Moving requires good planning in order to be executed correctly. You need to plan not only the trip but the packing and loading process as well. Especially if you are moving an entire household. The items you will be loading range from small and fragile ones to big ones like furniture. And you need to be able to safely pack and transport all of it. So, you will be needing many relocation tools to be able to move your household. And it’s always better to be prepared before you begin than to have to pause in order to get the needed tools. So, here are some of the tools that you might be needing during your relocation.

What kind of relocation tools will you be needing?

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There are many different relocation tools that you will need for your move

There are many different kinds of tools. From screwdrivers to forklifts. And all of them could come in handy during a relocation. But, which are the absolutely necessary relocation tools? To answer that question, you first need to take a look at your belongings. The type of your move determines what kinds of tools you will need. Also, whether or not you will be hiring residential movers NJ or not can mean the difference between a simple toolbox for just in case and a whole set of different tools and machines. Professional movers will have their own tools that they will bring with them. And you won’t have to worry about that at all.

Relocation tools for moving with professional movers

When it comes to moving with the help of professional movers, you don’t really need any tools. It’s advisable to have a toolbox ready just in case you need something from it. But, many moving companies offer complete while glove relocation. That means that your movers will be taking care of everything. From packing to loading and delivering your belongings to your new address.

Relocation tools for DIY moving

When you choose to pack or move on your own you will be needing a certain set of tools. You need to think about many aspects of the relocation. First, you need to disassemble and pack everything properly. Then, you need to bring it out and load it. And then you need to bring it into your new home again.

Moving van or truck

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You will need a van or a truck to transport your belongings

The first tool that you can’t go without is a moving van or truck. Unless you are moving just a few personal items, you will need them to transport your belongings. For a local relocation, you could get out with just your car and a couple of trips back and forth. But, for any kind of long-distance relocation, you will be needing a moving truck or a van. And there are a few ways in which you can get one. You can rent movers for just transport or you can rent the truck by yourself. If you do it by yourself you will be responsible for it throughout your relocation. So, keep that in mind. Also, you will have to cover all the expenses of the tools needed to load your belongings. As well as gas and other truck related items.

Your Toolbox

The next item on the list of relocation tools is your toolbox. If you are moving furniture, chances are that you will have to disassemble some of it. And you will need a few tools for that. First, you need an electric screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Then you will be needing zip lock bags for safely storing and keeping track of screws. And a measuring tool can be beneficial. That way, you can measure your furniture to make sure it can fit in the truck.

Protective gear

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Having protective gear will increase your safety during relocation

Alongside regular tools, you will also be needing some safety equipment. If you are not moving a huge home you won’t need helmets. But having a work suite and a pair of gloves can save you from many scrapes and bruises. Safety boots are also very useful, in case you drop something heavy onto your feet. It’s also not a bad idea to wear protective glasses. You will be moving items that you haven’t moved for years. And your eyes might get injured from all that dust.

Moving furniture

One of the hardest things in any relocation is moving furniture. It’s big, heavy and often can’t even fit through the door. So, sometimes you will need to disassemble it. Alongside your toolbox, you will also be needing many other relocation tools. From moving dollies to furniture sliders. If you happen to have antique pieces of furniture make sure you hire professional antiques movers. Don’t attempt to disassemble or move it by yourself. Antique furniture is heavier and much easier to damage. And on top of that, it’s usually much more expensive and irreplaceable.
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Moving heavy furniture requires more effort and more relocation tools

Moving dollies

Whenever you are moving heavy items you need something to help you. Convincing a couple of friends to help you is not always enough. And a moving dolly will go a long way in making your relocation easier. There are many types of moving dollies. From utility dollies to furniture specific ones. If you are moving home with your friends it might be a good idea to rent a few of them. You can usually rent them from a local moving company or hardware store.

Furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are among essential relocation tools. They are usually plastic or rubber pieces that you can place under the furniture. Sliders not only allow you to move heavy items with ease but they also protect your floors. They are great for getting your furniture close to the exit before you are able to put it on a dolly.

Moving blankets and pads

Moving blankets are great for any number of purposes. When moving sensitive items you can wrap them in a moving blanket first. That will protect it from accidental bumps and scuffs. And when you are done with that, you can use them to protect your items during transport.