When you start thinking about moving out, that is the moment when you should also start thinking about all the details regarding this relocation. When to move, what to pack, or what things you shouldn’t bring when moving? Should you hire movers or not? The list can go on, and it is understandable why so many people get headaches when these and many other issues arise. Besides, you will need both mental and physical preparation for moving. Well, we’d like to help you to solve at least one of these dilemmas, and that’s the one regarding what items you should not pack when moving.

Things that could cause danger

We are sure that we don’t have to explain this too much, as the very headline speaks enough. However, we still feel an obligation to make it clear. Just in case. By dangerous goods, we mean everything that can be easily ignited or that is corrosive. In most cases, it is even illegal to move these types of items. On the other hand, if you still have some of these things, and you need to move them, the best would be to contact a team of people who specialize in the disposal of dangerous good, such as recycling pickup service, or EPA. Some of the items from this category are car battery, pool chemicals (and any other kind of chemicals), acid, paints, motor oil, etc.
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Chemicals are dangerous

Offer them to someone who’ll find them more useful

Another thing you can do is to ask some of your friends, family or neighbors if, by any chance, they need those things. After all, you can always buy new products once you settle in. And for moving regular items, a great option is to contact some of the best moving companies NJ to help you organize your relocation, and go through the process as easy as possible.

Things of great value

When it comes to personal items of great value, you really need to be careful. We do not recommend you to entrust these items to anyone but yourself. You will be their best guardian. Plus, knowing that they are close to you will make you feel less stressed. Imagine that you gave them to someone to transport them for you. We are sure that you wouldn’t have a moment of peace. You would be constantly wondering what is going on with the shipment, and whether you would find them intact once you arrive. Well, save yourself that much trouble and pack them in a bag or a box that will be next to you all the time. It might not be a bad idea to insure valuables in your home such as jewelry, artwork, different valuable collections or antique furniture. Nothing can compare with feeling calm. Therefore, take care of packing these items yourself, and make sure to always know where you left them.
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Hold your preciousness close

Perishable items are things you shouldn’t bring when moving

Perishables are very tricky to handle since they can make quite a mess if you don’t pack them in such a way that the shipment is absolutely secured. It doesn’t really matter if you’re moving that close as from Englewood to Clifton, for instance, these can spoil very quickly in very high and low temperatures. On the other hand, if you are moving to or from the Englewood area, we suggest you hire Englewood movers to give you a hand and take care of this moving project in the best way. You can even ask them for advice on how to best pack meat, dairy products, eggs, and everything else that can easily go off.

Don’t pack plants

This may be hard for those who are passionate gardeners, but when you think about it more through, you’ll realize that packing flowers is not really the best option. It is even worse if you’re moving long distance, to some state with a different climate. Most plants are very sensitive to temperature changes. Plus, the road can be bumpy. This can only traumatize and damage your precious plants even more.
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Old plants are some of the things you shouldn’t bring when moving

Now, we don’t say it is impossible to transport them, just like any of the above-mentioned items. We are suggesting that these are in the category of very delicate items. If you do decide to move your plants, ask a florist to advise you what would be the best way to transport them. Ask them about the best way to minimize the risk of damaging the plant. You can always buy new plants. The ones you have, give it to someone as a gift. We are sure they would appreciate it.

Rarely used items

Most people have problems selecting which items to pack and which to leave behind. We get it. Some of them were given to you a long time ago by someone special. Some of them carry a special story. But let’s face it. If you haven’t worn them for a long time, that means that you’ve outgrown them, or that they are out of fashion. Either case, it might be smart to find a way to say goodbye to some of clothes, or things you really haven’t used for a long time. Now, this doesn’t mean that these items have served their purpose completely. Perhaps, someone else will find a new purpose and breathe life into them. So think about donating your items and they will find their way to the new owners.

Things you shouldn’t bring when moving – items that evoke bad memories

Nothing that reminds of you of bad moments in your life should find their place inside boxes and bags. Why would you make it hard on yourself and carry those things in your new home which can really symbolize a new, fresh beginning? Let go of those and you’ll see how good energy will simply flow through your new house. Trust us, we’ve been there. Making a good selection of items will make relocation easier. Here we mentioned some of the things you shouldn’t bring when moving which can really slow you down. Therefore, be smart and think in advance.