You might think that just because you hired movers, your worries are a thing of the past. While that might be true, especially if you hired a full-service moving company, a lot of things still depend on you! Did you know that there is a number of things to do before the movers arrive? No, we are not referring to packing, as you might have already hired packing services NJ to help you out with that task. We are referring to many other things that your movers simply can’t’ help you with. Take the matters into your own hands, and ensure everything goes without a hitch on your moving day.

Before the movers arrive, make sure you clean

It seems like an obvious one, yet plenty of people forget to do it. Or don’t want to. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you should take a sponge, a bucket of water, some chemicals and start wiping. Your furniture needs to be spotless. This is not just because we think you should impress expert movers East Rutherford NJ with your cleanliness. No, it’s so that your possessions won’t be in any risk of damage, because a clean house is a safe house!
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Cleaning might be the last thing you want to do right now. Still, you’ll have to do it before the movers arrive.

In case you didn’t opt for packing services…

Make sure you pack every single box before your movers’ arrival. Imagine the nightmare of movers charging by the hour. They arrive at your home, only to find that half of your items are still to be packed. Having them wait around could negatively reflect on your final moving price. As we all know it, the goal is to spend less, not more. For that reason, make sure the last box is neatly sealed the night before your relocation. For that to happen, you will have to start packing on time. And for packing to be finished in time, you will first need to gather packing supplies and different types of moving boxes. It’s all connected as you can see so stay sharp throughout your entire relocation.

Take care of your children and pets

As much as we love them, we have to be honest. Kids and pets will only bring additional chaos into an already messy situation. The question of what to do with your little ones is an easy one. All you need to do is find a babysitter, and the problem will be solved. When it comes to your pet, any grown person can take care of it for a few hours. What’s important is for that person to be away from the chaos that moving brings. Even if they are inside the house, which should be your last resort, they should still be out of the way. Nothing will slow down your moving team more than a little puppy grabbing everyone’s attention with its cuteness.
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Unless you want your puppy to steal the show, make sure someone watches it on the big day.

Work out the parking situation

It’s precisely parking that creates a lot of confusion and problems on a moving day. If you are unlucky, your neighbors could complain about you taking an inch of their parking space. That would lead to you being even more nervous and agitated as if your relocation alone wasn’t enough. For that reason, you need to communicate the situation with both your neighbors and the movers. Everyone should be fully informed, as there is no room for error on this day. Just remember: the closer the moving truck is to your home, the easier it will be for your antique movers NJ to maneuver around.

Take measurements

Imagine the following scenario. Almost everything is packed and ready to go. All that is left is for your movers to load up the couch and you are good to go. They lift it only to realize that it can’t fit through the door. The night is approaching and their time is almost up. If you want to avoid the headache such a situation will bring, be smart! Measure everything days before the movers arrive. That will give you enough time to find a solution should something be too big or wide to fit through the door.
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Measure your doorways and your furniture and check whether everything can fit trouble free.

Ensure you protect your home before the movers arrive

Damage is so easy to happen during a moving process. All that it takes is one wrong move for your house to suffer from water damage. Or for your walls to get scratched. While there are some things that no one can avoid, there are other measures you can take to ensure your house is as safe as possible. Both your old one and the new one.
  • Place blankets on your floors before the movers arrive. It will keep all the mud away.
  • When moving during the winter and holidays, the first thing you should do is clearing out the snow and ice.
  • Hardwood floors should be protected no matter the season. Cover them with tarp or blankets to protect them.

Have the money for tips at hand

If your residential NJ movers do a good job relocating you, it is only natural to tip them, right? There is not a precise amount a mover should receive as a tip. Everything depends whether you are going through a local or a long distance relocation. Still, expect to give each mover at least 20 dollars, and feel free to expand the amount according to your finances. There is no need to overdo it, of course. Give as much as you can, and if you are strapped for cash, don’t worry. Instead of preparing the money before the movers arrive, perhaps you could prepare some refreshments. There is never a wrong way to say thank you!