Are you a pet owner who is looking forward to moving to a new place? In the middle of collaborating with residential movers, packing boxes, and doing a number of other tasks, you realize that your furry buddy needs quite a bit of attention. Your pets are intelligent creatures and can sense changes happening around them. At the same time, they are highly energetic, and no matter how much you train them, they’re ultimately fun-loving animals who can easily cause damage to your boxes in fun and play.  Even if they don’t, they would still want to grab your attention and spend some time with you as they are loyal and innocent. And if you don’t go to them, they will get anxious and stressed. So, what to do? How to go about a smooth move with your pets around?  In this blog, we shall dive into the various issues pets face when their surroundings are in the middle of a lot of changes and their owners are often not giving them the attention they want. Some tips will follow up, that would help you embark on this moving journey with your family, your local movers NJ, and your darling furries together in the most comfortable way. Challenges Pets And Their Parents Face During A Move  As you pack your movables to relocate with your team of expert residential movers, your little dog would playfully follow you around everywhere. However, being in the middle of work you won’t be able to give him the belly rubs and playtime that you usually do. This could induce a certain distress in the dog, who may start barking excessively and turn more restless than usual. On the other hand, your cat may show stress in her own way. Instead of being loud, she would rather seclude herself in lonely corners of the home or sometimes act out in aggression. The unfamiliar environment around her could overwhelm her.  Different animals react differently to this situation, but they certainly make sure their owners know they are not having it. Their disrupted routines and lack of attention from owners make them quite confused and stressed. And since they cannot speak on their own to tell us exactly what they are going through, we have to be responsible pet parents on our own. It’s quite important to acknowledge that our pets have feelings and their well-being is super important throughout the process. Make Your Move Pet-Friendly With These Things In Mind  Now that you know what your beloved fur friends go through while a hefty moving process takes place, it is time to find out how can we, as their pet parents, ensure that they remain comfy throughout the phase and keep their tails wagging with happiness. Here are a few tips that could be of great help in this regard. Maintain Their Consistent Routine  Pets are creatures of routine. Once they become accustomed to something, they like to live by it, whether it’s their evening walk or their feeding time. So it is essential that their routine remains as unaffected as possible. Spend some time with them amid the chaotic pressure of the move. This would not only keep them jolly and happy but also give you a moment of rejuvenation in the middle of your busy moving schedule.  Avoid Cluttering Your Pet’s Space  When you are packing your belongings, there is a big chance that your house is going to end up in a mess for quite some time. With lots of clutter all around, it is essential that you designate a quiet and fairly organized space for your pets to stay in comfortably till the move goes on. Keep all the items they are fond of like their bed, toys, and their bowls nearby. Do not clutter up your pets’ spaces as it can irritate or hurt them.  Garner Information On Pet Laws Of The Moving Destination  Prior to your move to your new place, there is one thing you must certainly remember to do as a pet lover. Thoroughly research all the pet laws and regulations at the new location. Different states, cities, and even various zones within the same city would have unique laws for permissible breeds and leash requirements. When you know this information in advance, it would make sure there are no last-moment troubles with taking your beloved pooch to your new home and everything would go smoothly.  Keep Your Pets Safe And Secure During Transportation  Whether you are traveling by your own vehicle or taking help from residential movers for it, the security of pets is really important during this time. If they are being taken in a car, a well-ventilated pet carrier would be great to keep them safe throughout the journey. A pet seatbelt would also serve a similar purpose, keeping your furry passengers safe.  Keep in mind – Never ever, at any point in the journey, should you leave your pets unattended inside a parked car. Their body temperatures could be badly affected by this rapidly and their health could suffer. Always take them with you. Create A Separate Bag Of Emergency Supplies For Your Pet During The Move  During any outdoor venture, we carry a set of essentials that are important for emergency cases or are indispensable to us. Similarly, our sweet pets also require certain items that are necessary for them to stay calm and composed through the moving phase. These include the basics – kibble, water, medications along with some items that they really like, for instance, their favorite toys, treats, and blankets. Keep the bag with you all the time so that whenever your furry pal needs something, you hand it over right away. Pro Tip – Do keep the medical records and identification tags of your pets. These will help in case your pet requires veterinary attention in the journey to the new destination urgently at any point. How To Set Up Your New Place For Your Pet Friends?  The journey is over, and you along with your family, which includes your lovely pets, have now reached your new place. A new chapter in your life is about to begin and we get it, the feeling is exciting. However, the work is far from done yet.  Your residential movers would now start to unpack all the items you have brought and arrange them as you want in your new place. However, your pets are probably tired of being cramped in a car for a while and might feel a bit restless. They might not feel as excited about the new home at the beginning and would rather prefer the comfort of their older space. This is why it’s ideal to start with unpacking their items first and setting up their resting space with familiar belongings like their toys kept in a similar fashion as they used to do earlier. This would help the pets get cozy and comfy faster. And before you allow your pets to frolic around the new environment at their will, just make a little check on anything that could pose a threat to them like any toxic plants, exposed wiring, or pointed items. Let the pets get introduced to different rooms of the house in a gradual manner, so they can explore everything calmly and get used to everything one at a time.