There are many odd items in people’s homes. From big aquariums to pianos – we have met (and tackled) many an odd and heavy thing. One of these is a gun safe. This item is an important piece of furniture for all those who like home safety – or just guns. However, there are many difficulties to transport it. The size and the weight of a safe are main obstacles to carrying it safely. Not only do you need to think about the safety of people moving it, but also about protecting floors and walls, too. In order to bypass this huge labor, it’s a smart idea to hire professional movers. They have experience with moving safes, and you can work with them on finishing a successful move. In this article, find even more reasons why you should hire gun safe movers, as well as how to move a safe.

Figure out the dimensions first

Before you call gun safe movers, you should learn a bit about your gun safe. Since these can weight quite a bit, your movers might need some special equipment to lift it. Even with this equipment, there are limits to what we can move. It is very important to consult with us about these. You do not want to end up not having the manpower, or the movers, to move your gun safe to your new home.
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Doors and handles carry a lot of weight on a gun safe.

A key thing to realize is that the gun safe will need to be empty first. A lot of professional movers will not even carry guns – so this step is very important. After that, remember not to weight your gun safe yourself. This is a dangerous thing to do, and you can end up hurting yourself – so refrain from doing it. Instead, look up the manufacturer and the product number. Then, talk to your moving company. We will most likely have a database of safes and will be able to figure out the weight of it. Sometimes, we might need to remove the doors or the handles from it. These make for most of the weight, so this will make carrying it easier (and possible).

How gun safe movers prepare for the move

Now we get to the important part – why calling gun safe movers is important. First, we have experience when moving these heavy items. We will know exactly what preparation you need. Remember, you will need to mentally prepare for moving as much as physically. So, while we take care of your floors and walls, as well as your safe, you can deal with other chores. What we usually do is put blankets and compressed wood on the path they will take.
mentally prepare for moving

We will avoid any scratches and damages.

After that, we inspect the safe. You expect to get the gun safe in the same condition you gave it to us. This is why it’s important we take notice of any scratches and marks beforehand. That way, we will not make additional ones. After that, we take it somewhere with more space, where we can pack it properly. We usually wrap the safes in blankets and plastic to cushion from bumps during the rode. This is also the time at which we take off doors if there is a need for it.

Moving the gun safe

After we packed the safe tightly, the time has finally come to actually move it. And this is where all the fun is. Even if all this prior preparation seemed difficult, getting the safe to the truck is the trickiest part. Just imagine – you need to get a 600 pounds box outside, then lift it up and store it into a vehicle. Luckily, movers Fair Lawn NJ have experience with this. Sometimes, we only need three people to do this! However, what we usually require is a moving dolly to help us lift the load. You can always ask for a moving truck that has a lift gate. These make lifting the safe easier – the safe gets into the truck with a press of a button. Isn’t it wonderful how technology can help?
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Know your layout.

Whichever way you move the gun safe into the truck, there is one thing you need to know. This is the layout of your new home. It is very important to be aware of where the safe needs to go. Talk to the movers and plan how you will move it, as well as any obstacles that might be in your way. Moving a gun safe is not easy, but there is no need to make it even harder by going into it blind! Gun safe movers will again have blankets and other helpful material to protect your home and your safe.


To conclude, there are a lot of reasons why you should call gun safe movers when you are moving to New Jersey. First, we can help you figure out the weight of the safe – or we can calculate it by ourselves. Since it’s extremely difficult and dangerous to do this by yourself, we are already of great use to you. Then, we have experience with moving these, so we can help you make a detailed plan about where the safe needs to go, and how we can move it. Finally, we have both the manpower, experience, and equipment that you need to lift this heavy monster up from your house and into the moving truck. Finally, while we transport it, you can do other chores and not worry about its safety – it will be in good hands!