If you are moving to New Jersey on a budget you are probably looking to save money. Well, you are in the right place because we will give you some tips and tricks on how to move on a budget. Even if you don’t have a big budget you can still have the perfect move. You just need to make some smart choices and learn how to save those dollars. There are some things like packing and unpacking that you can do by yourself. If you hire affordable New Jersey movers and follow our tips you will be moving to New Jersey on a budget in no time.
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Use tricks to save money when moving to New Jersey

Ways to save money when moving to New Jersey

There are some sure ways to save money when moving to New Jersey. First of all, you need to get rid of all of the things you don’t need. You should know that your movers will charge by the hour. So, the more stuff they have to load the more expensive the move will be. Moreover, a move is a great way to declutter and finally throw away the things that are just not necessary anymore. Go from room to room and make piles of stuff you don’t need. The ones that are damaged can go to the garbage. There are different ways to get rid of the things that are in good condition
  • You can donate them to charity. The benefit here is that you can get a tax reduction.
  • You can sell your stuff online
  • You can organize a yard sale or a garage sale. Since you are on a tight budget this is a sure way to save some money and pay some moving expenses.

Move offseason if possible

If you can plan your move well in advance you should consider moving to New Jersey offseason. So, what does that mean? Well, you can book movers in the autumn and winter. These are the seasons when movers will charge for their services less. If you do manage to organize your move in autumn and winter time you will save a lot of money. You will pay up to 30% less if you move offseason.
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Move offseason in autumn or winter when you want to save money

Rely on DIY

If you can do something yourself you should. This is a sure way to save some money and move on a budget. Some of the things that you can do yourself are packing and unpacking. Your movers can do moving and packing. They can also do unpacking for you. However, they will charge extra for the packing service. You can do the packing yourself. Try getting your friends to help you. A good thing about this is that you will exactly know what you are packing in which box. Here are some tips for successful and efficient packing
  • Go from room to room when you are packing
  • Label the boxes using color coding – designate a color for each room and label the boxes appropriately
  • If there is something fragile in the box write FRAGILE with a red marker. This way you will know to be extra careful with those boxes
  • When you are unloading do it room by room.

Get free boxes

It is a fact that the most important thing in every move is to get enough boxes. If you get your movers to pack and if they bring their own boxes they will charge for it. A sure way to save some money is to get free boxes for your move. Where might you get them you wonder? Well, you can check places like
  • Liquor stores. Here you can get boxes that have those bottle separations. This is a great way to pack and move your glasses.
  • Bookstores
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores
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Get free boxes when moving to New Jersey

Save money on packing supplies

Packing by yourself will definitely help you save money when moving to New Jersey. There are some packing supplies that you could buy but you actually don’t need to. You don’t really need bubble wrap because you can improvise and use things you have in your house. You can use old towels, cloths. In addition, you can use newspapers to wrap glasses and fragile and delicate items.

Get the transport-only option from your movers

If you want to save money on transport you can rent a truck and drive yourself. However, you should know that driving a truck and driving a car is not the same thing. You might have troubles maneuvering the truck since it is considerably bigger than a car. A long distance move is not going to be an easy task if you don’t feel comfortable driving a moving truck. Another option is to get the transport-only service from your movers. Basically, you will pack everything. Moreover, you will also load everything into the truck. The movers will transport your belongings from your old home to your new home. Some movers will transport a container in front of your house. They will give you a couple of days or weeks to load everything. When you unload everything they will drive off with the container.
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You could get transport only services to save money

Additional tips on saving money when moving to New Jersey

  • Look for free moving boxes at the office of in copy stores.
  • Use magazines and newspapers instead of bubble wraps and packing peanuts. However, beware of ink from the newspaper. Make sure they don’t get wet because it could leave ink marks on your belongings.
  • When you make a deal with your movers you should ask for a fixed price. Don’t settle for an estimate.
  • You already know you should move in the autumn and winter if you want to save money. Moreover, you should also consider moving in the middle of the month and in the middle of the week.
  • You should buy moving insurance coverage. If anything happens to any of your belongings or if anything gets damaged you will be fine. You will avoid paying enormous sums of money.
  • Another tip is to put smaller items into larger ones. This is a great way to save money on moving boxes if you need to buy any.