If there is something that could be classified as the most difficult kind of items to pack and transport when relocating, or when preparing for storage, that would be fragile items such as glass, fine china, etc. These things are easily breakable if not being handled properly. But there is a way for storing glass and fine china in storage facilities NJ and not put them at risk. If uncertain how then read this article to learn more about it. Hopefully, they will bring the matter closer to you and you will have fewer problems handling this task.

Assemble them all

The journey of your glass and fine china to a storage unit begins right after you get them out of all the cupboards and other places you keep them. Now before you ship them over, maybe you’ll first need to make a selection. Since you’ve made a decision for storing glass and fine china, you probably already have a pretty good idea which ones you wish to put away. If yes, then this task will be a lot easier.
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Take out all of the glasses you mean to pack and store

Once you have the final number of glasses and pieces of fine china, you can proceed to pack them. Remember that proper packing is the key to safe transportation and storing of these items. So, don’t hold back, and use everything you’ve got. However, if you think that you simply can’t do this at the necessary level, then you might ask for some moving and packing tips from a local moving and storage company.

Have as many supplies as you can for storing glass and fine china

The next very important thing on this quest is getting appropriate packing supplies. You can probably guess that cardboard boxes are first on the list. But the list doesn’t end there. You will need many other things in order to secure your glassware. And just like those who have placed antique items in storage, you will also need to pay a lot of attention when executing this task. Make sure you have:
  • Cardboard boxes in different size
  • Enough bubble wrap and foam
  • Plate and cup dividers
  • Packing paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pliable cardboard
  • Tape
  • Scissors
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Get all the supplies you need to pack and store glass and fine china

Just in case, make sure you have a little bit more than enough. You don’t know what might happen. You may even change your mind all of a sudden and add more items. You’ll agree that it’s better to have everything all at once, then to lose extra time looking for an additional box, or anything else.

Be consistent when packing

What does this even mean, you may wonder? Well, this means that when packing things that can easily break, you can’t pair just about anything. The best thing would be if you would pack one collection separately from the other. But if you’ve had a collection of festive glasses or porcelain platters and vases, there’s a chance that some of them have broken down, or are lost. This means that the collection is not complete. This further means that if there’s some free room left inside a box, that you can add glass, plate, etc., from some other unmatched collection.

Use original packing

When storing glass and fine china, it is always the best to pack them inside their original packing. But, if you don’t have it anymore, regular boxes will just do (with the help of other supplies from the list). So, in case you’ll need to use standard boxes, make sure to use these supplies the best you can.

Don’t overpack the boxes

One of the common mistakes people make when DIY moving is that they overpack boxes and bags. Alright, we see the point, you want to put as much inside as you can. But the thing is different with fragile items. You need to prevent them from rubbing against each other. This way you’ll avoid them getting damaged. And that is, of course, the last thing you want when storing glass and fine china. The reason this is not recommendable is also that perhaps some box won’t be able to endure that much quantity. Hence, better safe than sorry.

Have plates and bowls on their side

We know that the first thing that comes on your mind when packing these items is to lay them on their center. However, in this case, putting them on the side is a much better option. You see, plates and bowls usually have stronger edges than centers. So, in case the road is bumpier, there are fewer chances that the content will suffer bigger damage.
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Pack bowls and plates on their side

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t do your homework, and protect your items. Therefore, use the protective material to secure them additionally. Again, if you’re not confident in your packing skills, then hire professional packing and unpacking services by all means. Trust us, you will feel so much at ease knowing that your precious expensive fine china and glasses are in the hands of a team of professionals.

Wrap them up

Remember we mentioned bubble wrap and packing foam? Well, these two will be your best friends when storing glass and fine china. Wrap each of these individually. After that, place them carefully inside a box. Use as much of this material as necessary. Before that, use painter’s tape to cover the bottom of a box. Also, don’t forget to stuff the hollow parts of a glass or a cup. Once each piece is wrapped and placed inside a box, use packing tape to seal the boxes.

Don’t use newspapers

Newspapers are definitely very useful when packing fragile items. But this time you are packing fine china which is usually decorated with beautiful images. And if you wrap them with newspapers, the ink might smudge decoration. That is why it’s better to use a clean wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

Packing glasses

Now that you have all platers, bowls, and plates wrapped and packed, let’s move on to glassware, cups, and mugs. The procedure is similar. But, it is a good idea to use cardboard dividers. Do this, and the handles won’t get damaged or broken. With everything wrapped and packed, the only thing left is labeling the boxes. This will make unpacking easier and faster. The journey almost comes to an end with most of the job being done. Now, the only thing that’s left to be done is to have someone to transport your boxes inside a storage unit. If you happen to be in the Ramsey NJ area, then contact movers Ramsey NJ to do the hard job for you.