There are a lot of things that should be considered in preparation for a moving day. If you are moving your garage with you, then the moving checklist might be a bit longer. But let that not upset you. With good organization, everything can be done without additional stress. In the text below you can find smart tips on how to pack your garage with ease.

Starting a new life but not without your garage

Moving to another place is for sure a big and exciting event. Even if nothing seems difficult when pursuing our dreams, relocating your home might be stressful. Settling your life in a new place can be challenging and emotional. Nevertheless, the process of preparation for moving might not be so hard. An organization is a crucial factor for good moving as well as choosing the right moving company. By choosing a reliable and a professional company with experience, such as Moving of America- NJ movers, you will save your energy and time. If your garage is also something that you would like to relocate, then you are in the right place. We will try to give you some useful advice so that you can pack your garage with ease.

Packing your garage step by step

While some people use their garage only for parking cars, others also use it for storing different types of things. Those items usually are sports equipment, lawn mowers, yard tools and many other things that one probably even forgot about having. To make a good plan means to pack your garage with ease. So, let us start from the beginning.

Sorting out things and de-cluttering your garage

It is the right time to get rid of the things that are not useful anymore or that you do not need. So, before you start packing, de-clutter your garage. By going through the garage you can check item by item and see what is it that you would like to take with yourself to your new location. You can sort the rest of the items for selling, donating, recycling or just throwing away. Organizing a garage sale is a good idea because you can earn some money. If you don’t have time for that, online sale is also an option. But by donating things you will have double joy, as someone else will be happy about it too. It is up to you, but the fewer things you have, the easier the packing will be.
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Finding moving supplies so that you can pack your garage with ease

After finishing the de-cluttering of your garage it is time to think about packing. Packing supplies are a necessary part of it, so it is good to prepare them earlier. Start with finding strong cardboard boxes, which are the most important. Some of the other packing supplies that you will need are duct tape, packing papers or foams, bubble wraps, labels, scissors etc. Think about the size of the items that you want to pack when choosing boxes. The supplies that you need for packing you can order to your home address, or just buy them in specialized markets. The other option is reusing old boxes. Ask friends or supermarkets in the neighborhood for it. That way you can save some money on boxes, too. For cutting expenses you can also use old towels, pieces of clothing, rags or anything that could serve as protective material. And we all know that moving costs are not so cheap, so every saved dollar counts.
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To find good moving supplies is to pack your garage with ease

How to properly pack your items

In the sea of various items, you must be wondering from where to start. We tried to make a list of the most common things that a person might have in the garage. Almost every item should be protected from possible damages during the transport. These are the tips for packing: Tools -Keep small tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers or hammers in the toolbox. Clean it and reorganize it before the move. – Larger tools should be packed separately in professional packing cartons. Watch out not to put too many large tools in the same box. For circular saws, drills and other larger items, you can also use original boxes for packing. – Make sure that you tape the front of all your sharp tools such as shears or clippers. That way it will be safely and easily unpacked. Use bubble wraps or old socks and rages of sleeves for protecting any of these tools. – Pack your garden tools with long handles together size- wise and bundle them. Good thing is to disassemble them first. -Drain any power tool that you have from oil and gas before packing. Strip them down of any detachable elements such as batteries and wrap the power cords correctly. Padding materials are also necessary here so that you can immobilize the electric tools.

Dangerous substances

Any gas-fuelled power equipment should be emptied completely. Consider doing it with tools such as lawnmowers and chainsaws. Moving companies will not move hazardous items, corrosives or any other flammable substances. Ask your moving company for a list of specifics which you can and cannot move.

Outdoor items

For moving outdoor furniture make sure to pack separately any cushions. You should disassemble outdoor items such as swings sets and cubby houses and place screws and bolts for safekeeping. – Do not forget about your favorite BBQ. After cleaning it well, make sure that all gas cylinders are empty. For this, you will need professional help so your local garage may assist you. Do not do it on your own. – Remove handlebars and wheels from your bike, if you are about to move it. Ask in a local bike store for an original box, it can be much easier for packing.
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Packing your bike properly will save your space for other things

Sealable plastic bags

-Have a lot of plastic bags with your for the smallest items such as screws, bolts, nuts, and nails. That way you will prevent them from getting lost in bigger boxes.

Labeling is a crucial part in packing your garage

The last but very important part of packing things from your garage is labeling. Putting a label on every box will be helpful in the process of unpacking. So, make a note of everything that each box contains. It might take you some time, but you will be grateful for it later. In this article, we’ve given you an insight on how to pack your garage with ease for your moving day. Whether you are moving locally or having a long distances move, residential movers NJ are here for you. So start planning your move, make a moving checklist and enjoy your moving.