Moving is a long and cumbersome process. It doesn`t matter whether you are having a residential or commercial relocation, there are always things connected to moving which will be challenging. One such thing is deciding whether to tip movers that are relocating you. After all, relocation is not a cheap event, and you need to save all the money you can. However, if you give it a second thought, tipping your movers will seem like a logical choice. Just think about all the work they have put into your relocation. Of course, whether you want to tip your movers is solely your choice. Today, we are here to help you decide on the amount of the tip for your movers if that is what you opt for in the end.
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Should you tip movers? The decision is up to you!

By tipping your movers, you show appreciation for their hard work

Even though tipping your movers is not mandatory, it is still a nice way to show your gratitude. Professional movers have a tough job ahead of them on a daily basis, and a tip could make their day better. Moreover, a lot depends on the work movers do. If you think about it, you will realize that this is a line of work which entails a lot of responsibility, good organization, and teamwork. That being said, you should know that there is not a right or wrong amount of money which you should give as a tip. If you are not in an envious financial situation, we are sure no one will hold it against you if you give a smaller tip. However, there are a few factors which you should consider when tipping your movers! These factors will help you decide how much money to set aside for this expenditure.

The key factors to think about when deciding how much to tip movers

There are a few factors we think are crucial when deciding on the amount of the tip. Mind you, that there is no precise formula for calculating the amount. It will be your own estimate which will decide how generous the tip will, or will not be.

The complexity of the move is the biggest factor when deciding how much to tip movers

Of course, movers should be tipped based on how much work they need to put in for a move. If you are unsure whether relocating your home was complex or not, consider the following things:
  • The size of your house. It is not the same thing to relocate a one-bedroom apartment and a two-story house.
  • If there were any stairs or elevators involved, the move was more complex than usual.
  • The number of bulky items is another factor to consider when deciding how much to tip movers. If there was a pool table or piano moving involved, your relocation was not simple.
  • Consider how long it took your movers to relocate you and base your decision on the time spent.
Once you decide how complex your relocation was, you are still not ready to decide on the final amount of the tip for your movers. There are a few other things to take into consideration. 
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How much to tip movers? It is a decision which is based on many factors.

Pay attention to the quality of service

Let`s say you have done your research and checked the customer testimonials on the mover`s website. Perhaps, what you read there had a lot of impact on your choice to hire that company to handle your relocation. However, you cannot expect your experience to be the same as someone else`s. Depending on the situation, and how they treated you, your impression will either be positive, or negative. There is usually no in between. Think about the following questions:
  1. Were your movers late, or did they come on time?
  2. Were they friendly and professional?
  3. With how much care did they handle your items?
  4. Did anything get lost or damaged during the transportation?
If your movers fulfilled all of your expectations, then you should reward them with a bigger tip. Good and hard-working people deserve to be rewarded for their effort.

Look at the final moving cost

The final moving cost will vary greatly. This final cost depends on a lot of things, like whether you are moving abroad or locally. When tipping your movers, you need to have that final amount on your mind. Did your movers respect the moving quote they gave you when you first got in touch with them? Also, did you pay for any additional services? How many moving trucks were necessary to relocate your possessions? Everything mentioned will be included in the final moving price, which has a say in how much you tip your movers.

How much do people usually tip their movers?

While there is not a specific amount, it is an unwritten rule that people usually tip 5-10 percent of the final moving cost for a long-distance move. Therefore, if the final bill is 3.000 dollars, you should give your movers at least 150 dollars to split amongst themselves. As a minimum, every crew member should get at least 20 dollars for a local move, and 40 dollars for a long-distance one. When it comes to the maximum amount of the tip, the limit does not exist. You can tip as generously as you want. Moving of America is sure no mover will mind your generosity.
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The amount of the tip will vary based on your financial situation and your satisfaction with your movers and their work.

The tipping culture is different around the world. As you were able to see, how much you will tip movers depends largely on you, and there is no precise formula. Don`t feel obliged to give a certain amount just because it is the norm. Moreover, when deciding on the tip, it is helpful to have the guidelines we have mentioned in your mind. They will help you make the most informed and righteous choice. Good luck!