Unfortunately, getting older is an inevitable part of our lives. No matter how hard we try, our independence becomes limited in time and the necessity for assistance on regular basis increases. You cannot but ask yourself if there is a solution to these problems. Suddenly, a wise answer emerges. Moving to assisted living can make life less harsh on you and provide you with the help you need so much. However, it isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance. Every relocation is stressful and difficult, so don’t expect any less from this one as well. Understandably, you will have to prepare mentally for moving. Luckily, we can help you a bit with this matter. Here are some helpful tips for moving to assisted living.

Let’s define assisted living – what does it include?

If you are an older adult who needs help with performing everyday tasks, assisted living is an excellent residential option for you. Maybe you have always dreamed of moving to New Jersey when you retire, but if that isn’t possible, you need a good alternative. Assisted living facilities can help you not be a burden to your family members and friends and yet keep as much independence as possible. The staff is polite, helpful and willing to communicate any issues you might have. Furthermore, you get safety and security 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, the staff gives you support to adjust to the new living conditions, make friends with other residents and participate in various activities.
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Assisted living is an excellent residential option for older adults.

Get informed on available services before moving to assisted living

Assisted living facilities can differ greatly according to the services and accommodation they provide. Sometimes, seniors have to share a room. On the other hand, some facilities provide their residents with apartment-like living space. All things considered, a typical assisted living facility provides its residents with the following services:
  • Three meals a day. Most often, these meals are served in a common dining area.
  • If necessary, seniors get assistance with everyday errands like bathing, eating, getting dressed, walking, going to the bathroom, etc.
  • Medication management. The staff takes the utmost care to provide the residents with their medicines on time.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services. Thus, proper maintenance of your home won’t be a problem anymore.
  • Emergency call systems which are necessary for the residents to feel safe and relaxed. Should anything happen, help is just a simple phone call away.
  • Social activities. Indeed, moving to assisted living doesn’t exclude your social life. Just the opposite! You realize you are not lonely in these circumstances. On the contrary, there are numerous people like you, so making friends is a real refreshment.
  • Recreational activities, exercise, and wellness programs. Keeping good shape as much as possible is of vital importance for your health. Thus, do not hesitate to get involved in these activities.
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Assisted living facilities can differ greatly according to the services and accommodation they provide.

How to choose the appropriate assisted living facility?

Understandably, the assisted living facility you choose should suit your needs and preferences. What you need to take into consideration is:
  • The distance from your family members and close friends. – Maybe you want to live in some of the best NJ boroughs for seniors, but you have to think about some other factors as well. Since your family members and friends would want to visit you often, it is important for them not to lose much time in transport.
  • The type and number of stores in the vicinity – You might want to take a pleasant walk to one of the stores and buy what you need yourself.
  • Rules and schedules concerning visits – You want an assisted living facility where your family and friends can visit you regularly whenever you or they want.
  • The satisfaction of the residents – Before moving to assisted living, it is highly advisable to visit the place first. Observe how the staff behaves and whether the residents are satisfied with the general conditions. If possible, talk to some of them on the subject. Once you are sure the assisted living is what you want, start thinking about whether you should hire movers for relocation or asking family for help is a more convenient option.
Finally, once you choose an assisted living facility, check its reputation with the BBB. If there are no complaints filed against it, you have made an excellent choice.

The problem of emotional transition when moving to assisted living

Although assisted living seems a solution reasonable enough, it isn’t that easy to get used to the fact that you will be leaving your current home. This is a monumental change in your life and everybody deals with it in a different way. If you feel depressed, nervous, sad or uncertain whether you are doing the right thing, it is completely normal. Understandably, it will take some time for you to adjust to the new surrounding, but the results will be beneficial once you finally do. Here are some tips on how to ease the anxiety caused by moving to assisted living:
  • Pack for the move in advance. While doing so, be positive and make plans about decorating your new living space, for example. Bring with you the items that have sentimental value and that will give your personal touch to the new surrounding.
  • Keep yourself busy once your moving to assisted living is complete. Meet other residents, explore the new space, get involved in various activities.
  • Keep in touch with your family members and friends regularly. It is comforting to know they will visit you regularly and be there for you whenever you need it.
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Keep in touch with your family members and friends regularly.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help if moving to assisted living becomes too much for you to handle. There are people who are experienced in this field and know how to help you.

Moving to assisted living – how to organize it?

Well, moving to assisted living doesn’t differ much from a regular move. Unsurprisingly, the safest approach is to find professional help to assist you in the moving process. In the given circumstances, the best choice for you is to hire senior movers who can conduct your moving to assisted living easily. They have the necessary experience to help you with downsizing your home which is inevitable in this case. Also, hiring movers will reduce your stress level and provide you with some free time to spend with your family and friends before the relocation.