Relocating a medical clinic is a highly demanding process. DIY move is out of the question in this case. Also, finding a reputable moving company is not enough. You need movers who have the necessary equipment, skills, knowledge, and considerable experience in relocating medical clinics. If you are preparing for this type of relocation, we can provide you with the most important things you need to know. Hopefully, our useful tips will help you significantly in organizing the whole process.

Notifying employees when relocating a medical clinic

The relocation of your medical clinic will affect not just you and your patients, but your employees as well. For some, this may be a beneficial change. When it comes to others, it may affect their everyday habits negatively and you will have to find a way to keep them motivated for work. Be open and explain why relocation is necessary. Encourage your employees to get involved in the relocation. For example, they can help with packing and moving medical records. Also, ask your employees to give constructive suggestions they can come up with. You can all brainstorm ideas and find the most appropriate way to go through relocation smoothly.
moving medical records

Let your employees help with the packing and moving medical records.

When relocating a medical clinic notifying patients well in advance is compulsory

Your patients are the core of your medical business. Thus, it is of utmost importance to inform them about the change in your location well in advance. Not only should you inform your current patients, but the former patients as well. There are countless ways to do this. Here are the most common ones:
  • Put a sign with the key information regarding relocation on the front door of your medical clinic. Optionally, you can put these on the doors of doctors’ offices as well.
  • Change your phone greetings. Thus, your patients will receive timely notification of your relocation.
  • Publishing a notice in the local newspapers is a smart decision. Of course, doing this only once won’t give you the desired effect. The best option is to publish the same notice once a week in four consecutive weeks prior to your move.
  • Informing your current and former patients about the relocation by mail.
  • Sending emails to inform about the upcoming relocation.
  • Since the internet is very popular and commonly used source of information, posting an announcement about the change of location on your website is a reasonable decision.
  • Flyers with the new address, contact numbers and a map to your medical clinic are very useful too. Distribute them around your current neighborhood and the results won’t miss.
moving medical records

Notify your patients well in advance when relocating a medical clinic.

Finding the appropriate movers when relocating a medical clinic

Unsurprisingly, there is no need to discuss whether you should hire movers when relocating a medical clinic. The answer is, by all means, yes. You need professional commercial movers who have had considerable experience in moving medical clinics successfully so far. Why is it necessary? Because the movers who are in charge of relocating a medical clinic will have to:
  • Meet all the state and federal requirements related to relocating a medical clinic. Thus, professional medical office movers are a must.
  • Know how to disassemble fragile medical equipment, how to protect it and then pack it properly. No mistakes that result in damaging medical equipment are allowed when relocating a medical clinic. Thus, you need the best packing services NJ you can get for your move.
  • Find the way to transport the medical equipment safely to your new location.
  • Unpack, reassemble and prepare the medical equipment to be used at the new location.
  • Work fast but cautiously. Your medical clinic should start working as soon as possible.

How to find professional medical office movers?

The best and the safest way is to ask your colleagues for recommendations. This will significantly shorten the process of finding the right moving company. However, this doesn’t happen very often, so you need an alternative. Here we come to using the internet to find the proper commercial movers. Before you make the final choice, pay attention to the following:
  • Their medical moving experience – Relocating a medical clinic is a serious task. You can hire only those movers who have had experience in this field.
  • Their equipment and knowledge – Make sure the company you hire has the necessary equipment to complete the relocation safely and at ease.
  • The moving methods the movers use. – Discuss the moving methods your potential movers use when relocating a medical clinic. This might provide you with an insight into how knowledgeable they really are about this.
  • The references. – Contact the former clients of the companies you are considering. Ask them about their opinions and experiences with the moving companies in question. Pay attention to both what they liked and didn’t like about the movers.
  • The services and the price – When preparing a moving budget, bear in mind that relocating a medical clinic with professional medical office movers is always pricey. However, it is worth paying a higher amount of money when you know your medical equipment is safe.
moving medical records

When relocating a medical clinic you need professional commercial movers who have had considerable experience in moving medical clinics successfully so far.

Don’t forget to notify your payers and service providers when relocating a medical clinic

Although medical moving checklists can have different forms, they all have the same aim. People use them so as not to forget anything important when relocating a medical clinic. One of the top to-do tasks on these lists is notifying payers and various service providers. If you forget to notify your payers, you won’t be able to prevent the loss due to late payments. Should you forget to notify service providers, you could end up in a medical clinic without electricity, heating, or the internet. Thus, do all that is necessary to prevent these inconveniences.

Conclusion on relocating a medical clinic

When relocating a medical clinic leave nothing to chance. No mistakes are allowed since they can result in serious damage to your medical equipment. Thus, try your best to find the best commercial movers who can meet the high requirements of relocating a medical clinic. Since your patients are the most important factor in your medical business, inform them about the relocation well in advance. Also, notifying your payers and service providers is a must too. This is the only right way to continuing successful practice at a new location.