every kind of help counts, if you are tight with budget, then you’ll probably need to set some criteria. Perhaps, the level of workload could be one of the criteria. And based on that fact, plus your overall satisfaction with the job done is how you will determine whether and how much should you give a tip to the movers. So, if your movers are dealing with some special items and you require them to help you move the piano, then this is definitely leveling up the service. And, it deserves to be rewarded with a good tip. After all, you can’t give just about anyone to handle something like this.

You are not obliged to provide tips, keep that in mind, but think about awarding those who deserve it

We already mentioned a tight budget, which can be really a problem for some people. If that is your case, then we want to advise you not to feel the pressure. Although extra money is always a great incentive for their future moving projects, we are certain that they will understand your financial situation. But if you are looking for military moving companies NJ, and that is considered a specialty service, then it is highly recommended to tip your movers and show your gratitude for a job well-done. The same thing goes if you hire someone to help you handle old furniture. You should know that these kinds of items are extremely sensitive to damages and that you need someone who really knows their job. Therefore, it is only fair to award people who dismantled and transported these precious pieces of furniture.

No money for tipping your movers, no problem

If you thought that monetary awards are the only kind of compensation and expressing appreciation towards someone who provided you with quality service, then you were wrong. There are other ways to do so. One of the ways is by treating them with delicious snacks, lunch, and drinks. You can ask them if they have any special requests. Of course, if your budget allows you to. But you can also search for some easy and delicious snacks you can prepare for them. After all, they will be working all day and they’ll need energy. And what’s the best way to do it if not by a healthy bite? We are sure they will really appreciate the gesture. Also, make sure they are hydrated and that they have enough water during the day.
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Offer your movers with some snacks

How to give your movers a tip?

There are several ways you can do this. You can approach each mover individually and offer them your tip. This step is a little bit more time-consuming. However, this way you’ll at least be absolutely certain that they have received a tip. Moreover, if you got the notion that some of the members did their job better than the rest of the moving crew, you could easily give them a bigger tip. It is your right to judge the worker by his own merits. Thus, award them accordingly.

Make an agreement beforehand

Some people like to do things ahead. If you’re one of them, then you might want to think about tipping your movers according to a pre-made agreement. This means that they can expect to get a tip from you in case they fulfill certain requirements. In a way, this could be an extra motivation for these people to put more effort. On the other hand, for some, it could be more pressure. That is why it is important to be clear about every detail so that both sides know what to expect.
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Make some arrangements in advance

For instance, if you’re planning on storing glass and fine china, you will expect their full attention, pure professionalism and profound care towards these delicate items.

Giving tips to a crew leader

Another way to provide your movers with tips is by giving it to their crew leader. Before they begin with their work, you can talk to this person. Make an agreement so that everyone is comfortable with. But if this doesn’t sound as a good-enough option for you, then you can simply opt for the something you are comfortable with. To resume, whether you will tip your movers or not can depend on many factors. Budget plays a big role in it, as well as the quality of their performance.