When choosing a place to live, job opportunities play an important role in making the final decision. It is of key importance to be able to earn a decent living and improve your living standard in the new city or state. Thus, if you are preparing a fast-approaching move to New Jersey, we can help you with this matter. Once you explore the best moving companies New Jersey and decide which you will trust with your move, pay attention to popular job opportunities in NJ. Luckily, it isn’t necessary to search any further. Just keep on reading.

Popular job opportunities in NJ – which part of the state offers most of them?

If moving to New Jersey is your personal decision, the answer to this question might influence your choice of the place to live significantly. The fact that New Jersey is one of the smallest and yet among the most populous US states proves that it has a lot to offer to its citizens. Being one of the wealthiest states as well, it continuously attracts newcomers in their search for a better life. So, where can they find most of the popular job opportunities in NJ? Firstly, we suggest Bergen County by all means. Hiring movers Bergen County NJ and moving to this area is a very smart choice. Then, you can also opt for Middlesex, Essex or Hudson Counties, too. It all depends on your preferences, priorities, and needs.

What are the popular job opportunities in NJ?

Chances to find decent employment in New Jersey are very high. There are a lot of neighborhoods for young professionals where they can start and pursue business careers and make their professional dreams come true. All they need to do is grab the given chance. Here are some of the most popular jobs in New Jersey nowadays.
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Popular job opportunities in NJ are of key importance when choosing the new home located in this state.

Forest and conservation workers

Employees working in this field earn a salary slightly less than $36,000 a year. The typical minimal entry requirement includes a high school diploma. Foresters and forest technicians help the maintenance and protection of forests in this area. Furthermore, they handle reforesting, preventing and suppressing forest fires, measuring the population of trees and treating trees with insecticides. If you like this job, and yet feel incompetent, there is no reason to worry. All the workers get proper training on the job.

Building cleaning workers

Among building cleaning workers, there are several different categories. Unsurprisingly, each of these has its own salary. A great advantage for those who want to find employment in this field is that they don’t need to meet any special requirements. All the employees are trained on the job. Two of the most distinctive categories in this field are janitors and maids. They both have a chance to move up the business ladder and come to supervisory positions. It is worth making an effort, isn’t it?


Janitors receive an average annual salary of $27,500. They are responsible for some minor repairs as well as cleaning and ordering cleaning supplies. Also, they are in charge of locking access points to secure the buildings in which they work. If necessary, they mow lawns or occasionally sweep walkways.


Maids always work indoors. Their salary is slightly less than that of janitors and equals $23,000 per year. The job includes making beds, doing the washing-up, and doing laundry. If you think you can do better than this, aim at a supervisory position. All you need to do is work hard, do your best and show the willingness to learn and improve yourself.

Popular job opportunities in NJ include working in the field of marital and family therapy

Marriage and family therapist earn a salary of almost $68,000 a year. Their job includes helping individuals, couples and families to cope with their mental and emotional problems and maintain healthy relationships built on trust and pure love. Undoubtedly, to do this job, you need a lot of patience. A therapist has to listen to clients speak of their problems, emotions doubts and fears. He or she has to be able to diagnose any mental disorders and offer appropriate treatments. Therapists have to suggest new living strategies to their clients or even refer them to other professionals.
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To do this job, you need a lot of patience.

The entry requirements, in this case, include a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, psychology, counseling or social work. In addition, you need to pass a national licensing board examination and undergo at least three years of supervised experience. Finally, you mustn’t have a criminal background if you want employment in this field.

Postsecondary environmental science teacher

Postsecondary environmental science teachers earn an annual salary of around $92,000. Most of them have doctorates or a master’s degree if they work at some positions at community colleges. Their job most often includes the standard teachers’ tasks – making and carrying out of lesson plans, creating and evaluating tests and homework, observe the students’ progress, etc. Sometimes, these teachers conduct various researches in the field and then publish articles in relevant journals.


Leisure and hospitality offer numerous popular job opportunities in NJ. If you want, you can explore the best NJ cities to start a business in this field as well. In the meantime, you can work as a receptionist in some of the exclusive hotels, observe the business circumstances in this field and make future plans. Wait for the right moment and use your chance when the time comes.

Registered nurses

Finding a job in the healthcare industry in New Jersey is very popular. Thus, the same goes for the job of a registered nurse. The job is very demanding and can be exhausting, but the annual salary of around $80,000 is considerably high. If this sounds appealing to you check the official New Jersey site and look for the information of New Jersey employment. You might be lucky, who knows?
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The job of a registered nurse is very demanding and can be exhausting.

Popular job opportunities in NJ – what is your choice?

Among other qualities, the traits of a perfect neighborhood also include considerable chances to find employment. Popular job opportunities in NJ change in accordance with the latest economic trends and the labor force available. Explore thoroughly above-mentioned employment. Should you find anything worth making an effort, try your luck. It goes without saying that job satisfaction influences the overall satisfaction level in your life.